– [Jennifer] Hey guys and welcome to the Family Fudge Today I’m getting ready for our huge cross-country family road trip with four kids so that takes a lot of packing, a lot of planning, but I actually really enjoy it so come along with me today and I’ll share all of my tips with you (contemporary music) Now first thing’s first you guys, this car is a mess so I’m actually gonna do something I’ve never done before I’m gonna take it to an auto cleaning place and let them detail clean it I’m super excited Here’s the before and then here’s the after They did such a good job It looks almost like a brand new car now In fact, it actually looks better than when I bought it So we’re gonna be driving from California to Florida and we think it’s gonna take at least six or seven days but we’re not really on a tight schedule so it could be up to 10 days We’ll just have to wait and see (contemporary music) So when it comes to packing clothes, definitely one of the biggest jobs that I have to take care of and I’ve learned over the years that it’s better to pack fewer clothes and then just plan on washing them along the way So I decided to only pack four outfits for the kids that way it’ll take up a lot less space and I’m still only having to do laundry maybe once or twice on our trip Now beside the regular four outfits, I’m also packing one nicer set of clothes just in case we wanna visit a church and I’m also packing one set of warmer clothes just in case Now since we travel pretty often, last year I did go ahead and buy each child their own suitcase and their own set of packing cubes Packing cubes are so helpful and they really help keep everything organized when we’re traveling Kenzie has the pink set, Lilly’s are the purple ones, Griffin has the green ones, and Jackson has the blue set I find all these on Amazon and they’re surprisingly not that expensive but buyer beware you guys This brand is the TravelWise brand and they’re not the greatest quality so I wouldn’t recommend those There are definitely better ones on Amazon for a similar price Now if you can find an Ikea brand packing cube, those ones are really good, probably my favorite, but then I also have some of these HopSooken brand They’re also from Amazon and they’re much better quality I think they’re more durable and they’ll probably last a lot longer And then as you can see here I still have a lot of space left in these packing cubes so what I’m gonna do is use that space to add in all of the underwear and the socks and the undershorts and things like that that they might need to go along with their outfit for that day So now I have all the kids’ clothes separated and packed and then in this last packing cube which is a little bit smaller I have all of the girls’ hair accessories So I have headbands and hair clips, bows, a brush, some hairspray, gel, rubber bands, and detangler So basically I have everything I need to do my girls’ hair and my boys’ hair all in one place This seriously comes in so handy when we’re traveling Now I just have a few more steps before I’m all done packing the clothes Now I have to be honest with you guys Sometimes I do all the packing, it’s often late at night, and then we get to wherever we’re going and I can’t remember where I put each item So I went ahead and picked up some of these key tags from the Dollar Tree and then on each one of these little tags I’m going to write basically what is in each bag and I’m gonna use these as labels for each bag so I’m just gonna go ahead and write it in there I have one tag for day one and two clothes, day three and four clothes, you get the idea And then because these are on rings they’re really easy to loop through the zipper directly onto the bag just like this That way I can just open up the suitcase, I can easily see what bag I need I don’t have to actually open up the packing cube to tell what’s inside And it’s really great too if my husband wants to help get the kids ready he’ll know what bag he needs to grab and if next time I wanna pack something else in that bag these key tags are really easy to replace They’re not stuck on there forever So now it’s time to put these into the suitcases and as you can see, I could fit one to three packing cubes in each suitcase But here’s my tip you guys, before I close a suitcase I’ll snap a quick picture of each individual suitcase so that I can remember exactly which suitcase has which packing cube in it The kids suitcases came with a matching carry-on bag that I’m going to use to hold all the bathroom items during our trip So as you can see here, I have some haircare items, deodorant, shampoo, and other essentials we might need on the road I also try to make sure to pack these inside of a larger Ziploc bag just in case any of the bottles leak Next up I have my new walking pharmacy, my diaper bag, and my mom bag and I’m keeping them all together in this laundry basket so they don’t roll around in the car In my mom bag I like to store all the essentials that I personally like to have when traveling

and I actually have a separate video on that I’ll go ahead and link it in the description box below if you’d like to see exactly what I like to bring for myself Next up is our actual diaper bag and normally I would put a ton of stuff in here but for this trip it’s just gonna hold diapers, oh yes and wipes of course Thankfully Griffin is the only one who is currently in diapers but he’s almost ready for potty training but I definitely didn’t wanna start that until after this big road trip Finally my new walking pharmacy No I actually got this bag like on Amazon and I think it is so cute I love the flowers but it’s actually a diaper bag but because it has so many different pockets, perfect for holding all kinds of things In this front section I just have some sunscreen, some essential oil-based insect repellent, and some body wipes Then I also got a brand new first aid kit off of Amazon and this has all of the real first aid essentials And then thankfully my kids don’t get sick very often but just in case they do I have things for allergies, colds, sore throats I have things for bug bites and I have eye drops Hopefully we won’t need any of these things but I feel a lot of piece of mind knowing that we have ’em just in case we do Moving on to the food and lunch supply storage system, you guys know I can’t go anywhere without my lunch supplies And for this I’m using one of these plastic three-drawer units I found this at Walmart Now as you can see all three drawers are very full but pretty organized In this first drawer I have an assortment of reusable bags so I’m not using a ton of Ziploc bags I also have several of these little MiO energy water flavorings I love to add these to my sparkling water Over here I have a few measuring cups Right now I’m actually on the Weight Watchers program so measuring out my food is something I’m gonna try my best to do while we’re traveling I’m also bringing a few of these little bag clips so I can close up any bags that we open along the way and then over here I have some reusable straws Over here I do have a few paper bowls and paper plates and then underneath those I have some disposable utensils and I also have reusable ones as well, I have both And then last but not least I also have a few little food picks, some dip containers, and some silicone liners that way I can continue to make cure lunches while we’re traveling In this middle drawer I’m storing all of our Omie boxes I decided to bring these because they have a built-in thermos These will definitely come in handy while traveling I also have a few of these Rubbermaid take-along containers which are great little reusable containers They’re perfect for snacks or even leftovers And then something that definitely comes in handy on road trips with kids, a roll of paper towels Now this top drawer is kind of dedicated to fruit storage These are things that don’t necessarily need to stay in the ice chest so they’re perfect in here I have lots of freeze dried fruit packets I have several different flavors of applesauce pouches and I also have one of my kids’ favorites, the unsweetened apple berry sauce And then there’s just enough room for a few apples and little oranges And as we’re traveling, if we run out of any of these things I know I can just stop at a Target or a grocery store and restock them In this plastic bin is where I’m holding all of the other snacks and food items that we’re taking on the trip and if you’re curious to find out exactly what kind of food and snacks that we bring I do have a separate video on that, I will link it down below So our ice chest will have plenty of other drinks but I also wanna make sure to have lots of water So for this I’m using this collapsible tote that I got on Amazon and it can hold eight gallons of water They fit perfectly in there and we’re also bringing all of these insulated cups and water bottles Everyone in the family has their own so we’ll be able to refill them with the water as we need it Now for my suitcase I’m actually using my small pink roller bag which has definitely seen better days In here I have my packing cubes Just like the kids, I’m only taking four outfits Over here is my travel makeup storage container I love this thing I found it on Amazon as well This fits all of my makeup and my brushes perfectly and in this other bag I have more personal items and skincare products Now for my husband, he’s actually gonna be using my larger pink suitcase He totally doesn’t mind And when it comes to his stuff he packs his own bags I’m not in charge of what he brings That part is totally up to him but because he’s using the larger suitcase we’ll also have a lot of room in there to put any odds and ends or we can even put some souvenirs that we might buy along the way So now that I have all of my containers packed it’s time to get it in the car First, I’ll go ahead and put in the water On top of that I’m adding our food bin Next I’m going to add my three-drawer unit and that’s gonna sit right in front

so I can have easy access to it when we open up the back of the car On the left side I’m going to put my ice chest Like I said, I’m going to be putting all of our drinks in there, also milk for cereal, some pre hard boiled eggs, lots of watermelon, there’ll be string cheese, yogurt, and things like that On top of the ice chest I’m gonna go ahead and add the basket of bags This just fits perfectly in there I can still easily grab out anything that I need Now in this space between I’m going to go ahead and add these soft car trays These are perfect for traveling I found them on Amazon They have a bag on either side where the kids can store their items and there’s even a little belt to help keep it in place And finally we have just enough room for an umbrella stroller Now when it comes to the suitcases we don’t actually put any of them inside the car We have this nice big rooftop carrier that will fit all of them, so that’s where they go Okay guys, so not that I’ve shown you the suitcases and what I put in the very back of the car I can show you what I put in here for the kids and then I can show you the adult area Now as you can see, I don’t have the kids’ car seats in here right now because I just got this car back from the cleaner and I still have to put their car seats back and overall my number one goal for this trip is to not be overloaded with too many things We’ve gone on road trips before where the car was just jam packed full of stuff and it’s not very comfortable So we just have the essentials in here and of course if the kids run out of activities and things to do then we can always stop at a Dollar Tree or Walmart, maybe pick up a few things along the way We are changing the seat configuration just a bit for this trip This one is actually usually Kenzie’s seat We’re gonna go ahead and put Griffin here so that I can still reach and help him and then McKenzie is actually gonna be here so she can help Griffin and she can also run the DVD system as well And then back here the seating is gonna be pretty much the same This is Jackson’s spot over here and Lilly’s spot over there Now normally when we travel we let the kids bring their own backpacks with their own stuff in but I decided to get all the kids their own little backseat organizers instead so they can keep their stuff in there So each of the kids will have their own in the seat in front of them and they can put whatever they want inside So there’s lots of different compartments in here, lots of pockets, a lot of storage in here but in this one I actually added something of my own, something that I’m hoping will work out really well for our trip and it’s an incentive program So this is a little whiteboard that I got from the Dollar Tree I also got some stickers from the Dollar Tree too and I put each of the kids little nicknames on there and they’re gonna start with five tallies a day and they can gain more tallies for good behavior and lose tallies for bad behavior and each tally equals one dollar So they’re gonna be able to use that money to buy souvenirs or things at the grocery store as we’re traveling And of course this is right behind my seat so if I need to I can just grab it out, use my little dry erase marker to either add or take away, hopefully not take away, the little tallies Now along the bottom here I still have to put back the car mats, tey just got cleaned as well, but I thought I would show you this area This is a container I got from the Dollar Tree and there’s actually VELCRO on the bottom so that it can actually stick to the bottom of the car here It won’t shift or move around as we’re driving down the road so it’s nice and secure and safe but in here I have all the kids’ DVDs and movies and they also have their own set of bluetooth headphones so they can listen to their movie but the adults don’t have to listen to their movie We have the remote in here and then right here we have the drink holders for McKenzie and Griffin So on this side I wanted to make sure to keep the floor pretty clear but this is gonna be Griffin’s side and his feet don’t reach all the way to the floor so I’m taking advantage of some extra space and I decided to store the little car vacuum here So this is kinda like a DustBuster type situation It has its own little bag that fits perfectly under there And then this actually will plug in right here So all we have to do is plug it in and we can quickly just vacuum up any crumbs or spills and hopefully keep the car clean Now like I said, all the kids have these little organizers and I went ahead and left most of it empty so they can decide what should go in here all by themselves They can have whatever I think they’ll like to have that independence I have their little writing toys in there so far and I also have one pair or sunglasses for each kid as well Now as far as up here goes I did let the kids decide what stuffed animal they wanted to bring so this one is Griffin’s McKenzie has a little rainbow-corn Lilly picked Vampirina

Jackson has a little puppy dog So between Jackson and Lilly’s seats and between Kenzie and Griffin’s seat I have a little basket absolutely full of different activities I’m hoping will last a long time These bins are from the Dollar Tree and they’re really cool because I can actually use the seatbelt to seatbelt this into place so I don’t have to worry about it flying around in the car as we’re driving So then way in the back here as you can see on this side I have room for two blankets and Jackson’s water bottle and on this side we have two more blankets and Lilly’s water bottle This little side area here and that little side area there is perfect for storing little blankets that are perfect for the car And then up here of course we have the DVD system so the kids can watch movies They also will have their little laptops that they use for schoolwork and we have a hotspot so we can actually use the internet or the Roku stick We can stream movies while we’re traveling And the very last thing for this area is that under the seat I have a few reusable shopping bags that I can use to collect garbage or to use when we actually go grocery shopping along the way or if we need a sick bag, we can just pull it out and use that Now onto the adult section of the vehicle I try to keep it really simple in here too, just what we need I hate feeling cramped on a long car trip So I’ll go ahead and show you what I have on my side door I’ve got these really cute tissue packs I got these on Amazon and I really like these because they clip right onto here so they’re always handy And of course I love that Mickey’s on there So you just open this up You can easily grab your tissues in a hurry And then down over here just a few more essentials I have my favorite lotion so I can do that as we’re going down the road I have some body spray, some antibacterial wipes, and in this little pouch I have some feminine products And then also on my side I’m keeping this little binder between here It just fits perfectly and this is so I can put all of our travel documents or anything that I need to print out and keep, I can just put right in there and pull it out when I need it And now for my husband’s side who is definitely gonna be the main driver for this trip I kinda help the kids and he does the driving, it works out nicely that way On his side I also have a pack of tissues so he can help himself when he needs to I have a backup bottle of sunscreen I have a bottle of mosquito repellent This comes in handy and I really like this one because it doesn’t smell so bad It’s plant based I also have a full size umbrella in here and then way down there, let me see if I can grab it out, I have a nice full sized flashlight in case of emergencies And now as far as a center console goes, if you guys have seen my previous car organization video you’ll know I love to have this area stocked full of lots of things And to keep things organized in here I use lots of different bins from the Dollar Tree I also have a stack of plastic cups It just kind of keeps everything in its own area Now in this little compartment I have sticky notes, tape, a stapler, paper clips, toothpicks, things like that I don’t anticipate needing any of these but it’s nice to have just in case And then in this little cup area I have pens and pencils and a pair of scissors I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually ended up needing scissors on our journey So these come in handy for sure And then in this compartment I have this container Now this looks like a gum container because it used to be but I’ve actually used up all the gum and filled it with quarters instead So if we end up stopping at a place where we need to pay a parking meter we have plenty of quarters for that or if we end up needing to go to a laundry mat we can do that as well So lots of quarters in there I also have an extra set of sunglasses ’cause I lose mine all the time I have some hand sanitizer and then I also have some car essential oils These aren’t really like fancy essential oils, just the basics, but I really like to use these in the car so it smells good and each essential oil does something a little bit different The orange essential oil definitely is like a cheery bright scent The peppermint really helps if you’re getting sleepy and you’re trying to stay awake, that helps invigorate The lavender is a really good one to use if I really want the kids to kind of calm down, it’s almost bedtime And then these three I don’t quite use as much but I actually use these in the car with this little clip that goes right into the air vent I found this on Amazon So with this little clip you actually can open it up like this and inside there’s a little round of felt You just drop your little essential oil, whatever kind you wanna use, right in there You can close it up and then clip it onto and as the air is blowing through it really helps to distribute the essential oil smell In this little bag I have a few more of my favorite essential oils that are in roller balls and then I also have this little pouch In here is where I have all my extra felt pads

for the essential oil diffuser I can change them out so I don’t have to cross contaminate the oils And then I also have a second little vent clip Now I found these on Amazon In fact, most of my car organizing supplies I found on Amazon I’ll go ahead and stick that back in there and then there is still some room in here My husband usually has headphones that he’ll store in there, extra cords and phone chargers, batteries we’ll also put in there and that’s pretty much it for that Now I’m super excited My husband and I got new cups for this road trip They hold 40 ounces of liquid They are nice and insulated so you can fill ’em up with ice in the morning as we’re traveling and have cold drinks all day Don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe if you’re new Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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