(rock music) -Wooh! – Welcome back to another all new episode of Texas Boys Outdoors Roy here, we got Harhead Jeff, Gonna head out down south to South Padre Island, Mansfield, old school TBO Road Trip You guys check it out -Gettin’ it done with Texas Boys, got a little shark, little black tip -Finally got this Oryx down on the ground -That’s a nice buck right here Welcome to Texas Boys Outdoors where we are all about giving back to our heros, and showing kids the beauty of the great outdoors (rock music) -Alright, so as you guys know, man, the virus has really just shut a lot of things down We’ve had several months now with a lot of us haven’t gottin’ to hang out Haven’t been able to do fishing or TBO trips We figured it’s time to get together The crew is going to meet up in Houston Gonna head down south, have a good old fashioned Texas Boys road trip, Texas Boys style -So Jeff ate some tacos earlier from a not so little, hole in the wall place A little sceptical about it, and he’s been in the bathroom here for about 30 minutes now We’re trying to get to South Padre but, I think we had a little, Jeff had a little blow out – [Zach] What happened buddy? – [Jeff] Huh? – [Zach] What happened? – [Roy] Thirty minutes later – I filled up y’alls tank and then I went in there (horn sound) and got a bag of chips – [Roy] And we got to edit that (horn sound) part out – [Zach] Good job Roy (rock music) – Alright, we’re doing a little road tripping Took off from Houston about 1 o’clock today All the way down here About to be in Port Isabel, TX Going to head to South Padre Island It’s the most beautiful water you got in the whole Gulf of Mexico over here so it’ll be a cool deal Got big Zach driving Hardhead Jeff’s in the back playing poker I think (laughs) – [Jeff] I’m about to raise on your – [Roy] He’s playing on my account so I think he’s about to go all in with a 7, 2 off suite – [Jeff] Nah, you got ace, king – [Roy] Oh, do I really? – [Jeff] Yeah – [Roy] Oh, here we got to see if we win this hand, hold on What should we do with ace, king? What are you going to do Jeff? – [Zach] He’s like, “it ain’t my money.” (laughs) – [Roy] Alright, let’s see How did we do? C’mon flop! If we hit the – [Jeff] You won – [Roy] Oh, won, good job a whole dollar twenty big baller – [Jeff] Woo! – [Roy] Alright, you guys, going to be an action packed week Stay tuned (rock music) – [Roy] So here we are finall down here, you know eight hour drive South Padre Island, TX one of the most beautiful areas in Texas Going to see a lot of old friends You got Capt. Brian Barrera Our buddy Joe Swaboda’s down here Got the Heaven Louis, Verne Louis family, love those guys We’re going to get out here We’re going to seperate into two boats the first day We got Jeff going out with Capt. Joe Swaboda, An army veteran, good friend of ours I’m going out with my buddy Capt. Brian Barrera Going to go out and chase tarpon You guys check it out -Alright, good morning, first moring down here in South Padre Island, TX Going to get out and bounce around a little bit We got our buddy, Joe Swaboda, from the United States Army going to take some guys out These guys had a few to many wine coolers last night, so they are a little slow this morning but Joe’s ready to rock Got the big booty Judy over there ready to go We are going to get out with buddy Capt. Brian Barrera, one of the locals down here, with top guides Get out and try to do it, to it You guys stay tuned, let’s have some fun (rock music) If somebody hooks up then reel in quick though Get out of the way If somebody hooks up, everybody reel in fast – [Josh] Okay – [Brian] If you do feel something bite you, set the (horn sound) out of it, like I said Let me check your drag (rock music) – [Roy] So here we are, South Padre Island we are all pumped up but day one for my boat was a really tough deal Winds blowing about 30 miles an hour No fish, just a tough, tough deal But apparenlty, the other boat – [Jeff] we had no issues, I mean, we had the same weather

– [Roy] Ahh – [Jeff] We caught limits of trout We had a good day We did have some camera malfuntions but, we had a good day – [Roy] So you got both sides – [Zach] What’s up guys, we’re out here with Jeff, Joe, – [Joe] C’mon – [Zach] And this guy I still don’t know his name yet We’re still learning Anyways, we’re out here South Padre Island Roy’s out chasing like, big (honk sound) minnow, big minnows – [Jeff] Big what? – [Zach] Big minnows, big minnows But we’re gonna get out here, we’re gonna chase some trout, some redfish Y’all stay tuned (rock music0 – [Zacj] Jeff, what are you doing? – [Jeff] Trying to get this slime rocket off of here Get the, that’s a pretty good sized Gaff top – [Joe] Yeah, – [Zach] I mean, we’ve caught bigger (rock music) – [Zach] I mean, it’s only taking like 15 minutes to get the hook out of it – [Jeff] Man it’s in there, isn’t it (rock music) – You ain’t fishing until you lose a hat – [Zach] Hoah! – [Jeff] Oh, snap – [Zach] More than Roy caught so we’re good More than Roy caught, Roy didn’t catch nothing (rock music) (rock music) – So, man, we got a heck of a first day As you guys saw, a tough deal for my boat, but my boy Captain Brian’s a stud You know, that’s how it goes sometime with the weather Apparently, the other boat did a good job, and you guys got a chance to go out and do a little night hunting, right? – Absolutely, Joe Swaboda and Cory the Hog Snyper, they took us out They had some public land that they’re having issues with the nilgai coming off this public land and ruining these farm crops and we had the opportunity to go out there with the thermal, and try to get some nilgai, pigs, some predators – All right, guys, Zach here, we’re down here in Brownsville Texas We’re with our buddy Joe, Franky, and Cory Cory reached out to us, man They got these nilgai overrunning this property Some of the farmers asked permission to ask Cory to get down here and take some of these off So, we’re going to get out here and get it done Texas boy style Y’all stay tuned (rock music) – You don’t even have to close the legs You just carry it like that Okay, let’s go (rock music) – [Jeff] Oh, we didn’t have any luck We did see some nilgai, we did see some pigs They were out of range We had a strong crosswind We tried a couple opportunities to stalk up on them, but we were unsuccessful, but overall it was still awesome hunt It was a really cool time (rock music) – Well, we had a fun action packed day one Little fishing, little hunting We’re going to regroup, be ready to rock and roll tomorrow morning We’re going to separate into two boats, we got Captain Larry in one boat, Captain Luiz in one boat There both my buddy, Captain Brian Berara’s buddies Going to go out here and do a little drift fishing in the wind, artificials Let’s see if we can get it done You guys check it out Good morning, we’re here in South Padre Island, Texas And we’ll go out with our buddy, Captain Luiz We got our veterans going out with him They’re going to go out and do some drift fishing We have our group of the non veterans Probably going to whip their butt, but we’re going to get out, try to do it to it See who’s boat can catch the most fish You guys stay tuned (rock music) – [Male] Came up and splashed and shook I thought it was about a 22, 23 (rock music) – All right, hello everyone I’m captain Luiz Flandes, out of South Padre Island, and a fishing guide out here And, you know, fishing the lower Laguna Madre is a very unique place

You know, I grew up here all my life, and the thing about this place, what makes is so special here is the abundance of species You know, there’s so many different species you can catch out here So it’s very unique We got real shallow flats, you know Right now, we’re fishing a little deeper, but we’re targeting trout, and you can catch just about everything here You know, your Texas Red Fish, your Speckled Trout, Snook, Tarpon, you know, and Flounder, Black Drum, you can get the Mangrove We got a good variety of species here, so that’s what makes this area pretty special And, it’s special to me (rock music) – [Josh] Dude, he’s showin’ you all up – Yeah, he is (laughter) – So, see, we got Luiz out here, our guide, and he’s supposed to be putting us on the fish – [Male] Guiding – Not himself – I mean he put us on the fish – He did – And you think that we might catch them – He put us on the fish – [Luiz] I’ll pass you the rod right now (laughter) – Hey, Roy, want to see what trout looks like? (rock music) Roy’s over in that other boat, probably crying right now because these Army boys, and, you know, that one Marine Corp guy filming for us, we’re getting it done today, boys – And that’s what’s called – [Man] Andy hooked up – [Andy] Oh, there he is – [Zach And Luiz] Double hooked up – Doubled up – [Luiz] There we go – [Zach] Who’s is bigger – [Josh] Eh, Andy’s is bigger – [Zach] What? – [Josh] Andy’s is a good size – [Zach] Right on brother – [Josh] freaking trout – [Zach] Hell yeah Right on, right on, doubled up – Good job guys Look at that slick, too – Yeah, we’ll send this to Roy (camera snapping) – What an awesome time down there in South Padre Island It really is, and Jeff’ll tell you, one of the most beautiful bays in the entire state of Texas But, we’re going to pack up, head up north a little bit My main man, Captain Mike McBride’s up in Mansfield waiting on us Got Captain Joe Prada waiting too Going to head up there, have a little fun, do a little fishing, stay tuned (guitar strum) (upbeat music) – So, here we are, another beautiful bay, in the state of Texas We’ve got Port Mansfield, we’ve got Captain Mike McBride, helping out Captain Joe Prado, just another young cat, that can really get on there, and catch them We’ve got the guys, all ready to rock and roll We’re doing a little wave fishing Check it out (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) – We’ve got a real shot, to catch some real fish, here, real quick, let’s give it a try – Yeah, no, no, this sounds like a good- – I ain’t gonna put my pole down, because I drift into you, but I think we need to be up there, a little further (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Get anything? – No, I didn’t get anything Oh, going great (water splashing) – So, how does that look, up there? – [Cameraman] Just don’t dip the camera in the water – More bait, I feel (laughs) – Just the tip, man, just the tip (laughs) Do I adjust the tip? – [Cameraman] No, that’s good – It don’t reach the water, completely – [Cameraman] That’s good (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – Do you guys sell that glow, with the chartreuse toe, not glow, but like, glittery white, whatever? (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Starting off with a dink – Yep I’m on the board, sort of (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – You gotta take of these fish, when you unhook Especially when you got them on the top of the water They are the future (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat music) – [Cameraman] Mike, why is the, why is that new moon important? – Man, you tell me the man that can answer that question, and I’ll talk, I’ll show you a liar We don’t know, but over all the years, watching logs, and watching what the ancients wrote about, there’s something to that moon phase

You know, going into a big moon, with a new or full, we see increased activity We see more and more activity, in smaller and smaller windows That’s when we see that blue planet Earth stuff going on You know, stuff dying and flying out of the water And there’s another phase, too There’s a moon rise, moon overhead, moon set and moon over foot And we don’t know We’ve just watched it and watched it, and you know, there’s a lot of overriding factors There’s no question about it There’s barometer, there’s weather, there’s wind, there’s temperature But day in and day out, if conditions are the same, you can almost set your clock by that moon And who knows why You, who knows I will just say, that I would suggest being in your highest percentage spot, during one of those windows: moon rise, overhead, moon setting We just, we don’t know why – So, man, first day at Mansfield, what a great time Had the whole crew out there And I can’t say enough about my main man, Mike McBride Jeff, what did you think, about old Mike McBride? – Man, it was special, fishing with Mike He’s the most knowledgeable fisherman, I’ve ever fished with He was awesome, I learned a lot from him And I enjoyed it And it was a great time and he’s a great fisherman – And he’s a character, so if you don’t have fun, and learn with Mike, you’re doing it wrong So, what an awesome day Been up since five o’clock in the morning But this is Texas Boys Outdoors, no time to rest We’ve got a crew, that’s gonna go out, try to get it done, on some wild hogs Do a little thermal predator control You guys, check it out (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) (rock music) All right, so, we’re kind of excited, you know, a lot of us hunters, one of the things we enjoy doing, is when you get someone, that’s never shot a hog, or never shot a deer, to get their first one, and my man, Josh – Got it done, on the first time – Dropped the ham, right up, we’ve got a big boar, it looks like, down over here So, let’s check it out I think we’ve got the one I shot down too But mine took about 17 shots So, what a great time, out there, just a cool deal, did a little thermal hunting, in south Texas Appreciate Joseph, for getting us out, and big props, to my main man, Joshua Baker, United States Marine, got his first hog Got it done, Texas boy style I got lucky, there at the end, and got me one too So, we’re gonna hit the hay, get a little rest, get it done, tomorrow morning, get out there, do some fishing, on Mansfield again, with Joe, Captain Mike McBride, stay tuned (rock music) (harmonica music) ♪ I put 32 ropes on my boat to keep it tight ♪ (laughing) – After a fun night getting a private concert from Mike McBride and producer Pat, we got up early Roy and them decided to sleep in, so me, Zac and Joe, we hit the water a little early and we jumped ahead of the cameras, but we did good, how d’you guys do? – Well, you snooze you lose sometimes, in our case, you snooze you win Went out there, old Mike put us on them, had producer Pat, Josh Baker, whacking those speckled trout, getting into our Texas boy style, and you guys check it out, it was a pretty cool deal (upbeat music) – Out here with my buddy Mike McBride, Wind’s blowing about 30, but still catching ’em, got about a 22-inch trout if I can not mess it up (upbeat music) Got him That’s a little bit better one Nice Down South Lures, Spicy Pumpkin That’s kind of one of the ones we’ve been after, right here (upbeat music) – Got me a little trout here, speckled trout, woo He’s still a little small(mumbles) See that’s a pretty one, there we go Getting it done out here in Port Mandeville – [Man] Nice job, was that spicy pumpkin? That was a DSL spicy pumpkin right there – [Man] All right If it’s a trout it’s a good trout Ah, it’s a red No Wonder Those things are tanks man Specially on this rod (Inaudible) Probably just under Just, there you got it, that’s a keeper He’s probably right up that’s fifteen and a half probably A little Texas two step action – (Groans) Pretty red fish, reds, they put up a good fight – Take the hook like this and just push down on it, and usually it, will, pop ’em right out (upbeat music)

You can see we’re coming in here to the Port Mansfield Channel in here, you got the, the winds pumping like we said, you got the beautiful water color change line and, what’s the name of the condos over here Mike? – [Mike] That’s Pelicans Point – Pelicans Point, beautiful place, you looking for a rental to come down with the family, awesome, you know, real clean, everything’s nice, great place to stay Get up here, clean these fish, and you guys check it out (Upbeat Music) – Had an awesome time down here, started off in South Padre Island, had a great two days there, then came to Port Mansfield, one of the most, just beautiful bays down here Both of these bays are truly just beautiful beautiful places Had the whole crew with me man appreciate my good buddy, Joe Prado, getting us out here – [Joe] Yeah no problem man My old fishing buddy that I’ve learned quite a bit from over the years, one of the best in the business, You know, they call him ‘Mic Trout’ for a reason It was blowing about thirty miles an hour out there today, we had a couple guys, the camera guy, that actually don’t even fish a whole lot, out there whacking them on plastics, I’m sure a lot of these guys struggle with live bait, so that’s just a testament for both of these guys I’m Roy at Texas Boys Outdoors, had an awesome road trip, We’ll see you guys next week So man, the Corona virus, 2020, Texas Boys outdoors road trip comes to an end Appreciate you guys for tuning in We really want to thank captain Joe Swoboda for helping out, Captain Mike Mcbride, Joe Prado, Brian Barrera down in South Padre, and Luis and Larry, awesome guys down there I’m Texas Roy, I’m Hard Head Jeff Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, the website We’ll see you next week

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