s/w Gilbert to take pain at CSC lady Kim only lubricant of EOC to take maracas I was in this black hole and this light appeared and you can’t believe it yet you can’t believe that what you’re seeing is light and I move my head to the left and I saw just a glimpse of the blue and it dawned on me Oh must be the sky I hadn’t seen anything for 12 years but I did actually say to mr. Lawrence if at all possible then as soon as you take the bandages offices the first person that I want to see is my wife for some people who are blind there is a remarkable surgical procedure which offers them the chance to see again the patient’s tooth is fitted with a tiny lens and implanted in their eye how long has the longest person been blind for who’s come in front of you oh well they could have been blind for decades but decades decades yet and they come to you and they get their sight back yes that that is the case here for Ian Tibbets this procedure is a last resort he faces a lifetime of blindness and will never see his twin sons unless the surgery he’s about to undergo actually works my operation don’t bother me I’m a bitch bitch gonna be Thursday and then bounded you come off when the better I can see will not see that’s the nervous bit [Applause] this was Calvin Calvin the eldest of miss orange twins for most of his adult life Ian Tibbits has been slowly going blind about 14 years ago we had a corneal abscess on the right eye they said he’d see again after a month with after another treatment but it never did and then the left eye has just been going down for the last six seven years slowly going Boise and worse I’m totally blind in one eye and the other eye I could just make shapes out every operation on Ian’s eyes has always ended in failure but now there is hope after months of assessment he’s about to undergo the radical surgery which might allow him to see again the most precious thing to say you know life will be seeing my son’s grow up day by day without struggling people keep telling me the q2 gorgeous I can’t see her there’s a lot of things he wants to see but seeing the boys faces is the first thing he wants to see he wants to see them he says even if it’s only once the first time here ever the surgery Ian faces is drastic called ook P the entire front of the eye is replaced by something very different at the heart of this new eye is a plastic lens inserted into a tooth because it is the patient’s own tooth the lens will not be rejected by the patient’s body the told mother is involved taking a

tooth placing the lens in the tooth arm printer in your eye now I’ve had some very good knives on the bier and even that I couldn’t have even dreamt though so how they actually dreamt that hope I’m very very proud of it it’s my little sapphire and although the disfigurement does bother me I’d be lying if I said it didn’t and it pales into insignificance because I can see the procedure only works for patients with rare types of corneal blindness and only one surgeon in Britain performs it what sort of vision does okp give you it can be very good in some patients see all the way down a chart what even the smallest letters yes Ian is about to leave for the Sussex I Hospital in Brighton like all oh ok P patients he will need two operations to restore his sight separated by several months the first is tomorrow oh you’ll be good boys to mummy Ian’s father-in-law Brian is driving him down mr. chance in his mind then he knows he’s done everything he can to try and get his site back in the future if it doesn’t work he could say at least Aykroyd I’m nervous free and I’m I don’t want you to fail yes I am nervous yet right if this operation does not work for him that’s it it’s finished is that’s it there’s nothing else at the moment anybody could do the percentage of success is good what I normally quote them is 2/3 to 3/4 see well for a very long time ok that moment this is Iike doing much all right hang on in there I’ll give thee a bell on the week or something yeah ok you want anything don’t ring me okay Jesus yes thank you okay good lucky yeah Tara thanks a lot I couldn’t get in quick enough I really couldn’t I just I thought this is my chance this is my chance just think in four months time I might be able to see I prayed for this day and now it’s yeah I’m quite nervous oh no everything more nervous than I’ve ever been lying where’s daddy Ryan it’s nice big tall didn’t eh done I’m scared to death they’re gonna pick up on me being nervous after what happened to Ian with his last stop when he died on the table okay don’t take deep breaths in 2007 ian had an extreme allergic reaction during an operation for a detached retina for several minutes his heart stopped every operation he has now he’s got that going through his head that could happen again and he could die and this time not

coming back he did tell us that he died on the operating table in there to revive him but we have done a very thorough assessment as to the agents he might have been allergic to and we definitely will be avoiding those agents but he is very frightened he’s amongst the most anxious of all the patients I’ve operated on so far oh yeah he’ll be all right I’m just gonna hope and pray nothing that means I should be okay do you love doing it I love seeing the results but the process of doing it sometimes can be challenging how a danger oh okay P is not a new procedure but Christopher Lu has refined the techniques over the past 16 years he only operates on a handful of patients a year since very few are suitable for this extreme surgery in the first step one of the ins teeth along with a piece of jawbone is cut from his mouth and shaped into a block it’s actually quite a small tooth or a big man isn’t it okay team I think we can only use a small cylinder because the tooth root is quite some narrow a hole is then drilled through the root of the tooth so here we have a nice specimen it’s a bit on the narrow side but that’s how he was made next a plastic lens is coated with glue and set into the hole that’s what you will see through but the tooth won’t be implanted in Ian’s eye in this operation keep lifting up instead it is sewn into a pocket of skin below his other eye okay so that’s where it’s going to live by the time ian has his next operation a few months from now it would have grown its own soft tissues it can then be removed and stitched into Ian’s left eye the eye through which it is hoped he will one day see it is now three hours since Ian’s operation began okay so this is the peaceful continues a piece of skin has been cut from the inside of his cheek which will shortly be stitched over his left eyeball in time this will form the front of his new eye but before the team can continue Ian’s neck begins to swell spelling okay okay yes yes I understand can we lower in his facial swelling around the neck and that’s an indication of something that he might be allergic to the swelling rapidly spreads to other parts of a ins body useful in everywhere now despite all the precautions taken it seems that one of the drugs he’s been given is triggering an allergic reaction exactly what Ian’s feared most Thomas it so how safe is this man now given what happened in his last operation ian has been using a breathing tube this time although his neck is swollen there is no danger of suffocation he’s having an allergic reaction to something from what I know for the moment I can now continue the operation and then you need to be transferred to intensive care Christopher completes the operation stitching the piece of cheek over Ian’s

left eye from now until his next operation he will be totally blind I’m just going to inspect to make sure everything is all right now we can see how swollen the neck is as well that’s not too bad at all and that’s the new skin whites because there’s no blood so that’s been stitched on nicely immediately the operation is over iron is transferred to intensive care basically what we do what we’re doing is we’re taking over his body and keeping him safe until the swelling is reduced and we can take the breathing tube out a Lumiere speaker mrs. Tibbets please it’s mr. Lu here filming from the Sussex our Hospital in Brighton yes so Ian’s operation has been completed and and you remember that he told me that he died on the table and was resuscitated okay so we were very very cautious today it’s not like he was last time as it’s not like in death and he told me that he’s not worried okay so it’s not a full-blown anaphylactic shock it takes nearly losing him to realize how much you love them I can’t put it in words for how much I love him and I’m not trying proud of him and I’m what I want him to say after 48 hours in intensive care ian has recovered sufficiently to return to the ward while he waits for his next operation a few months from now he will have no sight at all okay now don’t expect to see remember you’ve got a piece of new skin over the eye now lift your chin up face the world boldly and squarely that’s it how are you mr. Lu does everything possible for his patient everything he goes that journey with you and we all trust him and and know that he will do that for us is that tender at all so that’s wonderful that’s where the tooth is okay yeah and also the optical cylinder now we have a look at your left eye okay I’m just gonna prize his open a little and it’s wonderful because underneath is it’s acquiring a blood supply nicely okay can I have a look at where the skin has been taken from where did we take the skin from right cheek okay he felt like it took all the side of my face off it was that sore and he probably only tainted a couple of English but every time I felt the the scar yin so far so good okay yep well done fabulous well it can be a challenging time after stage one but generally they managed because they all hope and yearn for Stage two when they can see again but I’ve never promised a result because it’s better to under promise and over deliver when people expect too much then they can only be disappoint it’s strange today he said the boys already

just been going through a few photo albums on the side here that I’ve got to put back in the cupboards and just found that one of him I think that was 98 before the main dribble stir do you do these always 16 years ago would be a lot thinner bubbly confident he’s gonna pull about you in yeah blind date typing yeah after the first couple of times we’ve seen each other just click then really haven’t looked back things and that was just one I found her the two of us that actually don’t mind looking at my cellphone he’s still off to Rome he used to always be on his bike he’d go everywhere on his bike I was in the room that right next door she was giving birth cried me eyes on I don’t what to go when there was a last few years wasn’t for Alex and her family don’t know where that be Oh watch yourself a minute daddy getting ready wait oh yeah yes you can are we back Oh yo Luke and you go like that yeah then see you you know you’ll have to hold it a bit further down for you though cause it’s a bit noisy gosh daddy can’t see bubs what you got show daddy what you go you got call for peach it’s nice Justin listen to him sometimes daddy can’t see daddy has to feed daddy after dad you have to feel for usually the eye is truly wonderful and the way it’s connected to the brain as well and to the person’s mind and soul it is truly incredible the first time I did a cataract operation was quite a big deal because I was cutting into an eye and removing the cataract I thought yeah that’s quite a cool thing to do but also it was a great big responsibility because that person’s sight I’m dependent on line and carrying this out properly I think to have sight and then to lose it you’d really miss it big time I never ever dreamt that anything like this would happen to me especially such a young age all the years I was blind it was trying to subdue the panic it was a constant feeling of panic Keep Calm I used to keep telling myself to keep calm Keep Calm don’t because the frustration is unbearable I used to do quiet crazy things like pot all in and scuba dive in and your life can literally change in one second but I just thought I could still get a battle I could still going to feel and touch and smell and hear different thing is so it’s not beating it’s accepting that now there are different things that will give you pleasure in life for me I was dead I was dead and yet I was breathing

that’s how it felt for several months Ian waits for his second operation but each day is a struggle as he tries to come to terms with total blindness a condition that might be permanent if the operation fails keep chasing it around the plate that’s it you’ve got him he hates losing his independence early now you’ve got one more chip over the far side now it can also be held for the one watching trying not to do everything but at the same time he’s expecting it trying to keep it give him that little bit of Independence but only if he is willing to take it [Applause] I’ve been in a prison cell quiet it goes dog sometimes I don’t want even wake up when it comes to emotions he can be a closed book it’s even said that sometimes that no one knows how much he’s crying inside I want him to be able to say everything the boys can do they know that Daddy can’t seek but they forget that dad what that what just that means that daddy can’t read to them the daddy can’t see new pictures they’ve done they’re the miracle he’s missing have a good night sweetie tonight Ian returns to Brighton for his final operation 24 hours after that his bandages will be removed I won’t need to follow you because you’ll be able to say yeah I’ve counted these days then we’ve counted every single wonder day by day the operation don’t bother me the nervous but it’s gonna be Thursday when unbounded you come off that’s the name of his bid just what’s been playing them I mean mowing now for those few months three days to see oh I don’t know really don’t know what laughing all right then in what yeah look but I’ll see you in the morning for you get em if you can manage to be away then you can put me advantage so don’t know we’ll be awake you know would look anyway you’ll be alright we’ll see you in the morning okay may not be awake at 6 o’clock if the worst comes to the worst I’ll just knuckle down on that seat I just can’t say what it will do for you he’s the one

that’s got to live with it live with the darkness if that’s the case I do actually get slightly anxious before okay P surgery because it’s such a big undertaking surgically and it also means so much to patients it’s a big day because hopefully this will conclude okay P surgery for him and hopefully tomorrow when the bandages come off then you’ll even see fingers crossed I do have have some anxiety and sometimes I say a prayer despite the challenges there is one less concern Ian recently had further extensive allergy tests and there is now little risk of a reaction to any of the drugs used in the operation I know he’s in good hands but that just doesn’t that’s not gonna stop me from being nervous okay here we go that’s good for several months Ian’s tooth fitted with its lens has been sealed under his lower right eyelid are we okay now Christopher Lou now removes and prepares it for stitching into Ian’s left eye later in the operation so my job now is to take away excess soft tissues but still leaving some so used for stitching to avoid any damage to the tooth and its lens Christopher makes a template so we’ll be using this for surgery until we really need the real lamina and this is now going into a bath of fresh blood for the next couple of hours so he’ll be nourished the concentration is total and I really dislike distractions you have to make very very fine movements and you need to keep your focus Kristopher now peels back the skin grafted over Ian’s left eye and begins to remove the entire front of the eyeball a procedure that cannot be reversed right can I open the eye now with the blade Thank You one-minute break okay ready when you’re ready the tooth along with its lens is finally implanted into Ian’s left eye fine thank you very much the piece of skin from Ian’s cheek is then stitched back over his eye leaving a hole for the lens the window through which it is hoped Ian will see again the entire operation has taken four hours so completely operation wait to see what happens tomorrow when we take the bandages off I feel like a fish I’ve got a ton of butterflies in my stomach and they’re fighting to get out and then he’ll either be able to see or not yeah basically a quarter to two Christopher came with a nurse and he said I’m just going to take a look at this and as after most operations I thought he was just coming

to check the OP sites you know see if it was bleeding or whatever and and I was lying back on the bed of course and he took the pants off and I had my head back looking at the ceiling I suppose and I saw this white burning lighter so really severe was painful white and of course I was looking at the ceiling and I didn’t realize it I just thought it was white and I’d never seen light you know so it was what you know whoa what’s that and I glanced over to the left for some reason I think you know to get away from the light I went like that and there was a window to my left and I could just see is that blue am i looking at a color and it dawned on me Oh must be the sky I felt as if somebody had opened up my grave really and I could get out my job must have dropped open because mr. Lu said you can see bunny can’t you and I said yes I can I did actually say to mr. Lawrence if at all possible then as soon as he take the bandages offices the first person that I want to see is my wife so he come in and he just lifted the the bottom H up of the of the bandages and I just thought oh my god this a switch of bandages off and on us our gel for for the first time I’ve got tears running down my eyes trying to focus and see my wife and then Jilly got tears running down her cheeks and eyes for a different reason and she just sat on bed and she went so what do you think and I says well I can say she says a no she says what do you think Abby has yellow cops luli gorgeous and she did where will you be when the bank just come off hopefully in the room god help him when he has to see me for the first time in ages do you nervous about that no he should know what I look like by now he should remember what I look like I should say I might put a bit of weight on but I’m not that hope is not that disappointed but he should remember what a lot like I haven’t changed that much this is the nursin that mr. Lewin useless are here yes I think been too much uncomfortable it’s wearing on the eye yeah in is it okay if I am remove the bandages for you now yeah okay now at the moment I’m removing your bandage now don’t expect too much okay because there’s blood and the scab there which all needs to be cleaned off just cleaning you do you feel able to open your left eye or is it all a bit stuck can you try for me open wide please so I’ve just taken off the scab so I don’t know whether you feel you’re seeing a little now or not no spirit orient nothing look at me do you see anything no no okay I’m good to set you up a bit

but I’m gonna try again I’m gonna lift your lid up and clean this a little do you see anything at all just white mm-hmm at the top right do you see me moving my hand in front of you at all just which way which way okay Justin hurt yeah yeah that’s that’s that’s good that’s good you want to have a look at your wife and see if you can see her yes but can you see him face them no no cut go a little closer little closer no all right we’re gonna leave it like that for the moment and I’ll come back to see you later today or tomorrow okay how do you feel it moves yeah don’t be disappointed though okay because so it’s a this is not necessarily how it’s gonna be we’re hoping for much better things yeah all right okay any questions yes it can’t be like that it can be like that I guess that’s how it you know the story comes back yes some do some do yes yes so we’re not saying that not sure or that is it yes and you did see something yes you can see you you could see for sure you could see light and dark and he was able to discern the direction of hand movements yes you see so there that there is something that so we just have to wait a bit Farfan June we have to take each day as it comes of course so far is a disappointment for for him and his family well of you yeah I’m disappointed as well but some I’m not giving up hope because it’s only day one so um we have to be realistic I could have I could have kissed kissed him if I did I would have done I’d never seen Brighton and I thought I’m gonna open the window and shout hello and all these people turned round in their ways and I was just spelling every joke though all about eyes polls open Oh Jill look hygiene Oh ke1 900 T or she says will you stop here yeah you you like a 40 year old man who’s reading like a five-year-old child he said now what what does that say then he was pointing to a notice on the wall I knew what it was but I couldn’t say it you know he said don’t worry your brain is just ragers registering site and as I moved away I said oh I know what it said it said cataracts dinosaurs mark this is what the hell is that and pointer to that and she just smiled and sweating sweating oh that’s what we call a smart car I said don’t look very spoke to me and I looked at the clock and it was 10:00 to 2:00 and it was Valentine’s Day February the 14th 2003 and a quarter to 2:00 that was when I could see again can’t see nothing at all not even me and today just try not to think of him babies at the moment all off you killing them or uphill down okay

it’s a day since Ian’s bandages were removed Christopher is about to examine him again in the hope that there’s been an improvement do you see anything oh oh it lied okay how many fingers are there here mm how many fingers are oh oh well that’s an improvement can you see me no look again not sure all right well you know we can actually try a little bit more mrs. Tibbets oh you want to come up with you me I’m gonna shine a light on your face just here okay come over here and look at your wife just over there you’ll see anything honey any of her Tom like you’re right No okay don’t worry don’t worry hmm shy brother to come making out no not to worry not okay we are in front of your room now we were gonna turn over there of course I wish that on day one he had seen straight away but we’re not in that situation all I can do is to give him support and encouragement but not racist hopes too much but I still feel that some in time you should see my written by Christmas you will be seen willing to buy me a pond I tell you what you buy me wanna know you might just see me drew the first ever pint of beer I’ll ever drink might be sick after it for once he counted five fingers that’s when my spirits went right up and they haven’t come down yet as you’re sitting in right now what are you seeing [Applause] blowing that green gospel of black shadows but don’t know ever there are you or not I’m not sure look over there look a shadow we can tell either a swarm out of the oven and the Reliant green where is that all over around the shadows yeah well the shadows are actually I think Trevor and my sound recordist here and the walls of this room are lime green in the dark shadows H I move takes place Claudia Lee so just Travis going to move a little bit come to the right yeah to the left away looking at me really camera you think kneeling down or crouching there and I just in his favor your pop think tonight choice fees and lay hold in the camera I told you it’s coming back maybe to be lay out what did you say that or did you hear it so you just take you if you travel you got a short

sleeved yeah yeah yeah and that is definitely further than you’ve ever seen in a hell of a long time you’re a watcher now only you’re not far off vessels among you is black or dark oh yeah oh yeah papi button we’re uh yep that’s me go check up on the welcome and I’ve got all the time in the world softer wait [Applause] just amazing all right Givi what am I wearing birthdays food okay apart from that too close to two toasts red t-shirt ton of food your hopes you’ll go on okay but I’m not showing you me on these you can prove like this you can draw all I remember that day as well going home I went for a walk as well we stopped the car and I got out and went for a little walk along the river and it was it was just wonderful it was wonderful why I’m meeting friends and go in and I’ve been out with you every way but are you sure you’re not you’re my friend because I couldn’t recognize him to just well completely different once I got home I was taken out in the car and we went into the out of the town and into the mountains and stunningly beautiful you can’t take that for granted you must never take what you see for granted and seen people who I dare before or completely bollock when I couldn’t acha me bald well I am 12 years older I was back in the world and and I was Bernie Adams again it’s been a month since Ian was in hospital and first began to see a week ago his stitches were finally removed the result was dramatic I came into the kitchen and got me bag on the floor line and Alex was there and I actually seen her faithful on the first time that’s a bling tip for her sneakers although they’ll see anything took me back years to and I could see yeah all of a sudden they just be just so on me amazing I’m gonna tried to see the boys after that it’s like a flash they came to me to give me a big hug and it just hit me I just I just seen their face is clear as daylight strange strange yeah is it strange they don’t look like I thought labeled cheeky little imps biscuits all around cheeky smiles and go small nose he’s definitely don’t a gift to me for that that’s no actually do you do that dinger how did you draw that yes right now I could be I could be on top of the world one the greener would play the edge yell attack King can you point out addy red-belly loyalty always thought I was the see shades of the old Ian coming

back can you see the clock yeah it is but 24 minutes pass before avoiding that for czarina for 20 more 4 minutes past 4:00 how does the future look to you Bright Futures great why not why not I I don’t look too far ahead dreamy I don’t think Oh and I mean what can I hope for much not much just to see as long as I can see I don’t care I don’t care if I was in a wheelchair oh whatever as long as I can see two years ago I found out that I’ve got infection in the retina which is the one of the most important pieces in the eye for forgetting images how’s your sight now not very good I sure do you feel you may lose your sight again all the time all the time never ever goes away it’s you just wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t if you kept thinking like that you drive yourself crazy I got a bike for five years even if it would only have been five days then I wouldn’t have swapped that for anything the story of vocalist Douglas up till now have you ever managed to read your son’s well no probably no one spring morning a big you came from the back of a deep dark cave it was a young said Douglas so we recalled our chippies pajamas he brushed easy I put on a scarf definitely America poor Douglas why can’t I for you there hog cried such an extraordinary thing to say I think a tooth could do this oh it’s a dog nothing’s concrete you know we could go tomorrow but I’m just enjoying what they hit day by day she’s been my rock really all the way all the way smiley she was there before reaching be there Giro and eaten she’s there after me and I love her for that as far as he could Chloe so what’s it like to see again brilliant

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