They clean up real nice, yeah Okay, so you just saw it. How do you feel? How does it feel watching that all back? Very emotional very very emotional. I mean like we kept talking about Ti afterwards and I think most of us shared The thing where we just seem to have forgotten a lot like we forgot over half of what happened. There’s so much happened I mean it’s it was like two and a half months of compressed soda into this ti and I mean seeing it you You actually is like some things it feels like it’s the first time you’re seeing it even thought you were there Does it feel like it was a very long time ago, even though it really wasn’t? It feels like it never happened. So very long time So, what did you think of the baby Jarrett’s what did you make of it? Hey motional I it’s one of the moments stuck And happy But you seem to be completely stable in the games like you just laugh at a joke and relax. How do you do that? I think it’s just a give but then outside the as soon as I come out of the booth. Is this different? It’s it’s just like the movie ended. It’s just like very different as well. What is the source of your emotion right now? my teammates It’s rare That one can go back and actually watch and see what the other team is doing in any sport you Had a chance to do that here I know you’ve had a chance to do that before but I mean this was the grand final what surprised you the most about What you were able to see? Watching it back seven. I Just how strong we were together. I mean we we felt it, but we’re kind of looking at it a spectator it Yeah, I think there was I mean something happened, you know something magical happen, and I’m also feeling it when I watch this movie There’s something that we cannot it doesn’t get to us, you know, nothing gets to us I mean I see these games now I watch back the replay. I’m like, I mean, they might lose like they’re 20 K gold I know we won right I mean I lifted the take out thumb trophy, but like I’m still thinking, you know But it’s like we’re protected in these games is how I felt and I felt very secure in these games I felt nothing could get to me and that’s that’s like thanks to them and thanks for to what we built together So yeah, I mean that’s what’s wrote me the most What about when you saw some of the strategies of LGD was there anything that surprised you based on the conversations that you were able to witness? I? mean, yeah a little bit obviously, you know, this is like something we would Really like how to put it like we would sacrifice a lot of things just to get in their brains for like just a minute You know because the entire tournament you spend it studying them and trying to try to understand how they think and how they think of you and what they have with heard and now Of course There’s a lot more to what they, you know build strategy wise But you got games of it watching true side and to us like this is really golden. Also, that’s what they thought So obviously they have so many good things going other things where they probably should have gave us a little bit more credit for certain things but Same goes here. It goes the other way right like we’re looking at some games and we’re look at it You were like, we got this. I’m here. We got this, right but, you know 20 minutes after I was not that problem It’s how it goes like you want to be considered Anyway, yeah Wow, so let’s talk about outside dota for a second after TI How would you say your day-to-day lives have changed in the last few months like you wake up every morning and think wow I won CI or is there more to it? How do changed obvious obvious house, I don’t think it’s changed much like I stupid order So anything is that I don’t have to I count my every euro I spend like I think I shop I can buy food that I don’t have a care like how much it cost like I can I think for a lot of people I don’t want to read a speak for all not but I think for generally people in this team like Kind of chief something that we’ve all been I mean in his own regard longing for and I would say life is much better for all of us I’m pretty sure there’s also the case of It’s not here, but I believe he’s watching and I think he’s also very happy about things happen Yeah, what would you like to say about Anna on his behalf? Because I know that you were such a tight-knit group I was early 2017 I believe and it’s the first sentence or elect lessons before he joined the team was let’s

Just win some majors and the TI and was kind of always missing so So so second you start off like with the team basically in the middle of the year Did you ever imagine you’d be winning T or were you just thinking I’ll just go along for the experience and see how it goes Must have some name and have you got the TI and some really good and So how come normally og go into Ti and everyone’s like they want the major that doing great They looking fantastic. It doesn’t work out but then when you have probably the worst Preeti I start you could possibly have you guys want it What changed what was the secret that you suddenly unlocked a tion you said? Alright, we got it guys. This is the key. I mean every single loss Definitely made us stronger. So there’s that There’s no other path to winning than like losing losing over and over again And we had losses They helped. I mean it really helps because you carry these with you as experience and you know Like a lot of other different things but it’s definitely the human aspect that I would say of course the toilet part it was on point because If you if it was not important that we had we would have gotten knocked out or we would have not even qualified But what made the difference is definitely the human aspect of it and how we were there for each other’s and yeah This is what I think you know May was the biggest difference between this guy and the other years. I mean I Also think that pitting set pressure on ourselves like Thompson said there’s no expectations You just play and I think most that fun Even the practice games like we didn’t take the losses very very strict on ourselves I think we were able to improve a lot but at the same time we were having the fun fun part of it always come together and like really just Enjoying does that change now? I’m curious what it’s like now that you’ve won. This is the Ultimate thing that you can possibly do in a dota career and now everybody treats you as the best Does that change the way that other teams see you and in turn does that have to change the way that you play together as? a team I You definitely have people look at you different other players. I think I mean I’m gonna speak for myself I always looked at a TI winner much differently I got one TI I know which one is like TI 5 or 1 or tier 6 1 and tier 7 winner, you know It’s it’s it’s very prestige prestige in a way I mean they beat you that I mean they beat me of that tournament. It was always like that And yeah, it’s it’s changed, but I don’t I don’t know. It feels easier now to play than it did before Easier. Yeah, but all of you agree with that. Yeah, it feels easier. Yeah pretty easy now right over I mean daughter thought it never gets easy as in to win but to not have that pressure on you, you know It’s at least now as for my personal case. Like I have been playing and having the most fun in dollar than I’ve ever had after ti It’s like no pressure at all, so why is it that winning to TI’s has been so difficult Thus far. Well, it hasn’t been that difficult for us so far. We’re all day Well, let’s you know after China I mean now that you’re there though, dude Do you see why it has been tough for other teams to reconvene and come back and make another run at it? Or have they just not been you I mean honestly speaking, I don’t think it’s named Ian maybe a fairly keeps winning Right. Now there’s a little player that keeps winning a daughter dota is that hard it is if your heart game it’s changed a lot Of people don’t want it and if you’re gonna do something like winning two ties, you’ve got a really really wanted That seems to be hard for people like really really hard but we’re here to try and they arrested it Okay, so if you guys think back to TI 8 What other than lifting the trophy? What was the moment where you really thought? We’ve got a shot here because Probably didn’t think that coming in but halfway through the tournament pretty early on just in the semi-final Where was the point where you thought lads we can actually make a real run at this? That’s a good question

first day, of course dick States you’re like almost winning the best teams there and I was like I was confident I Told my dad a few months before TI that this was our best chance. I Thought that we’ve had a few months before TI right in the middle of all that after we just established his team knew I Knew our chances were better than before. That’s what I felt It was interesting for me as an outsider to watch the different dynamics of the teams and obviously context is important there are cultural differences, but and you you’ve touched on this before but just how Important was it that you were having fun together because the balance between your personalities? Was so fun to watch it was fun to watch You know, somebody would make a mistake and immediately you all just said don’t worry about it move on. Is that is that the key? it’s just not losing sight of the fact that you get to play dota I Think it ties up people together where some people like had some rough games. They probably saw on the document and I think The older guys by Lifting you up it doesn’t matter how far you go Yeah, I think that’s mostly everybody is capable of doing it for the other person and That’s the fun part of it kind of like it’s a special you together You don’t have to think so lonely or sad or whatever. It’s just all the other guys always lifting up I think naturally daughter wants to kind of bring that out and you the worst in you it kind of what happens when you got it’s definitely true She has a group together try and fight that bad feeling of losing and the game like you get Unlucky at some point when you fight that as a group, then it becomes very nice. Like you’re finding a negative feeling together That’s a good way to look at us the next pup, that’s the next s your next Book fight it together So there was a moment when we watched you guys watch this Earlier because we’re super creepy We all kind of creeped that was excessive later were like watch it and it was really kind of a fun It was increasing cuz this was a bit that you oh, she jumped out of your chair good. So explain this bit to us Why this matter then we’re gonna show the clip now Tori no Zaza Yes. Yes, I fucking knew it. Yeah fuck it, because that there felt that I Had the same heading man. I think most people played that game had a really slightly. Have you had after we’re so So you never have a headache in the same game and when he came out What was it about the game that gave you guys all headaches? now is there who can speak for themselves but I like to think that everybody who plays daughter speaks the language of dota and To me. What was what was being a part of that game? And I think it’s more so for social some rules maybe but in general that game was so hectic and intense There’s so much to think about for so long And it just was just really heavy feeling like in your brain If we had to play right after we got an extra long break It would have probably been a really bad game and I think because most people would not have been ready Yeah, we needed a break and that was really intense a long game Game four. I know that pressure I can’t imagine they give you a headache alone But when you go to game 4 when you were down to when you thought if we lose the next one we’re out when you go to two – You could almost see that their energy sort of drained out because you guys were flying how important you think it is to like you Win again you so confident you can win the next one. I Mean momentum is definitely the thing it goes like both ways. So You know, let’s say, you know We lost Game two and also game three and of course if you know where it’s heading, I mean, you know You don’t have to be a genius to understand where this finals is going every just lost two games in a row now We’re not afford to lose another one so you have to fight this back, you know, you have to go get whatever resources you have whether it is like team resources or Mentally even physically like energy or whatever You know just have yourself up and get back there because obviously you’re not there as a spectator you’re the one that’s gonna decide the outcome, or at least you have a Say in it, right and as a team, we probably have a big say in it So you want to fight momentum when they have it and you don’t have it? It’s against you and when it’s with you you want to write it, but you also want to be careful about the traps it’s gonna set for you because now you might lose focus you might you know, like or Think ahead too much and at the end of the day You have to keep your head down and just get ready for what’s to come and it’s usually one game at a time I mean, we haven’t we we didn’t never had to play two games at a time, right? So It’s pretty simple. I mean we just keep Repeating it Yeah, I know that a lot of people refer to this as the best TI ever and

Credit obviously goes to you guys, but it also goes to PSG LGD They played a great match to what this is a chance for you that you know, they’re not here tonight But we all appreciate how hard they played as well What can you say about them as a team and the kind of effort that they put forth in the match? there’s one important thing about it is that In the documentary they sometimes had words against us that might seem offensive and we probably had the same it’s not a These teams and I mean with all that as a matter of fact that there’s like an immense amount of respect between these teams I’m sure they have an immense more respect for us and likewise sometimes a way to hype yourself up is to Try to convince yourself that they’re not as good as they look like because obviously you’ve been studying them and they’re really really good. But Maybe you want to try to tone that down a little bit because you’re gonna have to beat them You know, you’re not here to look at how good they are you hit you’re here to beat them I mean honestly props to them like they were an insanely hard team to to understand to face They gave it their all for sure Like, you know, I think it was like one of the I mean one of the closes series I’ve ever played in my life I’m sure it’s the same for most of us I say that they’re one of the more open-minded teams when it comes to many things even though this Documentary you have these bad words some things might be lost in translations even if it’s not it’s a matter of like you want to put your enemy below you always and if you’re having some Self-esteem issue. It’s also good to just put them down. It doesn’t matter. You have to be above them but like I said They’re very open-minded team and he literally could dota I’ve been playing against I find I must swim so many times in my life Aasif, I’m so happy I didn’t after loosing idea We have one more question, but before we ask it we want to give you a few details on the Q&A, so after this question We’re gonna start accepting some of the questions you guys have thought of some good ones, right? One guy nodded great. We’ll get right on that So you can start lining up in that back corner. Nick is waving that is Waving his fan. They’re waving his phone. If you line up there they will help get everything sorted out We also are going to have a director’s cut of what you just saw tonight and that will be available later soon Love like I pause later. Yes later. We give you this detail soon and that will also be worth watching. It’s all just fantastic So we look forward to hearing your questions. Yeah So sorry, sorry I mean don’t go this way go that way down the stairs I’m gesturing this way Do not come this way go down the other way one final question and I get a really good one that we had How can I write it down? I don’t know. I was gonna ask it that I felt like I was stealing it What did you say your handwriting is tiny? No, I’m sorry Right, I remember Ti9 you guys or whatever reason there’s some other team is in the final it’s unimaginable. But let’s just say it happened. Okay what advice would you give that team and Say these are the things that we learn and this is how we did it What would you what advice would you give to that team? I’d like to ask each one of you Regardless of who the opponent is or how they plan what a single piece of good advice. Could you give them seven? Yeah, I mean honest answer like good luck bro, like I’ll give you any advice I Mean, they’re gonna be playing us Oh get someone else. We said that they’re not Oh, is it just imagine this some of us only possibility? Okay There’s no other word. Okay, of course So if sim, can you think of anything that you’d say just focus on your own game? overthinking Okay, you can do what I did To go talk to quarrel, you know Huge thanks to quarrel. I honestly don’t think that I could have helped my team half as much if it wasn’t for him So she’s willing to speak to you. That’s what I would do That crewman All right, we’re gonna open it up to you guys well let’s do the Q&A, oh we’re gonna push me I’m gonna to the microphone, but if you’re ready, we’re gonna have to start lining up Setting me out. Here we go Can we get a round of applause for your TA Well connect what’s the first question you think they’re gonna ask you, huh? What’s the first question you think they’re gonna ask you

You’re gonna ask us I feel like all the questions. What’s the burning question on Oh chief. Anne’s lips would you say? Very sauna, where can you get this t-shirt that I wear? Yeah, there it is Miss pizza, I Two questions one quick sure, I’ll show you one quick. Come on long Alex the first one I’ll do for the means no tail Why did you steal top since mustache? I? Want to look like Charlie man eyes eye Mustache like Charlie. I’m just fine excellent second question And I’m really curious about this if you can just do a quick head math Between the four of you and maybe on behalf of Anna how many hours? Played in dota not including Han in dota 2. Do you have together? 15 thousand more than more like 19 with a sore forgot How much I have no idea Something on these lines probably around 20 like between 15 to 20 K. I don’t know it’s rotting potato five you 50,000 hours faith or morals and like 875 fast, but he was on 0 so I was take Should we see so we say 80,000 hours between the five of you brick muffs. That’s all great. That’s create a lot of quick mess Congratulations on your win. Thank you Make sure you get right up on that microphone with your name. Nice to meet you. Go ahead and ask my question to you is your run at the Grand Finals at CIA to really look like what you experienced are two Keith map Keith’s match or Grand Finals, what did you learn from there? And what? Experience. Did you take from Kiev to nti eight? Experience I Think for example for honor I’m just gonna say for honor it’s like here was a big turning point for him I want to say we had some strategy issues and software pushed in a corner by VP and m5 and yet we Bounced back and we went back to something that actually didn’t have that much success. But yeah, we just blindly believed in it I think for me that was something very beautiful is blind trust We kept seeing it all the time in Ti. Yeah infinite trust in each other Force a lot like up Matt attacked Followed up. Thank you. You ready to ask a question? I am and your name sir? My name is novice Continue so every T. I found has had like a 1/1 big play like the million dollar dream called the five million dollar echo slam Could each if you pick out One play that you want to highlight and give it give it like a name like on the spot On annuals are you saying what am I saying? I’m gonna be kind of easy I’m gonna pick. Oh, you gotta keep it a name. Were you gonna call this this at all? I’m gonna give it I’m giving it to Anna. I’m giving her giving him the Emperor touch think the Emperor thoughts on the Unbeatable FY shaker that echoes the ground because anna as you’ll be for yeah, that’s a good one for me. Yeah setbacks, I mean If you holy shit During the game top it I was there play I didn’t have to pay I just linked that. I’m like, oh, that’s good I think we played like 1vs5 There is no it was like I know I can go this also It came all of nowhere because my axe is not as good as people think it is. I Mean that’s not that’s not gonna get out there right like You don’t write your axe I mean actually I think it was the first acts that we play like it was not a hero that we played so much Yet I think he’d hardly played in at torment after that point. Oh, yeah, it’s not even in practice. Yeah Just casually strolling in and winning. Yeah, all those months away. I think from your last ax game right? It’s been months Yeah, it was a long time. Well, it worked. Yeah So Thompson $5.00 Chain Lightning, I don’t know Yeah, no, I should I’ll give it a sip if you want a real one from you

Also do the step ax on I ember you liked it. Those are those are the great ones Have a little I have a little follow-up Did any of you guys notice at any point The onna amber game the fight at the secret shop where he was locked down While he was locked down he sold his items so that when he died he had enough gold for a buyback Did any of a guy you guys noticed that at any porn or when did you learn about this? Anna told us after the game that he assaulted That’s what he said I think none of us know but he didn’t say anything in the game is not in the game Oh shit. They’re ganking me this last thing we heard and then I mean, it’s like I didn’t even expect him to the math that quickly, you know Like for normal things like it’s gonna take him longer. There’s some reason there’s usually one second he added correct How focus players can be in these games and it’s just like whatever Capacities you have like it just amplifies everything because you’re so in the zone and so focused that yeah You just push your limits constantly and that was a moment where he did I mean it was just a normal day in the office for him. Right but you’re gonna play a pop or something You’re not gonna be that focus probably gonna be harder to you know, do a play like this and friend. It was very casual I mean, he didn’t even say anything about it It was just like let’s move on You know, you don’t want to get stuck, you know, because I mean they keep bringing the fire to you They’re gonna do something else and stuff. You you wanna you want to keep the keep in the center floor? Good question. Thank you. Thank you. Alright, come on down Nicolay go ahead and ask a question this small sleep better This is nicely for sap So i’m I was wondering what made you eventually come back and play And how did they feel then to prove yourself as a player having already proven yourself as a coach. I Mean it felt great obviously and what made me come back is mainly the trust that I felt from my teammates and the fact that they believed that they needed me and This is something that gives you wings and it’s probably a big part of why it was able to To have a good performance Or a decent one because like they yeah it they just feed you confidence. This is where it comes from mainly I mean, yeah, you did Oh, even if you didn’t mean so if you ended up doing it Where it comes from? Okay. Yeah. Sure. Thanks. That’s that’s the confidence for tokio acid after such a motivational speech I’m just gonna leave mountains Lori. I’ve played okay Thank you

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