Hello, can I please get tank of the day? Have some Tank! Waang!~ It’s pretty! Hello! Wooww! There’s a plane! Don’t die! Fergburger~ Fergburger~ Fergburger~ Can I please get one Bulls Eye And one chips? *Waiting for our order at Fergburger* *Ordering on the phone meant we missed the huge line* So good! I’m good. I’m good We came to the water in Queenstown town to have our meal Yum~ Yen: Does it look yum? Me: Yeah it looks great I haven’t actually had the proper burger yet, I’ve just had the meat I’m not sure if it’s yummy because I’m really hungry or if it’s because it’s really yummy Are you going to film me because I won’t film me if you’re going to >.< *The pose of a professional* Woah is that what we're doing tomorrow? Yen: OMG! Tom: Er mer geeerrd Yen:It's so high up! Woah it's awesome! And then are we walking back down again? Yen: No we get the gondola on the way back down as well *Here's Tom who said that because we are going to the buffet tomorrow we should only have one burger....* But we were still a bit peckish so we went to a random sushi place I wonder what this will taste like..? Next on the agenda was Patagonia Ice Cream - recommended by lots of our mates Huge selection of desserts! Hello! Could I please try the... umm.. boysenberry? Thank you~ Tom goes to pay when he suddenly sees Hot.. chocolate..? Could I please get that, is that the hot chocolate? Hot chocolate, yeah I'll get one of those as well please Would you recommend it with the chilli? *Silence from the staff members...* Staff member: I haven't tried it before, I'm not a big fan of chocolate Staff member 2: .......It's good Another customer: If you like a little bit of spicy food you'll like it Tom: I like spicy foods generally so.. yeah! I might have it with the chili please! Tom: Alright I'm trusting you! Other customer: Alright, I'm getting one too! *It tasted as yum as it looks*

Tom: Yummm! Have some! Tom: What flavour is it? Yen: Caramel..? Tom: Yummy? Yen: Is that it? Tom: I believe so Yen: Yeah it’s yum! Tom: It’s good? Mmmmm! Chili hot chocolate If it’s yuck I have to skull it in one go! Yen: (Cracks up laughing) Tom: Oh no..! Tom:Oh noo! I don’t know what to say! Yen: It’s yummy.. but.. it’s spicy! Tom: It’s a taste that I could not have expected The view out the window was spectacular *Next morning* Time to go! So. Pretty. Clouds Yen: We can do a lap Tom: Yeah! Tom: Sounds good. “Lake Wakatipu” Pretty. Okay let’s do it! Isn’t this like your number one most boring shots ever? Yen: Yeah *Tom mispronounces “Right” and says “old person” by accident* Tom: Old person’s direction Yen: (Laughs at Tom) Tom: (Realises how silly he sounds) Tom: Yeah let’s go the way old people goI I’ll take the bag! This is great aye! I wanna go *Tom talking about liking some place because it’s not a common travel destination* It’s like.. tidal aye, the waves (Tom means it’s like ocean waves..) I’m filming!

Cute! Cheers! Kia ora everyone my names Harley Cool so team we’ll do a bit of a test spin in the bay I’ll make it kind of slowish You guys in the front, make sure you’re holding on I’ve had people down by my legs…!

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