– Correct me if I’m wrong, Seb I think they’re gonna pick team fight heroes this final, like they just did against IG You see this draft right here? I think this is what they’re looking for in the meta, in a Grand Final game They just want to fight I’m wired up – What? – I’m wired up – Oh shit! – [Woman] Good luck, guys – Don’t listen to the crowd, listen to me – Yes – I’m gonna be our cheerleader – Alright, can we gather up, guys? There’s one important thing, though, really important I can tell you that they fear us for sure They always see us go back to this finals, no matter what They think they’re stronger, yet they’re not there and we’re there, and now we’re there again – They wanna fight us and we’re gonna fight them back And we’re not gonna give them the respect they think they’re gonna get – I’m so fucking ready, you have no idea! – [Commentator] Many times they have tried to get themselves to a Valve Grand Final (crowd chanting) – Have fun. Good luck Good luck, have fun Have fun – That was actually nicely synchronized – Yeah, there was a guy who was doing it for the whole crowd – Pretty good I gotta give it to ’em, you know? – Alright, let’s fucking go – [the_evany] The panel – They’re not picking VP? – No, they’re all picking VP – Well, I mean, they all picked EG – We have gone for Virtus.Pro here on the panel, let’s find out how they get on in Game 1 as we cross over to Kiev – Alright let’s put the headset on – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – [Fly] Let’s do this shit – [Commentator] Who’s Tuskar going for? The RP! Pasha! – I fucked up – That’s alright – Yeah, we just need to be faster – Yeah, we wanna start fighting them right away – [Commentator] The RP, it only connected over on Ana – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah This is really good He’s fucking dead – Nice! – Good shit – Yeah, just keep all the lanes shoved in their face right now – Nice, Ana, nice! – Let’s get in there – GG! Woo, one game, alright We good, we good – [N0tail] Dude, I got so much more in me today I am not done! – Okay, let’s assume they’re gonna be stubborn, right? It’s the best of five, they’ve been winning the fucking whole tournaments with these heroes, they’re gonna try it one more time But if they do pick this Ursa again, really keep in mind this surest thing We talked about it before Game 1, keep it in mind – Yeah, we’re thinking about it all the time – We need heroes that are able to do so It’s really important It’s the way they’ve stall all these games – Yeah, they might do the same bans Either way, there’s a chance we might Alchemist them this game, second phase I have a feeling they might just– at some point they’re gonna forget this hero exists, you know? It’s gonna happen, and then if you beat them with Alch their solo’s like…they’re done for – I mean they’re gonna waste the ban on TB, most likely, right? – Yeah, I think so – [Commentator] Game 2 of OG-VP! OG off to a fantastic start taking out Game 1! We are hearing Game 2 with another beautiful team fight lineup Arriving from Virtus Pro, more action – Oh, holy shit – Is that ballsy? – Yeah – The heck? – Holy shit – Ana is incapable of running away from this This is the momentum that Virtus.Pro want – [Commentator] No[o]ne he really wants Templar Assassin! With a push for the RP, it’s Virtus.Pro who are finding the kills – We can’t take this fight

Terrorblade is too strong – Oh, he fucked up He walked out of it. We’re done – [Commentator] Inside the base, it is the king of ludicrous, damage! It is Ramzes’ triple kill, and GG! We avoid the clean sweep! – It’s okay. 1-1 – Alright, well, I guess it’s gonna be a battle of the Terrorblades – Before we talk about the draft, I don’t know how everyone feels, but no matter what, this is gonna be some fucking marathon, you know So…make sure you reset your emotions No matter what happened this game, even if you– I would tell the same if we would be 2-0 Reset everything because in the long run, these games I can see what happens It’s small details It’s focus It’s all about discipline and focus – The draft is gonna be different this time Their first pick is gonna be different – [Fly] Yeah, I mean it’s gonna be different – They’re gonna first pick Mag – [Fly] But I’m pretty sure they’re gonna first pick Mag They’re thinking about the same thing all the time I mean, they’re just being stubborn and I don’t know what they had planned for TB, but actually, the more I think about it, I don’t think they had anything for TB They just felt like it didn’t do– that wasn’t the issue for them, even though it was the first game – I think we had a good draft You could have won this game easily, it’s very small details – Yeah, I think so too – This Ursa doesn’t do anything Just let them get it – Nah All it gives them is this Rosh – Ah, I think so too – Fuck this Ursa – He is actually choking also on this hero so much right now – Yeah – Think about these fights into objectives if they do go for this Ursa And keep the discipline and watch out with the Solo wards He’s annoying – Yeah, it’s good Keep the rhythm, the discipline with the team, and we’re good – Game 1, Game 2, they struggle in terms of draft This time around, much stronger lanes, much better answers to what VP’s throwing at them – Let’s focus up Be positive, think good things Game 3, it’s gonna be fun – [N0tail] I honestly Tal, there’s a lot I can play I can also play Venomancer I can make some more space If they play to– – [Fly] Let’s put you a winning hero as well – No, but we have a winning hero – Yeah, but still we could use Empower, it’s a good spell – I know, yeah, we could use Empower – [Fly] Yeah, we’re playing greedy (laughs) – O my god, this is too stressful – Deep breaths – [7ckngMad] Definitely comes down to how we execute fights and how they do – [the_evany] And vision – [7ckngMad] But vision’s gonna be their scheme, so we’re gonna be in the dark But our line up is better – So Ana, what’s important in this game is not to get baited into jumping the tankiest hero You wanna kill shit with ET that dies really fast – Alright, Axe is running back top, Ana’s here – No mana on the DK, I’m screwing this game up a lot – I got help, I got help Are you okay? – Is it mana? O my god, it is [N0tail] One for one – What the fuck? – I don’t know – We have to play more confident We’re giving them way too much respect right now, way too much – I can cover Rosh maybe? – I don’t like this at all – This is not good He’s just running – We’re not getting it We’re not getting it this fight – I’m not gonna get farm this game – No? – No – We need you to get farm – It’s really hard this game – It’s a hard game, dude – This game is – Aw shit, I didn’t get my magic shield – It’s not over One game and it’s a best of one – Alright, let’s go get some air

We got time We can chill a bit – I saw VP walk out here, so we might need to walk out the other side – It’s hard – What’s hard? – I picked Storm We didn’t fight at all, it’s really frustrating – Yeah, it was a hard game It’s a hard game – No, like, I can’t play – No, listen why it’s a hard game It’s a hard game because we have heroes that are very passive We let them dictate the pace of the game We can win with this line up There’s been so many good fights – Yeah, but we were too far behind – It’s fine, it doesn’t matter And anyways, to win the series, you need to win three games Doesn’t matter – Yeah – You know, they have this line up where– they can play, they can be very aggressive We have to cat and mouse again We don’t have to be in that situation if we don’t feel like we wanna play this type of game we just switch it up, play another game what if they have to play cat and mouse, and now they’re the mouse with the cat We can switch it up Don’t feel bad about this game We tried our best, it didn’t work, it didn’t work Doesn’t matter, just try to reset now so next game – Mhm – Think about something else Hmm – [7ckngMad] Reset these emotions – [Ana] Yeah, yeah – [7ckngMad] Don’t think about the bad stuff, think about the good stuff Think about the games that you had going today Think about this team win against EG Go get that energy, you know? No, think about the good stuff, make it happen again It’s right there – [Ana] I’m trying – [Fly Voiceover] Yeah, I know you’re trying You’re gonna make it happen again Dude, this is far from over It’s just…we’re just getting started – Think about it this way, this is what I’m doing I’m gonna have another thousand Dota games, I might as well enjoy them Each one of them I have no reason to be sad or mad about any of them – Go back to what makes you feel good that is fucking you go in against EG Dude, they don’t know what happened Go back to this – I wanna see the Ana, “Fucking get him! Get this guy, what is he doing?” – “What the fuck is he doing?” – I wanna see this – Yeah, yeah – Make that happen “What the fuck is this guy doing?” – Every time you see somebody, “What is he doing?” – “He’s in my jungle? Let’s fucking slay him.” – Alright, just make that happen – And we should be happy that we’re here That we have this chance It’s not over, nothing’s over It’s a reset – How many best of threes did we do this? – Yeah, it’s just two more games Think about that – After this, the Dota Pit, the practice, the Star Series– – It’s just like we lost the first match of a Bo3 now, nothing changes We need to win two games – We’ve done this whole tournament – Every team has to win three games It doesn’t matter – We did this whole fucking tournament – Yeah, it’s nothing – Lose Game 1 and then comeback This is the Major Finals, it’s gonna happen once – My life is on the line If I lose this, I kill myself! I’m gonna go and I’m gonna win – Don’t play with pressure There’s no pressure to have You guys are killing it Let’s play something we can fight with Play something fast Just go like this with them, you know? Bring it on and see what happens Just play Dota Let’s not try to outdraft them Let’s get the best shot we can, make sure we can fight Let them play our game, you know? Let’s see if they can play our game – I’m so ready, man Fucking put me in there! – [7ckngMad] You gotta go back in there – [Fly] Alright, let’s go inside? – [7ckngMad] Fucking bring it on guys – Woo! (crowd cheers) – What are you feeling, Ana? What do you wanna play this game? – I’m just gonna fucking go on them – We got fucking gank in mid too This is TA versus Ember, it goes both ways – He has no TP, guys They’re coming, though – Enemies are crumbling, guys They’re fucking crumbling – Easy fucking game – Oh get it! – Where are you gonna go? Nowhere! – Ana’s feeling like a boss now – Oh, he’s actually owning them He’s styling on them – I’m just gonna run in and fuck with them right now – Get the fucking tower – Get ’em, boys – Oh! – I want us to be pretty cocky right now, because we can take any fight – I’m gonna fuck with them, then – I’m so farmed I’m unbelievably fucking farmed – Wonderful – Wonderful – Wonderful You? Me too (commentator speaking on radio)

– He found them! Dragging him back into three! – It’s the miracle fight right now for Virtus.Pro, but no! There’s thunder for N0tail! It got off in time! They defend and hold their melee racks – You can feel the hope actually bleed into this crowd – No pressure, take Racks – Yep – I don’t wanna get the– – Johan, I’m dewarding, one sec Behind us? – Careful, the RP – There’s a ward behind us – Okay, we got it? – [Commentator] They want to delete the king! – [Commentator] No buyback – [Commentator] And he won’t be back! – [Commentator] That’s the lane of Racks, probably – [Commentator] It should be Pasha? – Got it, got it, got it, got it, got it! – Back, back, back (crowds cheering) – Nice! – Nice! – Jug! – Nice! (team cheers) – [Commentator] OG will do what hasn’t been done in four years! of Dota 2 Valve tournaments, they will force a game 5 – [7ckngMad] Unleash the Ana – [Fly] Unleash the Ana, man Ana’s out of control – Get ’em! Fucking get them! And these stylish Ember kills with the remnants, man Holy shit – I’m so ready But what do we do if we pick War and they pick– they’re gonna first do TB – Mmm, I think they’re gonna consider LC, not the Mag That’s all – Gustav? Hi – Hi (crowd applauding) – Don’t be afraid It’s just about how we’re gonna play Yeah, go for it, fucking go for it – Get me back in there – We got this shit – Another game of Dota that’s not Game 5 – Another game of Dota, let’s go Just another game of Dotes A casual day of Dota, right? – Yeah – Strolling down the midlane of Anakin Playing the Ember Spirit, you know, nothing special here Alright let’s do it, guys We got this (audience cheers) – Ah! Ana, come on man! – [Commentator] It’s a $500,000 game of Dota Second place gets $500,000, first place gets $1 million That’s a lot of pressure – [Commentator] For one game – [Commentator] For one game! – What are the chances of course if they ban Naga, Terrorblade? You get Tree – Yep – Play another game of Dota Tree – There’s Warlock or Tree, I’m thinking between either, which is better – Either way, we’re gonna be ending up with Warlock, TB, or Treant first pick, most likely – Yeah – One of the three – Yeah, I’m thinking they ban the TB instead of the Treant, or something like that, but we’ll see – Hehehe – I’m considering Warlock or Trea, that’s all – It’s been about team fight so far – Thing is that I see is that Phoenix is very good with Tree And then you have two heroes against, like– team fight heroes against them But they do get the Warlock-Mag – Warlock gives us some more team fight, but Treant can give us really good lanes and set up for even stronger team fight as well – I vote tree

– Sure, I’m ready If it’s Magnus, I’m really happy – Oh, what? Oh, okay – [JerAx] What is this? – [Fly] Alright, Warlock-Ursa I’m very happy They want SF – [Ana] Yeah – Timbersaw – Well, I wanna set up for an Alc, so I’m just thinking what heroes will enable that the most – ‘Cause Alc in front, they can’t kill That’s a way to play against Warlock – Yeah, I’m considering between Dazzle and CM, that’s all What do you guys think? – Well, I like the Dazzle against LC, I like the CM for the lanes – Or the Enigma for fuck you team fight – I don’t like it I don’t like it – No, not if you wanna do the lane thing – [Ana] Dazzle’s – What is it, Ana? – I thought Dazzle was pretty legit – Alright, let’s go Dazzle – SF ban? – They want SF or TA with this strat for sure – Yeah, TA’s gonna be good for them, but we can Alc, so – Oh, what? Oh they just told that they’re dueling (crowd chanting) – O-O-G! O-O-G! – Why is there a Slark ban? TA? – I think they just– Dazzle – Slark versus LC lane? – So what are you thinking about picking? – Centaur into Alch – Alch? There’s also the Timber into Alch – Into Timber – And Timber fifth? – Yeah, I think that might be good – [Commentator] Oh, this is– that’s Lil’s hero – They’re all in on lane, huh? – You like Centaur? – You can wait with his pick and pick my lane if you want, but you can also Centaur-Alc I mean, either way – Timber is gonna be annoying for them – Oh wow, they picked it What do you think, Ana? What’s good here? – Uh – Timber for us? – Yeah, Timber is very good – Troll strat Troll strat here – Troll strat? – Yeah, your Troll mid – Troll middle, man – Vlad’s into just push? – [Fly] I like your Troll – Yeah Let’s do this five man fucking Troll I see it – What’s our last pick? – Thing is I really want more lane shove That’s why I really like Timber – [Fly] Yeah, Timber might be good Yeah, I like Timber – I think Timber’s the pick – Alright, let’s go Let’s fucking do this, guys – All they really have is the LC Duel for lockdown too? Okay, so they go for the OD for that

And that’s to switch up in the lanes– – This is a standard Troll game We wanna chase the Troll – OD – Oh, Alch’s safe lane – [Fly] Alright, sure – No we just put the Troll mid against OD It’s not bad – [Fly] Yeah, it’s fine – Yeah, we gotta keep our guard in there, huh? He’s not happy this game – Yeah, we’re gonna crush him – [Fly] Alright, let’s go – Let’s go Let’s fucking do this, guys – [Commentator] Enjoy, everyone Strap yourselves in, this could be a bumpy ride Game 5 of the Grand Final – So, in fights, if OD dies, they lose pretty much all the team fight early on And also later in the game, this Alch, he can’t go in against our heroes So OD is the focus of team fights, stopping him to hit with Tree ulti We don’t this OD to start hitting us I just need to get my levels up before we play crazy – Yeah, they’re trying to collapse up right now – Only thing that’s gonna matter this game is actually OD, then – [Commentator] VP trying to be the aggressors and they get first blood on the top lane Timber Chain was starting to work, but now, N0tail will fall! – Oh, back, get fucked! – [Commentator] A double kill! For the safe lane, the Alchemist, Ramzes will find his third kill of the game And Ana, in through the rear! Solo actually gets the kill! (crowd roars) – [Commentator] It’s Warlock, he’s been the critical support of this entire series, but Virtus Pro, looking fantastic – [Commentator] And this will allow Virtus Pro to take Roshan! – [Commentator] That OD is just so strong, the rock in the back lines, they can’t get another! And this time – [Commentator] OG have had almost no success with anything apart from split-push this game – Warlock here, you warded? – Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck – Can we–oh, OD, OD! – He’s dying, Warlock? Warlock, Warlock? – We’re killing Warlock – [Fly] Warlock’s dead – [Ana] No, he’s BKB – [Fly] Nice – [Fly] Roshan might be up – [N0tail] It’s up, it’s up – Let’s go, let’s go, fuck it – He has no armor on OD right now – Does he have BKB on OD? – No! No, he does not – He used it, he used it – [OG Team Members] OD, OD, OD, OD, OD, OD! – Alright, we got it? – He’s solar, I’m ulting, I’m ulting – This Enchantress is a problem – This is a Honestly, it’s an impossible game I don’t even know if it was salvageable to have twice – How’s the late game against them? – I mean late game is weird We have Aghs on Centaur and I’m gonna go crazy late game, but so OD can’t go late – It’s all about the OD, I think – It’s all about the OD Alch is gonna not be a hero – [Commentator] And OG, they’re behind the lines – They don’t know where we are We’re behind them Now this is still a good area to fight because they’re on their vision Oh look, invis OD – We have full vision of them – [Commentator] But they’ll have to catch VP on a position It’s the only way OD TP, OD TP – Get him, get him, get him, get him! – [Commentator] JerAx, he found a target – [Fly] Anyone, anyone – I’m ulting, everybody

Ulting, everybody – Alch’s dead! Alch’s dead! – Nice! OD, OD, OD! – [Jerax] Hit the OD, OD, OD (excited yelling) – Alch bought back! Alch bought back, what the fuck! Ha ha ha! – [Fly] Can we try it? – Boom, baby! – Fucking, Alch buys back? They lose the game – Yeah I mean if OD buys back, they should lose – They all die – [Commentator] OG! [Commentator] They got the fight! – They all die [Commentator] they were begging for [Commentator] they were praying for – Gustaf, he got a fucking triple stomp – [Commentator] Look at that gold swing Oh my lord – [Commentator] And look at OG! They want murder! They feel they’ve got the advantage, the smoke will break Lil is revealed, and look at Ana! He’s just trying to gun towards whoever he can! Now, the door it’s over on Ana He didn’t get his BKB up the whole Stampede! (excited commentating) – Nice! – Alright, baby Hundred seconds? Hundred seconds, can we use it or no? – I mean, the Roshan’s the only thing I’m looking at – But they can never Rosh without the Alch – Yeah, we can go there fast It’s all good, it’s all good – That’s good! That’s fine The fights are fast, you know? If you live, like, holy shit Do you get Duel damage, by the way? No? Hahaha – [Fly] Easy – Look at ana. There’s a smile until here (the_evany laughs) – I don’t wanna believe they get it – [Commentator] Ana takes out the bottom melee racks! – He’s dueling me? I have aegis. Aegis – I’m coming up, I’m coming up Ulting here, Ulting everybody – Alright, they’re dying? They’re dying? One guy dead? OD’s taken a lot of damage We’re gonna respawn – [Commentator] Too many are falling right now for Virtus.Pro! This could be the enchilada right now! – Nice! (excited yelling) – Ench is a problem Ench is a problem (overlapping yelling) – I have buy back – Yeah, you– they have no buy back – Good job! Good job (ecstatic shouting) (excited screaming) Good game [Announcer] – The champions of the Kiev Major…OG – [N0tail] Fuck yeah! Where’s Seb? Seb! Oh my god! (celebratory screaming) – Can we walk off like this? – Let’s just walk off (happy screaming) – This has to be the best play (screaming) – The comeback! The Game 5! I could play five more games! – Comeback 3-18, dude! – Like, actually getting chills! – Where’s your shoes? (crowd chanting)

– Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! Virtus.Pro! – I swear to god, if I went any other item build, we would’ve fucking lost Boom! Boom! Eul’s gold scepter, bloodstone – Such a champion! – So good! – Thank you – Oh my god Sorry (crowd cheering) – The Majors – The masters of the Majors! – The masters of the Majors! (crowd cheering) – Can I have your badge, Jer? – Uh, no, I need it – Who’s missing a pen? (crowd cheers)

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