hey there pal I’m Mickey Mouse it’s great to meet you gosh pal I was hoping to get some of my friends autographs today but I’ve been so busy with the toontown mayor election but I haven’t had the chance hey do you think you could ask Donald to sign this book for me I’d sure appreciate it that was awesome oh gosh Hey gosh I’d be happy to sign that for you here you go pal thanks for asking thanks for getting Donald’s autograph for me there don’t forget to get Donald’s autograph he’ll flip check it out whatever you did make me glow again Oh hope you see this bar that’s how much magic we got guess what happens when it reaches the top I don’t know but I sure wanna pay you or what it does oh you got Donald autograph thanks pal fuck actually this autograph books not for me it’s for guppy he’s been wanting an autograph collection and I thought it

might be nice to help him get started do you think you could bring the book to him so on oh and thanks for giving the book to goofy it’s great to have you visit howdy miss I’m goofy now about you okay while we Donald sign that for me gawrsh Thanks one goofy autograph for my best goofy pal hope it’s okay Mickey says I should work on my pants almond ship worship oh boy look at you layups gone goodbye bow you listen me oh there it is hover over the map it’ll show us all of Disneyland look at it okay I get how this works this map will help us find characters attractions shops just about anything we want except secrets of course so you got lots of choices where you want to go first hello again now look at that we got here early now I’ve got a present for you it’s your own magical damn wrong if you like you can practice taking a picture of me but here I’ll pose and you can take my picture okay hold my feet magic oh ah here we are oh boy let’s down like this you’ll be a pro with that camera in no time that’s one for the album I’ve given you a few albums to get started with but I know there’s more out there maybe we can get them from the shops hey pal could you help me out again I’m making a photo album for many but I still need pictures of Goofy and Donald would you mind finding goofy and taking his picture for me oh thanks see ya and thanks again for helping me get Goofy’s picture get a one from Cinderella ah nuts you can’t snap them until we got the right album you let’s make a beeline

for the shops kid oh I love to pose for a picture kind of fun to be goofy but I eat it you know Donnell lost his hat on the Matterhorn he won’t take any photos without his lucky hat if you want his picture you’re gonna have to find it pronto good luck pal because no one’s better at finding stuff than you snow that’s funny was that my stomach growlin or the Matterhorn Yeti hey if you see yeah Hidden Mickeys be sure to use your camera we breathe to take her father’s place at my castle well ball me up and throw me away for you look at that want to see where it goes sorry about that st. who are you ready to get the slopes move on tight now this wind will blow your ears last right we gotta get that slow I’m sure dollars had is up here on this mountain somewhere but we just Wow was quiet here

I got yourselves I don’t Iijima be German

let me go yeah very pleased get you pickles no kidding why you thanks miles you really saved me hey I got an idea make yourself some skis and fast working it going so what you either sometimes glittering under that snow module Wow to shake it off we’re gonna have the chocolate

real good at staying on what the dog that was close to my sure we can go skiing again sometime so long pal see you later

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