Oh boy >> TESLA (coughing): Edison, what are you doing?! >> EDISON: I am looking for my niece [laughs] Oh, there you are, Catherine So Madame Blavatsky was right >> KIT: Uncle Thomas! >> EDISON: Are you all right, child? Did he hurt you? >> KIT: Hurt me? A-Actually, Mr. Tesla has been very kind and helpful >> EDISON: Do not trust this man. He is utterly mad! >> TESLA: Hah! You burst into my lab uninvited, Fisticuffs! damage my equipment, [chuckles] and you have the nerve to call me mad? >> EDISON: [chuckles] Yes Idealists like you are the very definition of insanity You find the world’s greatest power source, and you lack the imagination to realize it could make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams! [laughs] You may be technically brilliant, Tesla, but you make a lousy industrialist You’re as useless as a disconnected plug! >> TESLA: Science and knowledge will make the world a better place! >> EDISON: Industry can make the world a better place now Or do you want us to wait patiently in the Coal Age while you amuse yourself with your research? How did you get here, anyway? >> TESLA: I believe she may be unconsciously connected to the Node Have you considered the possibility that it may be drawing her towards it? >> EDISON: You see, Tesla, you can think straight That boy on the right with the beard when you make the effort Now, to the Node! [chuckles] >> TESLA: Wait! Just one minute, Edison! >> EDISON: I would be delighted to stay and chat, Tesla, but unfortunately time is of the essence Until we meet again Please, smash that generator! Time to go! Lead the way, Catherine [scoffs] >> KIT: I-I’m confused I-I need to think ‘Lead the way’? She can’t see And I want to know what happened to Father >> EDISON: Your father? It’s a long story, and now is not the time And you just smashed the generator for the elevator Come on! >> KIT: I’m not going anywhere until you tell me >> EDISON (growling): Very well If you really want to know, your father has been dead for ten years ‘Dead for ten…’ Now come with me! [Kit cries out] >> KIT: Get off me! Aah! Aah! [zap] [Kit and Edison cry out] [Kit screams] [Edison coughs] >> EDISON: You! Where is she? Where did she go? I can’t see a thing! Get her! [scoffs] Hmm >> KIT: Hodge! I’ve been worried about you! I’m so happy you’re still here [Hodge meows] Okay. Anything to this side? Or are you gonna not— not— not go that way Ah! There is a thing! [sighs] “Nikola Tesla biography unlocked.” “Electricity is spreading throughout the world “at the speed of lightning “and turning entire industries upside down “Many people tinker with it, “but only a few can really understand how it works “This Serb engineer from the Austrian Empire is one of them “Tesla’s unrivalled mastery of both theory and practice “makes him one of the most creative and prolific innovators “of our hectic technological age “His business relationship with Edison having turned “from positive to negative, “just like the alternating current Tesla champions—” [laughs] We gotta squeeze in that metaphor “—he is now engaged in research for Edison’s competitors, “and for his own pleasure “As unbelievable as it may sound, “there are rumours of a gigantic coil “that is able to send energy across great distances, “without any need for wires “However, while all eyes are turned up towards “Wardenclyffe Tower, “the transmission station he is building, “Tesla is secretly working underground “on an even more daring project: “harnessing the power of the Node itself! “Far from being the aloof scientist, “observing people as though they were interesting insects, “he feels sympathy for Kit’s plight, “and does his best to help her “despite being quick to understand “her newly-acquired skills, “and realizing that they could be turned to his own advantage “Kit, while grateful, “is not entirely sure she likes being in a laboratory “where technological death is lurking behind every corner.” [chuckles] All right, nothing more in this direction, but you’ll let me keep going? Nah, that’s it [conceding] All right And even though I’m with the cat, I’m still walking slowly

Guess that means we’re gonna be walking through some cut-scene text. Soon [chuckles] My father died ten years ago? How is that possible? I was with him this very morning! Maybe this morning was ten years ago Did Uncle Thomas mean I was adopted? Hmm Nobody ever mentioned anything to me! I mean, that’s a possibility, but given that was your first guess, I’m gonna say it’s wrong Who am I? And what am I supposed to do now? The Node. Everybody I’ve met down here has told me I’ll have to use its power I-I’ll have to make a choice! Did they tell you you’d have to make a choice? What sort of choice? There’s only one way to find out: Let’s find this Node once and for all! Did-Didn’t we I believe we had already seen it Hey, a person! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: What’re you after now? [laughs softly] Meow [laughs] I got an achievement for ‘Meow’ [Hodge meows] >> KIT (whispering): There’s somebody here. I’d better hide Oh. Okay Hey! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Scram! I guess— “Guards are looking for Kit “She can perceive their vision range “and hide in highlighted places to avoid being captured. X.” >> KIT: I suspect those guards aren’t exactly friendly “To exit a hiding place, first choose a direction “and then press the interaction button.” Okay “Hodge can meow to attract the guards’ attention, “and lead them away from Kit.” No, hide! >> GUARD: Check left, check right Nothing out of the ordinary here [scoffs] [Hodge meows] You again? [Hodge meows] Don’t test my patience [Kit gasps] There you are. Don’t move! Noo! Okay, the cat was not effective in hiding Thanks. [laughs softly] Buzz off! Oh, ‘lead them away from Kit’? Like [Hodge meowing] C’mere Search and capture! [Hodge meows] Psst! Get out of here! >> KIT: There’s somebody here. I’d better hide Hodge? [Hodge meows] Hodge! [Hodge meows] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hit the X button! >> KIT: I suspect those guards aren’t exactly friendly Hodge… listen [Hodge meows] Okay, where is… the fellah? Yeah >> GUARD: You again? Don’t test my patience I have not moved from in front of you! [laughs] ‘Again’ [Hodge meows] What are you after now? [Hodge meows] This is not good [Hodge meows] I think he can still hear me if I’m nearby Buzz off! Oh wait. She said we can see his range of vision, right? >> KIT: Hodge? [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: What are you up to? >> KIT: Hodge! [Hodge meows] [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Ah, there you are. Hands up! [Hodge meowing] Who is he talking to? He wasn’t talking to me [Hodge meowing] Yeah. C’mere! You again? Don’t test my patience [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] What was that noise? It was— [laughs softly] Scram! Oh. Okay So, while Kit can see basically nothing at all, I’m guessing Hodge has an, actually

[Hodge meowing] Psst! Get out of here! A greater range of vision than a human does What are you after now? [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Hey! [Hodge meows] No! Get out! Hey! Hodge! [Hodge meows] [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: You again? [scoffs] Don’t test my patience [Hodge meowing] >> KIT: Hodge? Listen [Hodge meows] Hodge? Listen Hey, Hodge! Are they looking for me? Why? Why not? Okay, I need >> GUARD: You again? Don’t test my patience, you little furball ‘Little furball.’ Hut, hut! Can I not…? There we go Okay, and there’s a.. a thing Whoa! Please don’t make me do it again! Okay, whew. [chuckles] Just wanna see if I… noo! [laughs] I just wanted to see if he can turn around and jump this way! The answer is no [metal clanking] Yeah, there’s no way the guard heard that Okay. Please don’t let me have to do that again Hi! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD: Let’s check it out [Hodge meows] The noise came from over here Yeah, he doesn’t have a lantern, Nah and he can’t see a cat sitting in front of his face, so [Hodge meows] Go catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meows] Watch it! I’ve got a weapon! C’mere! [Hodge meows] Get out of here! Gently walk off the edge! [Hodge meows] >> KIT: Oh, I hope they won’t see me here Hodge? Hey, Hodge! Hodge? Listen Hey! [grunts] Okay, I have no idea what’s over here Ngaah! No! Oh. Yeah [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Shoo, sorry, I ain’t got no food for you Hey, what’s up with that? [Hodge meows] No, I don’t wanna be up here It doesn’t do me any good to be up here [Hodge meowing] Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here Let’s check it out [Hodge meowing] [Hodge meowing] That’s probably the best thing I could do Is if I could get him through here [Hodge meowing] She must be over there The noise came from over here C’mere [Hodge meowing] That’s the only thing that makes sense, is if I, like, lure him through the door somehow Come here! [Hodge meowing] No, he’s gone Oh, I guess she hides in there or something I guess that makes sense [Hodge meowing] Go catch some mice, eh? What’s up here? Who goes there? Who~? Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone! Oh wait, here’s a thing >> KIT: Hey, what a racket! Perhaps it will attract the guards [mechanical rumbling] [rumbling stops] [scoffs] Oh, he just turned it right off Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] >> GUARD 2: What was that noise? >> GUARD: Watch it! I’ve got a weapon

[scoffs] >> KIT: Hodge. Hodge! Hodge… Listen! Hey. Hey, Hodge! This is not safe Hodge, Hodge, Hodge. Listen [Hodge meowing] Hey! [Hodge meows] Okay >> GUARD: Where are you off to, furball? Get out of here C’mere! [Hodge meowing] Who goes there? Yeah. Just keep comin’ this way. As you do [Hodge meowing] Stay where you are! [Hodge meowing] Sorry! I ain’t got no food for you! >> KIT: Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] So much meowing! That was not good [grunts] Hodge! Hodge, listen Hey, Hodge! [screams] There were vines there! >> GUARD: Watch it, I’ve got— gotcha! [laughs] Noo! [imitating] ‘Ahyeuck, ahyeuck, ahyeuck’! She must be over there! [laughs] [Hodge meows] Go catch some mice, eh? [Hodge meows] Get out of here! [Hodge meowing] So much meowing! This is so not safe >> KIT: Oh, I hope they won’t see me here >> GUARD: Nah [Hodge meows] Let’s check it out Yeah, I really don’t Like, she should be able to The noise came from over here [Hodge meows] >> GUARD 2: Search and capture! Buzz off! More of this Whew! Wow So this goes on for a ways Dodging lots of guards More guards [sighs] Edison, why you do this to me? Oh, she has to go in and hide for me to get that Wow. Okay, so we have to come all the way over here That’s a mess. [laughs softly] Is this safe? Nope! Have I just locked my cat? Oh If I just go straight down Ooh Whoa. [laughs nervously] Okay So we’ll just occupy you over here [Hodge meowing] >> GUARD: Shoo! Stand over here… hey! Who goes there? It’s a cat Stay where you are! [Hodge meowing] Get out of here!

>> KIT: Hodge, listen! Hodge? Hey! Hey Hodge! Hodge? Hodge? Hodge! [Hodge meowing] Hey, hey! Hodge! Hodge! Listen! [scoffs] >> GUARD: Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone Just yell loudly for the cat, then just hope that, uh But if she— if she dies jumping down, then I don’t know what we do Or can she just go in there further than the cat can? She can’t be far! [chuckles] Indeed [Hodge meows] Let’s check it out [Hodge meowing] C’mere The noise came from over here [Hodge meowing] Okay, hup! Let’s escape Oh, I needed this device on to see what I was doing, right? >> KIT: Hodge, listen! [Hodge meows] What a racket! Perhaps it will attract the guards You’re not hiding! [Hodge meowing] Don’t tell me you can see her! >> GUARD: Watch it! I’m sorry, I ain’t got no food for you [Hodge meows] She must be over there Can’t you see I’m busy? Leave me alone Whew! Yeah, these boys are super nearsighted Or, again, in the dark, which is also a possibility Um >> GUARD 2: Well, everything seems to be in order But something doesn’t feel [Hodge meows] What are you after now? >> KIT: Hey [Hodge meows] Hey, Hodge! [Hodge meows] Hodge? Hodge! Listen. Hey! [Hodge meowing] Hey Hodge! Hodge! She can’t jump off here [Hodge meowing] Hodge, listen [Hodge meows] Hey [Hodge meows] All right. Be the cat Great. This is not safe. Uh [Hodge meows] Go back and be hidden Well, [laughs softly] what passes for hidden You, come here >> GUARD: What if it’s a trap? Of course it’s a trap! [Hodge meows] She must be over there Where are you off to, furball? [Hodge meows] Get out of here! Meow! [laughs softly] [Hodge meows] Watch it! I’ve got… shoo [Hodge meows] C’mere, hup! C’mere! [Hodge meows] Go… catch some mice, eh? C’mere! [Hodge meows] [laughs softly] [sighs] Yeah, this is not gonna be good All right We’re gonna lure him away here And if we can get down… or if we can’t… we’ll take a break Have we lost my camera? That’s great Well, we’ll get to that in a second [Hodge meowing] Let’s check it out >> KIT: Hodge? Hey, Hodge! Oh no, I need the cat to [Hodge meows] see where I’m going! >> GUARD: Careful! You might get a nasty surprise! >> KIT: Hup! [Kit screams] Okay, so that’s just not gonna work All right I don’t know if I can be heard at the moment, uh, but we’re gonna take a break, uh, switch over hardware, start playin’ Mario, we’ll come back to this tomorrow Let’s see here All right, hey!

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