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All right what’s up everyone OJ here welcome back to another PE live today oh

man today today’s gonna be interesting day because we have sanic sanic to talk about yeah I know the turtle properties we need a sanic and Lanka crossover yeah this is unfortunate very very unfortunate day maybe here’s the thing guys here’s the thing here’s the thing let’s go ahead and first get into how is it how’s everybody doing today I want to know how everybody’s doing today let’s get into some ninja news we’re gonna be talking about sanic the movie let’s just be really okay Sonic the Hedgehog the movie room we talked about that we’ve got some new footage new gameplay footage on Sonic Team Racing which looks ridiculously better than the Sonic movie we also have shakedown Hawaii news as well so we should have a pretty good show for you guys thank you tell people that have showed up already we’ll get more people as we file and I’m going a little bit earlier than I did the other day so that might have messed with things just a little bit but YouTube’s weird YouTube is a weirdo company YouTube will always be a weirdo company and they don’t even have the time the site doesn’t even work did you guys know this did you guys know that half the time does YouTube site doesn’t even work properly like it’s supposed to because there’s just so many people and so much spam and so much stupidity going on with YouTube so happen time it doesn’t even work it works for some people and then it works it doesn’t work for other people so it’s an interesting site but anyway we’re here we out here so let’s talk a little bit about some ninja news on the on the on the channel we do have the sanic movie reaction no I’m joking Jose reacts we have the sonic movie I did do a reaction to it and gave my full thoughts on it did some comparisons which we’ll talk about like I said but really PE live is really talked about what you guys are thinking so make sure you guys check out my my reaction to the actual movie cuz I’m not gonna put it up here we’re not gonna react to it again because we already reacted it reacted to it so if you haven’t seen it go out to my reaction trailer and go watch the trailer and then you can come back and we could talk about and give your thoughts I guess right we have that on the channel also on the channel we have a Paper Mario III video we’ve been doing like a road to e3 so so yeah got wrote to e3 going on so will be having video sprinkled throughout the whole month and then also well we’re pretty much Orient in May so pretty much throughout May and then leading into June we’ll get better and better videos but yeah we’ll just have them sprinkled and not every single day but just different road to e3 videos like we always do every year and then what else on the channel yesterday we have both PD lives all already live on the channel so if you want to watch any of the stuff from yesterday the PD live is yesterday because those were actually pretty good we had a sexy jutsu notification so that was funny on the night cap of the PE live so make sure you guys check that out I might be streaming after this stream like after this stream because we’re gonna go for about an hour and a half to two hours I might be streaming some Super Smash Brothers and just getting some more practice in with Joker so if you want to play or if you want to watch me watch me play Super Smash Bros I might be I might be got to see how I feel after this but then we’re also gonna have PE live tonight so look forward to that as well um alright so next thing here I think that’s it for ninja news that that is it yesterday we had a model of soft Xenoblade Chronicles video or just monolith soft III video as well so make sure you guys so make sure you guys check it out make sure you guys check it out so so you should watch the reaction dude it’s it’s you should hear what I have to say about it it’s you should watch it do just check it out even if you don’t like those sonic movie or how it looks like you should still check it out just hear what I got to say in terms of the reaction like while it’s actually going on so so yeah either way xeno play video yesterday so make sure you guys watch that if you don’t want to watch the sonic sanic reaction make sure you guys check out my Xenoblade reaction or summarized Xenoblade video because it was pretty cool you guys are already watching this about 5 cable use or something like that so not bad not bad alright I think that’s it for ninja news guys let’s go ahead and let’s get into the shoutouts so if you hear in the chat you want me to say hi feel free to say hi and I’ll say hi back to you that’s what we do here alright so let’s see yeah what’s up David Valdez he says I think the sonic I think I think sonic will be better than the Super Mario Bros movie how we’ve seen nothing on the Super Mario Bros movie how do you how do you think set off the Nintendo Prime is here as well super Vignelli ninja to be venules here elite ninja a hardened 25 is here hard to thank you for the long-term support well how many eight months man thank you Hunter n64 what’s good leading 264 is here KJ $23.99 is here what’s good man since when are rings portals yeah KQ anything I talk about that in my Sanok reaction if you play Sonic the Hedgehog the game remember like if you go into certain like huge rings it’ll like transport you to like the other dimension or whatever so I think that’s where they’re loosely taking it from the huge ring sometimes you go into or even like the little star thing and then like you hop into that and then it transfers you into something else I’m thinking they’re there they’re getting it from there so that’s that’s the only thing that I can think of I I remember if I recall there’s sometimes huge rings that transfer you to

different dimensions and Sonic had the Hedgehog of the game so Shadow King what’s good man he says the only good thing is egg man’s final design I said it did Jim Carrey save this movie that’s what I said it so I said Jim Carrey save this movie I’ll get you come on Wayne yeah what’s good man good to see you here Jim Carrey can sing can save the sonic movie we’ll have to wait and see man mr. medius what’s good man gun slinger what’s good gun slinger what’s good guys the gamers loft what’s good how’s it going good to see you here is a NIC I’m just gonna call you Nick because your name’s weird Nick what’s good it’s the sonic we need Dave gaming what’s good what’s good men charm Oh what’s good Phil elite into Phil what’s the deal with sanic all i care about is the fireman three houses bro that’s a good thing to care about I cannot wait til July and so I just I just want to lie to get here I mean yeah great for Mario maker great for God Eater great for all these other games great for everything else but dang it we need Fire Emblem three houses we need it we did it let’s see here shut up all right let’s good chat us depending on user renege on user party might as well at the planck are both you guys good good to see you guys here as well yotube us what’s good man – but you ever said enough to some of the maybe you haven’t got the opportunity man may be busy but I would like to have you back in the Super Smash Brothers stuff so sad house man good to see here yo what’s up fairy tiger yo I told you that I’d be streaming over today so sad off the theory tiger thank you so much for joining us co-captain of the Viking nation your boy your boy Robert held it down yesterday though still is all good made some pretty business jokes they were funny positive waves ones good men hello I continue to lurk alright man shoutouts at least just say hi at least then you can go back to lurk mode you can go back lark mode let’s see here RAM RAM RAM Ziggy says surprised even the voice acting sucked the voice acting wasn’t bad for sonic nah I wasn’t bad he sounds he sounds like Sonic I mean he sounds very cheesy I mean cheesy type of AI I don’t see how I think people are kind of I think that’s that’s a reach if you say the voice acting is bad because it literally that that’s how sonic would sound like I don’t think this is the voice acting was bad it was okay it was it was like the movies I don’t think that it doesn’t look good but the voice acting wasn’t bad like that that’s what that’s a reach but it’s all good Sonic yeah that’s bad Sonic having human teeth that’s not good that that’s that’s not good that’s not good at all but um some of the CG is OK in the movie I mean yo what’s up sub 0 oj that sanic essence what’s good man um let’s see your serenity notice what’s good that movie is from Mario Bros is the lowest bar to me it’ll be very hard to fail and meet and exceed it guys we haven’t seen anything on this we need to see it first why how can you sit I don’t understand how people can sit there say it’s not gonna be good before you even see it like you’ve got a seat the only reason why people are saying the song who’s gonna be bad is because they saw I render from it like you’ve got to see it first before you can actually say oh this is going to be something or not I don’t care if you can if you can guess then you can say I think or I guess but if you try to say here say this will be this that means it’s some based on something there has to be something you’re basing it on like that you’ve seen you know like otherwise I can just say the ps6 will be bad because I don’t even like the ps3 like that’s you can’t do that very you gotta see something you know before you say it it’ll be good or not you gotta at least see it any normal normal person would think that that’s logical to think that way you know you see something and then you at least at the bare minimum before you gotta see it first though these people in here come here and say it’s got a bad you know like the movie movie’s not gonna be good or it’s like before you even see it or something like you gotta see it no we haven’t some people is in the Mario movies not gonna be good or the sonic movies gonna be better than the Mario movie and we haven’t seen the Mario movie yeah seeing it at all I’m not saying that people are like people are wrong for a cynic the sonic movies gonna be bad that’s fine but people were basing that off of the renders and the leaked footage that we did see we were basing it off of that that’s all I’m trying to say like that’s fine if you want to base it off of that that’s cool but I’m just saying people are saying that like this is gonna be bad before you’ve even seen it that’s a problem that’s not logical that’s that’s not a logical way of thinking it never will be either I’ll talk about the mario movie I’m talking with a Mario movie not the sonic boom sonic movie we saw the renders okay people said it was bad that’s fine have no problem with that but let morning we got to see it at least before you sit there and say it’s gonna be good or bad either way not like we got to see it first that’s all I’m trying to say neo Valley what Spri me thank you so much I’m really feeling that twitch prime I appreciate the soul of Pyrrha burns within you for four months and Counting thank you so much man I appreciate that so yeah man uh suppose a Stevie Wonder should slap Coolio for every surface well wait a minute hold up

I like gangster I like dangerous parents yo shout outs the chibi VIN you with the seven dollar donation and you know maybe I need a seven dollar jutsu because that’s a weird about the donate I had a people donate seven dollars as much op ease it’s like five or usually it’s like in the dollar like single dollars range or whatever or just like ten or nothing but like seven that’s interesting but shoutouts thank you for the seven dollar donation I do appreciate that maybe like a Naruto team 7 type of thing maybe that might be a good jutsu for that will you cover your ticket to see this amazing movie LOL JK song quest sonic scrap brain zone um I might do a vlog yeah my I’m gonna get like a GoPro camera so I might do a vlog we’re doing like the whole revamp and rebrand it later this summer so I’m gonna be revamping everything inside here I’m going to be revamping my bulb spot I’m gonna be read well that’s already been revamping it’s almost gone by the way I’m really happy today man every day I check and every single day it like it’s almost it’s almost gone I’m really happy anyway we’re gonna be revamping a lot of different things on the channel so so yeah you guys gonna get vlogs I’m gonna be traveling – probably not because I fairy tiger and and Robert told me that it’s like like I saw the guys I looked up the like how cold it is in Sweden in the winter dude and I’m just like I am really gonna have problems if I’m really gonna be in a bad mood if I go there so I want to go there during the summer so when I go there during the summer probably next year for Sweden because like it’s too cold during this time like I can’t I can’t deal with that cold dude I’m I’m African I’m tropical and we just we just cannot deal with that cold I’m gonna be miserable so I don’t think I’m gonna go there maybe but next year when I travel I’m definitely gonna be doing more vlogs I’m gonna be traveling to tournaments and stuff to a little bit more hopefully the channel will be doing well enough to where I can travel to where I can’t like you know or I can just make content on the go so no I can’t no I can’t it’s I’m dude like I said I can’t I can’t dude I can’t it’s just too cold it’s just it’s too it’s too cold yeah Dreamhack summer Please Please fury Tiger Allah I know you guys were expecting me there this year but I was looking at the temperatures man and it’s like dude like I get I get I get cold when it’s like 50 degrees 50 to 60 degrees and I’m like somewhat uncomfortable cold that’s how it like 50 50 degrees okay you guys are talking about but it’s like below well below zero during the what I said I’m uncomfortable at 50 degrees where I put on and clothing like I put on more clothing and like I’m like okay well you know let me put on a sweater or let me wear socks you know I get uncomfortable at 50 degrees so so so yeah that’s the only problem that I I know like I said I’m tropical guys I’m a tropical type of person I live in an area where the the like it’s hot and I’m just used to it being 70 degrees that’s like comfortable for me 70 something degrees is comfortable and I’m used to being 80 degrees that’s comfortable whereas a lot of you guys might think like 80 degrees is hot whereas me eighty degrees is very it’s comfortable 70 to 80 degrees or a lot of people 70 something degrees that’s hot you know that’s like beach bro you out there wearing nothing basically you know what I’m saying that’s hot for a lot of people so I’m just I’m just a tropical man I’m just I just can’t I can’t deal with these the super bitter cold that’s the reason why I didn’t go play football in the East Coast I had a couple scholarships to go play in some you know Catholic schools in the East Coast and they were way too cold like Massachusetts and all these places they’re freezing they were freezing Claud I said I’d rather just go to junior college I can’t deal with this cold guys like I honestly didn’t go play football in the East Coast because it was too cold it was just too cold so so yeah man either way uh let’s see yeah I live in California my next life all right there you go so cheery video let’s get your music going thank you for the thank you for the donation man I appreciate that sonic scrap brain zone sounds cool don’t remember the music though okay yeah this one yeah I remember okay cool let me know how it sounds guys is it too loud not loud enough let me know in the chat how it sounds let me know in the chat all right so let’s see here I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the 50s see ya I’m not I’m wearing freakin I’m wearing like like pajama pants like or like sweats and like a long-sleeved t-shirt or something like that so so yeah I’m used to 60 to 80 60 to 68

degrees anything below or over it’s too much okay yeah exactly well maybe it’s a little bit more I’m African I’m tropical Oh but put that other shirt I just expected yeah charity I don’t I’m African I’m tropical that should be all this year oh my gosh I’m African I’m tropical just those two things I’m African I’m tropical there you go maybe maybe I’m doing good today a-line star how are you doing charity Scott I’m surprised you’re still here considering you’re not really like a hardcore gamer but you come here to the students anyway I really do appreciate you being here all right let’s see here I got I got hope for the sonic movie you have the design is bad but it looks like it’ll be a good comedy action flick good no does it look like there could be some comedic moments that are enjoyable sure but good action I don’t know dude I don’t know it looks like it’s gonna be heavily it looks like they’re gonna have very few amounts of action scenes and more of like quick bursting action that really doesn’t last very long but most of the movie is gonna be like stupid jabs and stuff like that I don’t think it’s gonna be like a hardcore action movie where there’s a lot of cool action I just don’t I think all the things that we saw were the best action parts of the movie this is my yes like I said I don’t know if it’s real but it just I think they really wanted to show the coolest parts and even then those parts weren’t even that great you know what I’m saying like we’ll have to wait and see but like what was he what was something with that thing like with the missiles and all that like how was that so cheese man and look it looks oh geez I I’m not feeling it I’m not feeling it men why they have gangsta’s paradise of instead of sonic music in the trailer well because there isn’t sonic music and if you look at like the action walk let’s just say sonic was real for something there’s not going to be Sonic music in a Sonic game or sorry in a are sorry in a sonic move you’re in the real life so I can see what they didn’t use sonic music most games like most movies based on the games you don’t necessarily want to use like the the classic sonic stuff I mean I think that and if you noticed in the trailer he takes it he takes a cassette and he puts the cassette in the boom box and then he plays a track so obviously they’re playing off I mean he’s not gonna play like making fourth dimension type of thing and saying oh let me put a cassette tape in here and it’s the sonic music like that’s that’s super cheese I just don’t know if they would sort of pick gangster’s paradise but either way that’s the reason why that I mean that’s the only logical conclusions that Sonic was chilling listen to the music you know Sonic is a hip type of person right so what is he gonna listen to he’s old school so I’m thinking more it’s a reference to Sonic and classic I’m in gangsta’s paradise I think that was 1995 94 somewhere in that range so I’m thinking more it was like they wanted to get a classic song that was hit you know because the sonic so that’s the reason why they did that I mean so that’s the only thing like a pink oh then I thought of after I didn’t think about that during my I did my reaction but I thought about that not at this point but either way yeah that’s the only thing that I can think of when it comes down to it um let’s see here damn I missed the trailer what’s up oj the trailers on my channel if you want to see my reaction for it just go check it out real quick and come back it’s only it’s like two minutes although the video that I have is like 10 minutes but like the trailer is only like 2 minutes or something it’s pretty it’s pretty short alright here Cole hey LJ box office records Oh believe it Hey well it’s going to have some records definitely for sure for sure yo David Valdez with the $5 donation and he says just offering my support to the channel thank you so much David Valdez I appreciate that here over here on the elite ninja we definitely appreciate the support and your contributions will definitely go towards making the village much stronger and better thank you seats for the $5 man I appreciate that I really do all right so let’s go ahead and get we need to put chibi Vignola though he’s cheaper videos actually the top stream ninja and he is the first person to donate as well so thank you cheering video we appreciate that over here in the ninja village as well we did talk about what we did talk about what you said for a bit so there you go but thank you David Valdez thank you guys for the donations I do appreciate that most here so more thoughts on the sanic movie game please I want to hear them I know you guys got thoughts I know you guys have stuff that you guys want to talk about what it comes to this though let’s see right guys let’s hear it the movie’s gonna be full cheese absolutely absolutely apparently it’s an origin story it’s like a beginning story so that’s the reason why there’s no like Sonic friends or anything like that so and of course you know dr. Robotnik or Eggman or whatever is looking the way that he is he doesn’t have like the bald head or anything you know he still has hair and he still looked at as maybe potentially a good guy so so yeah meow yeah yeah that was very cheesy markinson’s I can’t wait to see the critics let’s move all this movie is

gonna get slammed this movie’s gonna get freakin body slammed to hell it’s gonna be freakin chokeslam from hell or whatever it was called dude it’s gonna be Kane Undertaker pick up this movie and like the tables on fire they like the table on fire guys remember that an old school wrestling whether you saw it’s like no I’m not just gonna slam you through this table I’m gonna light this table on fire first and then I’m gonna slam you through the tape you’re gonna light that we’re gonna light the table on fire I’m gonna pick up Sonic I’m they’re gonna they’re gonna choke slam double slam this really this wrote it through the tables that the Dudley Boyz rotten tomatoes Teemo get the tables and they’re just gonna sit there with a 3d 3d sanic through the tables it’s coming man I’m telling you no more than the people’s elbow these more they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re gonna rock bottom they’re gonna rock bottom through the end of the day Oh oh my god so it’s so funny wrestling’s so old-school wrestling’s so funny all right yeah then your says this may be a guilty pleasure movie like Super Mario Bros movie with John bug little zombozo and lol I’m excited to watch it yeah mad bro let me ask let me play something right here David get me if the Super Mario Bros movies is a guilty pleasure for you I don’t know man I mean there might be some things that you need to work out in your life that movies trash do but I guess so I guess that could be like a guilty pleasure type of thing man those were those are the days I miss the old school Dobby up yeah but you can’t have the really F the way that it was but some protective Pikachu will finally break the video game movie curse I’m trying to think if there was any video game movies that were actually good I guess you can say technically speaking Resident Evil was one of those video game movies that broke the curse or whatever I mean people do like the Resident Evil movies so maybe you can say that I don’t like him but I know there’s other people that like him so Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat wasn’t a very good movie to be honest it was just it was just better than I mean it was just Mortal Kombat you go back and watch the movie it wasn’t very good none of the Mortal Kombat these were that great but they were iconic the first one at least but no I don’t really think they were that good but that’s just my that’s just my opinion that’s just my opinion on their to murder not to later was trash dude what to ready animated movies don’t count now I animated movies don’t count because there’s like good Street Fighter like animated movies there’s good there’s all sorts of good animated movies like from different video games like Bayonetta has great animated movie there’s there’s good movies all over the place when it comes to it but like we’re talking like if it’s like CG or like like for example like remember like the Final Fantasy movie that was trashed dude do a do way doesn’t have a movie does it doesn’t have like a normal movie the to the new Tomb Raider is pretty good in my opinion the new tomb raider movies I don’t I don’t agree but okay the most recent to later yeah it’s it’s just it’s not a great movie but it’s just better than what the other Tomb Raider movies were so that we’re talking like live-action movie that’s actually like amazing like for example as good as I don’t know like remember the Titans are as good as like you know Avengers or as good as like you know some like the real block like when are we ever gonna get a movie like that you know that’s that high of quality from a video game franchise I don’t I don’t know if we ever will so so yeah the wizard the wizard is not based off of a video game though there’s just video games in it it’s an original plot that has video games in it like the wizard has like Mario 3 or whatever but that really it was an advertisement for Mario 3 but the game is really just I mean the movies it’s an original movie though it’s not really based off of a video game so so yeah Batman has a video Batman has a video game though yeah but Batman Batman was

started as a comic book though you know it was a comic first and then it was like a TV show you know before a video game ever came out so Batman was Batman was around before the video games even the video game industry was here right so I was like the 30s or whatever that Batman started over the 40s it was like back in the day so that was before video games were even around so that doesn’t count now that doesn’t count no how does that count Batman was already dude that Batman was a comic we’re talking about movies based off of video games so like the first time that we ever saw this was a video game like that’s what we’re talking about here cuz if that’s the case I’m like okay well I mean Avengers there’s freaking Marvel Ultimate Alliance right or whatever or it’s like any Marvel movie it’s like oh well there’s video games based on it right so all right x-men for example right oh well there’s video games based on it so it’s broken the curse like no wait a minute no x-men was here before video games otherwise if that’s the case then people wouldn’t people would have no problem cuz there’s there’s there’s great video games based off of like you know like with movie licenses or comic book licenses there’s there’s a bunch of great video games have been there are also movies you know that doesn’t count ball vs. Capcom we can’t we can’t can’t we can’t count that okay that’s not fair Prince of Persia in Tomb Raider 2015 or the best video game movies Prince of Persia it’s not a it’s not a good movie I don’t think Prince of Furze is very good 200 2017 is much better than Prince of Persia but I don’t think Prince of Persia is a good is a good is a good movie based off of a video game I guess it’s better than some of the other ones that we use like the Mario Bros movie or whatever but I mean I don’t think it’s very good but that’s just me Silent Hill is the only decent I don’t know man some of these games some of these movies you guys are bringing up I’ve seen a lot of these and I just I don’t know I’ve never been into it like I’ve been into select some of the games we need a buck bumble live-action movie featuring a special guest yo okay I bet Olinger would love that if there was a Blythe action buck bumble movie and I was the special guest in there what about now it’s time to rock with the with the debug the biggity buck what the biggie buck bumble so there you go the first song on the movie was good yo buck bumble you guys this ain’t buck bumble movie okay guys let me ask us a question what what movie or what video game needs a movie adaptation what would be the best one that you can say yo this would be an amazing movie off of a videogame I’m gonna let you guys go and then I’ll go next or not and then I’ll tell I’ll tell you guys what what it should be buck bumble starring LJ right if i watch the Sonic the Hedgehog it’s because Jim Carrey yeah I’m gonna watch Jim Carrey I think Jim Carrey’s gonna do a good job in the movie I think he’s obviously like I said he’s a great actor so I mean Kenny save it though what the way to see Fire Emblem okay Fire Emblem Xenoblade you know it would be kind of cool Metroid Metroid would be really good I think Metroid is probably we’re gonna go with I’m gonna go ahead and put like Metroid is definitely a top pick Zelda with the movie made by Netflix what would that be like would that be like Castlevania though or would it be like that we’re talking live-action here guys we’re not talking animated or CG or whatever or like you know anime or anything we’re talking with actual live-action with maybe like a CG CG carrot obviously CG thrown in there for special effects and all that whatever you know certainly my bubble goblins or whatever the case is but like okay so I think Metro would definitely be my top pick so far I want to hear what you guys think Fire Emblem I think Fire Emblem stuff because what error would you go and you have to go at Prince Martin you’d have to make some type of love story or something right with Tiki or something like that so yeah you can do that or I should say maybe it’s a story of because Fire the original Fire Emblem would be a good movie because Marth’s dad you know dies and all that so the King dies so that’s the way that in like retribution saving the plant you know what I’m saying like that that’s good and there’s like there’s love involved in the fire boom would be good so I’m gonna say Metroid first just because I think Metro would be easier to do and it would be like the because like you can make it like almost like alien right like with Ridley you could make it like that like that could be really cool so I would say Metroid first Fire Emblem could definitely be number two Smash Brothers know that doesn’t even make sense uh let’s see yeah live-action live-action guys Detroit become human because it’s already a movie there you go Golden Sun I think Golden Sun would be too it’d be difficult as well I mean you could do it but I think that would be very hard for a Golden Sun type of thing but yeah I’d be down for that they can’t even make a game they can’t even make a new game with the Golden Sun so I mean they need to make a game first Bioshock Bioshock would be would be would be cool yeah gunslinger says Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger would be really cool but it I would want it to be certain themes that I’m not gonna talk about on here but Chrono Trigger could definitely be

cool like but I don’t want to talk about it just because I don’t feel like bringing that up here but Colonel sugar could be really cool if they went with a certain tone with it and for those who haven’t seen the game theory on Chrono Trigger watch the game theory on Chrono Trigger with matpat whatever there is even if you don’t subscribe to him whatever just watch that on Chrono Trigger and then if they incorporated some kind of like oh that’s what it really is then I would be completely down for that cuz Chrono Trigger has a crazy plot so I’d be completely done for country but it’d have to be done in a certain like the way that game theory explains it the story of crunchy it’d have to be done like that otherwise I wouldn’t be too interested I mean I’d be interested but I gotta know how good it would be or not how about a player assist movie player essence um bro I need how about getting the 50,000 subscribers first about getting to that first before we talk about movie deals uh ose marcus is the first you know blade would make a good movie I don’t know about Xenoblade I mean you have aliens and stuff so I mean or you have a bunch of them like necks and all that so yeah I guess so it could and like the minato and like you know the future and all that yeah so obviously yeah anytime you have like you have like you like somebody who can tell the future or somebody who can has to stop some type of evil menance with something of power they only he has through like a special blade all that’s always pretty cool it works for videogames I don’t know how well it worked for a movie though you have a love interest in Xenoblade obviously that gets you know bopped so that makes sense but man it’s hard to connect to compact all of Xenoblade into like what an hour and a half to two hours how do you do that you know like you have to cut so many corners like like the Dragon Ball Z guys were with a Dragonball movie oh my gosh you guys remember that yeah you know me corners at the cut f-zero could be more like more like epic fast in the first f-zero could work because of yeah you could just take I like the fast in the face cut like and you kind of make it like that so yeah f-zero could work I think f-zero could work yeah but they didn’t they do like Speed Racer that was that actually good that anybody I remember seeing a little bit of that movie I remember came on TV and I was watching I was like no this is boring I never liked Speed Racer the the TV show show I thought it was cheesy and corny so I know it’s old but I thought it was corny as hell when I was a kid like I think about this like why are they doing all this just like I just like the monkey and then in the back of the car or whatever it was like that it’s like it just comes like oh sweet like that show sucked and I remember watching the movie you know I was like the graphics look cool in it but maybe it’d be like Speed Racer you know I like speed I like Speed Racer I feel sorry for you that show is trash that shows absolute trash goes I’m not trying to crap on what you like man but that shows absolute garbage okay you’re talking about the movie okay okay the movie okay I thought you thought what the show dude I was like I’m not good on that show if I get if you get to 50k will you make a movie no I can’t make a movie I can’t okay okay okay we got a crisis averted crisis averted he said that he said the movie okay I got I got actually watch the movie again but that’s not based off of a video although I think there is a Speed Racer video game but is there a Speed Racer video game let me double-check is there speed racer’ video game there is there is a Speed Racer video game yeah there is it’s on the ps2 it’s on the ps2 and it’s also on the Wii well you know we have to do guys okay that’s lots of dolphin emulator right they come again the whole time anybody played this game any good has anybody played this game is it any good okay let’s got it looks kind of raus alone yeah let’s go

what this happens the movies why does that happen in the movies I don’t want to watch the movie I don’t want to what if that happens in the movie I don’t want to watch the movie if they constantly spinning around like a freaking idiot I don’t want to watch the movie no I don’t want to watch the movie but the dudes just spinning even like that’s different when you’re attacking somebody the dudes just spinning the whole time I don’t want to watch a movie where you sitting there driving and spinning around I don’t care if it’s the movie guys it’s stupid it says Speed Racer the video game the video game we gameplay Speed Racer the video game it doesn’t say speed ratios of the movie the video game even though looks like it’s based off the movie oh my gosh I like Sonic but this is not Sonic I feel like I’ve seen this before like it’s been done already lol so cliche in trash and that’s also why is sonic the flash now with the electricity yeah I don’t know what’s going on with the electricity um I’m not really sure but apparently I don’t know if there’s some any for any of my super sonic and my super sanic fans out there do any of you guys know the Sonics fur have some type of coat on it that makes it like like radio like shocking or something like is that something that happens is that why he can like spin – into people and like blows them up or something I’m not really sure like you guys let me know I mean like Sonic’s like attacks and smash with us don’t have electricity property on them so I mean and Sakurai’s pretty good with attention to detail right so so I don’t know what’s going on here and I have no clue about that that might be something that they just added in there sonic has an electric okay I didn’t think so so maybe there’s something going on check out the Super Nintendo game there’s a Super Nintendo game Speed Racer really oh my goodness Oh Mike oh my god this is oh my god we’re about to watch some Speed Racer such a chancer IP oh my god this is trash this looks like straight utter garbage dude this game was actually good places he had a racy stage followed by action stages this game was good this looks horrible dude this looks absolutely horrible comfort like f zero and this give up them like what what year did this come out okay this guy that’s doing this he says the game is absolutely

horrible the control of this game is actually horrible then I think does this look better than f zero I mean you say this game looks good but f zero looks a lot better than I ever looks like ten times better than this and I’m not just trying to be biased here f zero looks a lot better than this game I thought my superintend oh yeah f G was winning that 60 frames for a second on the Super Nintendo f zero was a technological masterpiece back in the day this this looks very crappy compared to f-zero but I mean I’ll take your word for it if you think that it’s good okay but as far as there’s a lot of vehicles on on the track for this one though anyway I don’t know that and this is and this Sh I don’t know let’s take it let’s take a look I have zero let’s take a look at how zero the music’s immediately better I mean like this looks a lot I mean please tell me listeners been really here guys come on this looks old this looks like it controls it’s a lot smoother and look at the smoothness of the gameplay though the music I don’t know man I don’t know that thing that thing will blow you up if you hit that I’ll blow you up for those who didn’t play em zero I admit that some people kind of over eight F zero at times but still like I don’t know I don’t know this to me looks a lot better than asking I put the hell out of this game when I was a kid man me and my me and my brother would play this game Oh watches a kid like a number your kids all freaking all day we had the FCO game oh my gosh when you just come on weekends fzero all weekend doing all the different cups and trying to get through this game list up man it was really tough but anyway either way good stuff all right I’ll J thank you for that man thank you for that segment that was actually pretty cool that you let us know about I had no idea that there was a Speed Racer a Speed Racer like game like I’m super nintendo be it that I knew about the wee one but I had no idea about you know this one so crazy stuff man crazy stuff either way um let’s hear because we talked about the big budget games what about the indie games that larger budgets I think foody would be a good movie – yeah any any video game really any video game yeah 40 could be a good movie but I mean it would be taught you’d have to condense it like you have to condense a lot of the stuff in there I think No More Heroes could be a good movie – so yeah alright guys so shall we move on to the next topic here we got some more gameplay footage to look over while we’re taking a look at some brand-new footage of Sonic Team Racing guys this game is looking better and better by the day and remember this game comes out next month or pretty much this month we’re already almost in April for the most part we’re sorry almost in May so this game comes out very soon here this is a footage on the ps4 Pro that you’re about to see but it shouldn’t look very similar across all the across the board but obviously it’s gonna have some nice like a little bit shinier and all that on the ps4 Pro well let’s take a look at it shabih alright so it’s actually looking really good I’m liking what I’m seeing here from the sonic footage guys the only thing that I was I was sounds like motorcycles that’s the only thing that I would have liked these motorcycles this is brand-new gameplay

so what do you guys think is gonna be the best kart racing game between this one and the Crash Team Racing which one do you guys think is gonna be better based off the footage you guys have seen so far or what do you guys looking forward to more uh yeah Daniel Snyder this is plan Force which is of course yeah of course pretty much most Sonic games come to switch garfield racing sanic crash GTR crash team racing sonic by a mile by a mile really the questions can you and can you instrumental anime music you get complex like I can sometimes there’s copyright sex on instrumental anime music just give me a couple suggestions if you want to do a donation for that and I’ll pick one that I know that won’t get copyright strikes so give me it give me a few but yeah anime music instrumentals usually get copyrights as well but like I can play like my hero like you say run I can play any version of that one thing I dislike about these games equips from other players I don’t know I kind of like that stuffing when they say they just stupid little one-liners I don’t know that’s just kind of me though I think it kind of gives the gives the game a little bit of like flavor or personality you know I don’t know like hi I’m Daisy Crash Team Racing is a remake of an already great game though it is that’s all I asking you guys which one do you guys think it’s gonna be better but there’s gonna be new elements added in though I mean so this game is all this is basing this game is being based off the formula that they’ve already established them with other sonic racing games so it’s not like yeah this is a brand new game and it’s not based off of a previous one like in terms of a remake but it’s still based off of like the previous like sonic racing game well not chance well kind of like not really transforming but some of the other sonic racing so there is a basis for this game you know trash team racing play this music and of small looking um they might be playing like uh slower slower speed class that might be it it probably probably gets little bit quicker if they pick like a different speed class this might be like a beginning one that should have a preference the sonic racing is not moving the goalposts for racing games moving the goalposts I don’t really think about like what’s the goalposts for racing games though like really what can you do this game looks like crap bring back the speed with this feedback the need for speed okay need for speed like I like new crispy like underground Nickelodeon kart racers ECW yeah I know seriously piss be deaf well Need for Speed doesn’t need to be brought back though there is there already is a need for speed on on the ps4 Xbox one it’s it’s kind of garbage Ultimate Team action is on alright so that’s a little bit faster what’s Ultimate Team action you got a little bit more alright okay here we got some more gameplay here that BIG’s the kit big fat BIG’s the cat all the stage looks dope though why is the volume so weird it sounds like it’s looks beauty a Super Bowl for somebody to compare to the previous one I don’t know maybe they they’re capturing you yeah you do you raise some teams yeah that’s why it’s called Sonic Team Racing the good Need for Speed games like hot pursuit underground and the ones back in the day okay those ones dear God not not not big the cat I thought he was dead no he’s not dead look he’s right there he’s right there they probably have different classes for speed slow guys big and big and sinner or I’ll have to go TT Pinto double D and pick up sonic and crash tier AC maybe you can increase the speed of my car but to GCC is like Mario Kart I consciously see this looks like it’s like 100 cc or something like that for Mike Mario it looks like it’s like that

I don’t know if they have faster speed options I haven’t places the transformed one the transform gonna have my crying and like boats and like all sorts of stuff that’s too fast for you that so either way that’s that’s Sonic Team Racing also guys in other news there is what’s a call there is a shakedown Hawaii is gonna be getting a physical copy but it’s gonna come out like a little bit after or it’s gonna come out after the game the game comes out this may and shakedown Hawaii’s gonna get like a physical copy but it’s not gonna be told bit later later so keep that in mind for your buying options or you’re buying preferences or whatever the case is alright guys so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to get into random Q&A so if you guys have questions I’ve got answers for you guys so feel free to drop your questions tag me at player since or hash tag player essence be more than happy to answer your questions for at least 30 minutes minimum if we get good questions done we’ll keep it going for the two hours and yep I’m Q includes copyrighted cut my sonic reaction got copyright claims of course of course sound recording manually detected yep yep a sound recording a sound recording let’s take a look cold up changing a change of plans let’s take a look on cue on cue let’s see what which switch Sam manual Sam recording manually detected even though this is completely fair use by the way this was complete this is completely fair use like this is complete person this is completely fair use we’re I’m here I’m giving actual feedback reaction to what’s going on here on so then they put out this is 100% fair use if this goes to trial they would lose they would lose one of this is YouTube YouTube and their own weirdo sicko mode rules to where they let people sit there and claim movie reaction shadow which is fair use but only on YouTube is this can this be legal or can this be okay only on YouTube this is 100% fair use 100% fair use your you’re giving critical feedback to something that they’ve released out there just like somebody can take my video if they want to take my video they can sit there put it in the corner and they can sit there and say okay they’re reacting to what this person said or something that’s happened that is fair use and if you take the video and you just put it up on your channel and all it is is the trailer and there’s none of your own reaction there’s none of your own critical thought or feedback being put into it but okay I get that that’s not fair use that’s something that you can claim but this is absolutely ridiculous I mean like this is so stupid this is so dumb so dumb so dumb screw then who’s this Rhino behalf of Rhino pure wmg manually detected yeah you will you know I’ve got a lawyer so okay that’s fine I’m gonna follow this view I’m gonna follow this view and we’re gonna see where this goes we’re gonna see because I’ve got a lawyer so we’re gonna see how far they want to take this and let’s see if they actually want to take this further because this is this is absolutely ridiculous I’ll fight this this is dumb I’m so sick and tired of these people sitting here and thinking that they can just do whatever they want on YouTube like no it’s fair use so this is stupid and everybody who gets claim I’m not sure if Nintendo primary still here everybody that gets claim you guys all fight this everybody should be fighting this everybody should be blowing them up about this this is ridiculous if it’s a regular reaction this is absolutely ridiculous so stupid whatever man I’m good I’m good that’s a fraud seriously chill bunch of frauds did a bunch of frauds anyway all we need is Diddy Kong braces to come back and switch will be to go to platform for kart racers yeah that’d be great man probably gangster’s paradise it doesn’t matter listen mater we didn’t play the whole song of gangsta’s paradise and that was part of the trailer that you’re reacting to and getting credit that steps literally like if this went to court they would lose if this would go to corporate they abuse YouTube’s copyright system this is all it is is an abuse of the copyright system that’s all it is it’s an abuse of it people react to movies all the time on YouTube yeah but a lot of those times the movie people they claim them you know how did say how did Sega Eve EE or ever I think you’ve ever ever sign off on the sonic design sonic team should

have been consulted Sega should have made paramount go back and make the design something that at least looks like sonic well it kind of looks like him it just doesn’t really look like him a lot it kind of looks like him let’s see here Animal Crossing Luigi’s Mansion Link’s Awakening Pokemon sonic Mario Olympics where is Nintendo going a slot anything else in q4 in terms of announce games sometimes you might have games that are games that are in the same month so for example like in 2017 you had a you had a like fire emblem Oh fire emblem what was warriors and yet Super Mario Odyssey in the same month so there might be some games that are slotted in the same month I don’t know about any of those four games but like I would probably see it like September October it would be like Animal Crossing Luigi’s Mansion and then November December would be Pokemon then Link’s Awakening that’s what I would think sonic not wearing gloves I know his hands are just white they’re just like it’s like they’re just like white leg gloves but they’re not I don’t know what’s going on there people just gonna be looking around for all the reaction videos I mean legal people at right now looking for to make that money yeah exactly well I mean I’m gonna follow dispute so I mean this meets all the applicable fair use laws 100% so give me one second No I’m gonna I mean I just have to copy and paste the fair use law right here that’s fine that’s fine they want to play this game I can I can definitely play it yeah it was the gangster’s paradise that’s what that’s what it was it was the gangster’s paradise that got that that got that you know and there’s no option to just remove the gangster’s paradise music but it’s not even the full gangster’s paradise song it’s not even the it’s not even the full gangster’s paradise song it’s so stupid but whatever music companies be trippin be be trippin all right we got random Q&A guys so if you guys if you guys have questions I do have answers for you guys so uh let me know your questions tag me at player essence or hash tag player since I’ll be more than happy to to do that I’d be more than happy to answer your questions yeah it’s not even like it’s like it’s like it’s like barely any seconds there’s barely any of the music in there I could understand if it’s like a full song but really like keep spending most our lives living in the gangsta’s come on dude like really so um I have to leave for a bit and watch the sonic trailer honestly it looks bad but I’m still watching well there you go still gonna watch it that’s that’s what I said in my video I was like you know what they’re probably like people are just probably still gonna watch it max is I wonder if Sonic gained powers of like electro generation or his shoes allowing him to do him to do I’m curious about all the new things that you can do like use a ring as a portal yeah that’s that’s what I said man I’m curious about you know all the stuff that’s see all the stuff that seems seemingly added added in there for that so so yeah man interesting it’s too early to determine right now I mean he shuts down all the power like when he’s running like if you guys knows in the begin of the trailer he shuts down with the power so maybe he gained something electricity like he absorbed the electricity by shutting down all the power in the north with Pacific Northwest Pacific or something like that I’m not really sure I don’t know what’s going on those Fire Emblem screenshots are getting more flack what do you think about them Oh Jake kind of I kind of do think it looks pretty bad for a console game won’t stop me from playing though I don’t I think it looks fine it looks better than Fire Emblem the Fire Emblem 3 what was it Fire Emblem awakening and all that and looks better than the ones that were on the Wii and the regular

ones so I’m not big on graphics though I think it looks fine and I think once we see the game in front of us right here not like on a magazine or anything like that I think once we see the actual game I think I’ll be fine but I’m not like a graphics or anything like that I don’t sit there and like analyze oh there’s some jaggies on this corner for me it looks good to me it looks fine and I’m looking forward to playing the game so so yeah so yeah but let people give it black if if if you’re buying fire emblem for graphics then obviously that’s a problem like if you’re literally thinking oh well I’m gonna buy this game because it’s gonna have like oh my gosh the best graphics in the world that’s not gonna happen firearms all about the gameplay it’s about the combat so yeah fire on the moors is a completely different style of game than Fire Emblem Fire Emblem three houses a completely different style game a completely different style game yeah people people complain about graphics in every single switch game every single major switch game you’re gonna have people complain about the graphics even if the graphics are good people complain about the graphics and breath of the wall people complain about the graphics and super mario de c people complain about the graphics in every single game so what does it matter mortal comp it doesn’t matter what game it is people complain about the graphics so why even entertain people who are gonna just sit there and bitch about graphics like why even do that I don’t even care anymore people come to the stream and say well what do you think about the rappers I just say I don’t care anymore because this is stupid every single game somebody complains about the graphics or somebody says it’s getting screenshots like every single time so it’s like it’s stupid and it’s repetitive and it’s done that’s why I just I just I’m gonna brush it off because I don’t care anymore at this point like people even complain about switch graphics since the beginning so why even entertaining anymore like it’s done um two things I press you don’t necessarily prefer the art style three houses to awakening or fades it’s like literally the same but just better graphics but I think the models are the best thing the series they had no feet in Fire Emblem awakening but okay Federer says in one of my nan Kannan I think I’m a cannon comic saunas not off nan a cannon comic Sonic was brown but ran so fast that he changed to blue do to speed electricity I think they’re taking it from that comic are they really bad be interesting purposes I know it’s just getting so old at this point it is just it is getting old it is getting old we might be Dragon’s Dogma Dragon’s Dogma or smash I haven’t decided what I want to play after the stream we might do dragons dog more smash I’m not really sure it’s not sixty Freddy’s for a second never mind most console games including ps4 don’t hit that Upton it’s not six oh I think you’re trying to do like the whole spongebob text okay for it being something we can take on the GAR that’s amazing I grew up with the original Gameboy system ll talk about graphics it’s just like I said I don’t have a problem of people bringing that up and I’ll give my opinion but you’re always gonna get opinion of like I’m it’s like dumb at this point like every single game people complain every single game every single game like legend is all about the wall all the way through people have complained about graphics so it’s like every game people gonna complain so what’s the point like what’s the point of even like when the game comes out we look at the game what everything the graphics aren’t good that’s fine then don’t buy it based off graphics then go buy go buy the order 1888 and 86 or whatever that game has amazing graphics you know something looking like hot trash yeah it does look like hot trash it does does kind of like how trash and I was no it’s different artists awakening in fates lead artists play kosaki utsuki it looks the same dude I know there’s different artists but it looks it looks the same I’m a big fire move fan and it’s not really like oh my gosh the art is so much different it looks it looks literally the same okay it’s not really that big of a difference it really isn’t or I mean if you think it is then you’re really nitpicking on it dude it look the art looks very similar to each other it looks like a fire emblem style game the art it looks like firearm design characters it looks like fire them it doesn’t look Wow look at this drastically changed art from awakening to fates and oh come on man it looks like fire but let’s not you’re you’re really really you’re you’re you’re reaching on that dude which like I said that’s fine if that’s your opinion you can think that I have no problem but it looks like fire emblem let’s just be real here I mean maybe there’s some little design things that you can see which maybe you’re more you’re more like you look at more stuff like that and I and I can get that I get that but I mean let’s just be really it looks like fire emblem like it’s not like this is a drastically change the art style from what we’ve seen before so yeah that’s my opinion on it at least that’s my opinion but if you think it looks drastically different or it’s a complete change that’s fine that it’s it’s all opinion right it’s all opinion all the fire emblems art styles pretty much the same I don’t think fire really has a bunch of different being like yeah it got more like 90s anime ish back in the day but I mean there really isn’t much of a difference between the art of fire boom guys I really don’t think there’s enough early but but hey if you guys think it’s it’s big there’s big differences that’s

fine that’s fine by me so yeah let’s see your do you want to go to e3 this year no do you want to go to e3 this year do you want to go any other questions guys I don’t want to go to either these he’s lame oh I don’t know yet okay chuckles our thought was very different and probably my favorite what you mean what I mean is that all the art styles are very similar and you guys are literally pulling you guys are literally like pulling strings here saying that they’re like there’s so much different all this one’s like they’re literally all the same there’s barely any differences between all the art styles like like there’s like during my new differences it’s firemen looks like firemen there’s little slight changes here and there and you guys are sitting there and like the littlest thing it’s completely different like like that’s what I’m that’s what I’m trying to say yeah that’s what I mean and I play all I have up I can show you guys on my fireman game’s fire looks like fireable it’s just I don’t I don’t sit there look at like strands of hair differently like you guys there’s some of you guys are doing here it looks fire them looks like fire except for like I would say like the old school art like back like in the NES that obviously has a very different looking type of art I mean like that is very clearly different but it’s still Fire Emblem it’s still fire this is drawn a lot easier like I you know but I mean I’m like I said whatever you guys want to pull strings and say that there’s so much big differences between the games that’s fine go ahead I don’t have a problem with it don’t have a problem with it let’s see here would you rather have buck bumble remix or life white from Super Smash Brothers ultimate or beneath the mask from persona 5 will you what do you mean by that like what do you mean what do you mean what I’d rather have what I’d rather have what like what do you mean might have it is like I get to keep like a venule soundtrack or something like that like what like what are you what do you read what do you read a buck bumble theme remix or either song I don’t know dude I’d rather I mean there’s there’s already a bunch of buck bumble remixes though like what do you what do you mean gunslinger says would I lit a zero void export take longer than a wonderful 101 for or would it be the same amount of time as you know betta expert would probably take longer because Xenoblade X is a bigger game but it all depends on like engine and stuff like that I don’t know what engine wonderful 101 runs on so I mean like there’s a lot of things that go into it but I would say that Xenoblade X probably be the longer and that one has all my plays wonderful 101 doesn’t look like oh this is do we get one or two character reveals for e3 or none at all for smash probably not – probably just one maybe if we get one could we see a buck bumble cart game a buck bumble cart game probably not probably not Oh J do you think we’ll ever get Naughty Dog games or is it exclusive Sony developer yeah naughty naughty dog they’re owned by Sony it beetlejuice absolutely I’d be like saying oh you know D people Sony ever get Nintendo EAD games or retro studios games it’s like wait a minute now they’re owned by Nintendo so yeah first party studio I’ve been ma for the last two weeks was the best video over the last two weeks I need to watch the best video go on my channel and check it out go on my channel and just look look whatever interests you look at the titles of the videos go on there and whatever interest you I don’t want to sit there and tell you one thing and then you go on the channel you say that video wasn’t that good so go on there whatever you like whatever Nintendo franchises or stuff that you like go on there and look and see see what you feel is the best one and that will be what you can watch you

know like I don’t like it uh I mean gosh I can’t he’s a member too I can’t say his name correctly and and inaba 10.we likes Fire Emblem right so he’s gonna watch my Fire Emblem videos and I think you like you like xenoblade – right um Inaba so you like xenoblade as well so he’s gonna watch those videos I don’t know what you like though what do you what do you like more do you really think sonic movie will be trashed worse than the video game video game movie I mean I don’t think the sonic movies gonna be good I mean I don’t think it’s gonna be really that good um so I mean yeah but I don’t think it’s gonna be that great to be honest alright so in terms of videos for this week go on there just click on videos I can show you them so this past week we had Mario so return to Paper Mario we had a bunch of PE lives you guys can always watch those we had a model of South that if you want if you’re interested in Xenoblade we had a video on Super Smash Brothers sales as well we had a video on Fire Emblem three houses some of the new features in the game we had a video on Mortal Kombat 11 we had a video on some of Nintendo switches milestones I’m in Japan persona 5 scramble and the backlash to that persona by the Royal Nintendo switch can’t be stopped in 2019 that seems like a video that some people are watching how Nintendo competes next gen that was last week as well Nintendo didn’t near-impossible to switch that has 12 cavas which was crazy because that’s this video didn’t have more than like after like a few days this video didn’t have more than like 3,000 views so people watching that as far as one of the good ones there’s like a video that I have I have like 50,000 views or something like that yeah this Nintendo was back at its glorious that was like two weeks ago so you can check out that video as well so those were some of the good videos over the past week or two I have a huge problem with antenna switch in July about 7000 views so that was good Nintendo dominates the summer if you’re looking at some summer games that one that one’s pretty good too so there you go those are all the videos a lot of good videos for the past two weeks see you’re out of date if you’re using that in video log video logo or whatever who cares new thumbnails are looking clean thank you at least a sonic movie will be better than the Mario movie based off of what Chrome have you seen the Mario movie yet what have we seen in the market movie so how do we know it’s gonna be better let me know I love this I’d love to hear how you know that somehow based off of what you’ve seen how’s the how’s the song movie gonna be better than the raw movie I would love to hear I would love to hear your thoughts on this how Hunter n64 has become the top stream ninja what the $2 donation says let’s get some music going please play Metroid Prime – temple grounds all right hunter thank you so much for the music donation I do appreciate that I really do hunter in 64 one of the elite ninja here in the village so thank you man I appreciate it dude I really do alright so let’s get this going here Metroid Prime – temple the 90s mark then he says he needs to sit there and tell me that it’s the 90s Mario movie though like can you sit there and tell me that like he needs to say the old because there’s a new movie coming out so he needs to tell me that and will it be better than that one probably okay your talk about the old Mario movie okay cuz we got people in here saying that that that it’s gonna be better than the new Mario movie so I didn’t know which one you were talking about ok it’s ok you don’t have to apologize you know you don’t there’s no need to say sorry it’s ok alright how does it sound guys how’s the music sound good alright let me know in the chat ok so yeah it’s probably gonna be better than the old it’s probably gonna be better than the old Mario movie yeah probably I dare you to do the fire style jutsu but you can’t look up the signs the fire spells you to him but I can’t look up the signs oh I can do that here wait hold up is that a challenge what happens if I get if I get this challenge what happens if I get the challenge here what happens whatwhat’s it looks in it for me what’s in it for me if I do this what’s in it two bucks two bucks okay my appreciation well you already donated seven you already donated seven so that it’s more than your appreciation so since you already donated and your elite ninja I’ll do it if you were somebody that’s if you were not an elite ninja never donate anything that pot I’m gonna do it all right so we got here here here here here is it here here and then I

think it’s here and then here unless I miss unless I miss the right I mixed mixed up but um oh so that those are the ones that I know for the fire to fireball jutsu so yeah let me know if I got it right or not hey good job Oh kaga still got it where’s my two bucks at Andy through stream labs not super chat Andy two bucks let’s let’s sit into the $2 $2 holla let’s do it Stream Labs please please I do my I went on my mission I went on my mission there was a getting ranked mission and I aced it right our headbands under the sharing gun before supporters our headbands under sitting on for supporters a headbands are basically new met so if you’re a brand new members so if you just joined up and you haven’t been here for that long underneath a month and yeah you’ll have a headband if you’ve been here for a month or longer you’ll have one little tick mark now you’re sitting on if you’ve been here for two months I think three months you’ll have two little tick marks on the sitting on if you’ve been here for six months you’ll have hold on let me see hold up I’m forgetting my own ones there I’m forgetting my own my own freak invisible dudes yeah okay yeah yeah that’s what it is so so yeah it’s one month or no brand-new one month one month to two months three months seven months or sorry six months one year and then two years for that so there you go but can he do the trunks burning attack hand sign this is not a Dragonball Z thing channel I do not know of the Dragon Ball Z powers inside out the Beetlejuice with that three dollar donations Beetlejuice are you gonna come place are you gonna come play Smash Brothers against us anytime soon again used to play specials are you gonna play anymore have an Arizona on me brother thank you so much Beetlejuice I appreciate that thank you so much also shout out the cheapy pinyin with the – all noises here hit admission past I’ll cog a good job thank you so much Chris shit appreciate that guys the Hokage still gots it you know what I’m saying the Hokage still got it thank you guys with donations oh I appreciate it do you guys have any Meucci be video or beetle just you guys have any music that you’d like me to play I can’t play that because we still do have a quad number of quite a bit of time on them on the stream for today I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma lol I got rest yet / okay you’re next was pretty good man I can Galit gun you first of all you have to break yep to break your wrist in order to Galaga got it God you never kill anybody with the garbage gotta break your wrist to do the gallic gun dude keep by the n64 double-oh-seven n64 intro that is copyrighted by a troll company is there anything else that you want me to play let’s see your have I ever watched one piece I’ve watched a little bit of it but there’s too many episodes man there’s too many episodes I’ve been playing Dragon’s Dogma – that’s a great game I also have a video guys on upcoming or the switch RPGs that you guys should be playing so look out for that video probably tomorrow morning hang on it’s government I have to do something first all right the most of it has a great answer it does but there’s copyright trolls on that all over that double-oh-seven soundtrack you’ll play emotional song from Project X zone to the remix of the Shenmue track alright got it I got ya the lab OVR vid is coming guys I’ve already made time for the lab OVR vid it is coming it’s probably gonna be my big Saturday it’s gonna be my big Saturday video for you guys so the lab OVR vid is coming I made time for it I know I’m gonna put it together and everything so don’t worry guys it’s coming it will be I said it’s gonna be sometimes this week you’ll see that video so yes it is coming can you play Superintendent dr. John country song after yeah I can do that right let me know how it sounds guys in the chat please let me know how it

sounds let’s hear Apartments is okay I want to see my sick text again last night today all right man dude I’m not even I’m not even gonna try to spike you anymore I’m no I shouldn’t say that cuz then I’m gonna try to survive you I’m gonna keep travel to keep testing your minute you keep testing that technology dude keep testing that technology I got it I gotta push you a bit can just let you get back home to the States for free I know you’re gonna take it but still I just can’t what you doing also who’s Toby it was Toby who are you oh my gosh I wish they’d hurry up and give us much in prime trilogy yeah man I mean lion start it’s coming it’s coming you know it’s coming it’s coming they should make a live-action show that would be pretty cool I think a live-action Shamu with like freakin I don’t know something like cool dude like really knows like what like some type of like jet Li or Jackie Chan clone or something like that that’d be really cool although it’s like Japanese dude I’m appreciating like young Japanese actors that you could hire for that the Ip Man actor well done Toby as in that orange vortex character thingy yeah that guy from battle which would make a live-action Chevy once again once again everybody does make a live-action shit all right any other questions guys guys that questions for me feel free this is your time to let them work when it comes to questions I did recently get this though from if you follow me on Twitter I didn’t recently get this and I don’t know if I even want to open it I don’t know if I even want to open it but I recently did get it and it and it looks nice I don’t know if I want to open it though it just looks cool ah and it has both both games on one card both games on one card I want to compare it though real quick just in one second yeah it’s the same part it’s the same heart thick about fish okay I’m actually quite there’s a there’s a person that I’m talking to and they’re mad and how much weight that I’ve lost because they say I’m not thinking more so they told me that I’m – they tell me that I’m too skinny and at this point I don’t know man my butt used to be a lot bigger in my waist was a lot bigger back then last year but I lost a lot of weight so I think I’m too thick anymore but I’m not skidding I’m not like super super thin so that’s the boxart you said my I’m like my GFP pet in my pouch I miss being skinny haha just lose some weight man so that’s that’s this is all and it says only oh it says only on PlayStation at least back when it was released it was only on PlayStation that’s that I don’t know if I ever even played this I think I may be booted I played it like one time this remote play the same box arts what’s the same yeah let’s play some Donkey Kong Country Music we could play bramble blast again it’s thicker bus symphony or whatever are you

gonna play Mario maker – yeah are you she leaves this ff6 or ff7 I like I like FF six more but FF 7 is good to 2500 fancy 10/10 – and Dragons and Dogma she keep me busy – saints row 3 yeah Saints Row 3 is coming out next which the 10th no more Cleveland Browns no more Cleveland Brown is no more won’t not for now why don’t know I’m not a model I did I’m not tall enough to be a male model male models gotta be at least gotta be at least well I mean you can be like you can be shorter than like 510 511 but most of the time you gotta be you’ve got to be taller than that ten days ten days of saints all right take it easy chip even yield thanks for coming out to the stream and I appreciate the support today man I really do thank you yeah you said you’re super hyped for Super Mario maker – absolutely man I’m not surprised for it but I’m gonna be playing it it’s all lean and handsome I’ve I’m laying in I’m handsome bum just not talk just not talking about super Tom I’m about five eight five nine so those two things what time will you be playing smash tonight I never said that I was gonna play smash it for sure I set up probably one of my ankle socks these are the rub these are the Russell these are the Russell athletic socks these are so good get them at Walmart yeah but on them they’re like sweat proof and like good for just like chilling they’re comfortable man I love them when we hyperlinks awakening yeah if I play smash it’s gonna be in a bit it’s gonna be like I might just report a video I might record my RPG video and then I’ll start up smash and then we’ll play that for a bit so they’ll take a little bit of a break and then we’ll do PE then we’ll do PE PE live again and then I’ll probably call it at night so I can go to sleep early tonight because I gotta go to sleep so I gotta wake up tomorrow morning’s I got errands to run and all sorts of stuff to do and I gotta edit tonight I was up until 2:00 a.m because I played smash way too late I was up till 2:00 a.m. editing so that sucked I got no sleep today I got no sleep I woke up like at 7:00 so so I’m gonna go I’m gonna be going to sleep early tonight guys basically that’s fun that’s why I want to get I’m gonna get gameplay in well probably since we played smash yesterday we’ll probably just might play I might just put Dragon’s Dogma I’m not really sure I probably just buy Dragon’s Dogma so I can get a day stream to that and then we’ll probably play smash I like that no I got something Thursday I don’t wake up in the morning for that too we might play smash to get on Friday when I place my she got on Friday who says just my two cents what is your two six I would say aesthetically that all fire fire emblem look the same but their art does change but not as much as a common person to notice it’s kind of similar to win animations production studios well that’s why I said like well that’s what I said I said it it’s not enough for me to sit there and say listen drastically different I know there’s like slight art and art differences but I mean it still looks like fire at the end of the day you know that’s just me it’s my two cents asked for asked Astrachan height still chugging at full force absolutely I think Travis my son has absolutely no chance to become deal seats about I don’t think he’s gonna be but you never know so have you looked at the modeling have I looked into modeling um at one point yeah after when I was in when I was at Fresno and I got it’s a really good shape there was a there was a lady that I met that was there that she was she was working at the Nordstrom or whatever it was and she’s like hey here’s my car she’s like the music you should you should come by because it’s like I guess her cousin or whatever was playing on the same team that I was playing in Clovis and you know she was watching us in like I would always like before practice like whenever I played football I was we’re like just like that tank top but then sometimes like when it was like super hawk was obviously taught in the Central Valley I would just wear no shirt underneath so I would just come with my with no shirt on to practice I Drive in my car with no shirt on to practice and I just have like my my football helmet and everything and I guess she saw me there that she was like hey you should stop by like oh we have like jobs available thing like for that I was like uh no I’m good I mean I called her like I went in and I like I went in sat down with her but like I was like I don’t want to do this because I’d have to sit out there in front of the mall like with my shirt off like I didn’t I just felt uncomfortable I was like I’m okay like I

don’t really feel like sitting there with my shirt off in front of the wall they’re like and I have a couple like scars and stuff so it’s just like I don’t know I just didn’t feel comfortable with it but I was an extremely good shape at that point I was 100 and I was about 165 170 pounds and I lit and I had about maybe I barely had any percentage of fat on me I was very very very lean very thin yeah I weigh about 180 right now so I’m about 20 pounds more than when I weighed then I’m still then you know but like I was even thinner than I am really little fat on me so so yeah when she saw me she’s like oh you should come by or whatever okay but I was just like oh this is weird this is awkward I don’t want to do it oh man we should give you yeah I mean I have a job either so I was like okay I can use the money but like it wasn’t like it was like an amazing pay was just like a minimum wage I said there was my shirt off in the mall I’m like I’m good like let’s hear nack says do you think Travis I already read that this witch has a crazy lineup this year not gonna lie this is the most excited I’ve been since the launch I predict switched sales will skyrocket especially with the budget switch coming out well if there’s that yeah if there is that absolutely okay okay hold up Andy mind donated I missed you’re done I didn’t mr. donation did it did it pop up I must have just not seen it I think I was going and getting the thing the boxart or something this is also speaking of Sonic my man T Lopes still bringing the good jams song is from mania series the sonic mania series alright thank you so much Andy I appreciate that let’s go in and get your let’s get your track here thank you for all dimension man I appreciate it did I really do that could be using stream up as well alright yeah you know what did you donation oh yeah here we go this is any mind donated $2 okay there you go all right so the questions coming guys if you guys have questions I’ve got answers for you let me know dating when with the two doll donations and says how about Sakura’s name or sakuni’s theme in Street Fighter 4 that’s a great theme and absolutely hate it thank you for the two doll donation and we’ll get that going for you right after this one’s done chases what’s up okay what’s up J does it go my brother-in-law depicted me an animation in Sonic and detective Pikachu are identical but the hem I wouldn’t say that they’re very far off just that how the character looks is more iconic authentic to Pokemon than it is to sign Sonic doesn’t look like Sonic more than Pikachu looks like Pikachu from the source material that’s really the big difference is that Sonic doesn’t look as much like Sonic as Pikachu looks like Pikachu or Jigglypuff looks like Jigglypuff or you know that that’s that’s but that’s the big difference but both but both really high quality CG though to be honest like it’s not horrible quality CG with Sonic it’s just he looks like garbage compared to the source material that’s all it is my opinion at least do I like or hate buzzy buzzy doesn’t look very good I just think if sonic had better if the if if sonic actually looked more like Sonic but I have the same animation I think people would be people would complete completely different on what they think about it you know it’s the fact that he doesn’t really look like Sonic as much is the reason why people are like oh this is kind of you know when it comes to so because he just he looks awkward whereas Pikachu actually looks like Pikachu is just more realistic I mean we’ve seen people use the same type of style that they have and alter a couple of different features on Sonic and he looks great you know he looks a lot better so so yeah all right take it easy gunslinger thanks for coming out for the scream did I appreciate it but I can see why people think that is yeah it looks better and it looks better with is the music too loud guys we know – my uh my eyes are split the shoes are wrong he’s too lanky design is just way too off like the 90s Mario movie yeah exactly there you go well the nineties Mario movie was even which wasn’t actually a lot worse like things were just completely different like Bowser obviously Bowser’s not a human and like that guy was like what’s going on like the truth the Koopas like they just that was just completely different but um in terms of this yeah you’re right like there’s just so many

issues whereas Pikachu actually looks just like Pikachu is just super CG realistic looking kind of pops on the news shared content and ultimate thoughts on the new shared content and ultimate no I don’t have any thoughts on it no and actually we we had a PE live that we already talked about that so yeah I took up my PT live there but not no thoughts don’t care let’s see here the goombas in the movies were 100 was a 180 on their design small heads and big bodies yeah I didn’t even make sense like it didn’t even make sense the the goombas in the movie were ok are you uh are you guys are talking to each other so I mastered it Oh what what are you serious Dharma is that on a Kickstarter that’s not true oh it’s it’s it’s hand it’s it’s basically its basic like a hentai a hentai Mass Effect’s the tactical RPGs shoot-’em-up hybrid where your captive especially called the mary celeste and yet the assemble of crew castles like Mass Effect 2 with only more explicit bleep all the time of writing is raised the equivalent of 1 million two hundred thousand dollars in US and that’s nine days left in its Kickstarter campaign so verse will apparently be at least at least a 20-hour game with two different combat systems one arcade style for ship combat and the other a grid-based tactical system for squadron vs squad fights will also have nine of waifu’s for you to romance the fact that they use the word wife through about 15 times on the Kickstarter page probably tells you everything you need to know about sub versus tone yeah this is this is definitely for this is definitely for them leaves this is for them this is this is for them leaves that have a lot of trouble finding real women like obviously this is this is for that this is this one’s for you Johnny like this is for those super weaves like they have I have trouble finding an actual girlfriend so you play this you know instead or if you just like stuff like this there are people who just like stuff like this you know so it’s for them but you made it seem as if it’s like and actually like it’s like a massive X actual Mass Effect game from what I heard you say it seemed like you retard like it’s actually a Mass Effect that they got a license or something but it’s not it’s just like a Mass Effect like it looks like Mass Effect okay but it doesn’t even play like Mass Effect though they look like the gameplay is completely different from Mass Effect it’s just like some of the themes I guess would be kind of similar so yeah where’s a talkie when you need them yeah seriously man weaves have entered the chat yeah this is a super super weak game super we’ve been super super super weak game but that’s okay my settles Mass Effect inspired okay and then I read that I read your I read what you were saying wrong then well the population in Japan is going to partly due to these types of games no lie well that’s true there are definitely there are definitely a section yeah there’s definitely a section of people Japan they definitely like these these type of games and stuff like that so it is what it is but those type of games never saw the most though in Japan they just get a lot of they get a lot of attention but they I saw the most stuff like Monster Hunter and like all the normal typical game sell the most in Japan Dragon Quest stuff like that so um so yeah whatever at the end of the day whatever right alright guys keep the questions coming we still got about eleven more minutes of questions so if you’ve got questions I’ve got answers for you guys so keep them coming if you have any more if not we could end this room a week an end this room a little bit early and we can get ready for the stream and a bit a special kind of niche yeah seriously seriously a special kind a special kind of niche either way it was funny though

ripped my music yeah what was your music Aidan oh yeah soccer Oh Steve there you go soccer is thing I just forgot for a second sorry I might do Dragon’s Dogma cuz I haven’t played Dragon’s Dogma we’ve played smash yesterday wiped you smash tomorrow or the day after or Friday well it was two days well we’ll get another day of Smashing and we’ll probably do Saturday smash too all right take it easy fury tiger thanks for coming up to the stream glad I can stream for you earlier so you didn’t have to leave this time so early so shoutouts very Tiger Thank You Man thank you for the support and thank you for being here today do Co kept out of my condition man have a nice night nice what what’s what a nice yeah I’d say so at this point say who knows who knows who knows why I guess we could end it out on this song let me see if there’s anything that kind of dropped during the stream this is Sakura toasting from Street Fighter 4 I was utterly anything that don’t weigh anything Joker he’s a high tune seems like a a I think Joker’s like an eight an eight year character in the game there’s like s there’s a there’s be epic Junkers 88 like lower age yo sent us the Andy mind with the tier 3 reflex on patreon thank you so much Andy I appreciate that man thank you so much Andy that gets you the joopa the Joan in tiara pledge thank you man I appreciate that now there it is really feeling it thank you so much Andy pledged to be a pitch up reciate that men will solve Pyrrha burns within you on patreon thank you bro appreciate it taxes are you gonna watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie I think I’ll watch it I already I did a video I did a video on it and I talked about my thoughts on all of it there so yeah make sure you watch my video too by the way Joker is one of the better characters in the game top 10 yeah Walt wait top 10 I don’t know if he’s top 10 no I don’t think he’s top 10 but I think he’s he’s a – I don’t think it’s top 10 I have to retouch because my previous credit card info is fallen oh my gosh it’ll stall I’m sorry about that man I have to get a new one why do you got that situated though shoutouts man you stopped 20 for sure he’s top 20 I mean if if aren’t like if you got like our Sam Moore or whatever it’s like then I get that but like yeah he takes damage leaves or bit like it’s not like it’s a complete counter or I can do some soul with the damage she still takes whatever damage you hit him with so it’s like a risk reward and you only get him sometimes and he’s like weak without without Orson he’s like weak so and his tether recovery can begin but I would say I mean I can understand maybe like at the very bottom 10 maybe it’s a very tense spot okay if you want to put him there maybe but I was I would say that like gimmick characters that aren’t like they’re only strong at a certain time period or a point definitely aren’t sta like to me and Esther character has to be strong throughout or has that about the busted mechanic that you can get at any point you know that’s what a top-10 character to me is a busted mechanic that you can get at any point I think Joker I can understand maybe if you put him in top ten that’s fine make maybe number ten okay I get that but I personally feel that he’s like a he’s like somewhere in the top twenty so that would make him a nature character but hey like I said opinions I don’t think your opinions wrong you know I don’t think your opinions necessarily wrong it’s just I think he’s more of top 20 but hey opinions on careless just want to tell you I love your content before I leave you know do you have a nice day everyone all right take it easy Nicolas thank you thank you for coming out to the street man I appreciate you being here thank you for the questions the s out of body somebody with our our Senate is as active is so satisfied it is it feels really meaty like it’s like a real meaty like oh do it absolutely I think youtuber like Jay Mac G AB and others should make super

stressed with ultimate ear less video about who who can pet Morgana as well makes no sense dude but alright I guess oh my gosh I guess dude also if Joker was effed here would it be a joke oh alright alright okay so we have more move we have more movie news the Straight Outta Compton director looks like he’s gonna be doing a Saints Row film so just get dr. Dre that’s all we need I don’t know this is gonna be good Straight Outta Compton was really good though so you never know Sarada Compton was good so there you go Oh loud loud have mercy oh my gosh there’s not really any news today man it’s not really a new there’s not really any information like this but it’s been a pretty lazy day it’s not gonna get you guys some features RPGs that you should be owning on the Nintendo switch but you got some of that I’m gonna get you some other stuff as well some more Road to eat three stuff it’s just kind of like the quiet slow more we can just get to play our games you know enjoy what we got until III I think that’s really what’s going on here so so yeah ma’am yeah um all right what happened to the Texas movie I don’t know man what happened to it all I need is the oh jee loke movie yeah let’s do it let’s see another crappy movie game coming right up maybe man the captain was good so at least you got a good you got a good you know director so but yeah it’s probably not gonna be that good um all right so let’s go ahead and guys this pretty much wraps it up for the video here or for the for the live stream we are gonna be streaming the game like I said I don’t know I’m gonna record my video first so I’m gonna report my RPG video first and then I’m gonna edit it after tonight’s PE live yeah we’re gonna be streaming I don’t know I think we’re gonna stream Dragon’s Dogma I think we just might just juice I might just stream smash dude I don’t know if I feel like playing Dragon’s Dogma am i a Dragon’s Dogma whatever I’ll figure I’ll be one of those games it’s gonna be a game I’ll pick I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do I probably just do Dragon’s Dogma because I I need to I need to be I need to beat my games guys I guess that’s the reason why I don’t beat any games that’s exactly the reason why before smash came out I beat all my games I beat freaking Fire Emblem I beat what else did i beat i beat super mile odyssey I beat legend is not a breath of the wild I beat tour of the golden country I beat Xenoblade Chronicles – I beat all my games and then smash comes out then I don’t be that’s a video that’s a ram that’s a rank I’m blaming Nintendo I’m branching out on blaming Nintendo that’s gonna be a video for you guys tomorrow the next day or something I’m blaming Nintendo so yeah anyway Dragon’s Dogma Loretta pooja Gonzaga I got to beat my games guys no more of this not beating games but yeah smash ultimate starting it I’m gonna I’m gonna finish it um alright so here we go guys thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it check out the videos on the channel let’s go check out the videos on the channel um we got quite a bit quite a bit ok but this this thing isn’t working right now no stuffs just not working right now YouTube’s just not working right now of course he is YouTube’s broken know that webpage that does that once in the webpage is broken I’m suing Nintendo for my backlog alright make sure you guys check out my videos today we’ve got the return of Paper Mario potentially at e3 so we got III Paper Mario video make sure you guys check that video out if you haven’t already done so make sure you do that also we’ve got a nice Xenoblade video that we did as well yesterday so let’s get that to 6,000 views today guys 6000 views today Xenoblade III video so we got that as well so make sure you guys check out that video alright well alright so that wraps it up guys thank you so much for watching make sure you guys follow me on Twitter as well make sure you guys follow me on Twitter I’ll be more than happy to answer questions and talk to you guys there too so if you guys did enjoy the content today make sure you hit that like button to hit that like button before you go of course subscribe if you’re someone new and I will see you guys back probably in

about maybe 30 45 minutes or so for a couple hours of Dragon’s Dogma then we’ll get into PG Live tonight and then that’ll be it for the rest of the content for today because I’m going to sleep cuz I gotta wake up early tomorrow morning get content ready for you guys and get stuff ready because I got some stupid stuff that I got to do on Thursday so I got some dumb stuff that I got to do on Thursday and hopefully this will be the end of it and everybody can move everybody can just move on but alright um so thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it and we will see you guys very soon for dragons doc we’re gonna put Jagan is not going we’re gonna play Gonzaga so we’ll see you guys very soon for that alright booze


Marble Race: Avengers Endgame – INSANE Battle Thanos vs Avengers | Toy Racing

(suspenseful, exciting electronic music) – [Bucky] Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to another episode of Toy Racing As always, I’m your host Bucky Ryan, here with the Avengers: Infinity War race That’s right, folks, it’s gonna be up to the Avengers to stop Thanos from obtaining all the Infinity Stones Thanos is going for the planet Handar first, looking for the Power Stone Can he be stopped? All the shiny marbles represent Thanos It only takes one for Thanos to move on And, the Planet Handar’s hanging in there, going into level two Round and around, there they go And, actually, Planet Handar’s gonna drop first They may just get it Here comes Thanos, though They’re coming in hot Round and around, and looking not so good now Here comes Thanos, oh baby And, yep, he’s gonna get that Power Stone, folks So, Thanos has acquired the Power Stone But, here comes Thor, Loki, and the Hulk, to see if they can stop him, here we go Round and around, there they go Okay, Thor looking like he might make a push, but no, of course, Thanos comes in, and he acquires the Teseract He now has two Infinity Stones He’s now looking for the third Infinity Stone, from the Collector Looking for the Reality Stone, folks, here we go Oh, baby, Thanos is looking good And, yep, he’s gonna drop, and he has the Reality Stone Three stones in his grasp Now, Gamora, can she stop him from getting the Soul Stone? Round and around, here we go, oh, baby Oh, here we go, can Gamora get it done? It’s gonna be tight No, she can’t, the Soul Stone is now in possession with Thanos Dr. Strange, with the Time Stone Can he stop Thanos? Here we go, only one Thanos marble But, Dr. Strange has taken his time Round and around, here we go Looks like Thanos’ game, right here And yep, it is He has the Time Stone, folks So, can the Scarlet Witch and Vision stop him from getting the Mind Stone? It is the last one Thanos needs, here we go And, they’re the last line of defense Round and around, there they go Vision looking like he might be able to take it, oh, but now, here comes Thanos Oh boy, oh my gosh, folks So, Thanos is gonna take it, and he will acquire all six Infinity Stones With the snap of his fingers, he will now determine which Avengers will vanish and which will stay on the Earth The first half will stay on the Earth, the last half will vanish Round and around, there they go All the Avengers, and Thanos, and they’re making their way down the various levels Here they go It’s gonna be sad to see ’em go, folks Half will vanish, the last half will vanish Round and around, and Thanos still in the lead Dropping farther, Thanos still controlling He’s looking good Back half of those marbles need to get it going, or it’s not gonna be good, they will vanish Into the next level Three Thanoses, four Thanoses, and counting Oh boy, folks Round and around, there they go And, there are too many Thanoses He is too powerful with all the stones Round and around, there they go Thanoses continue to drop, oh baby And, the world is in the hands of the Avengers,

but there’s not much that can be done Thanos seeks to control and wipe out half of humanity Here we go, folks Avengers giving it everything they’ve got to duke it out A lot of levels still remaining out there, but the Thanoses are, of course, in control There are many Avengers still three or four levels behind Round and around, here we go The Thanoses begin to drop into the next level And onward, there they go, into the next one Oh boy, folks I’m only seeing two Avengers And Thanos, again, drops first into the next level Here’s the first Avenger, oh, the second Avenger Two Avengers in Oh baby, folks, still quite a few levels left, as you can see, many of the Avengers are four, five, six levels behind It’s not looking good Thanos is still in control They’ll drop into the next one We’ve got one Avenger, now two Avengers Here we go, round and around, there they go There’s gonna need to be a huge comeback by the Avengers if anything good is to happen Only a few levels remain, folks, and the Thanoses continue to remain in control Remember, the first half remains on Earth, the last half will vanish, to be part of half, the 50 percent that will vanish from humanity Here we go, folks Going into the final level, round and around, there they go Of course, it looks like that Thanos is going to drop first Many Avengers still behind, whoa baby And, our first Avenger just dropped Looking for our second Avenger to drop now Oh my gosh, it’s just a feeding frenzy out there, folks, I don’t even know how to describe it Oh boy, they’re all beginning to drop Round and around, there they go As you can see, many Avengers still piling in at the end of the race Trailing behind, they don’t want to vanish Oh baby These are probably going to be some of the Avengers that we have to say goodbye to Dropping into the final level, hoping that they’re not part of the 50 percent And, it’s gonna be tough A few Avengers remain Oh, baby, this is gonna be the last of our Avengers The rest appear to be Thanoses Fingers have snapped, and into Avengers: End Game we go And, these are the following marbles that have been eliminated by Thanos Here are the survivors So, here’s what’s going to happen, folks The remaining Avengers will take on the children of Thanos The Avengers must secure the top five spots in order to bring all the Avengers back The final two Avengers will be defeated and removed from the race Here we go, folks, round and around, there they go Looks like we’ve got a couple Avengers out in front Thanoses sneaking in there,

they’re gonna make it interesting Lots of marbles out there Lots to keep track of We just don’t want the shiny marbles, Thanos The remaining Avengers trying to duke it out A lot of levels Avengers looking good so far I count four Avengers, I see five, five Avengers Remember, the Avengers must secure the top five spots to bring all marbles back The final two marbles will die and be removed from the race Oh, baby, round and around, it’s looking good Looks like we’ve got an Avenger down there, a second Avenger We’ve got a Thanos in there too, a third Avenger A fourth and a fifth Avenger, it’s looking good They’ve gotta beat out the one Thanos Now, two and three Oh baby, here is two Avengers I count two into that second to last level And, looking good for the Avengers Oh baby, one Avenger to the final level Two Avengers, three Avengers Four Avengers, five, it’s looking good, folks It is looking good, we want them back Who’s it gonna be? One, oh baby, two, three Four, and five, they did it, they did it So, we will get the Avengers back, they will assemble Half the population will come back, folks, but the last two Avengers will be removed, oh baby It’s not good It’s looking like Captain Marvel and Black Widow Oh boy, folks So, Captain Marvel and Black Widow will be removed, as they died trying to save the rest of humanity A valiant effort on their part All right, back from the ashes, here come the remaining Avengers As I said, the fallen Avengers, Black Widow and Captain Marvel All right folks, we’re now going into our final race The Avengers have been sandwiched between two armies of Thanos The Avengers just need to finish first One of the Avengers needs to finish first, in order to win this battle Here we go, let’s see We’ve got Thanoses out in front, and Thanoses behind Avengers are off, and there they go, into the second level Just one Avenger needs to finish first for them to beat the mighty Thanos There they go, making their way down the various levels Round and around, there they go Looks like we have an Avenger out in front It’s looking good for the Avengers so far And, they’re all piled together, making their way through the various levels We have an Avenger out in front still Lots of Avengers out there Thanos finally just dropped Oh baby, and we’ve got a good Avenger making its way fast down the course Oh baby, and here come all the marbles behind him Through the various stages, there they go Oh my gosh, through the snakes, baby Here they go, into the next level Avengers looking good I see two Avengers, now a Thanos Oh baby, the lone Avenger continues to dominate out in front Several Avengers follow him Round and around, there they go There are marbles trailing right behind this Avenger, but he just keeps going And, they’re all piling through the different levels And, it is looking good for the Avengers They have several out in front,

can they continue their momentum? Remember, they only need one to finish first, and they will defeat the mighty Thanos It’s looking good I see a couple Avengers out in front Here we go Round and around, there they go Looks like Star Lord might be out in front No, it’s looks like it’s Captain America Captain America out in front now Here we go, and this is it for the finals It’s Star Lord coming in first Star Lord’s gonna finish first And, oh baby, it was a close matchup, and the Avengers are gonna prevail The Avengers prevail I love it, folks So, the Avengers have won But, just wait, it’s not over The bonus race, who is the best Avenger? That’s right, folks Which of these Avengers is the best? So, we’re gonna stack ’em up on the same course We’re gonna see which of these Avengers is the best That’s right, doesn’t get any more exciting than the bonus race And, there they go Off through the various levels All clumped together now It looks like Iron Man and Groot in the lead right now, Captain America right behind ’em Round and around, there they go All clumping together Vision out in front now Star Lord right behind him There they go, through the various levels Making their way, Vision looks like he might still have a slight lead And, he does He’ll continue to make his way, Groot and Iron Man right behind him Star Lord in there, now All the other Avengers trail behind Groot out in front now I am Groot He’s out in front, you can hear him speaking And, that looks like we’ve got the Hulk The Hulk is out in front now And, it keeps switching back and forth There they go, through the various towers Sliding their way down, through the snakes Hulk still out in front And, Hulk still got it, Vision right behind him Groot now, as they’ll head to the next level Hulk in the lead Vision, Groot, and Star Lord are all going at it There they go, oh Hulk has got it Vision right in there Hulk still has a dominating lead He continues to make his way quickly through each of the levels Star Lord, now right behind him, Vision in third Hulk drops again There they go, Hulk still out in front Star Lord right behind him All the other Avengers trail behind, trying to gain momentum and stop the wrath of Hulk He continues to dominate And, Hulk’s gonna drop He’s going go the next level He has a very commanding lead, can he finish strong? The other Avengers trail for second, trying to make their way to catch Hulk But, he’s on the last level, he looks like he’s gonna get it done, and he will Hulk is gonna take it Here comes the rest of the Avengers Star Lord for second, and Groot for third Oh baby, it doesn’t get any better than that Wow, Vision, who was in there for quite a while in the lead, he lost it, and all the other Avengers will fall One by one, here they come Wow, dominating performance by Hulk out there You can see, a lot of the Avengers are still four, five levels up, trying to finish But, it will not compare to the performance of Hulk The entire last half of the race, just complete domination out there My gosh, I think we still have an Avenger up somewhere, holy cow What has been going on there? Geez, Louise, and he’s way up there So, we’re just gonna wrap it up, because the Hulk is our winner

That’s right, folks, Star Lord in second, and Groot in third Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you so much again for joining us, for another episode of Toy Racing Continue to like and subscribe to our channel, and as always, folks, I’m your host, Bucky Ryan, signing off


Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Adventure Mode Gameplay | PlayStation Underground

THOMAS: Then we will also unlock Ripper Roo’s sticker, which you can put on your cart if you like Ripper Roo a lot TIM: How could you not? KRISTEN: How could you not? Look at that face TIM: A face a mother could love, but also I love it too, so [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] TIM: Hi, everybody Welcome back to another episode of PlayStation Underground You got Tim and Kristen here KRISTEN: Hey TIM: And we’re joined by Thomas Wilson who is the creative director for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled and the co-studio head at Beenox How you doing, Thomas? THOMAS: Awesome super exited to be here TIM: We are so pumped to have you because we’re gonna be taking a closer look at Adventure Mode in CTR Please, take it away THOMAS: So Adventure Mode, what people need to know is that we have two Adventure Modes So we have the classic version, which is just like the way people like to play it back in the day So no customization option, same carts, same character for the entire mode But we have Nitro Fueled in which you can actually change characters the way you like All the characters you’ve unlocked, all the customization items you’ve unlocked, you can switch at anytime you want And then we also have difficulty settings available now for those who thought the original was a little too hard KRISTEN: Oh boy So that way you can really play however you want If you want to go back and do it the old way, go for it But if you want to do it this Nitro Fueled — THOMAS: Exactly So we thought it was important to have it both ways Here we’re at the Character Selection Menu As you can see we have the eight original characters, and this is what you’re gonna be starting with We also have the bosses which are locked behind the Adventure Mode, so you need to beat them to unlock them TIM: You gotta earn those bad boys THOMAS: And we also have the CNK characters available which will be available in the Pit Stop Here we have additional skins you can play with your character the way you like them Same thing for carts We have some locked behind the Adventure Mode as well, and then you also have additional carts you can unlock through the Pit Stop Decals you can add to your vehicles as well KRISTEN: So you can really customize this THOMAS: Oh, yeah You have bodies, wheels, paint jobs, stickers, and decals you can add to specific bodies TIM: You can really trick it out THOMAS: Oh, yeah That’s the whole idea We really thought it’s the same great game everybody remembered, but we needed to have this opportunity to customize the ride and your character just to bring out the wackiness of the whole Crash Bandicoot franchise TIM: That’s great Speaking of wackiness, I think we’re gonna get a first look here at the intro to Adventure Mode So excited to check that out We’ll probably keep it quiet just so everyone watching can enjoy them We’ll be back with you [MUSIC PLAYING] NITROUS OXIDE: Greetings, creatures of this planet I come to compete So you pesky earth slugs like to race, eh? [LAUGHTER] NITROUS OXIDE: Well, I, Nitrous Oxide, am the fastest racer in the galaxy I travel the stars looking for creatures to test my skills It’s a little game I call “Survivor of the Fastest.” Here’s the way we play I challenge the best driver of your world to a race for the planet If your driver wins, I’ll leave your miserable little rock alone But if I win, I will turn your entire globe into a concrete parking lot and make you my minions [LAUGHTER] Get ready to race for the fate of your planet [MUSIC PLAYING] COCO: Let’s go [LAUGHTER] [SNORING] TIM: All right So, adorable Very charming Well done with the intro there We’re gonna jump into Adventure Mode, which the original came out in 1999 THOMAS: Yes TIM: Single player, you know, cart racing adventure modes and campaigns, that was a new thing THOMAS: Yeah That’s what made it unique

That’s what made me fall in love in the first place with the game, this idea of having a campaign mode in a racing game was very fun TIM: So we’re gonna be — as far as the progression through Adventure Mode, we’re seeing the overall objectives here, but it’s about getting trophies and winning races There’s some side objectives too, is that right? THOMAS: Yeah So basically we have five hubs that you need to explore So we’re looking at Insanity Beach right here And you can drive around and find these pods that offer challenges So racing races, you can race and win trophies, you can collect relics by smashing crates, and in some of the races, collect CTR letters and win tokens And basically as you collect all those, you eventually get to fight the boss and beat him and unlock new areas So as you progress, you’re unlocking items that allow you to move on from one hub to the next until you face Oxide TIM: Nice So you get the satisfying layer of progression, whether you want to stick with a single character in Classic Mode or jump between different characters in Nitro Fueled And then for this footage, I know you guys came prepared with some prerecorded footage here so we’ll be able to kind of focus on the talking through the different race types, and maybe we will get a peak at a boss race; that would be great THOMAS: Maybe we will TIM: So sticking with Crash here to keep it classic THOMAS: Yes But as you can see, you have the other characters wearing — or actually driving different carts that are available in the content that you have unlocked So if you wanted, with the Nitro Fueled Edition you can switch and drive with wheels or carts that you unlocked if you wanted TIM: That was close KRISTEN: I would have just gone right off the edge THOMAS: So here we’re looking at a typical race This is Crash Cove And, you know, it was really important for us to sort of bring it with full HD fidelity but really stick to the winning formula of the original controls KRISTEN: Right THOMAS: So as you can see, you can drift around corners You can Power Slide and Boost for up to three times as your racing So as you can see at the bottom right, we actually play with the HUD elements because we had the original HUDs for those who prefer the classic version, but this is a Nitro Fueled HUD which provides a little more instruction on how to use the drifting mechanic the right way TIM: Some additional feedback THOMAS: Yes KRISTEN: Oh, yeah, yeah A little bit of that black smoke coming out of the exhaust THOMAS: Exactly So now when you’re filling it up, the bar will start glowing, and then we have these black bars to indicate the perfect timing to do that KRISTEN: Nice THOMAS: So when you hit it right, you get the most out of the boost you’re triggering And so we — this is where we try to provide as much feedback as possible so people can understand and master this technique because that was quite unique to Crash Team Racing back in the days, and it takes some practice to get it right KRISTEN: Nice TIM: Yeah. There’s a surprising amount of complexity to it, but being able to have that sense of satisfaction of getting better and better at pulling off the Boost is really great Also, I mean, Crash Team Racing was no slouch when it originally launched in 1999, but just the amount of detail and how lush each setting is is incredible KRISTEN: And even just then when you past the finish line, the monkeys jumping and congratulating you TIM: They respond to it, yeah THOMAS: We wanted to add a lot life to the world and each of the maps And, you know, starting with the end, the victory lap camera, right there where you see Crash winking at the camera Because as much as it is a racing game, it’s all about character You know, there was really this notion of putting the characters forward in the way they race, when they win, when they lose, when they jump with their carts We can have them coming out of the cart, raising a foot or a leg or doing something funny as you’re jumping So there’s a lot of attention that has been brought to the animations, specifically here when you celebrate and have a victory So now — so we have different camera angles We also have unique animations for some of the skins you can collect for the characters So when you have a full costume change, you’ll have a unique animation for each of the characters when they celebrate KRISTEN: I was going to say, it makes you definitely want to play with all these characters just to see what the animation is gonna be THOMAS: Yep TIM: And then presumably playing online, you’d be able to show off a cool animation as you lap your friends and rub their face in it basically THOMAS: Of course, who doesn’t want to brag, right? TIM: Yeah THOMAS: So now we switch to Coco Here’s Ripper Roo right there So a brand-new cinematic TIM: This is gonna end well, right?

Oh no There he goes KRISTEN: Love it TIM: Oh, he races with his feet That’s great Of course So this is one of the boss races that we were talking about before THOMAS: Yes So fast forward We’ve collected enough trophies, now we get to fight him And like I was saying before, for every challenge you compete, you always get a new reward So that’s different from the original Adventure Mode which didn’t have rewards until the end where you would complete the Gem Cups and unlock characters Now we have something all the time, whether it’s a sticker, a decal, a set of wheels, a body So you can customize your experience as you’re unlocking items TIM: Yeah Keep some breadcrumbs along the trail What I love about this too is you get to know Ripper through the intro cinematic And you probably grow to hate him a little bit as you’re racing against him, but then you unlock him, so you feel this extra connection And if you’re playing Nitro Fueled, that Adventure Mode, then you can switch over to him and play with him right away if you want THOMAS: So in the original game, you couldn’t play as Ripper Roo until the end of the Adventure Mode Here we made a slight change so when you beat the boss, you’ll get to unlock it, which we thought was making sense We thought it was more rewarding in the way the progression system was working Now we’re in Ripper Roo’s levels, Roo’s Tubes This is a boss fight And it’s a totally unfair race KRISTEN: I was about to say TIM: He’s just dropping TNT crates like they’re free THOMAS: Exactly So he’s got unlimited supplies of TNT crates And every boss will throw something different at you whether it’s beakers or boxes Oxide throws everything So, here, what you need to do is win, although it’s an unfair race So you got to make sure that you stay in the front, otherwise you need to dodge all those boxes and complete — and pass first at the finish line TIM: So dish out enough damage so he can’t get ahead of you and drop those crates, and then eventually secure first place because that’s what it’s all about THOMAS: Exactly. So you need to make smart use of the power-ups you collect, missiles or bombs and everything And, you know, it can take a few shots KRISTEN: You definitely want to hop around a little bit THOMAS: Definitely not an easy race TIM: Yeah. The TNT crates, like you were saying, Kristen — KRISTEN: You can hop and get ’em off THOMAS: — like five or six hops, you can shake ’em off, which seems pivotal for this race THOMAS: And Ripper Roo, talking about the way we decided to set dress the environments, we definitely wanted to push the underground aquatic quality So we added a lot of fish and whales and the mines are floating, a lot of, you know, plants, underwater plants And now we won, so that’s a good thing And now we’ll have a brand-new cinematic as well A little bit different from the original game TIM: Because the ultimate goal is to take on Oxide, right? That’s the final objective So you gotta take out these guys along the way Coco is just like, “What’s going on here?” KRISTEN: She like, “Ugh. Woof.” THOMAS: Looks like you had the key all along So these are the things we wanted to do a little bit differently, present the bosses in a context that would just set their personality So the original one was a great game, but it was just, like, kind of a static image of the character in its cart Now we have this opportunity to really push the cinematic qualities And, here, something different in the way we present the Adventure Mode Now we have a key opening up the door You understand you just opened up a new area KRISTEN: Nice TIM: That’s great More places to explore, more races to take on and bosses to battle Excellent THOMAS: Like I was saying, we unlocked Ripper Roo, but not only Ripper Roo, we’ve also unlocked his color scheme because he was driving an orange cart And then we will also unlock a Ripper Roo sticker which you can put on your cart if you like Ripper Roo a lot TIM: How could you not? KRISTEN: How could you not? Look at that face TIM: A face, you know, only a mother could love, but I love it too, so Okay There’s the paint job THOMAS: So there’s a lot of things to unlock And you can go right to the customization menu if you really wanted to start racing with Ripper Roo right way And now it opened up all kinds of challenges Now we’re going through Gem Stone Valley It was called Gem Stone Valley, so why not add gems? They were kind of missing We also changed the podiums We made them unique-looking for every hub that exists And we’ve also added Oxide’s spaceship, his hologram looking at you madly just like Oxide does all the time TIM: Wow Look at this THOMAS: Now we’re in Citadel City Just like in the original game, you have everything you can collect,

the trophies, the relics, the tokens because we have challenges So you can consult everything you’ve unlocked, see how well you did If you completed the game at 100 percent, there are rewards for that We can unlock Oxide by beating him TIM: I know the completionists out there will be very happy to see the menus and get everything collected there THOMAS: And now we are in Citadel City But as you can see, Coco is now wearing a different outfit KRISTEN: I was gonna say, her hair is different THOMAS: So that’s something you can unlock So the more you race with a character, the more races you complete and you win, you can unlock exotic versions of these characters as well TIM: I love those stained glass windows This place look great THOMAS: Talking about customization, she’s wearing a different outfit, but now she’s driving Team Cortex’s cart Now we’re in Lost Ruins, and we’re racing through, again, one of the hubs you can unlock And we’re gonna take you through some of the additional challenges that you can try out We’re adding floating monkeys in the fire TIM: Of course THOMAS: Why? Don’t ask me TIM: What area would be complete without them? THOMAS: So now you can either do a CTR challenge or a Relic Race And we’ll explain what that is TIM: All right Okay So you want to get as many of those so you can complete it in time THOMAS: Yep So these challenges become available once you’ve collected all the trophies And, of course, we attach a reward with that item So players are constantly rewarded when they complete the challenges So in this case it’s, yeah, you smash through crates in order to freeze time And, of course, there’s a time attached to that that you need to reach So it’s a little bit different Here we’re presenting Coco Park KRISTEN: I love this map TIM: It looks great THOMAS: One thing I wanted is I really challenged the team I said, “You know what? This is going to be a flower festival.” I challenged the team to put as many flowers as they could before the frame rate dropped Of course, it’s a racing game, so the frame rate needs to be great But the whole idea was we really wanted to have petals on the ground covering the floors and flowers falling TIM: And it’s running buttery smooth It looks amazing And, you know, Coco, she seems like a really, I feel, humble Bandicoot But then you see this beautiful statue here and maybe she’s quietly got a little bit more pride than I thought KRISTEN: Listen, I want one of those THOMAS: It’s called Coco Park, right? So when we were looking at the names of the tracks, the idea was what could we do to embrace the character for this particular level And so that’s why we added all these statues of Coco Of course it’s a flower festival, but it’s also all about Coco KRISTEN: It’s a Coco festival THOMAS: We did the same thing for Crash Cove where we sculpted out faces of Crash in the walls and cliffside So here we did the same thing, you know, adding a lot of flowers We have sprinklers that create this magical rainbow TIM: Butterflies flying around KRISTEN: This massive rainbow TIM: All the water needed to irrigate said flowers So they’re taking good care of it. That’s great THOMAS: So as you can see, these boxes are difficult to get So some of the boxes, depending on where they’re placed, will definitely challenge a player’s skills If you want to hit all the boxes, you need to master all the techniques that there are, you know, Hopping, Power Sliding, you know, jumping at the same time, finding the shortcuts because boxes will be placed in different shortcuts So sometimes you need to plan ahead for every lap you go through, not going to the same places twice KRISTEN: Are they numbered by difficulty of how to get them? THOMAS: No Actually, they’re number by the time you stop the clock KRISTEN: Got it THOMAS: So one is one second, two is two seconds, three is three seconds But, obviously, the three seconds ones will be harder to find TIM: And, you know, getting all the boxes, is that sort of an additional objective? THOMAS: It basically helps to lower your score So as you can see, we haven’t hit all the boxes, but we still managed to get a perfect timing That being said, that’s a Sapphire Relic, but you can also collect a Gold Relic and an Platinum Relic TIM: All right So that was an incredible look at Adventure Mode in Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled The game is out June 21st THOMAS: Yes TIM: That’s awesome So not too much longer to wait until you want to go and take on Nitrous Oxide and unlock all the good cart customization options Thomas, thanks so much for joining us on this episode of PlayStation Underground THOMAS: My pleasure [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]


Premium 4×4 Brushless Monster Truck! – Team Redcat Racing TR-MT10e Review | RC Driver

Well there’s one thing you could say about Redcat Racing and that is they offer enough four-wheel drive electric monster trucks they’ve got a whole selection of them and we’ve reviewed a couple of them here on the channel already we already did the volcano we did the Dukono and today I have for you the TR MT10e and this is a really cool monster truck there’s a lot of cool features on this that I can’t wait to tell you about but as you may know you know red cat racing does work with some suppliers with this one they work with team magic they create some really cool vehicles a lot of attention to detail and it’s really cool that you know ray cat is working with them to offer basically a really high-end monster truck here leather neat stuff to talk to you guys about so why don’t you just jump right into it first we’re gonna talk about the exterior and as you may notice it comes with this really cool stealthy truck body it’s got this like really dark gray blueish metallic paint job to it with a black hood here and it’s got some graphics kind of just black graphics on the side very faint TR mt-10 logo on there really aggressive front grille on this thing too that just looks really awesome got some taillights out back everything’s pre-cut obviously holes are drilled and the body just looks killer and it feels like it’s a it’s a good lexan so hopefully that holds up to some bashing and stuff definitely like the body they chose for this the other exterior features that I want to talk to you guys about is this killer front bumper on this thing this thing almost looks like an aggressive trail truck bumper it’s got a little fairlead opening there I guess and but what I really like about it it’s got these three LED light buckets in there with LED lights of course you gotta have LED lights in your RC car it’s just a must-have nowadays I think it’s gonna take a good beating and everything it’s pretty flexible so hopefully you should take some impact and stuff the other thing I want to talk to you guys about are these wheels and tires check these things out these are pretty cool it’s a nice soft you know almost Racing compound rubber to it you know hopefully it doesn’t grow too much when I’m running this thing on 3s yes I’m going to run on 3s but the rims on here are absolutely killer – I like how it’s got a little TR mt-10 a logo in them just a decal stuck to one of the spokes on there but you know it’s it’s that detail that I was telling you guys but you guys see a lot of detail and stuff I really like the wheels one thing to note about the wheels is they are a fourteen millimeter hex you know standard is usually like a twelve millimeter but I think cuz of the power they bolt up things on this they went with a 14 millimeter hex so your wheel options might be a little limited and I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to swap over to a 12 millimeter hex just wanted to throw that out to you guys in case you were looking at other tire and wheel options but these are pretty cool interested to see how it works and then finally I want to talk to you guys about this wheelie bar outback really sick looking wheelie bar we’ve got a single wheel big ball bearings in there really solid arm to support the wheel and you can adjust it as well alright now it’s time to talk about the chassis and for the chassis we’ve got a composite molded basically like a tub chassis little on the high CG side you know just to get your ground clearance in there but it’s kind of just a square tub and definitely it has enough space for a selection of batteries here you know kind of your standard you know 2s 3s lipo batteries uses a velcro strap to secure them it’s definitely a lot of bracing in this chassis it’s got a big center section a plastic upper deck that looks really bulky it’s got these braces in the front and rear for the shock towers and stuff and then on the bottom of it we’ve got just a multiple section piece chassis here got this front bumper skid rear plate skid and then you’ve got these red pieces here that are like the the supports basically so it’s a multiple piece chassis but it looks very cool it feels definitely it feels very solid you know so if you’re gonna go out there and launch this thing into the sky I think it’s gonna hold up pretty well just by the looks of it all right now it’s time to talk about the suspension and I have to start off by saying the suspension on this is nice and smooth but it’s a bit on the firm side so yeah if you’re going for some big air with some some harsh landings I think this suspension is going to soak it up and some of those features that make up this plush suspension are these large bore shocks on here and these are pretty big and they’re composite shock but they look pretty bulky I mean they have a really wide top cap to them really heavy-duty shock shaft here really thick shock shaft and some firm Springs for the rebound but it feels really really good the shocks are mounted to an aluminum shock tariffs both front and rear and as I talked about the suspension basically it’s the same front rear so when I talk about the arms and then the shocks and stuff like that it’s the same front to rear on this thing which you know in my opinion is kind of a good thing in terms of if you’re gonna have spare parts for it you know you could use the parts both front

rear and that reduces the parts you have in your toolbox but on the other side of it is the way it’s set up it uses a rear tire rod to connect these the steer at the rear steering knuckle to the chassis and that causes a little bit of a tote I clean through the suspension I would have rather have seen like an H arm in the rear for the suspension but this setup does work and you know we’ll see if it changes the handling you know when I’m out there driving it but back to the EM the suspension itself it’s got dual wishbone suspension the upper arm is really well braced not a lot of flex in the arm that the supplier of this truck uses some really good plastics lower a arm and it uses a pivot ball style suspension so it’s got pivot balls that connect the steering knuckle to the suspension arms and much like a racing setup it’s a really nice smooth system it’s adjustable and overall it just works really well and and just the look of the steering knuckles they are composite plastic but they are well braced they got a nice web that goes down to the steering arm on it for extra support and stuff so again really well-designed stuff going on here the inner hinge pins are actually supported by an aluminum plate front and rear so that prevents the bulkhead from breaking and again it’s just really well designed overall there is some suspension tuning you can move the shocks around to alter the handling of the vehicle you know again same in the rear you can move the the shocks around to change things up it does look like there is a spot for a sway Bart doesn’t come this way barb not too upset it’s a monster truck you know I could deal with a sway bar on here but overall I really just like the suspension package on here it looks like it’s going to work really well can’t wait to try that out now it’s time to talk about the drivetrain and the drivetrain seems to be pretty heavy-duty on this truck we’ve got a front and rear differential gear differential all metal gears inside really heavy-duty looking out drives on those differentials so that’s always good especially when you’re laying down a lot of power in a monster truck it has CV style Universal axles front and rear and the shafts on the axles look pretty thick so yeah as I mentioned this thing looks like it’s bulked up and and you know I think it’s going to take a lot of abuse what I really like is out at those fourteen millimeter hexes the shaft of the axles much thicker than we’re used to seeing on other vehicles so you know I don’t think you’re going to bend an axle shaft on this truck anytime soon in the center we’ve got more steel dog bones going front to the center Center to the rear and of course the entire drivetrain right on ball bearings the other nice feature of this center spur gear is steel and of course the pinion gears steel but it’s nice that you know there’s no plastic gear here again all bulked up and ready for some serious power okay the steering on this pretty much your standard dual Bell cranks gearing it does have a servo saver setup the servos you know flipped over upside down here and it has a short link over to the servo saver the tie rods are adjustable on here so you can go and adjust to–if you did you know for some reason want to do that and the other thing I really like about this steering is there is an aluminum drag link bar that connects the two steering cranks so usually we see plastic there and again bulk there’s a lot of bulk going on a lot of detail as I mentioned before and that aluminum steering link is a nice feature on this truck alright now I think it’s time to talk about the electronics and this truck has a really good electronics package in my opinion right out of the box let’s start off with the servo on this this is a se Vox waterproof high torque digital servo metal gears so this thing is going to hold up to abuse and you go splash through the water go through mud and stuff like that and it’s not going to affect the servo pretty much everything in here is waterproof and even down to the receiver box can’t wait to tell you about that but first let me tell you about the motor 4400 kV motor in this it’s got to provide playing power and long can motor so it’s got to have lots of torque to it it is mounted to an aluminum motor mounts which I really like red head and eyes as well so that’s pretty cool but it’s just a nice firm mount for the motor of course dissipates a little heat onto the speed controller it is a hobby wing base speed controller it is the Max 10 which is a great speed roller massive heatsink on this thing even has a cooling fan you know all the way down to the switch on this thing it’s got a little rubber boots just to make sure it’s waterproof it does have a T plug style connector on that just be aware that when you’re buying batteries for this thing but that is a great speed control I have heard you know great things about that now on to the receiver the receivers tucked away in this completely I would say completely waterproof receiver box it has a really heavy-duty gasket on the top cover it’s got six screws to hold it down and then when I popped it open I noticed where the wires go into the box it is sealed with some sort of silicone so I don’t think water’s ever

got to get into that box up here out splashing around with this truck and the receiver is bound to this radio I’m here I’m gonna talk to you about that in just a minute but you know the electronics package in here is really really cool and you know that leads me to some other details that I really want to just point out to you guys you know the kind of over engineering over thought you know details on this truck you know I mentioned that though the radio box is sealed but you know the wires coming out of the radio box run down through this channel and it’s got a cover on the channel which is really nice I mean just kind of that detail the wires for the motor have a little clamp on them so they’re not moving around it’s got a little kind of mounting boss for the plugs from the receiver so you go and plug the server lane not have to route the wire all the way around same with the LED lights it’s plugged into this bank over here so it’s nice and easy to access I really like how you know all those little details are all over this and even down to the switch mount I mean the switch is not gonna move it’s not too sight taped down you know it’s it’s kind of clamped down in here by the receiver box and even the speed controller it’s clamped down with the with the fan mounts on here so I mean everything is just really well thought out really well engineered and that pretty much wraps up all the details of the truck itself really likin all the features on this now let me talk to you really quickly about everything that comes in the box okay so when I open the box on this truck it was really well packaged in a very small box the only thing that I noticed about it though was it did kind of push down some of the tires and you know I’m waiting for the foam to kind of recover from being squished in there but you know once I start driving it that’ll probably fix it so but really well packed in there you know you’ve got to go put the tires on which is which is understandable but also in the box was this radio system the RX one and it’s kind of like a you know really basic radio system really plasticky feel to the radio it does have a rubber grip on here and it is digital so all your trim stuff here is digital all your reversing is digital and your even your trim switches and stuff that’s a dual rates which actually is all digital which is pretty cool batteries get loaded in through the bottom the only thing I don’t like about this radio other than it’s very plasticky is the the handle on this it feels really weird so you know that’s just something just one throw outs you guys what I think about it but I do like that it is all digital I think that’s pretty neat another thing I found in the box was a screen for the fan so if you’re gonna run somewhere really sandy and dirty you might want to go throw that screen on there we’ve got a box wrench so you can put the wheels on and then some preload collars for the shocks and then your usual paperwork of instructions which is really nicely laid out definitely go through those and even a sheet of accessory parts for this so there are a ton of option part sand the option parts look really really good I mean even down to metal skid plates cnc skid plates here and aluminum arms and stuff so if you want to go wild and load this thing up with option parts i would definitely check out that page right there alright guys i think that just leaves driving the truck and i’m gonna go have a lot of fun with it all right it’s time to wrap up the review of the TR MT10e we’ve got a lot