I’ll try to stand on the glass to see how it feels I’m so scared Hello everyone! We are in Calgary right now and we just finished putting our luggages inside I’m gonna give you a tour of our Air BNB we rent out a basement suite which is cheaper than the one at Banff by half It’s for sure not as nice as the one in Banff It’s not a 10 I rate it a 7/10 the price is really good for 5 people a 7 or 7.5 We rent this BNB but not the main floor just the basement suite now let’s go inside and take a look The dining table is right beside the stairs This is the fridge This is the closet, it’s simple and cozy This window can be open to look outside same with this this one It’s 5:20 pm right now We arrived here at 5:00 pm After unpacking, we will go visit downtown calgary to chill and hangout I heard about the Calgary tower and want to visit and see what it’s all about So we will head to downtown calgary We decided to go eat first and then visit the tower The shirt that I’m wearing right now My mom bought it for me in Banff I’m wearing it to make her happy She always offer to buy me clothes So I wear it to keep her happy alright lets go! after we arrived, all of us wants to eat rice rolls so we are going to keep looking for a place that sell rice rolls

This is the Famous Little Saigon center in Calgary Around here are Vietnamese restaurants and shops Like Pho restaurant or offices and stores In The little Saigon centre and a mix of some Chinese restaurants as well It took us 40 mins to find this area This area is Van Thanh centre I’m waiting for my order Chi and her dad is eating vermicelli noodles I’m so hungry, gonna eat now We just finished eating at noodle world over there it was really good We have a Yamaha R6 right here I love motorcycles so I get excited whenever I see one Alright so We will be heading to Calgary Tower alright, see you guys in a bit We are walking towards calgary Tower It closes at 9:00 pm and it’s 8:30 pm right now so we are hurrying to get tickets For everyone We got lost earlier trying to find The Little Saigon I tried to call a friend that goes to school here but he only called us back a few minutes ago We planned that, when I visit Calgary we’d go somewhere to eat and hangout together but he is in Vietnam right now which is too bad but there’s always a next time Downtown Calgary is the same as Edmonton It’s very heard to find parking here too but we’d found one now we are just trying to find the entrance to go in the tower I’m trying to fast walk so I can go in quickly to buy tickets I had a feeling that tonight’s is gonna be cold, and I was right we are here! Finally That’s the tower We will be going all the way to the red top floor to see the city

This is a glass floor, you can see the city under your feet It’s 160 meters from the ground to this floor 1, 2, 3 Look down! It’s so scary! Our families are scared to walk on the glass floor Chi and I are used walking on it now Okay, 1,2,3 look down! We came in late We’ve only been here for 20 mins and it’s already 9:00pm We might have to leave soon because they will have to close soon It’s time for us to go

We are waiting for the elevator Goodbye Calgary Tower On our way to the tower We all walked together, but after visiting the tower, it’s too cold for us to walk So Chi and I decided to go get the car and pick everyone up from the tower But the parking entrance was locked and we couldn’t get in So we had to asked around for help to get back in and get the car After awhile, we were able to get the car to pick up everyone Everyone was cold so I couldn’t stay back and vlog Calgary’s downtown I’m a little bit disappointed, but it’s ok wah, It’s so cold right now I had to grab a thicker jacket We are reaching the end of today’s adventure We’re in downtown right now After we got back to the Airbnb Our parents were tired and wanted to rest for the night So Chi and I decided to go for a walk Because it’s not often we get to be in Calgary right? so We wanted to explore a bit more This trip reminds me of my trip to Dalat, I would take a walk at night like this too But it wasn’t as cold We are here at CoCo Our Airbnb is very close CoCo CoCo bubble tea Should we get one to share? Since we are so close to CoCo We will grab a drink later, can’t say no to bubble tea Should we grab one? Night Strolling are you cold? Oh! they teach martial arts here They teach martial arts here that’s why it looks like a small gym with a little front area for shoes should we cross or turn around? Okay, so Chi and I will get CoCo now We are getting CoCo in secret, cause our moms don’t like us drinking alot of bubble tea but just this once, cause we are in Calgary I’ll a bit in CoCo lets go! We got a Black Sugar Milk tea It’s a bit loud in here so I will do a time lapse and then later go back outside to vlog a bit more We said we’d go outside to film after buying bubble tea to Vlog but we end up staying there for quite a bit to talk and finished the bubble tea all gone okay, we are walking back to our Airbnb now Today was really fun it’s Monday also We came here from Banff we stayed at Banff for one night and the drove to Calgary today Tonight, we got see the Calgary Tower and visit downtown Calgary Tomorrow we will visit a Museum It’s in Drumheller *Museum in Drumheller So yeah, we will visit the Royal Tyrell Museum in drumheller

The dinosaur museum I will end this Vlog right here I hope you guys will like this video Please don’t forget to hit like and subscribe Thank you so much for watching! See you guys next time! Bye! Mom! Mom Mom!

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