So I was looking through my comments the other day and I saw something to the effect of “I’m 100% committed to losing weight this time I’ll pay you twenty dollars if you make a video about this keto diet that you do in more detail Take me through a day or a couple of days or something of your diet, so I figure….challenge accepted! Challenge accepted This might be the last keto video that I do, but yeah – let’s go through a few days of what I eat and any kind of tips that I might have and stuff like that, because…yeah, the keto diet really did kind of change my life I lost a lot of weight Anyway – enough wasting time – let’s get into the video! A quick pro tip for anyone starting the keto diet is to just give it time Give it time, because it’s a major change for your body; you are going from being fueled by carbs, being fueled by sugars to fueling yourself with fats and protein Those are your main source of energy, especially fats It’s a big change for your body, and it’s sort of traumatic at the beginning You will feel really really weak, you will feel grumpy, you will feel — it’s sort of like when you quit drinking coffee or quit smoking cigarettes or whatever It’s an addiction, especially sugar, because you’ll have no sodas, no candies – no sugar of any sort – no fruit No rice, no bread, none of that That makes up a huge part of your (normal) diet, so when you start, you’ll feel awful for the first week, and the second week, you will feel a lot of cravings for this and for that and breaking your old routine of going to convenience stores and things like that Breaking that routine is really tough, so I recommend for people starting keto — do it on a vacation — do it on a holiday That’s when you should start, because you can focus more on cooking You can focus more on creating a new routine That’s definitely a big thing that I recommend starting with Now, these are just a few things that I have here – very, very few things So, for example – we have a couple of types of oil We have olive oil and we’ve got coconut oil Both easily purchased in China, as well as butter The three are things you’re going to be cooking with, so if you’re cooking something, cook with one of these three things, or maybe if you’ve got bacon grease laying around, cook with that That’s the way to go Now, in terms of meats, in keto, you’re going to become a sausage connoisseur You’re going to be figuring out what sausages you like because sausage is a great keto meat One: sausage is REALLY tasty, they’re great And two: they tend to have more fat than protein, which is ideal for keto, and three: usually the carb content is really low, if not zero So definitely get yourself some sausages They will be one of your staple meats And the other staple meat for me, of course, is steak I like buying steaks, so I go to a wholesale market and I buy these I think this comes out to 40 yuan each, but if you were to get this at a restaurant, it would be 200 kuai or more, so you save a lot buying wholesale And the other thing is cheese This is the other thing you’re going to want to have So I bought a seven-pound of cheese, Gouda cheese, to be specific, and I’m going with that Oh, I forgot – olives You’ve got to have some olives Olives will really help You can eat as many as you want on the keto diet I love them – green olives, black olives, whatever! They’re great! Something that I like to do whenever I need some extra vitamins and minerals and an extra source of healthy fats, especially if I want a snack….I would recommend not snacking on the keto diet, but if you have to, especially in the beginning – you’ll feel really really hungry all the time – get nuts and seeds and stuff like that This place right here, Liangpin Puzi, if you’re in China This is a great brand There’s another brand called San Zhi Songshu, which is Three Squirrels, that’s the translation of it Three Squirrels These places sell a lot of nuts, they sell a lot of seeds and stuff like that, so I’m going to go in here and get a couple All right, so right here we’ve got some things like pistachios They tend to be pretty carby, but pine nuts are really good They are rather expensive, but pine nuts are really good, so I’m going to go with that Everything is by 100g here in China, so let’s see — what is this for carbs?

10.3 carbs/100g which is not bad, so we’re going to go with that Macadamia nuts are good as well Almonds are fantastic, so I’m going to grab some almonds, and then there are some seeds that I really like right here Let’s see They’re very, very cheap and they’re perfect for this diet Bai Guazi – I’m not really sure what these are So these three are really good, and I might take a look at watermelon seeds and some others, but I think that’s about where I’m going to stop This place is great because they have just all sorts of dried goods And you can take a look at the packaging – the fat content, the carb content – but I tend to go with nuts and seeds because they have a lot of healthy fats in them along with other great nutrition….what am I trying to say? Other great vitamins and minerals in them, so yeah – definitely check out this store So, let’s talk about the daily routine What do I eat from meal to meal? Let’s break it down – breakfast , lunch, dinner – stuff like that I’ll take you through a few example meals that I have just as part of my daily routine, so let’s do it Breakfast is the easiest: coffee That’s all Black coffee And I do that because that I find that keto goes really really well with intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting, if you don’t know, is also called 16/8 It’s just a way to break down your day into two parts There’s one part where you take in calories, you consume calories And then the other part is when you don’t So you take 8 hours a day Those hours are the times in which you take in calories So, for me, 12pm to 8pm – that eight-hour stretch – that’s when I consume my calories I don’t eat breakfast, and I don’t eat late at night So those eight hours, I’m taking in calories, and then the other sixteen hours of the day, I’m fasting So I have twice as much time fasting as I do eating Even having sodas, of course, other drinks — no calories No calories in those sixteen hours Fasting! Now you CAN actually drink black coffee during a fast and you’re fine It doesn’t break your fast, so that’s what I do I wake up, have a little coffee at about nine o’clock or so, and that’s my breakfast, and I move on to lunch Let’s talk about lunch! Lunch could be just about anything, but for example, this particular meal: it’s sausage, it’s olives, it’s bacon and eggs with a little chives on top You can also throw in a little bit of cheese for example That’s a perfect keto breakfast / lunch because it’s a lot of fat, it’s a lot of protein, and it’s good stuff – it’s kind of – it’s meat heavy That’s good Because most of your macros are going to be concentrated towards fats and proteins, and these particular types of meats – these sausages and this kind of bacon – more fat than protein I want a little bit more fat, so I’ve added olives to it And that’s it! There’s a couple of carbs in the eggs, but that doesn’t really matter Doesn’t really matter I was a bit lazy tonight and got some delivery This is just a Subway salad right here So it’s got some bacon, salami, and ham in here – or pepperoni and ham – and for extra fat, I’ve got some guacamole Guacamole doesn’t really belong in this salad, but oh well And then … I do have onions, but my macros have been good today, so I can actually fit the onions in Onions are usually carby I’ve got some green peppers here and some olives I’m probably going to add some more olives just because I like olives and I’ve got them in the fridge So yeah, there’s dinner! And here we’ve got rabbit with lots and lots of different kinds of peppers and some ginger That’s all that’s in there So, a lot of protein, not much fat, so what I can do is eat that 100% dark chocolate or some nuts or some seeds Something like that That’ll work! And I don’t think I talked about the 100% dark chocolate, actually It’s fantastic for keto because it’s full of healthy fats Lots of fats It’s got so many health benefits, dark chocolate does – so please check that out If you look down here, the fat to protein ratio is crazy, so 55 grams to 13 grams of

protein is great Now, it is carby, so every 100 grams, 15 grams of carbs, so you’ve gotta be careful with however much you’re eating of this I try to stay at about 10-20 carbs per day, so if I have dark chocolate, if I have any dark chocolate that day, that’s going to pretty much be my carbs or most of my carbs for the day It’s pretty bitter, yeah, but it’s nice This is one of my favorite dishes right here – I LOVE TOMATO AND EGGS This is the best Yes They go perfectly well together You see tomatoes and eggs mixed together in different capacities, but that’s all it is Just tomatoes and eggs, a little bit of garlic because I happen to like garlic Boy, it’s fantastic! And you might think these are little mushrooms or something like that, but it’s actually bamboo! They call it baby bamboo Mix that with some chicken and some spices, and it’s awesome! A lot of fiber and a lot of goodness There you go So we’ve got another lunch here We’ve got Shuizhu Niurou, which is like “water boiled beef” , so we’ve got slices of beef here Bunch of garlic on top, but it’s mostly for flavor, because you don’t want to eat too much garlic when you’re on keto But yeah, you just kind of stir it up And we’ve got some veggies right here This is napa cabbage…and yeah! So it’s basically just beef with some onions and spices and all that kind of stuff Just look at it! It’s beautiful Yeah! That’s lunch So I noticed that I’ve been posting a lot of meat heavy stuff I haven’t talked a lot about the vegetables, so let’s actually go through the vegetable market and figure out which vegetables are good for keto We’ll just start here, I guess The rule of thumb is that basically — if it grows above ground and is green — you’re good to go! You’re good to go! So with things like green onions and leeks, you do have to be careful Cabbage is, of course, good to go Celery is amazing Spinach is one of the best vegetables for the keto diet Peppers are all good I would not say eat many bell peppers because they have natural sugars inside them Cucumbers – fantastic – eat as many as you want! Eggplant you can eat Eggplant, yeah – right there Any leafy green vegetable is good! This is called Kongxin Cai This is a Sichuan thing It might be in a couple of other places, but yeah Tomatoes I would say be careful with Be careful with tomatoes because tomatoes are technically a fruit and you’ve gotta cut out fruit on the keto diet That kinda sucks, but you know, you can have tomatoes Just be careful with them Just be careful with them And here we’ve got a bunch of mushrooms So basically any mushroom is okay in moderation, like most things are okay in moderation There you go, you’ve got little bokchoy, you’ve got — there are some things I don’t even know what they are — like this here I don’t even know what that is We’ve got a couple of types of lettuce right here Carrots you can’t have, unfortunately This is called ”bitter melon,” and it’s really really good for keto, but boy, it tastes awful It’s not called ”bitter melon” because it’s green Cilantro, of course, is all fine Corn – no corn, unfortunately Don’t do it It’s sweet and it’s carby This type of cabbage here, had this the other day No onions, no potatoes…or a few onions Not much Like…you can have maybe half an onion But be careful with the carb count So it’s really not so bad; the keto diet is not so bad YOU CAN EAT MOST THINGS Most things, you can have Oh, these are two of my staples I eat these all the time, cauliflower and broccoli along with this They’re just staples for me I love them Yeah, keto’s NOT that bad You can have most vegetables So many people focus on what you can’t eat, right? Everyone freaks out about things I’m not allowed to have on keto I’m not allowed to have this, I’m not allowed to have this, but actually it’s not that restrictive

of a diet once you kind of actually sit down and think about what the whole thing entails It’s just meat and vegetables Just eat meat and most vegetables Not so bad Now let’s talk about eat out If you’re out and you don’t know what to eat or what to do for food, something you can do, especially for dinner or if you decide to break intermittent fasting and eat later at night is barbecue BBQ is fantastic! So you can go to a place like this – these Xinjiang places – minority kind of BBQ places – and you can just sit here on the side of the road and eat something It’s just meat It’s just meat They do have some vegetables Roast garlic – don’t eat that – it’s a bit too carby But then you’ve got mushrooms, great! Mushrooms, great! Mushrooms, great! Peppers – all of the stuff on the top here is pretty good, except for the tofu And of course, you’ve got the meat! It’s got some lean meat, it’s got some fatty meat Peanuts are okay as well It’s all good! Stay away from the beer, but BBQ is a great option And I remember one of my subscribers saying, “Keto is hard? No, it’s not – it’s called the lamb kebab diet.” And yeah…..that’s it! You can do that Another meal that I had while I was out the other day was tandoori chicken and the local Indian place, so when you go to a restaurant, anything with meat in it, you’re fine Focus on the meat It’s easier Something that you just cannot get around the first couple of months of keto is research You HAVE TO go out and look at how many carbs are in this, how many carbs are in this What are net carbs, what are total carbs You have to look up so many things and learn to count your carbs You CANNOT get around it I don’t count calories on this diet, but I do count carbs, and I’ll tell you why later Something you’re going to have to do is track your meals Track your meals Track your eating You have to know what you’re putting in your face It’s really important So I suggesting using an app called keto tracker, or just type in keto tracker into Google Play or keto diet into Google Play or whatever app store you use, and you’ll see lots of different options for this sort of thing You have to keep track of what you put into your body It’ll spit out your calories and your macros into all the different percentages Why don’t I count calories? Because it’s something that naturally happens When you eat sort of the same foods over and over and over again, there’s this thing that happens called food habituation Whenever you get sort of used to certain foods, you’ve eaten them so many times…you just kind of naturally take in less and less calories because you eat less and less of those foods You’re not excited by them anymore You’re kind of over them So, that’s sort of what happened to me I don’t really care about food as much as I used to I just don’t I’m not a food guy anymore unless I get off keto, then I go totally nuts But while I’m on keto? Eh, food is just fuel I don’t care about it so much Worry about what time of the day it is and worry about how many carbs are in it, and that’s it And as far as exercise goes — I didn’t really do a lot of exercise I just didn’t because I just physically couldn’t in the beginning After I lost 40-50 pounds, I started cycling a lot more I started riding my bike I’d pretty much exclusively ride my bike to get where I was going I wouldn’t take any other form of transport, and maybe once a week or once every two weeks, I would play soccer with a couple of friends, football That’s about all that I did And that’s about all that I do I don’t do a lot of exercise now…even less than I did before I’m 187 – I actually just weighed myself today I was 277, 277 pounds – now I’m 187, so 90 pounds down overall I’m looking to get down to about 175 or so, and I think that’ll be about where I maintain And that’s about it – I don’t have a whole lot left to say We’ve gone through the meals, we’ve gone through snacks, we’ve gone through my exercise, we’ve gone through a few things that you can eat and you can’t eat We’ve gone through this — we’ve gone though so many different things So I hope that this was helpful to you guys out there! And that is it – challenge accepted and challenge completed! Bam – there it is! Paypal me, there it is Or you can check me out on Patreon as well Please check out my instagram I’m trying to get more followers on Instagram Let’s get going – I LOVE my instagram I think it’s great! I’m not posting a ton at the moment, but I do love what I post Such a great, simple little platform

Not getting in on the tiktoks No thank you, no thank you Yeah, I think that’s about it Again, thank you all very much for watching, and I’ll see you all next time!

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