Oh my god, I wont look down. I will extend the camera and show you the view Hello, welcome everyone Today we will be going to Amerat Heights It is not that far from Muscat The place is a beautiful place Amerat Height is basically a mountain in Amerat I am not riding alone today. I have two Arab bikers with me The bikes are Harley and Indian. These people here know Malayalam How are you? Are you well? They are not Arabs. They are Malayalis. Where are you from? [Thalassery] There are total of 3 bikes here These people are experienced in this roads Lets start exploring There were some issues with mic in the last episode I have removed it and kept it like this now The wires are shorting and that is why we had some issues in the previous videos Those two bikes are very loud One is Indian and the other is Harley The person driving Harley is from Kozhikode and the one driving Indian is from Thalassery I will be asking them some tips and other details about the license Many people were asking me for the same and let us clarify it from them Amerat Heights is pretty close from here They way to the mountain is beautiful it seems I talked about chain lubrication to them but both of these vehicles are using belt so these people dont need the lubricant We are starting to go up the hill It is not like any mountain back in our place Inorder to prevent stones from falling down they have placed something similar to cement on the slopes It is pretty steep From the top of the mountain we will be able to see a good view of Muscat They have given huge gaps between the hill and roads If there are any mistakes in what I talk please forgive me I am not editing out any mistakes that I make We are in 4th gear right now at a speed of 50-55 KMPH I am not increasing the speed because it might not be audible if I do so Also I talk very fast, that too is an issue and I have reduced it The place looks pretty good I told them not to come near me when I vlog because you wont hear anything because of the sound of their vehicles It feels pretty good Oh god it is offroad

We should never go slow on offroad I forgot about the side that I have to go Let is go down Poor harley We only need our TVS Apache through these roads Look at the view There are lots of mountains around Dont give acceleration There are iron nets to prevent stones from sliding down These are the roads. I will show you from the other camera Many people asked different doubts about vehicles here. Let us ask them the same How old is this vehicle? It has only been six months How long has it been since you got driving license? There are lot of formalities here They made it very strict here due to the increasing number of accidents They look at the profession and monthly salary to provide license What is the minimum salary required? The minimum is 2000 Riyal Was the rule there when you took it? We took it six months back and the rule was there We had to take the salary certificate from the company So the white board means learners here? Yes Where do you work? I work in an Omani company here How much did you pay for this bike? 6500 Riyal around 16 lakh INR. This is second hand This is 1000CC model and it is the 2018 model It is 18 Lakh INR new Many would ask why dont he buy it from India Since I am living here I took it from here But later on I will take this to India Tell us about the vehicle This is 2018 model I bought it for 3000 Riyal It will be around 5.8 Lakh INR Are you planning to take it to India? Yes

You would have to buy a petrol pump of your own in India Have you ever experienced any issues riding here in a bike Some people here are careless and they tailgate us In this very high speed on these roads we will fall off and it will be fatal Always look behind and see who is behind you I hope your doubts are cleared Have you completed the procedures to take the bike to India? [Yes] Temporarily? [Yes] To take it permanently it requires at lease 5 years We took a small deviation to reach here if you dont know this place try coming here It is very peaceful here you can go down in that path It is not a road Oh god, I wont look down I will extend the camera Do you hear a sound? Those are the sound of vehicles moving What you see is Muscat You can come here for camping. I can see lot of spoons here There is some food waste too It will be difficult for those who go for jobs I see many hardworking people here and since they might not like others seeing it I dont capture them in the camera I always ask them before taking video Only if they allow I take the video We should take care of the condition of others before taking such videos I will turn off the camera and stand here listening to an old Malayalam song It is dark now Isn’t it beautiful to see the city in the light If we go to some place in Kerala like Palakkayam Thattu and look from the top we will be able to see fog. There is no fog here We can se lots of lights here Isn’t it a great view Lets go We will go down now and we have to take care of chain lubrication We are not climbing down the hill There are a bit ahead now because my camera turned off a while ago In India we wont be able to see anything at night

while we ride becuase of the light of vehicles coming towards us I haven’t used my extra lights here Look how good the road is There are lights everywhere I really liked the road We are in a small streeet now Since I dont have google map I dont know where I am right now Shabab told me there would be lot of people here They come here after work to talk The sound is very loud People in India tell me not to overtake through the left Here it is opposite. We should only overtake through left We are here at a workshop As I told we have to lubricate the chain This workshop is owned by a Malayali Where is he? Let him come back Let us give him a chance to repair a vehicle from his place while being at Oman Our Malayali bro is here. Let us meet him When I came here he asked “How are you Shakir?” I watch the videos daily Are you from Kannur? Yes How long have you been here? [28 Years] You have been working for 28 years here? [Yes] When do more vehicles come here? When it is cold many vehicles come here for repairs Do you repair super bikes? [Yes I do] There are many superbikes not in India. You should go see Your family is here? [Yes, but my son is at India now] Tell me your name Ganesh So Aamina is here at his workshop He will check the bike and so the lubrication for chains along with that he will look for other issues too I did the lubrication from India, It feels a bit tight If we lubricate it will automatically loosen What type do you want? The spray or the grease type? Which is the best? I have to go to Salala and come back Grease and oil mix will last longer I will come back after going to Salala I will save your location How far is Salala? 1100 KM one way

Where can I get the glass? You will get it in an accessory shop for cars He is sitting there sad for some reason Which petrol is good 91 or 94 94 would be good for this But mileage is poor when I fill 94 That is because this bike is made for India [91 is basically the normal petrol in India] . So what is I fill that? Then try filling 91 For Indian vehicles the system is made for denser petrol But here we have low density ones Because of this most of the oil will go unused That should be the reason So chain is tightened and the lubrication is done with grease and oil and I am ready to go to Salala After coming back from Salala and going to UAE we will come back here and change the engine oil, oil filter etc We have a lot to ride here but very les to ride in UAE so we will change it from here itself Let us go from here We wont be even able to dream such a ride at India with all the yellow lights I am not talking about the vehicle but the beautiful roads here Maybe after 30 years or so when we get good leaders things will get better What you see on the right is Muthra Port where luxury ships come I will be doing a video on Muthra Souq as I told The people who come in such cruise ship are the main customers there I will show everything in detail in Muthra episode The port is on the left side One of the friends went to room because we spent around 2 hours since I had to upload video too He left because he was a little busy. I will meet him once I am back here Harley is here infront of me He studied with me in school He stopped because we slowed down here Let us go to the room I am at the parking now. Something happened just now I was coming inside slow the right side lace of my shoe was already loose

but I didn’t notice the left one I was riding at around 10 KMPH lace got locked You know what will happen. I was not able to stand on my legs and I fell down because of that The bike tilted sideways and I laid it towards the side because I was slow nothing happend There was an Omani driver behind me and I asked him sorry suddenly he came out to help me but I got up There is no damage. So the lesson 1 is, you have to take care of shoe lace while driving Since we got the chain lubricated the bike is running smoothly So the plan is tomorrow morning we will be going to Salala which is around 1100KM from here It will take at least two days to reach there and I am planning to drive 500KM each day People are telling me it is a dangerous road because it is very long and is empty Along with that there will also be two way traffic on a single lane when it is not highway because of this they tell that it is not very safe for bikes Let us see how it goes So, it is around 1200 KM and we will be covering this in the next two episodes I have fixed the voice issues in the video and I will only be able to see if there are any issues when I edit the video Also give me feedback through the comment box So that is it. Let us go to Salala tomorrow. Bye

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