Where the hell are we? Welcome to the vlog! We are in Ukraine and we are driving from Kiev to Odessa and we are going to take you on our road trip straight across Ukraine! Bouncing over highway potholes with 140 KM an hour « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » This guy visited the outdoor gym We’re in downtown Kiev at the open gym, called Muscle Beach which is made of scrap metal and I just did a back squat of 145 kilos In Odessa, we went deep down underground and we saw the wold-famous catacombs So, these partisans put up a good fight? First, they try to flood the whole system, which didn’t work? With the water, then the gas, then to block it We are here at the only place in the world where you can visit a control center to fire a nuclear missile, right here! RadicalTrips Hello! We’re in Kiev, Ukraine and this is a nice hotel We like nice hotels it’s holiday, so we have to spoil ourselves a little bit Come, I want to show you something What’s wrong with this beautiful bathroom, you ask? Well that’s a good question and I’m gonna tell you with these little bottles with all these amenities shampoo and soap and stuff this happens It drives you crazy! Hash tag first world problems Other than that, we’re happy to be in Ukraine and we are going to Odessa! I like this place it’s amazing! I don’t know what it is, old metal, old crap nice place to train and it’s free, of course let’s find some guy who wants to battle with me Did you saw what happened? I wanted to make contact I started talking they said hello back and then they just walked away so, people are here just to train and not to interact Wonderful!

I pay a lot of money every month to train and here, in the Ukraine where, like all the formerly Soviet Union training is a big thing and you can do it for free so, I love this place it’s a pity we have to leave for Odessa right now and I don’t think I can convince Rens to stay here for a couple of more hours so, no more training let’s go to Odessa! Oh! What just happened almost lost the drone for some reason, there’s a battery failure so, it was telling me on my screen so, well, emergency landing going down, going down and the funny thing is, it was going down just right next to that guy over there with his tractor and could see him on the screen this little iconic blue tractor with a farmer next to on a location that allowed us to actually stop the car and Karel was like “I know where that blue tractor is!” and I was like “I’m losing the drone, I’m losing the drone!” But here it is! And, of course, the guy didn’t speak any English, he he was totally confused, maybe as confused as I am maybe even maybe it’s the first time he even sees a device like this luckily, he didn’t interfere, so I could get it I was like “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” and he was like « bad impression of Ukrainian/Russian » and I was like, “you’re right, but I’m sorry!” “Thanks for the drone!” I just witnessed a robbery let’s get out of here! This is living the good life in Odessa

Once, it was a very wealthy city, right? it was one of the old world cities and I didn’t know much about it, before being here and seeing all the beautiful architecture The city became wealthy because it was one of the first cities in the world which ended slavery so people were moving to Odessa and they could work in mines and they earned money so, that’s how they became so prosperous 200 years ago You can see here, the shells tell us that this was the bottom of the sea a million years ago – Ah! Maybe you have the question why didn’t they extract the limestone by the pick method, like this? why did they create all these underground curvy, narrow tunnels, where is it so easy to get lost? The problem is, is that the limestone was not always hard rock sometimes it could be soft like this, you see? – Ah! It could be dangerous when you would go through this rock it could collapse on you so, the miners, they extracted the limestone they would go only through the hard rock if you’ll go there, you can touch this rock this wall is much harder you see? So, they follow only through the hard rock when they met the soft rock, they avoided it they go to the left or they go the right We were so happy to be able to of course, on very short notice because we travel like lunatics to be able to join the tour of the catacombs of Odessa All underneath the city and stretching far outwards, as well there’s these massive arrays of tunnels More than 3000 kilometers! So, somewhere from Paris to Odessa and you can get lost If you already have one or two and I can remember one You know, the first time when I came here I was a little bit confused, you know? because you don’t see the sky you can get lost very easily because your inner compass doesn’t work like this so, of course, 3,000 kilometers of the catacombs doesn’t look like this: high ceilings, they fortified it Oh, this is already a high ceiling? – Yes! So the wider catacombs looks a little bit different this is the first level and this is how the most of the catacombs looks like I think the guy told us there are four important rules when you go into a mine So this guy it was just, maybe five or six years ago just recently and he was from this archeological group he was probably very self-confident because he said: this is my job I know what I’m doing so the first mistake he didn’t report to which part of the catacombs he would go inside so, later, when they realized he got lost it was very complicated, because they didn’t know which part of the catacombs they should explore and, you know, the catacombs here are everywhere And the second mistake that he made was that when he realized that he got lost he tried to find the way by himself and he went too deep and there were around a hundred people all from this archeological group, this club and the police, military, firefighters everybody was there looking for him and they even didn’t find the body Still, today, they didn’t find the body yet? Yeah, because probably, he went to deep and he just disappeared Like the stories we heard in Chernobyl the incredible bravery of the people involved defending the city for years and years playing one big game of Whac-A-Mole going up in one place diverting the enemy, the Nazis going back down into the maze where they couldn’t be found We will today visit this reconstructed partisan base and it will give us an idea of how they were living there during the war because some of the partisans went to the catacombs in the beginning of the war in 1941 and they went out in 1944 so they spent their years we will be here, like, for around one hour but you will feel how uncomfortable at the end of the tour it will be and imagine that they were here for years we will be here for just one hour I thought it was somewhat, in the ratio of fifty thousand soldiers on the Nazi-side and only the one hundred people, soldiers, in total defending the city of Odessa mimicking an entire army

So, these partisans put up a good fight? First, what was it, again? First, they tried to flood the whole system which didn’t work With the water, then the gas, then to block it So, the gas was light and it was mostly spread on the first level so, it didn’t really work and the partisans just blocked the entrances to the second and to the third level and went far from the place where the gas was they put on gas masks and it also didn’t really work The only method that worked a little bit they tried to block all the entrances and the exits to the catacombs I told you that, during the war, there were around 3,000 entrances and exits to the catacombs it was very hard to track all of them but what did they do? They spread advertisements for every yard in the territory of the city and they said to the people that we know that every yard has secret entrances to the catacombs from these smuggler’s times and you have to register all them because if we will come and we will check unregistered exits to the catacombs we will kill all your family, all your neighbors and, of course, people were afraid for their families and they pointed to all these entrances and exits and that made it a little bit harder this task of imperceptibly penetrating in different parts of the city but it was still possible for the partisans because they didn’t close all of them There was a much higher chance to survive here, than outside Some stories this guy can tell! And this is only the part of the museum where, of course, it’s much easier to tourists like ourselves around Specifically, these corridors are original but have been recreated to mimic the original partisan base how life used to be here it really makes it the feel like we were there, almost An unique attraction! Without any tourists! Honestly, Karel I don’t know if I can ever go back to shared tours I want to be private! Of course, it attracts people especially a young generation they like to play there, they like to explore it but it’s very easy to get lost there so you should be very careful when you go to the catacombs And it’s not being used maybe, for commercial purposes with a permit to host a party there or something like that? It’s a good idea, like, I don’t know maybe an underground bar or restaurant? You seem like a commercial guy, aren’t you? Could be, so next time when you come here I will invite you to my bar in the catacombs Definitely, we will visit you! Yeah, good idea, yeah! Thank you so much! – My pleasure! Thank you! Sorry Rens! It took you two minutes, but it was too funny! “Where’s the kitty?” “Where’s the kitty…” and Rens was looking I was, like, looking under the car “Where’s the kitty, where’s the kitty?” “Slow, Rens, slow, Rens!” I was looking in the tree… “Where’s the kitty?” Oh, it took you two minutes to find the kitty There’s the kitty RadicalTrips reporting deep down from Uman’ which is an Ukrainian city in the belly of the country right in between Kiev and Odessa We’re looking for the hotel that will allows us to go to the ballistic missile museum

which is in a very inconvenient location and we’re very excited to go see it because this is actually one that’s barely known it’s not even providing any information in English so, we can make up our own stories! Ah, this is nice We’re getting to know the real Ukraine It gets better and better Come on, agree with me, there’s a certain charm to it! I’m a little bit afraid to leave my car here at night Ooph… what is that smell? Alright, reporting in with a new plan! Due to the penetrating stench of gasoline we figured that, maybe, the little red car cannot take any of these hills anymore so, we have rerouted to another hotel which appears to be on a high street We just booked Just a minute ago I have no idea what it says! “Take out…” But I trust you! It has worked so hard Good morning, Uman’! It’s a very authentic place Honestly, we didn’t feel all that safe, yesterday evening we were going for a walk, to find our restaurant maybe, took a stroll for 15 minutes or so and it looked incredibly sketchy I don’t have that a lot We will skip breakfast as it will only start at 9:30 on Thursday morning, so, what the hell? It’s now seven o’clock it’s quite early And we’ll be heading out in half an hour, so we can be in time for the strategic missile base Museum Yep! Let’s go This is it, Karel! Country? – Amsterdam! Holland! Hollandia! « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » – Aah, ja, da! What are you pointing at? All the places where there is a rocket division pointed to the United States of America and the European region Wow, I’m amazed! It had 12 sections The 12th compartment was used to place the reserve crew in extreme situations Two officers were on duty for six hours There were three beds, a toilet, food supplies dishes, medicine, technical papers, weapons equipment, a TV, radio set and gas mask They checked all the systems, equipment and were always ready to send a rocket In case he received a command to start a rocket they had to take some papers from the safe to check the code from the screen and in the papers to take the instruction key and at the same time turn the key and press a grey button The time between the turns of the key was not more than one and a half seconds such measures prevented the forbidden started of a missile done by one person only In 1994, the army owned 176 missiles This is the real deal, Karel! This is interesting I didn’t expect this to be included in the museum While, of course, showing a lot of propaganda

and authentic machinery that was used by the USSR to threaten the United States including, of course, the main piece of this museum which is the missile control center and showcasing the original rockets that were kept here, carrying nuclear loads they also wanted to ask attention for the actual nuclear loads which were delivered by the Americans throwing bombs on Japan for making an end to the Asia campaign in World War II disturbingly, somehow also including children’s drawings depicting falling bombs with little hearts and flowers coming out of them putting their own efforts for threatening with nuclear war in perspective including that of the new generation “Boom!” We’re now actually heading into the missile base and I remember reading about 125 meters of corridors below the surface, 3 meters underground hidden within the fields We just came through two checkpoints big, guarded doors and this corridor will take us all the way to the silo which is kept in a capsule and it’s suspended within the shaft so it can actually withstand rocket attacks we even saw that the controlling officers had seat-belts in their chairs so that they would be able to continue their work while being attacked from the air I’m going in for the motherland Alright, alright! Three, two, one, liftoff! I’m sorry America! Rockets are leaving! Hello, is this Stalin? Karel, we’re you going? « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » – oh, « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian »! Da « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » Yep, you need that too « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » Tea! « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » Oh, oxygen! « indistinct Ukrainian/Russian » Wodka? – Nej, nej, wodka njet Woda! – Oh, water? They also drink water, Karel. It’s not only wodka This is really cool! And I have to say, this bed is almost better than the one that we slept in last night We didn’t actually sent out the missiles, did we? No, I hope so We have to… let’s check Can we make a phone call? We should verify It’s really important that nothing goes wrong so, there are a lot of check points and secret codes and big doors to prevent that a missile is sent by accident That guy is so funny he’s trying his very best and he’s very enthusiastic he’s trying to help us explain how this all works And he only speaks Russian! We can dissect some of it putting together the bits and pieces that we can make some sense off sometimes it mimics Dutch, a little bit Sometimes – Sometimes! No, he’s putting up an awesome show I highly recommend this tour guide especially if you don’t speak Russian! But luckily, though there were a handful of signs in English to support our Ukrainian friend Back at ground level, the exhibition continued

and showed how the missile base functioned during the Cold War Amazingly, the entire 45-meters deep command bunker silo with all of its 12 stories we just visited could be lifted onto this massive truck and brought elsewhere The same applied, of course for the various nuclear ballistic rockets so upon possible discovery of the base they could outrun the Americans and set up shop in another, hopefully still secret, location Walking around the area it dawned on us how unremarkable these fields must have been if surveilled from space Hiding, for example this small power plant in plain sight The rest of these military machines must have been added to the museum after the base closed in 1997 But, our trip must come to an end We took to the highway again and saw our last glimpses of this poor, but industrious country There are old cars and even carts everywhere whatever it takes to keep them moving The many cheerful bus stops remind still of its communist past in which public transport played a more important role while, nowadays their service seems to have been forgotten With 2,000 kilometers ahead of us to get back to Amsterdam we felt deeply satisfied with having experienced the real Ukraine So, off to the next radical trip and we hope you’ll join us there, too Let’s check the map to see where we are right now Are you done? Thanks for helping! No, let me do it! Give it here, give it here! Shut up! And then, we do That’s how you do it, Rens!

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