Very excited, super excited I looked forward this moment all my life Let’s do this! Come on! – Let’s play Summoners War! – Let’s play Summoners War! I feel I have a good chance [DAY 1] My goal would be to make it to the finals in October I’m really looking forward the tournament For the first fight I’m against DGP, who is my guildmate It’s been 3 years that we have been in the same guild It’s going to be an emotional fight That’s the first part of the tournament, the opening game I would say that I’m 80% confident and 20% scared, if that makes sense I’m Seiishizo and this is my plus one, Krisleshizle Known within the Summoners War community I guess We are from the Netherlands So far we had a good arrival Everything seems nice here We’ll see how it goes for the next few days – Excited! – Definitely excited! Our French streamer, community management team, he’s from our marketing team This is Evan, our English streamer from US office We also have Trang and Christian Antoine, one our French community managers and Darja our Russian community manager This is DGP from the Netherlands He participated since our first SWC, in 2017 And last year, in 2018, he won the Europe Cup – That’s me – Our champion! I’m Russian community manager Unfortunately this year, we don’t have Russian players. But Viilipitty, although he comes from Finland, speaks fluently Russian You want me to attack you? This year is our third Summoners War Championship It has been a great journey so far It makes me happy to see old faces, new faces It is all going so well because of you all I hope that this year we have another great event to enjoy We have some gifts for you with your name on it So have fun! I guess you’re happy to be here!

Guys, let’s do it this weekend! [Day 2] Today is all about interviews videos [Day 2] It’s like a very special moment during the championship Dude, I start with this Then I do this And then I did this – Nice! – It’s fine This is very cool! I’ve always wanted to come here! This is my first time in Europe It’s a whole other thing seeing it in person We are real men! Okay? We’re real men! – Oh no I can’t! – Oh puppies! Do you have something for my lips? – I’m feeling quite dry – Yes, moisturizer? Yeah sure! – All good! – Thank you! I’m not really a make up kind of guy As people might know, I love using Martina and Shana, the twins I’ve been using them for the whole RTA previous season That’s how I achieved the rank I have – I feel very proud to be part of this experience and to represent France in this tournament – My most memorable moment in the game was probably being at SWC 2018 in Berlin – There’s no special opponent I think everyone is equally strong Most of the The most recent one with the twins – Can you be careful with the chair? – The chair? Sure, yeah – I know it’s difficult – Yeah! I think I need to play more Can we redo that one? My family Of course family erhm Wait can I do it again please? Well, nothing had to be done again – It was all good in one take – Perfect! – Yes – Nice! Replacement players are really beautiful by nature – Like a princess – And voila! Oh thank you! Do I look beautiful now? More beautiful? [D.DAY] Then, at the same time, we will have the coupon code that will be shown so you can say “you will see on the screen” We don’t want to be too focused on it, just say “hey guys don’t forget we have the reward down there” When I make an expression, I make it to look good the way that I see it

but here it’s backwards [Trying to speak French] My name is Evan… I will… comment [Trying to speak French] The Cup… of Summoners War [Trying to speak French] Oh… The European Cup! Why am I messing up the easiest one?! Everytime, Jonathan will tell you which side you have to go to, alright? Then you enter If you are at the front-side, you just walk there, then go to your desk, okay? Let’s do it again! Chinh Vu, marketing director from Com2uS EU office I looked forward this moment all my life Super excited, so much going on! But still, I’m very happy I have to say I’m looking forward the tournament – Let’s play Summoners War! – Let’s play Summoner War! Fifteen seconds Ten seconds Countdown from five please 5 4 3 2 1! Name tag Video is ready. 3, 2, 1 Please join me in welcoming to the stage our first competitor: DGP Please welcome, Obabo! – Good luck man, go through the finals! – Thank you It was stupid, my own mistake But Obabo is good, I think he has good odds to win the championship And I hope he does! – I’m ready! Let’s do this! – I don’t know! That was a crazy match Some crazy matches!

That was a lot of fun but yeah I’m really happy. Really happy and it was a pleasure to play against Chene He’s a really strong player I feel like I have a good chance but I’m not gonna be overconfident you know I just, try to stay calm, do what I do and maybe I’ll get a good result I’m good. Excited! I’m really happy and excited for the next match I just need to stay focused and draft correctly And luck might be on your side! I’m feeling good It’s always a good feeling when you win I hope to be lucky and go to the finals I’m with you! I know I’m French but I’m rooting for you! Oh, that’s the best part to proc on Aegir! Damn Third skill has no improvement 30% is a lot – Okay that’s nice – True I did a huge mistake, but anyway This is the match – Well played! – Yeah, I’m very excited To face Baus and teach him a lesson Be prepared for my Nat 5 Light & Dark monsters! I look forward to some really fun matches with you guys hopefully I can bring out new strategies and hopefully give the audience a really good show at the World Finals next month Good luck! May the best Proccer win Let’s get ready for the grand finals! I am very proud to represent Europe server and my guild Squad zero I’m a overwhelmed by emotions right now No word can describe this feeling She supports me Even though I farm a lot, she’s still with me so I’m very happy to have her – She’s my number one fan – Yeah, that’s me! I feel proud. I think I went a lot further than I expected to

So I feel pretty good about that but of course there’s always pressure you know You gotta aim to be your own best I try to do that – As champion from the European Cup, I am very proud I will represent my server: the Europe server And, with Baus, we will show that EU server has monsters, runes and we will defeat them Let’s play Summoners War!

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