my name is Angelo Valente I wanted to introduce myself it’s an entire life that i live adventurous all that is flying I’ve always had a passion to save all the planes that were demolished I went in search of these equipment I was looking for the idea of ​​a new new one life one of these is a gulfstream is a American it was parked in Linate Airport and i had to deal with managers in the end I managed to get it at take it with a specialized company that cuts with laser we cut the wings we have invented the whole tail with a exceptional transport where a take the plane and brought it where he had a flying school in Crespiatica and my idea was to create a kind of video with old video recorders registered engines with a 24 volt transformer I had to do it invent and i was able to operate intercoms the lights was a really nice that the plane seem alive it stayed there for 17 years in this activity and then at some point I have decided to transfer everything to the philippines because I got married to one Filipina and there I started again dismantle everything completely I had already prepared with gods grafts and was ready they mounted and dismounted their tail and they had completely disassembled everything he had also dismantled the hanger where I had these small planes in storage with three exceptional trucks they arrived at the camp we loaded everything ended up in Genova Italy and by ship it took two months time and it and arrived in the Philippines we dismantled everthing I had prepared disassembled everything and all the hangar including my life, my home and everything was dismantled because I had decided to build my life in the Philippines everything arrived from genevo by ship for two months then we moved in the Philippines together with two children Michael and Beatrice

embarked in linate we arrived in the philippines after which after a few day they called us that the ship had arrived there was an exceptional thing there too main newspapers televisions of manila it was not a thing that happens everyday ofcourse because it was 20 meter italy to the Philippines and in the Philippines we already bought a land because my idea was to create a aviation museum center with refreshment bar swimming pool the big thing in short all great things like I’ve always done created destroyed a certain moment I have took people men to work arranging everything to be able to disassemble completely the airplane it was placed on concrete pillars a gondola was laid over raised a three meters above the ground with its staircase originals with a junta that was the entrance inside then dismantled all i left arranged four tables with 16 seats and the idea was precisely given out I had prepared local with the kitchen I had found the way it had become a small air restaurant on booking and it worked together of the other attractions I had lines in this terrain we stayed ten years came schools from all the islands of the philippines to seeing I had created a museum alive inside I had also brought others to and aviation material too all the parachuting material in short, when I threw myself with parachute it’s all a particular world that actually was very original in that place as it was also here in Italy after which we continued this activities people were booking this plane and we served pizza all Italian speciality it is the most I had of the pools this in this this land digging we also found water hot thermal water therefore was spa we had the the plane, musuem and a beautiful house house with all decorations of our of our italian traditions we lived there for seven eight years after that our desitiny decided differently for health reason and person situation everything ended and this is the story. I created an album of my life this is my personalized transportation that i’ve created i have transformed this album as a summary pf my life i wrote a book that i gave to all my pilot friends and others a whole story this is my form of transport e means of transport more and more that page here are photos here is this here is one of my experiments in is always in the 60s with a fulvia that I had a parachute parachute that used at sea I was towing on the ring roads early in the morning because it was not simple if it is not too much normal here when I threw myself and the ghent string the airplane we are talking about is in full activity where people were climbing getting in the plane seemed to hear the roar of the tour Boers who felt the bones that people always came it was always full this activity was very original with this is the airplane that was here when it was completely in place all settled then when I had to dismantle it to do this transport with a laser it was cut in the center the tail has been cut and removed I applied bolted plates which could be assembled and disassembled when anytime it is always the airplane a closer already with the cranes ready they had to prepare for put on the rich for whom I transport the disassembly work of this of this Ghent String appliance was one quite challenging thing in that had to take a laser machine is one spent a blade on a fire blade very slow that whoever cuts completely when in the sense smudges had been cut in half and elan intention is was the ones that then once you arrive in the Philippines of the whole part electric and cut had it would have been

straight home to be working as before because with a a24 buf transformer worked several instruments still on board including lights here is this just when it was finished and the commitment I had to have been very high because it came after two months he arrived in an island in the Filipinos who together went out to be got out we had to take gods trucks put the airplane guardians on equipment shed with three big trucks with a ferry we made the journey from seibu to a shiki magnet than another even a careful sebum from the east to another island it was three hours by ship he arrived in now I wear wizards there too prepared everything with the escort of the police was a very thing exceptional with newspaper televisions of all the Filipinos we did this trip of eight kilometers from maghette city a san miguel ba with who was having then after we created this activity of the two airplane parts had to lift them 15 meters from the third to overcome the coconut plants and lay them on this airplane was in the middle of a palm grove was there was a land because there were 200 coconut and corsair plants clan was in mere merchandise inside there is one once finished he was also wondering like how we managed to succeed place that position initially I didn’t know there was water hot once done digging for the water courses found that earlier on sulphurous water just like the spa was a wonderful thing after that I made a big swimming pool another medium and a small one that we say customers wondered if there was this water slightly sulphurous is a temperature acceptable natural I put the museum in the aeronautical museum and where everything I had collected in so many years of life I lost him ultralight propellers and parachute engines so much material to your instruments all the many things and after that we had always done in these hangars we had prepared ten small bungalows in bamboo where we find the rooms a of tourists who came to visit these this island this resources I had created a mini zoo there is a picture with plants inside of the big boulders and I closed it fenced with a wire mesh in especially I had chimpanzees inside a monkey who was a little omitted I had it that I was really had a few months I was feeding him I gave the bottle with milk powder and had come so close that when it got big it was impossible other people other black was in short, only I had to go jealous inside one day made unpleasant that I saw her then quiet at one pressure a guy who worked from better I said go inside bring him mango to the little monkey as he entered the he got bitten and put the lambs on him done a lot of damage to the arm I entered let’s say how he saw me frightened he set this aside particular here will be absolutely I had to go in only I was was really fond of it I took it for hand I carried him around was not close it was harmless other people was dangerous he didn’t want to know it all we also had a museum for him and I had built a house with all the Lions symbols of San Marco the first governor of Venice it was definitely an attraction that it attracted genes that also came from actors also came due a complex named who did did have made your own musical video when the airplane was already it was already all abandoned because at the end of this wonderful story there has been a somewhat dramatic ending in the sense that for family health reasons we have all left us

back in Italy I want to tell you a certain common is an exceptional story real hard to believe it is true but it is Vera called me my Filipino wife and told me something not I wanted to believe it makes me look at that gods elderly gentlemen have come to see me even one came to see me from the bay province and told me so that in Philippine forests have found a cave with 30 gold bars 30 kilos of gold I have these I thought of a scam something strange, that is, it seems to me one what’s for sure okay then take your hand maybe bring me on these ladies here a day I got to me one short team of Filipino people a very low look because they were be careful because it is such a thing if it was known that maybe they would also seized evidence from staff and we went to my office and to one bag a pulled out a gold bar it seems to me the only thing I remember of the huge serial numbers is printed a small water with Malaysia here is what I remember and then at this point I said give me time to be able to bring from a friend we say is a large Italian industrialist who lives in sibiu and so we go to a certain point I don’t know what has happened like they have or do are afraid or have thought about some trap because in short one thing so they too were unwary not me they knew I didn’t know them at morning I was there were no more another particular episode of mine inflatable that I had not yet put on a airplane engine but a normal engine a old forest 55 horses brought from italy she was 30 years old and i was set to go with the kids again a few years on an island about 5 kilometers away in the middle of the sea a few kilometers from a km from the island the engine stopped and did not start there was more rowing has reached that physicist who was still abandoned i kids had fun and we saw pass a boat a boat or luckily we reported and it is arrived has arrived and lucky she has saved us and the dinghy with an agreement he towed us took almost four hours of boat that brought up to our residence of course if nobody passed it was a pretty dramatic thing because we were in the middle of the sea, however, another one of the many original situations which is about reading my forward and back italy philippines and when i had decided to bring everything in Philippines moving me had arranged an air journey to be able to all the material was going back to me wife the two small children and we had to go with an airliner the only particular a little original Rome but I did not want to abandon myself my mother who had already died somewhere year and I was fixated were one thing just a feeling that I had I wanted to take it with me so I went at the local cemetery I made her cremate and in a box I took it to home and there was the problem of how how get on a plane with the ashes of one short dead person is a bit particular so I got an idea that I took red in kyoto by beatrice threaded inside that plastic bag with the mom’s ashes sewn it up and she he played with the schalke and 8 with his mother we arrived in malpensa we have a past check in all check but probably more than twenty years ago there was no checks that the journey was like that I did my wife the two children and mom decades of the tub at some point in the philippines I was a little tired of the resort routine and I thought of opening a small restaurant my a very good little pizzeria pizza I called it had invented sandwiches that were so sweet today that people came continually gives to

ordinary watched over the sandwiches that it was a croissant people had gotten used to and then later I did pc and I took away it was a very special and beautiful thing that is, a corner of Italy in the Philippines one day a situation happened very particular a little dramatic is a a little bit comical and a dozen out of meters from me is just near there was one bank there are banks in the philippines guards and guards who are armed like wartime and with reasons reasons wrong ribag in arms fully armed to the teeth and these two policemen this 2 police officers private police errors stop motionless while a few meters from them there was a exchange currency a good old person that the method that exists in most pines that if you want to change money not in boat you can do this or privately old man was there with the bag he had quite a bit of money at one point stop a scooter without license plate it is stopped came down and approached this sir pointed the gun at him temple and took away the bag is gone up he left the moment that saliva I was at the door and I have I saw I saw this scene no from instinctive person that I started chasing him the traffic was huge there were cars there were motorbike tricycles it was the day of chaos cnn in all in short, Asian cities you could not this scooter of difficulty a take speed I had almost reached them on foot people who made this gesture with a gun pointed at another person and nobody moved said nothing I resorted I resorted at some point yes they realized that I was chasing him I was almost 5 meters away who wanted it look I am instinct constitutively my behavior and he turned and pointed the gun at me at this point instinct has me said I have to stop I couldn’t not I could go further I stopped and I I turned I went back these people who were around there friends of this person they have took away everything they have hugged but said thank you and so it is going here is the photo of a cliff airplane a caravel which is how we say it 11 9 where I turned it home and there I lived a year on the outskirts of milan in tavazzano this is another plane that I saved an encore that I took and I took him to a small bar and triune that belonged to my father and I did also the aviation bar with the hostesses in uniforms that served the sign this is the little house that I have built there at the campovolo where we have lived with the family for ten years this router to light that I used it to teach the campovolo why I was in school and I created in vouchers pilots this Christian family who between the various dramatic experiences which happened to me with a little one self-built ultralight I am finished against a high voltage line 24 thousand voices in short, it has passed a certain period to the hospital and even enough now there I laugh above that I was there enough in not too healthy conditions and before get on the red cross i had to to pay 5 thousand lire for transportation but when with 1 always with these microlights that was my passion with a bouquet of 20 roses preferred from to milan reached the cathedral was unhooked 20 roses in homage to the madonna and the madonnina of milan returning to flight I gave mine small ultralight I loaded it on a boat trolley adapted with all office workers all closed up in covered by a tarpaulin they did not see what it was 40 years ago was not it was not populated it was very suburbs of the campaign it was 4 and 5 in the morning orial arrive at first light of dawn first ice cream corridor in spring disassembled this appliance in a camp e I have taken a convention since the morning with 20 roses and my plan is to reach out the dome we managed those flight took off took off in the moment that I was preparing everything was starting to

come people i thought here i stop someone calls him then the questions what people are doing I said it came out to answer than experimenting with a new mower I told him this fact and I gave one carbonated and at some point via or so it took off and I was already in the air or reached the cathedral it was very easy because I had the reference madonnina was just in a straight line in front of me that is I made some coiled around I had to plan it that I took a scissor and with one hand I had to cut the tape under the cart where scenes in the moment I have let go of the hand with the accelerator I realized that the accelerator went to 0 therefore the engine was idling and he was rushed down wing because it is was a very difficult thing in fraction of seconds after 23 spiral around the madonnina and failed to do this to cut the ribbon and these stuff are also and I think someone will have it bring to the madonnina but this is one of the many stories another particular adventure I have always had the cue of roses therefore add a symbol like ferrari at the monza grand prix in 1981 I thought to pay homage to it like that too i loaded my ultra read one mine small ultralight and disassembled on a cart I took to the suburbs di monza early in the morning or find one countryside amid a shake from trees that nobody saw me in the interior and it comeback only prepared at half past one started the race with the ciociaro the whole parade the authorities and everyone present I always took off with 20 roses with a Ferrari flag a time this package I have reached the racetrack drawn above the cake or a 100 meters high the engine has stopped then it was an engine were engines of cars in and monitors therefore sum was somehow reliable some point I went off the engine is the only one point to be able to be able to say land or fall was in the middle of Bosco Mesola in the bush with plants high and not to send on the track where there were people because when i am since I got to the pure tops of the trees while luca del caduta mi I threw myself out I found myself on plant he crashed to the ground in the grandstands that ran jumped on track the whole race stopped and I’m get to the surrounded this plant how I got the police then seeing that there was this this this parcel watch a flag of ferrari have understood that it was not there nothing terrorist but a gesture symbolic they began to applaud what I spent I went down is the medium they seized me they seized me we had an interrogation when with the praetor of monza of those times but then they let me go here i first moments let’s say where I was learning to fly it means he knows not having school not having an education not having a instructor who taught me the rules me had to arrange authority at some point I had some kids’ spectators in bottom of the field that once I got there asked for their cooperation for not get off my seat unhook me from the harness I said give me one hand to turn the thing but I have not thought than the birch plywood codera means that if you take it adopted that as soon as they broke the apple tree I thought who took the aluminum tube but I have not I have not thought about this in the second floor vice approached the hands to take seconds I turned back heaven turned back and I said away hands off the hands from the helm I felt a blow and the finger is there gone there is no more sum to a certain point me the moment the mouth was like that strong that I did not understand what it was success made a used car at the hospital i they made my dressings definitive tells you another story that is part of my life in short a day I had found a large airplane that they had to demolish things than me sorry because all they fly the demolished Greeks was in livorno

this device was located here livorno is a was a crane wagon that is same as our pc 9 ie 100 people so I decided apple tree at the price of a mere few and a half million state route the huge thing the course really deadly but now I was I had decided to do it and I did it transport to transport 30 meters of plane there was a balance had to do it all regulate that exceptional transport of a company from Bologna they arrived in tavazzano I was there in wait for them crossing the field where had to be filed was a field agricultural attached to the via emilia just after a bend on the way emilia and time before luckily I had been in common and I have asked for permission to restore a small plane enhances I wanted and I had permission and sent permission from a year for those left in the airplane but not they imagined that a plane was arriving there line and when I arrived on load that was October in this balance one hovering with the fuselage another with wings and another with engines was was a a column of 3 40 50 60 meters in all occupied with these means arrived there field in tavazzano everything and they are gone around 9 9 and a half I had placed myself there with a caravan because I didn’t want to abandonment to keep it unattended I heard of accumulation gaillard i chain infill all the cars that just come after the curve they were frightened seeing this plane all still pieces maicon there is a goalkeeper nuno forget to tell you that when i went to see it it was place then vandals set him on fire therefore it was all destroyed but me when I had I had decided to do this operation said I will not stop any one face equally to the restoration when I brought it there all open burned all so around 10 says half and the wax of fog began all after the curve to the cars they saw these wreckage on the ground have started to dab and dozens one behind the other they ended up in songs in the morning they came to the cranes and but we have brought them to the center now the damage was done that is from night to night morning I don’t know if they were 20 or 30 cars all the instruments and massacred in the middle of field were convinced by the successes murders and inter I wanted to make a small museum aeronautic in the end not all that is happened they didn’t let me do it they didn’t give me permits e the injunctions of court of praise of to take away pesaro plano and nothing I started dictate the 10th inhabited there and I have it inhabited almost a year of the lords of perugia they came I took it apart because I prepared that move that the tail was more removable than wings they brought him there too Street well I’m at the end of this mine let’s say about normal life my last experience from work time for a firm the balloon flight is friend owner through an acquaintance who had a hot air balloon firm canon used it so he gave it to me I gave it to you I made a basket year settled and now I’m with a rope bound I’m trying to fly from self-taught I wanted to greet you and I hope that all this story avenue a hope you like the video and see you on future vlogs

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