Toronto, Canada to Orlando, USA is around 2,200 Km drive If driven non-stop then the distance can be covered in about 20-22 hours However, most people take a break/night stay halfway through There are three main route options: 1. Toronto > Detroit > Cincinnati > Atlanta > Florida 2. Toronto > Buffalo > Charlotte > Jacksonville > Orlando 3. Toronto > Buffalo > Washington > Richmond > Fayetteville > Jacksonville > Orlando We decided to use the Toronto > Detroit > Cincinnati > Atlanta > Florida route so that we could meet our friends in Atlanta The return route was from Orlando > Charlotte > Pittsburgh > Buffalo > Toronto so that we could visit Sri Venkateswara Temple in Pittsburgh We started recording the video from DVP and 401 West intersection We took the highway 401 and drove to Windsor, Ontario (almost 4 Hrs drive) by taking a short break in London, Ontario We took some rest and filled up the gas tank just before entering USA via the Ambassador Bridge From the Ambassador Bridge we took I-75 and drove to Cincinnati, Ohio by taking one short break in Findlay, Ohio We stayed in a Cincinnati hotel overnight From Cincinnati we took I-75 again and drove to Atlanta, Georgia We took two short breaks in between

From Atlanta we drove to Orlando, Florida via I-75 The return trip was similar We took I-95 and I-77 combination and drove to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and from there to Toronto via Buffalo

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