Hey guys – what’s up?! Just to let you know, we’ll be heading to Germany for a road trip soon Kicking things off in Berlin at the 10th of October which will be your chance to ride with me at the Mellow Park at 14:00 – it´s going to be awesome, make sure to come by – until then! You´ve heard it – Roadtrip to Germany – Here we go! New helmets arrived aswell aren’t they sick? Matte color insane Of course I´m not on my own during the trip that wouldn’t quite be possible since I´m not driving either that’s why we have Hannes Berger in the mix Hi the glidecam boss and photographer And then we have Rensen, René the race drone boss, behind steering wheel and then of course Mr. editing himself – Marius Prell and as you can see we´re currently on the highway heading towards cologne finally we arrived! first stop – Cologne! and we’ll see what we can find in the upcoming days I´m sure it’ll be super exciting – let’s go! Yeah good we’re in – start and action! So we got some warmup clips and I have to say this spot is pretty cool already some might have already heard – I´ve recently broken my own wheelie record with 94 minutes which im super stoked on, still rocking the same tyre aswell that’s why I´m going to change it right now So guys, second spot – and we´re right in front of the chocolate museum which is super nice and we have to get some chocolate later on for sure Right behind us is a pretty nice stair set Hannes keeping it really steady with his steady cam today Now that first hike was rough But it´s all worth the view So, we just found a pretty interesting spot a little bit scary But I think that could be sick – are you ready? now that’s actually a sender that’s so sketchy, especially with that bank You got this! Could I take a picture with you later? Super sick! Now we found a spot where I had the idea to roll down three stair sets backwards let’s see if the plan works out and how many tries it’ll take let’s go!! now it´s time

senderella – here we go! everything´s blocked now I would say, things are getting a bit more serious now, since this one is going to be really sketchy! This has to be one of the most scary things I´ve done while riding street especially this is something totally different this is not the average stair gap, but a wall to stair gap First test yeah this should work out You got this, right? yeah, let’s do it Can’t believe it today First a bird took a c*** on my water bottle, and now on my backpack aswell! By the way Hannes Berger is part of the crew during the whole project taking photos and doing the glidecam shots What do we have by now? Dude where did you get that snack now? From over there It´s called “Halber Hahn”, a Cologne speciality, not bad! Looks tasty! I would like to get 50 “Halber Hahn” for takeaway please! and one for now And could I get a Red Bull by any chance? let´s go! Where are we going by the way? Next stop – Hamburg So ladies and gentlemen – Hamburg, we finally arrived we’ve been picking some spots again, some look very promising Here we go! The sun is great now, this could be an insane shot with that light right now over there is a pretty sweet bridge and the plan is to wheelie on top Rensen will be circling around me with his racing drone Now we only have to check how to get up there After the sick parcour send we´re off to the second send and that is going to be a transfer send with short landing and tricky kicker Slide down to 180 oppo Barspin I mean we have sick riders here right now – sick rider – no problem And that’s a wrap, this time from the north of Hamburg We just jumped some stairs, over a hand rail, and it was awesome! And this was the sound Anything to add? Bite me! ääh i don´t really know what you want from me? so we’ll be back when it says Bite me! We’ve got one special trick planned right now

I want to try a foot jam whip with a full turn and then jump down to the bank on my front wheel Hey guys, that’s a wrap for Hamburg, we´re off to Berlin next but first it´s time to grab something to eat! Time to get some fish bread that is loud mineral water loud? yeah it says so on the bottle What are you having Marius? Fried herring! Hannes with the schnitzel Look, this ones without fish bones! That ones very tasty! It´s tasty, isn’t it? Hi, I would like to have 50 fish bread for takeaway please! That many? Okay coming right up, typical Hamburg style? Yeah just put everything in! And off to Berlin we go! So we almost arrived to Berlin Hannes is ready by now – well he’s not sleeping anymore We’ve been scouting for some suitable spots again, like we did in every city before And now we´re heading to the first spot in Berlin Checked and completed! Off to the second spot! Is it fresh? The wall has got some grip! I´m confident this will work! We´ve pretty much got everything, securities, location manager and the police is watching from the other side so nobody shoots Rensen´s drone We´re about to block a bridge at the moment – because we can! Right amidst Berlin! We even brought our own toilet with us! Are you out of your mind!? Welcome back everyone, we just found a pretty scary looking double set in November, as already announced my next big video project – Urban Freeride Lives – is going to drop

a new version! Smooth! So sick! We´re about to grab something to eat again and as you’ve seen, we collected some specialities of all cities we visited by now, and another great idea for Berlin just came to my mind Currywurst! Now if that is not going to be the best “Currywurst” you can get! Hi, I would like to get one Red Bull, then one “Currywurst” with fries for now and 50 more for takeaway! Marius obviously had to get the spiciest version like always Wow that is hot Puh that is insane No i don´t like that Too hot for Hannes If you don´t think that’s hot, you’re not normal We´re just switching some super spicy ones with the normal ones from Moe Puh f*** off guys How red you turned Everything´s burning Things are getting completely out of control Last day in Berlin Now we´re heading to the ride which I´ve announced on Instagram and im super curious how many people will show up We’ve brought food for everyone – and I hope it will last. We brought specialities from every city we’ve been visiting Hello everyone! How many signatures did you sign? I stopped counting after 497 but it has to be about three times more than that Now we´re going to do a little bunny-hop contest Let´s see who’s willing to send it! Now the final, head to head format three tries for everyone! So guys we somehow survived the previous day i don´t really know how but it was simply amazing how many people showed up So I want to thank everyone who came out and joined us! Also I really have to thank my team – Marius, Hannes and Rensen Do me a favor and check out their Instagram channels since those are the guys who stand behind all of my videos and photos So thank you guys for watching and see you in the next one! Bye! You just have to point straight because it will be forward in the end after we flipped the camera

Now it worked – You’re welcome! Wait You have to work! This is important! I don´t care – this is Fabio Wibmer!

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