No way! The weather is just too good! It’s a nice mixture of clouds and sunshine and those are perfect conditions for sight fishing! I live here in Flensburg, which means the big fat harbour trouts are lurking right on my doorstep I can’t stay at home when the weather is like that! I’m going to pack a few utensils in my rucksack now And here we go! Come follow me, today, it’s sight fishing for harbour trout! Cross your fingers! Let’s go! Definitely need those here! Polarized glasses for sight fishing and my boxes stuffed with trout flies I’d better bring this one as well I don’t need too much equipment just a backpack with a few utensils and I’m ready to go! Here I am at the trout hot spot! This is Flensburg harbour That’s my home water I really know this place very well and I caught many nice fish here! There are countless interesting spots in the harbour you’ll find lots of bottom structure and numerous jetties The fishing options over here are really interesting and chances for a nice fish are very good of which more later I’ll start with a few casts at this place here I mostly start at this little stream running into the harbour Fishing is allowed here all year round because this stream is denaturised so there are no special regulations for this spot Fishing in the harbour is allowed in general It’s rather the contrary in many baltic harbours So you definitely have to act responsibly while fishing here! There are a few areas here, where fishing is prohibited, but there are signs then As already mentioned, I’m going to do some sight fishing today and I’ll try to find some trouts and hopefully present them my fly then I actually like fishing the west side but there are many mackerel anglers these days so I’ll check the east side today to look for some trouts near the boats and jetties I’m already pretty excited now! Let’s see what’s going on! I hope you could see it on camera The sun just came out and I could perfectly look to the bottom and suddenly I saw several trouts 5 or 6 probably sun bathing one of about 40 something followed my fly but didn’t take it After 3 or 4 casts, they disappeared into the deeper water then That’s the way it is sometimes, they just denied my fly But I’m pretty optimistic! What the hell?! Now I’m going really excited! I was just observing the shady part of the stream and suddenly I saw a huge back fin! There’s really a big rainbow trout down there probably about 55 cms This will definitely be hard to cast at ’cause it’s standing fairly deep in there

I need to figure out a plan for that! I’d love to catch this one! Awesome awesome awesome! Urban fishing can be really challenging at times This trout just swam away as well The trouts often swim a round in this area and come back to their spot after some time then There it comes! It comes again! It comes! This trout swimming around here might have been hooked before it seems a bit annoyed and scared looks like there’s something in the corner of its mouth a wound or maybe a little fly Okay, I finally spooked this one it just swam further up the stream maybe it comes back later on Guess it’s getting too crowded over here now People start their sunday strolls ’cause the weather is very nice today Fishing in the city definitely differs from being on a remote idyllic coast Many people start talking to you or suddenly stand right next to you you have to be pretty cautious especially when fly fishing! Just keep that in mind, it’s another kind of fishing! I’ll check the east side now maybe there’re not so many people and I can find a nice place to fish and hopefully some trouts! Let’s go! It didn’t take long then and I saw the next trout! Man, that was fast! It’s like that sometimes! Directly took the fly or what? Unfortunately, the hook broke! Bugger! Never seen such a fast take I always pick my fish! Sometimes it works! Damn! So, never use rusted fly hooks! I even checked it before but there must have been some rust under the dubbing then So the hook immediately broke when the trout jumped That’s crap! Maybe there’re others over here! So I’ve tied on a new fly Just some broad hints for that: The trouts here in the shallow areas mostly don’t hunt like you’re used to from fishing at the coast They’re rather in relaxing mood here and often don’t hunt at all so I tend to using smaller fly patterns Even trouts that are stuffed to the gills may find them interesting and take them Little magnus patterns in brown or black often do a good job then Other good flies are tiny shrimp flies Those also work well! The flies should not be too big like # 12 or #10 #14 I even succeeded using #16 Another highlight is especially for the rainbows

this great pellet fly which they might remember from the hatchery Haven’t caught a fish with it yet but there’s still a chance! Other good flies are small fish imitations like some goby patterns in brown but not big either just a small easy to cast attraction for the trout So let’s go on The trouts often stand over the stones in the shallows taking a sun bath and they find heaps of food here I’ll continue sight fishing this side here try to spot some fish and I hope to finde more trouts over here But I’m pretty optimistic ’cause there seem to be many trouts around today! After a short distance, I spot the next trout then! Make some space for him I’m fine, no worries! That’s a rainbow trout! Oh a rainbow? Just lost a nice sea trout of about 50 cm over here Unfortunately, my hook broke There she is again! Come on! All right, supper is safe! What a nice trout! Nice rainbow trout I’m sorry – but that’s mine! Here’s the result again: A nice rainbow trout of about 50 cm! And the stalking goes on Then I suddenly see some small herrings!

Not a typical sighting in the shallow area over here! Is this the reason for all those trouts being around…?! You should go search for trouts at different spots and you should always expect further fish sightings! As mentioned earlier, there’re many good spots in the harbour In addition to all the jetties, piers and quay walls, you can see a typical hot spot here, heaps of huge stones at the shore line, and a clear edge to deeper water Trouts find all kinds of prey at those spots so be sure to not neglect those areas! I’m here now at another stream coming in When using the polarization glasses, you can easily look to the bottom and I just spotted a school of 5 or 6 trouts there They look legal sized so I’ll try getting one! There they are! They all just followed my fly! That’s tricky business! Finding trouts doesn’t at all mean catching them But this is a very promising area here that I really like I’ve caught nice browns here in front of the stream and sea trouts as well Guess I’ve bothered those trouts enough now I rather go back to the spot where I caught the rainbow maybe there are more of them We’ll find out! Right after coming back, I spotted another trout! Glückstag heute! Ich muss mal woanders hin um sie raus zu kriegen Is that a cod?

No it’s a trout! Ah, it’s a trout?! A rainbow trout That will be my dinner! Better than buying fish! Well done! Thanks! Enjoy it! Thanks! Das ist eine Regenbogenforelle! Hier gibt’s sehr große Forellen! Sehr große! Seeehr große! Ja das ist die zweite Eine ist schon im Rucksack Aber meistens fange ich gar nichts! Aber heute läufts wirklich gut! Die Kamera ist für meinen Youtube-Kanal Hier ist die zweite Gleiche Größe When I turned around again, a nice brown smiled right at me! Sometimes things work out well! That’s a nice little brownie! And what’s this here? That’s a rainbow trout Die war zu klein! Und ich habe ja auch schon genug! Where did you catch the rainbow? I got it right over here So that was a really successful trip! Indeed rather spontaneous but I caught many trouts like that The weather is really good for sight fishing today, a nice mixture of clouds and sun This makes spotting trouts fairly easy then It finally worked out pretty well I’m delighted! I hope you enjoyed this sunday sight fishing trip! Be welcome to subscribe to our channel or like our videos And join us next time! See you!

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