Divine Greetings, dear 1000PS watchers from the holy halls of Parts Europe! Where I shall now perform a thorough inquisition! Why this special intro some or rather everybody might ask Just because I wanted to give you the imposing feel of this building I don’t want to call it warehouse despite of course it being one But it doesn’t do the Parts Europe building justice Because it isn’t just stacked boxes in shelves but mind-boggling logistics! The boxes you can see behind me aren’t just stacked but also recorded and then can be collected lighting fast because the exact location of everything is known And of the packaging of the parts that are being shipped, with these blue baskets, it’s incredible and soon we get a deeper look I am carefully feeling my way because I don’t really want to disrupt anybody They have to work fast and precise but Hello! Oh, completely relaxed?! Cool! HI! I’m Martin and who are you? N: I’m Natalie M: You are responsible for wares that arrive – what is the deal here? N: This here is the SKC and we measure new parts We weigh them and take measure so our system can adjust the shipping boxes M: So the peculiar… Oh there you are… The peculiar thing here is a ware that arrives will be weight and measured. Meaninig a product that’s stored a hundred times will be weighed once and the weight is saved in the system And whenever a box with 10 parts is delivered to a customer, then these 10 parts must achieve a certain weight together. But what happens if the weight differs? Then the blue basket will be kick out of line, an alarm light sets off and an inspection is required You didn’t know that, did you? N: Well, yes I did M:But you didn’t want to dramatise it this much Natalie, thank you. I won’t bother you anymore And we further observe what happens with the blue baskets This is an american company – nothing is happening right now, “Tote Hose” as we say Although, over there one carrousel is moving. These carrousels juggle the blue baskets in the background Meaning they move circular and the one basket which contains the product which has been ordered and now shall be shipped – oh, something’s going on here, the carrousel is moving. It’s going to be number Don’t know, who cares?! There are millions of numbers in the system The logic behind it is confusing as nobody knows where which basket is atm Only the system knows exactly where everything is And here now an article that has been ordered is selected It moves circular until the right basket is selected, then it moves to the right height It’s pushed onto the conveyor and then the next step is packaging the ware

I know all the names! Hello Claudia. I wanted to ask you about your shoes I’ve got these awesome boot covers, why don’t you have these covers? Are these safety boots? C: Yes they are M: Of course, gonna check… Indeed! C: Works M: Any pain? C:No M: Claudia actually wears safety boots. Of course, you who works here get’s nice boots! Although I think I like mine more C: They’re stylish, aren’t they? M: They’re cool. Turquoise, one of my fav colours. Claudia, you can get back to work I have some work to do as well Now we’re in the section were the blue baskets with the wares arrive and the young fellow collects all the products which the customer has ordered and sorts them with the right amount into a box M: You can’t surprise anybody here Who are you? S: I’m Stefan M: I explained you put the various products from the different baskets into one box, which then is shipped Is this hard work or…? S: Yes, hard work M: How long can you do it? S: Half an hour, because of the concentration After that we switch. Maximum is an hour however M: Back to an easy section S: Yupp M: I see you do an excellent job, but now you have to work 45 min. becuase we talked S: No problem, thank you! I could watch for hours! It’s like the RC railway modells from the past This is the section where the products already have been packed into boxes and now are being sealed and get some extra cushioning to prevent damages This means the boxes are ready to go and I’ll ask this nice man now It’s Stefan again! You’re being cloned, right? S: We’re everywhere. We need to be flexible M: Very flexible. So he left his station and came here SO, you pack all the wares, put some cushioning inside and seal them off The size of the boxes is decided by you or the computer? S: The computer decides M: Everything is decided by the computer! The box is chosen to fit everything inside and you audit if everything is ok S: Yes, if it’s packed tidy and safe and is shipped in order to the customer M: Excellent, thanks for the talk S: You’re box has arrived. You wanted to take it implicitly M: My box? S: Which you have ordered, it’s done M: Oh my god! That’s how it works at Parts Europe. Indeed I ordered this box half an hour ago What’s the average time one box takes to be done? S: Between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the quantity of the parts M: So usually half an hour until everything is selected, collected and packed for shipping? S: Roundabout, exactly M: This is my stuff. I’ll show you soon Before I open my Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Nameday, whatever-present I have to clear something Parts Europe is a multicultural workplace. There are about 38 Nationalities and 26 different languages, if I’m not mistaken

So I thought, let’s go look for the Austrian And they told me… Sorry, can I briefly interrupt you? What’s your last name? A: Austrian M: We have Mr. Austrian here! Actually they punked me a bit, but it’s true, you are the Austrian here But you are from? A: From Luxembourg M: You’re a Luxembourger A: The name isn’t very common in Luxembourg, that’s why. I often get mistaken “Oh, you’re Austrian.” and then I have to explain myself M: Austrians are that dull they believe somebody called Austrian actually is one YOu’re in a very special station here because all the very big or unwieldy wares that can’t be packed easily have to be packed manually by you A: Pack them tidy so they can get stacked in order at the shipping department M: That’s it. A grinding yet fun work A: That’s right. You have to be careful, since we are the last station, not to send out boxes that can get damaged in the truck or plane M: Thank you Mr. Austrian! Now, before we unpack my box we look at one last thing that isn’t known to everybody Tyres are a very important topic for Parts Europe as well and I’ll be heading there now There shall be light, says the hypocrite One more time. “There shall be light!” says the hypocrite There shall be light, says the hypocrite THERE SHALL BE LIGHT, says the hypocrite! And there is light – motion sensors Here we are at the tyres. And that is something very important for Parts Europe YOu might not know it but at Parts Europe there is every tyre in store that is available The dealers really appreciate it, whenever they need a special tyre Parts Europe can deliver it And the reason why I think we can see by this giant storage I don’t know the place, I don’t know if anybody knows this place well, but the computer knows it Here we have these Hangmen – that’s what they look to me – run around On these the tyres for shipping are hanged Alternatively all the tyres which are stored. When the truck arrives they are thrown or hung on them. And a very maverick thing of Parts Europe – maybe some other company does it as well but here the focus is preventing long ways with heavy loads for the employees For Example if there is a tyre delivery or something heavy the conveyors reach all the way into the semitrailer so long transportation distances are avoided The conveyor is constructed towards this goal They even convert some tables now they told me Usually 2 workers work on one table and the height only fits one of them, so now they are turned into 2 tables Occupational safety and a good working atmosphere are very important but that isn’t illogical as Parts Europe is very dependant on their employees here, they don’t want to loose them so they are schmoozed quite a bit These red tubes here aren’t sweet decoration they have their purpose – these are water pipes and outside there is a giant water tank In the case of fire there is immediate extinguishing from above Not just some wetting of the ground but all the way from the roof the water falls Coincidentally the fire sprinkler was activated here recently

Not because of something got too hot but because something fell on it So a couple thousand liters of water were sprinkled here but thankfully on tyres it doesn’t matter They were vacuum cleaned systematically until they were dry again Thankfully tyres won’t mind water but cardboard, that would’ve been dodgy Thankfully nothing happened With all the thousands, maybe millions of products at Parts Europe – I’ll exlpain later what they have in store – for me or rather for 1000PS, Icon is the most important as it is our gear, exactly what we love I stand in a “pick module” where the single Icon products are picked to be shipped. But the new products, the “garments” as we say, I’ll take a look at upstairs in the showroom And now I’m going to leave the storage to unbox my Birthday, Easter, Christmas, Nameday present This is the room where we can get some rest Here the Parts Europe employees hold their meetings respectively the guys from ICON hold their meetings One of the many brands that are available at Parts Europe, nicely decorated as well I’ll take some time now and open my Birthday, Easter, Whatever present You can’t open the boxes from Parts Europe any better, they are so tightly gummed up That’s the way you need to do it, not that I enjoy it “I MEAN” as Zonko would say That’s it Watch out now, you’ll be stunned! Hello? I’m over here! Even though I look quite similar You are so mean! Why does Icon show all their products on the fairs? Because Parts Europe doesn’t send to final customers Parts Europe delivers to dealers and workshops, for single parts – you can build up entire motorcycles here! I saw a motorcycle frame earlier, mainly Harley Davidson There are some really fat books, I’ll try to catch somebody who’ll be able to explain it Here is the Icon showroom It’s not the entire selection but I think you recognise all the colourful and spacy designs It’s crazy how cool that looks! The “Flight””! I love it, the visor elongated like this. It’s something different Doesn’t have to suit everybody, there are other choices There is a lot of stuff from Icon that really looks awesome In the product range of Parts Europe there are other brands as well EFX for Example More a low budget option. They have offers in any price range This one looks high quality inside though, the Jet helmet Then there’s THOR I always thought it has something to do with the god Yes and no. I mean the designs look godly! But it comes from the past. Here we have some retro shirts And this “Hallmann” logo isn’t a fake or joke, as many brands do when they print retro stuff THORsten Hallmann is the founder of Thor A Swede – it’s a funny story He immigrated to the US – he has a really rad riding style, which made him very successful over there – and he figured there aren’t any clothes with built-in protection So he made a killing with chest protectors and armored gear Parts Europe now integrated the brand Thor. Thorsten has done it

Apropos Thorsten. Let’s see if we can find our old buddy Thorsten Stephan from Parts Europe and Icon There you are! Where have you been hiding?! (T: I have some weight to carry here) Always working, poor old Thorsten Stephan Whadda you got there? T: I have the small catalogues Fat Book and Old Book for Harley Davidson I can’t hold it anymore! M: Sorry but This is incredible! Our austrian Phone books at their best times where a joke against that! And that’s not even all of it, right? Fat Book and Old Book are the custom stuff T: Let’s say this is the Harley V-Twin range. The Old Book for older Harleys and the Fat Book for the newer ones We need 2 catalogues for all of it M: Come on, it would’ve fitted into one catalogue. Really easy to carry I don’t want to ruin it. It’s very thick paper – no, it’s quite thin actually About 2000 pages? T: Fat Book is 2000 pages M: Unbelievable! But it’s not all T: No. We’ve got a catalogue for every category For the street category we have the Street Catalogue Just for tyres, tools and maintenance we have got a separate catalogue There is one for scooters and one for off-roading For ATV, UTV, Snowboards, for everything feasable we have a catalogue M: Thank you Thorsten! Greetings by the way We were so fascinated by the catalogues I’ve examined everything in the hall so far. I’d like to get to the background story now To me the hall with its logistics was extremely interesting 16500 m² at the moment, more on that later And it all works superbly It all started more than 50 years ago Fred Fox founded Parts Unlimited, right? T: Yes. Parts Unlimited is one of our subsidiaries – or rather the other way around In the US it’s by far the largest supplier of parts M: Then there is Parts Canada And then Fred Fox said “Ok, let’s do Parts Europe as well” and set up here in Wasserliesch in Germany What a brutally smart guy! Because he found here is the best place to serve Europe T: That was the reason. From here – we are very close to Luxembourg and France – we can reach almost all of Europe within a day Which means dealers who order until 5 o’clock in the afternoon will get their delivery the next day M: Yeah, we also saw a flyer “Order Saturday, receive Monday” And I noticed from my package which was given to me, de facto it took less than 30 minutes A small package with some basecaps and shirts is done in lightspeed It was put to the test. Larger parts however we saw didn’t take much longer. Tyres and all parts are a challenge which can be handled by how many workers? T: Here in Wasserliesch we have 250 people in the offices But we’re urgently looking for more employees 20 more would be great. The job offers are open on our website, Partseurope.eu There is a entire subpage for open jobs, maybe something for your viewers M: Take a look. We’ve got the catalogues here and I spotted the German flag So this is the german exemplar Here is the english exemplar And if you don’t mind, Thorsten, let’s take a look at all the departments Because there is a department which translates the catalogues

Let’s go in this direction What have we got here? T: This is the english Sales team. The Netherlands also belongs to this cubicle Over there… M: Let’s move on! T: … we got Greece, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Hungaria M: This is the greek table, right? T: Yeah, I think it’s easily recognisable M: No, that’s just vile! He got injured, right? T: Yes, he’s on sick leave due to injury. I wish him the best M: He’s a workaholic anyway T: France is a very important market for us, so there is an entire cubicle filled with french employees Next is the German team Right in the midst of operation M: So here I’m understood? M: He said “Scusi”! They have some humor as well! T: A little fun at work is never wrong Moving on to the next foreigners This is the Spanish team M: Which is one employee. T: At the moment. Don’t know where the rest is But he has a lively discussion with the Italian colleague. It’s really international here M: That’s alright. The’re not very busy at the moment However it is very challenging for the employees to manage all of it T: Well, our concept is to support all of our customers in their native language M: Sorry for interrupting! You’ve got 36…? T: Here at Parts Europe people from 37 nations are working And there is 26 different languages M: Ok, German as well. But were is Austrian? T: Didn’t know it’s an own language. But we have one worker and his name is Austrian, that should do M: I’ve met him. He is from Luxembourg but named Austrian It’s ok, that counts Let’s go on What do we have here? T: This is the Press Department and the Event team We are on many international exhibitions to present ICON, THOR or MOOSE RACING The event team books exhibition stands, supervises their set up and organises hotels so we don’t sleep under the bridge Here we are at the translators You are the German And you are? French You speak german? A little Everybody is international I’ve talked to you before You told me you get the translations from a translation office but you need to proof-read it Right, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m comparing english and german. Nice hooking isn’t it? Yeah, it’s ok. Nice hooking means it’s exhausting in our language! Oh, really? I don’t speak Austrian,so… But you like it Nice hooking, yes. Nice hooking, ok. I wouldn’t want to do it, but it’s cool There are so many nice magazines and books laying around What is this? T: That is the work of our Media team. The catalogues need to be designed and look good. That’s what this team does Hello there. You are? W: I’m Wolfgang M: Does it always look like this? W: Not always but it gives us a nice overview of our produce M: But it’s really nice, I like it W: We start at our smallest product, a business card, up to our largest product, the Fat Book Which has nearly 2000 pages M: But your proud of your business card, right? Because anybody could do the Fat Book W: Yes, anybody could produce it (M: No, it really is…) The challenge lies in the business card! M: THE challenge is the card! Nah, book’s incredible. And you do the entire layout here? W: I need to say, the smaller catalogues we do inhouse. There ‘s a team of 4 people, so we can’t produce the giant catalogues on our own However we cooperate with a publicity firm in the US, which also belongs to our company They work the layouts for the big catalogues, we receive the print data and the catalogues are being printed in Germany M: This shows it’s a big advantage to have a big corporation with so many assets

I can see the gear catalogues, ICON, THOR W: These are our own brands These catalogues are made inhouse. Only the largest catalogues M: And you can download every catalogue on the webpage What wondered me: I wanted to print out the Fat Book but Nils said “Not permitted” I don’t understand! Printing 2000 Pages shouldn’t be a problem! The best part at last, although it’s at the start In the entrance hall I see 2 awesome customised bikes With my little expertise I can tell this is a MT/FZ-09… AN XSR700! T: Right, it stands on it! M: But I didn’t read it! You know I’m so short-sighted I couldn’t read it! XSR700, right there it is! And a SV 650, Suzuki So, you wouldn’t display them here if it where bikes from any foreign customisers What’s the deal? T: This is from greek company C-Racer. They develop full kits for tuning or conversing motorcycles. And if you look at this SV, the original is rather boring, you can’t say boring to this bike here And the parts are rather cheap. You can order them solo, pick what you need and customise your bike step by step M: What’s the brand again? T: C-Racer M: And you are the exclusive partner? T: At least for the parts for these 2 bikes we have exclusive rights M: I can’t take my eyes of the XSR Surely rides neatly as well. I’d like to try it now. Is that a problem? T: Of course it is! You can’t just take our displays outside! M: Yeah? But what do we say in Austria? FUCK IT! Thank you, it was a pleasure! T: You can’t do that! This wasn’t in the agreement! Wait! He just drove off with the motorcycle!?! Oh, there is a mic on the ground! Well, if you’re like me and ride into a dead end on the Parts Europe premises the escape won’t work so well But at least I can show you this was nowhere near everything The 16500 m² hall will be increased Soon there’ll be 43000 m² storage hall and logistics center Then there will be even more sold and delivered. And a lot of brands will be added as well Something in the touring luggage range will be added I can’t tell you more or rather they didn’t tell more They know I can’t keep it shut I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough in the storage, the logistics center, through the offices of Parts Europe, a cool and sympathic company imo Which doesn’t deliver to end customers but you can shop at the dealer – ICON a nice thing, for me especially Thanks for watching and listening! Subscribe and maybe you’ll grant PE or me a like. Maybe it was funny for some of you Also hit the like button for the awesome XSR700 – really looks cool with the starting number plate But see for yourself, watch the other vids! See ya’!

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