I stopped at a truck stop last night in my truck but then these trucks they don’t turn off that’s outrageous there’s a big old motorway over there as well you can see it the volume of cars did not stop all through the night there’s a lot of people wanting to get places in America and there’s a big old grassy field you can play in and they’ve got this flower here too it’s a table but today we’re going to try and get to the ford factory i’ve just pulled up to the uh the Ford museum factory see behind me there is going to be cool i’m in the museum thanks to a guy called Tim got him for nothing because i was lost and this is here Just how big is it? this big! i don’t, i don’t even come up to the top of the steam chest that is huge there’s a big rod I can only just touch that pipe and then you get Stevenson’s blumen rocket that is here so that car there is the car JFK was shot in by the looks of it they cleaned up the blood pretty well not a single stain Harry Truman and Eisenhower Rode in this one… flash! Roosevelt rode around in this limo and this one was used by Nixon and Reagan got shot in this one it’s a whole swag of presidential limos. Neato! I think you might go for a look in there gee I don’t think they put it together right Lots of stuff that is a rifle cutting lathe more stuff (outside voice) that’s not what we do here Hmmmm, Neat loads of static engines huge ones little ones even bigger ones ones that don’t move very static static engines there’s big white ones like that one that one works with witchcraft there’s not a single breeze in here this is a small factory for small people this is a generator it’s electrifying I don’t know what that is if this was in Canada that would be a square instead of a circle hahahaha there’s stuff in there and it does things Cor, this is old. real old so old in fact it wasn’t even from last century or the one before that but the one before that 1796 but this is quite cool this is the oldest surviving steam engine in the world it’s got lots of stuff up there and it’s got stuff down there it’s got stuff over there but that that’s a different one must have one hell of a giant hamster that are running that wheel it’s a boiler quite old this is the single biggest steam engine thingy i’ve ever seen in my life this is massive huge it doesn’t look quite so big from here because it’s mostly hidden i’m pretty sure that’s a pushy pulley part and these are turny parts so i’m at a place called Greenfield Village it’s just out of the museum thing over there and i finally found sheep on this continent those are the first sheep I’ve ever seen in north America wow! who knew the middle of a city I’d find sheep? there ladies and gentlemen is Harvey Firestone’s house as in Firestone Tyre’s I got a train ticket and now i’m on a train it’s called Village Wiser Railroad no refunds or exchange but i get to ride the train all day for five dollars we are now leaving the working farms district of Greenfield Village and are about to enter the Henry Ford model T district here you can catch a ride on one of our many model T’s you can also visit the Ford Motor Company

as well as this white farmhouse coming up which happens to be the birth place of Mr Henry Ford (Baldwin Built, Detroit & Lima Northern Railroad 4-4-0 No. 7) Humidity picking up a bit and with the shadows playing don’t cry for me Argentina in the background I enter Ohio That guy has no helmet on those are neat blumen (incomprehensible statement) Whoa! so it uh turns out viewing of Niagara falls is definitely a night-time activity this is wicked awesome uh… let’s go find a waterfall that’s not a waterfall that’s a seat i have a seagull guiding the way to the waterfall quite helpful (unneeded commentary) Hmmm… I only see the top turn to clear vision nope, it’s still in the way Ahhhh, that’s better here we have Niagara falls it’s uh pretty much waterfall that is an absolute monster 20 past six in the morning-ish and as you can see before I am the only one here doesn’t get much better than that (mumbling) so this is one hell of a way to wake up bit of Niagara falls there go get him go get the pizza go Horace

Horace the gull go get him oh he’s going to go off the waterfall he’s suicidal suicidal pizza eating squirrel it’s such a peaceful little stream but i don’t need admiral Akbar this is a trap because there is nothing but certain doom at the end of the stream rocks of death and destruction so let’s all be good and not swim in the stream because it goes off that What did the uh ninja say to the water WATER!!! UGH! why so misty (mindless noises resembling a tune) This is ridiculous Adopt the highway program that sign said i think they need to invest in some drainage or a roof over it so it doesn’t get wet Imaging that? Highways with roofs over them you can almost, tunnel it because tunnels have roofs Tunnels are roads with roofs you can tunnel everywhere YES! this is lake Erie beach its um, well that sign says it all Its quiet ah, Pleasant Pretty much the goal is to try and find a nice beach to swim in a little bit of shelter would be nice That dogs doing a Poo 😀 haha cant exactly go through their property I could because i’m in a Ford It can go anywhere Built Ford Tough! okay so that’s like Erie done i think I’ve met to swim over there but i swam here and there’s a big thing over there the uh the drone went up it got wet so i’m gonna see how that goes tonight the phone’s getting absolutely sodden Bloody hell Its wet, its wet well that’s like Erie done, Jolly good I gotta get a stone out of the lake after being told to get off or out of the lake pretty much like mission impossible but it’s more like mission very probable I’ll have to pull the foreigner card i got kicked out of lake this guy’s wind surfing out there or kite-boarding or something like that so uh i’m about there

that’s pretty much where i am i’m gonna be driving about seven and a half hours towards New York I’ll probably do maybe four hours tonight three hours tomorrow i’ll be there tomorrow morning and have a look see what’s around New York Yeah so i’m in a tiny ass town which is probably bigger than Christchurch it’s called Syracuse it’s in New York and there’s neat buildings down there so we spin around here there’s neat buildings there and uh there’s another building there car over there even people walking there’s an American flag. America! had a subway for dinner because i don’t trust any American food anymore Yawn! it’s Friday 14th July and i’m about two and a half hours out of the Central Park of New York City I woke up about three minutes ago on the road really bad idea because i still gotta go to the loo i should actually stop to go for a to go th’ loo it’s terrible idea cause we got a little ol’ convoy Rockin’ through the night Yeah, we got shebe debe shembe debe de Convoy!! (Nailed it) this is New Jersey um it’s quite neat very green, big hills still lots of cars on the road I don’t know this is this is New Jersey i think it’s time to play a massive amount of bruce springsteen 1 2 Drums! this is crazy (Smash) ohhh! oooooHHH! okay this here is George Washington Bridge (GPS giving instructions) Ohh, I’ve gotta go somewhere. I didn’t catch that Opps That is huge! Okay That’s New York City by the looks of it I”m on the George Washington Bridge and i”m not going anywhere see i’m in the middle of the Bridge That New York down there you cant really see it but, oh nah we’re moving again but this bridge is actually moving up and down about that much (Whistles) I know what you’re thinking it’s a suspension bridge n’all but i was not expecting them to move that much (BooM) mind blown Okay. So i’m in New York That is a street in New York and a cop car I got Starbucks Its like my first Starbucks and i got it from New York so i went to see if i could see the uh the big old skyscrapers and whatnot you can’t see the damn things there’s still a cloud over them uh they’re talking to the guy in Starbucks he said you haven’t been able to see them for like three days so i probably won’t get to see them figuring out things like i do in New York while it’s wet because it’s quite wet but the truck’s just down the road there and I was thinking to myself i’m pretty sure there’s a museum somewhere around here so just across the road from this cafe where there’s guys working around inside and walking about yes museum over there and as i make my way through the story there’s a whole bunch of traffic in the way but it’s right I have my starbucks so in this movie a whole bunch of the exhibits escaped and they came flying on out of this ramp

here dinosaur up there over there so we’re going from the museum and then we’re in ah I’m actually central park it’s very green and ah it looks like a park. I suppose it’s in the center of the ah New York I’m gonna go towards the lake its just over there Water if you haven’t noticed it’s ah stopped raining for a little bit so i’m outside and i managed to dry off the museum there’s a whole bunch of people doing what i’m doing taking selfies because they had no friends as well i found a turtle two turtles i would take a video of them but you should have come on the trip so i’m going to get to see them you get the commentary of me looking at turtles i found even more lots of turtles hang on i’ll swing around i’m not sure that’s bad weather or smog thing over there i guess that means the power’s off people getting a tour i’m getting my own custom one and here we have a tree here we have a watering fountain you can press it and drink out of it and then feel slightly dirty afterwards squirrel cool oh he’s posing for us now sitting on a rock people who are not amused easily go to amusement parks like that one ‘merica hasn’t changed much they got horses pulling carriages things are i bigger it’s real big i’m going down to fifth street here it takes a little while to get there i think they need a uh their new straight edge on that one stumbling along i come across Trump tower this is awesome Ohh there’s a bus yes!! the empire state building is down there so more rain coming in yeah it just goes up and up that is huge okay future reference never driving to new york that is a dumb idea use the right two lanes to turn right onto the new block still haven’t gone anywhere so things i have seen in the last 20 minutes is the i’ve seen broadway i’ve seen the broadway ball um i’ve seen traffic and this is possibly the quietest it’s been without somebody tooting their bloody horn i don’t there they go again neat I did just just what you need to hear is horns everywhere we’ll wind that down there so that’s the memorial there its like a big waterfall going into a hole type thing on the road again just can’t wait to get on the road again the life i love is making music with my friends and i can’t wait to get on the road again on the road again going places that i’ve never been seeing things that i may never see again i can’t wait to get on the road again

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