– [Julie] As RV lovers, we’re always looking for the next road trip, and exploring the places we find along the way So when we discovered Virginia’s slogan is ‘Virginia is for lovers,’ and that they have more than 150 LOVEworks around the state, we knew it was our kind of place Our road trip takes us from raceways to scenic roads, campgrounds, national parks, state parks, wineries, and some of the best drives in the country Stay tuned! (drumming) (upbeat music) Our road trip covers northern and central Virginia, and the Shenandoah Valley, and starts here in Richmond We found love at the Richmond Raceway! – RV love! (upbeat music) – [Julie] There are over 150 of these LOVEworks all around the state of Virginia, and there is a Google map where you can find all of the locations You’ll find a link to that map, our itinerary, and links to all of the places that we visited at the related blog post We’ll put the link down in the description – [GPS] Turn right on to Virginia 30 East (upbeat music) (camera shutter) – [Julie] Did you find love? Did you, hun? – [Marc] I did (Julie laughs) (upbeat music) We found love at the Meadow Pavilion – Home of Secretariat Next, it was on to our camp ground We found a great county park called Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, Virginia It’s conveniently located about 45 minutes from Washington, DC, near the subway, and an easy drive to Washington, DC wine trail It has spacious sites and even has a water park 2019 is the 50-year anniversary of the ‘Virginia is for lovers’ slogan So Virginia tourism helped us put together an itinerary that we, and you, would love, RV style (upbeat music) – We found love in Leesburg, Virginia! – And this one’s made out of recycled bike parts! – How cool is that? (upbeat music) Across the road from the Leesburg LOVEworks, you’ll find the W&OD trail, built on the road bed of the former Washington and Old Dominion Railroad, it’s a fantastic 45-mile, paved trail for walking, running, and bicycling (upbeat music) After burning off some calories, we refueled at Melt, a diner-style burger place, renowned for their burgers, and their love for animals Their walls are plastered with photos of furry friends up for adoption, and we love that they donate their tip jar to a local animal rescue (guitar music) After a quick drive through downtown historic Leesburg, it was off to Purcellville, and a visit to a winery on the DC wine trail (guitar music) Well we’re here in Purcellville We came down to get our photo taken at the LOVEworks sign, which is normally right here, right opposite this Sweet Rose Bakery I really hope that it’s just temporarily displaced and they’re gonna be bringing it back soon because we didn’t get our photo taken in front of this LOVEworks, but maybe by the time you see this video, it’ll be back In the meantime, you can sit on this really cute bike seat Get a photo here (camera shutter) With over 40 wineries on the DC wine trail, which one to choose? We opted for Doukenie Winery for its beautiful grounds, and because it’s been voted the number one winery in northern Virginia (guitar music) – Bought a bottle of the Cab Franc – [Julie] They have beautiful grounds, and you can take a picnic, or buy some of their snacks and take it down and relax with a bottle of wine while watching the ducks, the fish, and the turtles (guitar music)

We’ve been doing this RV road trip hub and spoke style, leaving the RV at a campground, while doing our exploring in the Jeep So we relocated to Shenandoah River State Park, a great location for exploring parts of the Shenandoah Valley and northern central Virginia, as well as some cute historic towns, famous attractions, and one of the best drives in the country And, of course, many more LOVEworks (upbeat music) This is a beautiful state park The RV sites are really spacious If you don’t have an RV, you could stay in a tent, a lodge, a yurt, or a cabin There are plenty of outdoor activities, and beautiful, scenic lookouts (upbeat music) That is the Shenandoah River There’s kayakers down there – And tubers – What are we doing? Should we? Next, we headed out for a big day exploring in the Jeep, driving some of the most scenic back roads of Virginia, as we visited small historic towns like Sperryville, Culpeper, and Warrenton All as we continued our search for more LOVEworks This trailer became a love-inspired art project at Hearthstone School You’ll find it just before the little town of Sperryville (upbeat music) Many of the small towns we visited mostly catered to tourists, so often only open on weekends: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday So just keep that in mind if you’re planning a weekday visit (upbeat music) – Being here on a week day? Nope Not open, but otherwise they put the ‘n’ over here, for open Today, nope – This cute little town of Sperryville is only about a block long along the main street, and it’s just adorable (upbeat music) For us, one of the best parts of any road trip like this, is the chance to get out and explore some of these beautiful back country roads This is also why we choose to leave our RV at a campground, and do our exploring in our tow vehicle (upbeat music) – These back country roads are pretty narrow I’d be hesitant to take a full-size RV, but if you’ve got a class B or a small one, you’d probably be fine (upbeat music) – [Julie] It was a beautiful drive to the vibrant and lovely little town of Culpeper, which has revitalized its historic downtown district, putting it on the map as a popular destination town We started at the Culpeper Depot Visitors Center to get some tips from a local expert, and take photos at the Culpeper Depot LOVEwork (camera shutter) West Davis Street is perfect for browsing specialty stores, antique and art galleries, boutiques, and to grab a bite to eat, whether you’re looking for something casual, or a fine dining experience There’s plenty for history and outdoor lovers, too (guitar music) It may be small, but Culpeper also has a bit of a reputation as a foodie town, with great restaurants, cafes, a brewery, and wine tasting (guitar music) Culpeper has so much to offer, next time we’ll plan on spending a night or two at an inn or a B&B (guitar music) Next we headed for Warrenton, and stopped along the way at a vineyards that has a LOVEworks (guitar music) (camera shutter) Warrenton is another lovely little historic town, and this would be an easy drive, whether you’re staying at Lake Fairfax in Reston, or at the Shenandoah River State Park, over near Front Royal We spent most of our time exploring the peaceful, relaxing grounds of Airlie, a 300-acre events center The LOVEwork at Airlie is found up on a grassy hill,

overlooking the pond and water fountain, and is made of recycled farm materials (swing music) For a photo tip, you’ll get optimal lighting in the morning (swing music) (camera shutter) You could spend the whole day at Airlie, walking the nature trails, visiting the farm, taking a bike ride, trying archery, playing tennis, or just sitting by the lake with a picnic and watching the ducks and geese You can even stay overnight in one of their guest rooms (swing music) It was time for us to head back to our RV, but we stopped for dinner at Claire’s at the Depot in Warrenton for a fantastic meal (swing music) Cheers! (swing music) (ukulele music) (heavy rain) The end of the rainbow! – [Woman] That’s where the pot of gold is, right there! Wow! – [Julie] That’s amazing! – [Woman] Look at that- – [Julie] So who’s got a shovel? Go out and get it – [Woman] Wow! – [Julie] A short drive from our campground was Luray Caverns, the largest and most popular cavern in eastern America But first, a stop at their Logs of Love LOVEwork We found love at Luray Caverns! (camera shutter) We’re about to head in and explore the caverns (upbeat music) We’ve toured many caverns in our travels, and Luray had some unique and impressive features, including the impossibly still and magnificent Dream Lake, and the world’s only stalacpipe organ, which plays a tune using the cave’s formations (upbeat music) What was your favorite part of the caverns? – Definitely Dream Lake – Dream Lake was awesome, and I also liked the wishing well at the end You could throw in coins, and they donate it all to charity So far, they’ve donated over $1 million so bring your coins along, and make a wish Your Luray Caverns tour tickets include access to the Car and Carriage Caravan, and the Luray Valley Museum See anything you’d like to trade the Jeep in on? – Um, this is actually really cool (upbeat music) – [Julie] Our last day of our Virginia road trip was a big one We took a drive through Shenandoah National Park, and drove the famous Skyline Drive, from beginning to end And finished up with a visit to Greensboro and Staunton, Virginia, before heading back to our RV, and our final mission to find another LOVEworks (upbeat music) So we just did a quick stop in at the Dickey Ridge Visitors Center on the north side of the park and got some great tips, including that it’s 105 miles long, the drive – Yep And about 75 pullouts, so there’s plenty of places to pull out if you have your RV with you – And you can drive through Mary’s Rock Tunnel, because even tour buses go through that, and they’re bigger than any RVs – Because the shape of the tunnel is curved on the sides, it’s 12 foot eight minimum clearance, but down the center it’s almost 17 feet tall, and the tunnel’s only, maybe 500 feet long? And so, you would just need to be able to make sure there’s no coming traffic,

and you could go straight down the center of that tunnel, and so you could get through with your RV – And there are a couple of camp grounds on the way, and that’s Matthew’s Arm and Big Meadows, to name a couple of them We’re not staying there at the moment, but if you can get in, that’s a nice, convenient place to be able to explore the park, so with that said, let’s keep driving – Yep – And capture some of this awesome footage, and head on down to Waynesboro, and visit Staunton while we’re there (upbeat music) Keep an eye out for wildlife We spotted a deer and saw a bear sign, but not a bear (laughs) It’s crazy! (upbeat music) Our final leg of our drive was Waynesboro, followed by Staunton (peaceful music) – We found love in Waynesboro, Virginia – Ta-da! Down by the river, no RVs down here by the river Just us, with the love sign (giggles) Goose, goose, goose, goose, goose, goose, goose, goose, goose Max, are you in there? Last stop on our itinerary is Staunton We’re gonna get there, I think, just in time to explore the town a bit, and then have some dinner – Sounds like a great plan – And then back to the camp site, so, big day of driving today – Or, if you’re an RV-er and you’re coming through, this might just be a stop as you continue down south – I’m gettin’ hungry Let’s go (guitar music) Here’s something we’ve never seen before This big truck has a sign on the back says ‘RV not for hire.’ It looks like a truck, but they’ve got some doors on the side so I’m thinking this is actually an RV There you go – There you go Somethin’ new and different – [Julie] Every day The charming, historic town of Staunton was voted one of the best small towns in America, and now we know why This is so cute This is downtown Staunton What a lovely little town Steeped in culture, history, and natural beauty, Staunton is conveniently located between Shenandoah National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway It’s an attractive, walkable town, and perfect for exploring by foot It’s also known as a foodie town, with plenty of options for a bite to eat, a beer, or a wine tasting (guitar music) Stroll down to the old train depot and take the steps above the rail station, for an overlook view of the town and its architecture You can really see and feel the pride Staunton takes in preserving its history and natural beauty (guitar music) Stop in at the Black Swan Books and Music store in East Beverley, in a beautiful corner historic building And when you get to Staunton you can grab a signed copy of our book, right here at the Black Swan Books and Music in downtown Staunton After breakfast we packed up the RV, and headed for an overnight stay at a winery in Delaplane As Harvest Hosts members we can stay at unique locations, like wineries, farms, and even golf courses, as part of our membership We got our RV settled in at Barrel Oak Winery, affectionately known as BOW This place is huge, and very popular with locals and tourists alike (upbeat music) We are here at the Barrel Oak Winery in Delaplane, Virginia, northern Virginia Look at how gorgeous this place is It’s just amazing And this big, grass lot is gonna be filled tomorrow, because apparently they get close to 1000 people here on weekends, on the Saturday for live music, wine tasting,

beer tasting, and the gift store, and just all- food, food trucks they have, as well BOW is not only dog-friendly, it’s dog-focused In fact, there’s a sign at the entrance that says ‘Dogs welcome, people tolerated,’ so yes, you can bring your fur babies inside and out BOW is super pet- and family-friendly (upbeat music) Our stay at BOW was the ideal way to wrap up a fantastic Virginia love road trip – That looks really good – [Julie] Ooh, it does – Let’s eat (upbeat music) – [Julie] We found so much to love in Virginia, and if you want more detail with a link to our itinerary, and a map to all of the LOVEworks around the state, where we stayed, drove, visited, ate, and drank, jump over to the blog at rvlove.com where you’ll get all of the detail (upbeat music) Thanks so much for joining us on this road trip We hope you loved it as much as we did If you have any questions, please leave them down in the comments below, and until next time, we’ll see you on the road

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