Hello, welcome everyone Now I am at Salalah in Oman Last episode we went to the place with the water fountain This is the same day as that Time is around 4:30PM and I am here at a shop that looks like a shop in Kerala We have some Malayalis here in Oman They are bikers Are you taking a bike today? [No I am not] All of us are going for a ride today Where are we going today? [Wadhi Darbadh] Its a big name I have no idea what we will see there I have washed Aamina The bike was full of dust Are you all ready to see Wadhi Darbadh? We are here near a vegitable shop We have a Arab person here These Malayalis with me today are really mad about bikes They still ride after coming here without letting go of their passion They have both expensive and and cheap bikes with them They also started a club here We are riding through Kerala I showed you in the second last episode the Kerala in Oman The only difference is the yellow number plate The vehicle infront is Yamaha V Max What should I say. You can see it by yourself This is exactly like Kerala. No difference The highway is over and we are going through a pocket road I saw a board saying Wadhi Darbat Does it look like Ladakh?

It is on top of the mountain it seems We have a waterfall there we are going towards it There is a small lake here Now it is my turn to go up Look how the bike does We are not stuck Finally we got to the top Finally This is the place we came to see Let me turn it around This is the waterfall It starts from all the way top of the hill Its been 1 and a half years since the flow started Where does the water come from? [There was a flood here. After that] We are going down to the bottom of the hill now Oh god help us I should have gone the other way It is an issue with luggage

I thought I would fall Oh the hill I was quite afraid I was sure that it was going to skid There is no use of keeping your ego in such a situation Since we have weight on both the sides it causes more trouble We studied in school that when weight increases the speed also increases This is same here. Even in gear the vehicle is moving You saw me coming fast down the slop right? I didn’t intended to come that fast I didnt apply break there If I did I could go smoothly. I tried to control maximum without applying break Now we are going to the next location and I dont know where it is I will tell you once we are there They are the ones who control our ride We are going towards the left from the hill which we climbed It is about to get dark We will have issue with the camera once it is dark Look at the arial view from here What I am seeing? One the right there are camels and on the left look what we have there [How is Salalah?] It is going great [Do you get tired?] On this? No way Fast. Fast. It will get dark soo This is more beautiful than I expected Is it good water? How did it became this clear? Oh my god. This is very beautiful There was a flood here. And this started after this There are fish too inside this This waterfall started just two years ago

This was a normal place before that Where is this water coming from? There are no tickets or anything here. You can come whenever you need to The only thing is no one should pollute this We have to reach the next destination before its dark We are going to find the source of this water To make it clear. It started about years ago after a flood The water that was stored in the top of the hill is what is said to be the source of the flow We are going to see the bigger version of that We have boating in the next location as they said It is very different from the old rivers and ponds that we have in our place We should take note of such things because if something like this happens in a desert like this what could happen in our place We are here. And this is the parking This is the Darbat lake and it is dark now What you should note is that, this is not brown in color but in season it is green This place is dry and brown We dont need any ticket. We just have to see the views This is a good area This is the boat It is 5 Riyal for 30 minutes for a person We have camels on the other side I told that this was just 1.5 years old. Bot that is not the case This has been here for years The other two things which we say are just 1.5 years old So let us go. It is about to be night We will be going to have food now There are lot of views here. But, It is not the season now In between the ride we have stopped here for a view We can see most of Salalah from here This is a great place to come since we have lots of views to see Think what would it be like if it was the season Will see you from where we have food This is our food We are at the Hilton restaurant here in Salalah

We have some doubts to ask How is Triumph bike? [It is very good]. How much did you buy it for? [About 2800 Riyal] A new one will cost 3900 Riyal VMAX right? How much did you buy it for? [22 Lakh INR] How long since you bought it? [Last year] Now the main bike. ZX14 I thought it was 1000CC It is 1440CC How much did you buy it for? [About 14 Lakh in INR] Mine is CBR How much did you buy it for? Around 2 Lakh INR The poorest biker of all [Jocking] Do you have a club here Officially we have Omani club And some of us have created Salalah Freedom Riders [SFR] club How many members are there? Even though there are about 20 members We wont get most of them to ride Don’t you have job? Yes, but it is leave on Friday He is an Audiologist They have left all their families and have came here for the ride They have left their wifes at home and have xame here for the dinner There is one more thing The food we had was made by this chef He is from Iritty He was asking me where I was from I told him I was from Kannur. Where nin Kannur? Iritty This food was made by him We have some really good food here Let me have some food We will go straight to the room from here and I have to edit the video We will see again in the next episode Subscribe and support Like the video Bye

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