Korean embassy have accredited school for the korean language for the one of requirements of spouse visa hello everyone our topic for today is for the korean spouse visa this topic is really interesting and can help the person who married to korean this is long talking because this is step by step i want to give full explanation and idea to the person who need to know what they need to do if they will have plan to married the korean nationality this is the steps for the visa requirements for the spouse f6 i will explain one by one about the processing let’s start now to discuss everything for the steps there is a 8 big subject for the processing of korean spouse visa so you have to remember because this is the most important for the processing you need to prepare the legal capacity this is certificate that you can get in Korean embassy what is the requirements for the legal capacity I will start giving requirements for the foreign(KOREAN) number 3 you have to get surely the detailed issued document in Korea remember this is the most important for our korean fiance if your fiance don’t get exactly the detailed decument it will have problem to get the legal capacity this is the requirements for the filipino about cenomar you can apply thru online or go direct to PSA have to remember filipino and korean have to get cenomar in philippines we can know there if we don’t have any history problem during the processing for example your korean fiance already married before to filipina but you don’t know so you can know t get cenomar is easy for me much easy to get thru online but expenssive than you directly to PSA the good thing is no hassle in online and no need to fall in line but still depend on you whch one you wanted it takes to receive 3 to 4days in my experience i get within 4days thru online you will fill up the basic informaton there but have to makesure you fill up is correct once you receive your cenomar you have to present your valid id if get it thru online in PSA you need your present and bring birthcertificate and valid id incase also 2nd have to apply Marriage license if you will marry korean nationality ,filipino have to apply marriage license to your residential place should be your address in your id is same municipal when you apply is like me i live in cavite and i grow up also there and is same address to my id we go to my place to get the marriage license once you go to municipal you need to fillup form and you have requirements that you need to bring you need to prepare this document

it’s better you have extra photocopy always and don;t forget to bring ballpen If your 25years old below you need consent to your parents this is the requirements for korean the last you need to do is schedule your pre marriage counseling after you done to requirements and fill the form you need to makesure that you fillup right .don’t make mistake cuz it’s too complicate to fixed if you didnt make it correct you will be trouble or have problem in your korean spouse visa it’s long processing even small mistake you need to schedule your seminar the day we called pre marriage counseling it need both present in seminar also DSWD is the will give the schedule and then you have to choose there in month i know they have few seminar only you have attend the seminar after you finish the seminar it means your complete done already to marriage license you can get your marriage license in municipal you can marry so it depends if you have ceremony or at the muncipal one thing you have to remmeber that marriage license is until 120days only if you marry 121days it means it’s already exoired it means you need to get new marriage license again you have to go municipal t process your marriage certificate municipal is the one will process your marriage contract and will bring to PSA you need to pay in municipal for Transferring to PSA after 15days you can request or get it your marriage license in PSA so it;s your choice to get directly to PSA or thru online in my experience within 15days i get my marriage contract in PSA

for me much easy is thru online what we need to prepare? original marriage contract PSA and photocpy of passport You have to give your PSA marriage contract to your korean husband cuz he is the one will register in Korea so it;s official married not only in philippines in korea also your korean husband is the one will translate to korean the marriage contract you can apply apply visa in korean embassy before you go to korean embassy you should go to the website and have to print the forms or you can search via google just search korean embassy in manila in korean website you need to print the form and you need to fillup all before you go to korean embassy makesure you will fillup right answer or spelling don’t make any mistake to fillup cuz its most important most important and takes to long time to get korean spouse is visa is about language.study korean language i will dicuss later later this and continue to korean language this is include to the one of the requirements in spouse visa that i will discuss one by one now thats it for the 8big subject let’s discuss to requirements for the korean spouse visa(f6) this form can download to korean embassy webiste no hassle just print and save thru usb and you just need to fill uop the form this is easy just go to the nearest photo shop and just tell the photographer that you need passport colored photo the passport picture you need to put to your application form that you fillup you can see there is a space everyone know your passport have to be valid atleast 6months if not you will be denied to visa you need to photocpy your passport bio page nbi clearance travel for abroad should be within 3months only this the looking of nbi clearance for travel abroad cuz the color yellow nbi when you applying work here in philippines

this is one the important and bit processing all of us know about processing in philippines even in hospital is bit long time especially when we waiting to the hospital much preferred of koream embassy to medical certificate is to the big hospital honestly they calling the hospital surely they really want to makesure if you don’t problem you do medical to them korean embassy call me to get the number of physician cuz they want exact number of physician so they can talk directly cuz if big hospital in philippines it takes time to answer and have to connect connect to operator i give the contact number to them i know many doing medical in robinson ermita it’s much cheaper but for me is better to do in big hospital especially accredited of korean embassy CFO is one the document bit processing and it akes time also you need to attend seminar and book thru online for your seminar i know in 1month 2batch only they do seminar it’s better schedule asap especially if your complete document already makesure that you prepare all the dcument and don’t lie once they interview cuz they are strict the seminar it takes 1 days and half day this is form that you can see in korean embassy website need to print also and fillup korean embassy have accredited school for korean language if your school is accredited to koream embassy you don’t need to take exam for hangul for example your korean husband can speak korean language only it means the filipina have to study korean language if i study to the korean school not accredited of korean embassy i need to take exam just advice its better study to accredited of korean embassy

about interview in english or tagalog my experience and y husband we choose to interview to english the person who will interview will speak korean to my husband and then my husband need to translate to me by english and then i need to answer don’t feel nervous cuz in interview is just basic and easy exempted if you have child already in your husband you don’t need exam and interview once you get the requirements ike birthcertificate,cenomar,marriage contract just request extra just incase you need from next time requirements no need to keep requesting and no hassle that’s it for the requirements for korean spouse visa if you complete all the information that i talk you will be approved in your visa if you have pther question that i didn’t discuss or confuse you can comment down below to ask me i will answer your question I have one more advice i know many people hired thru agency cuz agency is much easy and they the one will process everything all you need for me don;t hired agency ,you don’t need yes it’s expensive to pay the agency for this sametime not too much harder to fix all the papers If you know all the process is not harder to do because for me you wasting money is much easy the requiremens in korea easily to get thru online in philippines just normal bit takes time to get it the documents but is not totally harder you can process by your own same is like me and my husband we process well without using agency just be patience haha if you have problem to your korean document translate to english korean website have document already translate to english so they will feel not harder anymore i know many korean feel harder to translate to english there document thats why they hired agency but you don’t need cuz already have tranlate via english in there wbsite if you can’t see the website just ask me and comment down below to my youtube and i will help you that’t it for today and i hope i give you idea about the processing for the requirements of korean spouse visa

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