(steel door slams) (loud thuds of lights shutting off) (creepy laughter) – We’re allowing you all to meet each other How’s it goin’? Which has never been done before How you doin’? You each have a mission But the most important thing is you do not blow your cover or jeopardize the safety of the other participants (tense, up-tempo music) This situation’s not good Chief Hedrick just called One of our participants has blown their cover (tense, up-tempo music) This is disastrous for us – [Mark] We could potentially be pullin’ all of these guys out The last thing we want is somebody to get hurt (tense, up-tempo music) – You know if we’re here, it’s not good There’s only one person that could have given them the information (pulsating beat) (tense music) – [Man] Out here in Arizona, you do somethin’ to the wrong person, they’ll kill you without a thought – [Man] This is a border state You have a lot of transportation of drugs because of the cartels If you (beep) up, you’re gone – [Mark] Welcome to Pinal County, Arizona It’s the real life Wild West out here We’re located 55 miles from the Mexican border Because of the cartels operating out here, all types of gangs, drugs, and criminals make their way into my jail This is Pinal County Jail (upbeat music) – You dealin’ with hardened criminals, they’ll kill a damn guard without no hesitation – [Officer] Let go! (upbeat music) Let go of him now! – Prior to me takin’ office, a couple inmates believed to be gang related with the cartel stabbed one of our lieutenants 21 times – I’m Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb I started my career on an Indian reservation near Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona I was Rookie of the Year, Officer of the Year, and Detective of the Year I am all about God, guns, and freedom Everything I do is to protect freedom, but it’s a battle that we fight everyday – The officers are here to do a job, but do your job and then go home because we live here We run the jail We have rules you gotta follow – [Inmate] You sit at the table with your race You gotta eat with your race – [Inmate] There’s natives, Chicanos, the blacks, the Woods – Do you guys know what Woods means? Whites Only One Day Soon – You gotta be loyal to your own Unity and loyalty, that’s it – These rules that we live by in here have been set long before we were even born If we need to put our hands on people, it will be done (violent punches) (screaming) – This is harder than prison This is like the worst time you could ever, ever do (screaming) – [Inmate] Shut that door, shut that door, shut that door – Lockdown! Lockdown! Lockdown! – Why the (beep) you yellin’ at us? – These inmates think they run the jail, but I’m not gonna stand for it As sheriff of this county, I know what the needs and concerns of my jail are That’s why I wanted to focus on the areas that I know need to be addressed We’re focusing on three missions; gangs, drugs, and jail operations – Okay, keep that (beep) movin’, bye – And I’m gonna have a male and a female addressing each mission That way we can get a real well-rounded look at what’s goin’ on in our facility

I hope to learn what kind of contraband is coming in and out of our jail, what type of gang problems we have in there We’ve made a lot of changes since I took office, but I wanna make sure that those changes have been beneficial to not only the inmates but my employees When it’s all said and done, I just wanna make sure that we’re running a good jail And so our participants are goin’ in with very specific missions based on what we perceive is their talents and abilities – My name is Abner and I’m a chaplain/ex-con At age 18, I started with the Latin Kings I did about 14 years of solid prison time – My name is David I am a police officer Growin’ up, I spent a lot of time in the streets I became the police because I was tired of gettin’ (beep) with by the police, period – My name is Brooke and I’m a very right-wing conservative person I think our prison system is cake I’m all for chain gangs If you don’t work, you don’t eat – My name is Jazmyn I’m a single mom and I’m a veteran People who are already incarcerated are still human I’m not an angel I can’t judge ’em I mean, it could have been me – My name is Mark I’m a former CO and I’m a huge fan of 60 Days In I mean, it really is kind of a dream come true to actually be on the show – My name is Vivian and I am a Navy and Army veteran Being in the military for so many years, I’m not gonna be a punk and be like, oh, no, I’m gonna diffuse the situation and walk away or whatever the case is I’m gonna return fire (faint, eerie music) (tense music) – Hi – Hi – Our participants will know each other before they go in That’s a huge benefit for me For one, they’re not gonna spend time trying to figure out who the other participants are – Mark, nice to meet you – Abner – Good to meet you – Pleasure – [Sheriff] And number two, this way they can collaborate on what the missions are They can hit it from different angles and they can share information with one another – Are you all ready? – I am – Yeah – I’m excited – I am (laughter) – Hey, I’m Mark – Vivian – It’s good to meet you – It’s nice to meet you – At the same time, they have to trust one another that they won’t blow each other’s cover – So where are you from? – Really? – Yeah, you can say where– – All right, listen, man – Everything’s been so secretive I don’t know what I can and can’t say I just signed about 15 documents I don’t even know what’s real anymore Oh, okay – Mornin’ How’s everybody doin’? Because the safety of the participants is so important, before they enter the jail, I’ve got four of my administrators together to make sure that we prepare them before they go into our facility You guys excited? – Yeah – I am – This is exciting for us, too So we’re gonna jump right into this We want you to know what you’re gettin’ into is real Um, I’m putting my reputation on the line so I put a lot of faith in you I don’t want you to go in there and jack things up Hopefully you’ll stay within what we’re asking you to do and the mission that we’ll give you Really take to heart what we’re tellin’ you We want you to be safe in there and we want it to be productive for us, as well Chief – Well, I don’t even know what to say to you guys ’cause this whole program boggles my mind because I feel like, walking into this room, that you guys feel like you’re contestants playin’ this game and it’s all cool, and you got TV cameras, and all that (beep), but you are about to have 40, 50, 60 roommates Some of them are killers, some of them are rapists, and we’ve had assaults, we’ve had stabbings, we’ve had people kill other people I don’t think that has set in with you guys yet ’cause I can see you’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we walked in and everybody’s like, yeah, I’m happy to be here Yeah, that (beep) gonna wear off, I guarantee you – Rule number one, this ain’t your home You don’t have anybody to give you street credibility This is you on an island – Pinal County, we have a strong influence of gangs Not just your street gangs, but mafia organizations; Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood You’re gonna have to fall in line You will eat with your own race You will back your race This isn’t officer rules, but I’m lettin’ you know on the inmate world of it at what they’re gonna push – So we’re gonna show you guys a few photos of the stabbing of our lieutenant just to kind of give you guys a perspective as to what kind of (beep) can happen in there, okay?

Piece of metal They shaved it off of a bunk He was stabbed 21 times – [Jay] By two of those – [Montoya] This is the shirt he was wearing that day – If you get in a position where you have to fight, there is no (beep) givin’ up You fight for your lives, okay? Because that’s why this man is alive today because he didn’t give up If they’re willin’ to take that gamble and assault an officer, just think what they’ll do to you (tense music) – Abner, come on up, man Your mission will be to find out as much as you can about the gangs within our facility – Sup, gringo? – Let’s see what ink ya got, take your shirt off – Dude, I ain’t got no six pack but I’m good At the age of 18, I caught a charge for assault with a deadly weapon and that’s when I started experiencing the gang within the prison system So I started with the Latin Kings – [Thomas] You got shot before or what? – Yeah, that’s a little souvenir I got a couple of those – [Mark] What’s up with the crown in the back? – [Jay] Cinco punto It’s got five points on that bad boy – Will that tattoo be linked to Latin Kings? – [Abner] No, gold and black – [Jay] Yeah, it doesn’t have the right colors, but the five points – The real one is under That was through a gang program – Actually, I think the current head of the pod that you’re probably going to is a Sureño right now, too – And the Sureños are already enemies with Latin Kings, so, That’s already a blood shot Too many enemies – What’d you black out and all that stuff right here? – The one on my hand and the one of my neck, but it’s gone Covered it right up – Okay, let me see the one on your neck – You can’t even see it, it’s like three lines – [Mark] So you’re gonna avoid the Latin King thing? – All day – Best – Better – [Mark] Gangs is an issue for us in this facility We have to monitor the gang activity constantly – When I first came here, they pulled up a gang fight on me and, yeah, they knew who I was – [Mark] We deal with the white gangs, we’ll deal with black gangs However, our biggest gang is the Mexican Mafia – Being this is Arizona and it’s a border state, you have a lot of cartels Honestly, it’s scary – We absolutely have wives or girlfriends of gang members who are dangerous and whose motives are not pure – It’s hard to sleep at night Worryin’ about what that person’s gonna do to you (inmate laughing) – Gangs is the most dangerous of the three missions – From my experience in being in gangs, I know how their structure works, I know how their manipulation works, I know when people are gonna be targets I’m gonna be able to see all that because I did all that – Jazmyn, come on up Jazmyn’s mission is gangs, as well – What’s all that blue about? – Go in with the blue, you’re claimin’ a side whether you want to or not – This? – [Mark] Blue, that’s Crips right there – As soon as you walk in that tank with that (beep) in your hair, you claimed a side and if that tank ain’t that side, then guess what? You’re in the wrong (beep) tank – Okay So you wash that (beep) out or take it out or they’ll take it out for you – Okay Growin’ up in New Orleans, I seen a lot so I actually feel very confident about goin’ into the jail, but this is not a game This is about survival – David, come on up You’re a cop, right? – Mhm – Guard that with your life, man – Fa sho – You got a taste for what these guys will try to do Don’t let them know that in any way, shape, or form Your mission; find out everything you can about the drugs coming in and out of the facility – Wow, that pill’s kickin’ in (dog barking) – I’ve seen meth in here I don’t know where it came from, I didn’t ask, I didn’t wanna know – You just shove it up your vagina or your butt hole – I always say idle hands is the devil’s workshop These inmates are extremely creative on how they bring drugs into the facility and we need to do better to stop this Brooke, come on down Brooke’s mission is to investigate drugs on the female side You’re the one self-surrender – Why you gonna turn yourself in like that? You ain’t goin’ to prom Let’s wear yoga pants You’re gonna wanna be as comfortable as you can – I was thinkin’ from like the TV perspective kind– – You ain’t goin’ to TV, you’re goin’ to jail – And if you come in like that, you may think you’re a badass, but your attitude right now is gonna get your ass whooped because you come across as a bitch You need to go in there not like a badass

because I can tell you’re confident, but that comes across as who wants to (beep) with me? – I think a lot of people have preconceived notions based on my appearance All they see is the blonde hair, and the blue eyes, and the stereotype, but they don’t have any idea how I grew up or what I’ve see or what I’ve been through You’re not a bitch, you just look that way – When you come into the pod, these women have to go by your appearance – Yeah – You can have a little bite, too Just be you – All right – Thank you – Cool – I’ve had family members with drug addictions and that will help me on the inside because I can relate to the people that are already there – All right, Vivian, you’re up Come on up – Okay – Vivian, your job; jail operations We wanna know in our facility what’s working and what’s not working – Okay, I was in the military for 14 years What they prepare you for is being able to watch five different things happening all at once and being able to pay attention to all of them – Do you live in here? – No – Then I don’t need you speaking Mind your business – When I took office, there were a lot of issues that needed to be addressed -[Sheriff] And the jail needed a new direction – Talk to us like human beings you piece of (beep) – [Sheriff] That’s why we’re focusing on jail operations – [Sheriff] You constantly have to be making changes to stay ahead of both criminals – And to make sure that you’re running the best jail facility All right, Mark, come on down Mark’s mission is also jail operations Oh, you definitely don’t belong here What did you do, steal some pencils? – Oh my God (laughter) I’m not hard, per say, but on the same token, I’ve been in the military I worked as a corrections officer I mean, I can defend myself if I have to – I’m not gonna lie to you.- – [Mark] Yeah I’m gonna be very brutally honest They’re gonna see you as soft – Okay – So you’re gonna get questions that they won’t get and you have to be able to address those – [Mark] Okay So we’re gonna kind of give you a little feel for what you’re gonna be experiencing when you hit that intake Are you a sex offender? – No, not at all – Do you like boys? – No, not at all – No child porn? – No, no child porn I don’t mess with that jack – If you start getting harrassed about chomo, sex offender, and all that, shut that (beep) down – If somebody in jail called you a chomo, that’s a death sentence – My biggest concern with Mark is that he is not tough enough for this If Mark seen as soft, next thing you know they’re taking his food, they’re taking his commissary, and he could actually be at physical risk One more thing before you go into our facility You guys are in such a dangerous situation so if you need help, we have an emergency signal Grab your shoulder while sayin’, “My shoulder’s killin’ me.” So that we can come in and meet with you and see if there’s anything you need from us – [Sheriff] Thank you for your time today You got a lot to digest Head on out and have a good night (tense music) – [Jazmyn] He’s sayin’ prepare for it I’m just ready – I’m excited – I’m excited about my mission, too I like the whole undercover spy aspect – And I think all of us here that have been military, we’ve all deployed and kind of have a little competitive edge – I understand some of us are military here, but you don’t wanna go in there too cocky They’re master manipulators They are there all day so as soon as we walk in there, it’s like a chess table and we’re those pawns Meeting the other participants, all of them have no idea what they’re doing, they really don’t I’ve been there so I know what it is – I’ve had months to prepare and think about it and I’ve just been visualizing the best way to get through it and I think it’s prepared me the best that I can – You could visualize something, but you ain’t got no control of who’s in there – I’ll just deal with it when I get there – They’re gonna try you – Oh, I guarantee it – First, first off the bat I was one of those people that I used to love tryin’ people whether it was your sneakers, your commissary If I didn’t have it, you were givin’ it to me So, I mean, you can visualize all you want, but you’re about to go meet the thieves – [Mark] Okay (tense music) (instrumental country music) ♪♪

♪♪ (tires crunch in the dirt) – [Abner] Me goin’ into this program, I’m doin’ it for everybody to know that everybody deserves a second chance (rhythmic beat) I was approximately the age of 15 years old when I became a gang member It was very easy for me to fall into the gang scene It was in the neighborhood It was like a style, a pair of shoes that everybody wore The first time I committed a serious crime, I was 16 years old and I knew what it was like to grab a weapon and watch an adult drop on the floor I was a guy that you would’ve crossed the street when you saw me You were absolutely gonna cross the street when you saw me comin’ I joined the Latin Kings in prison out of not fear or protection, but more like, I was violent so why not just do the criminal activities in prison That becomes your family, that becomes your respect My turning point in my life was the last time I was incarcerated, I spent a year in solitary confinement A correction officer gave me a Bible and that’s what changed my life One Bible – How you doin’, Ray? – What’s up, brotha? – [Ray] God bless you, man – [Abner] God bless you – [Abner] The more I read the Bible, the more I found myself believing in faith After leaving jail my last time, I started evaluating myself and started seeing what I could do to help people I became a certified chaplain and I serve other people I’m kind of hesitant going into the past and something resurrecting from my past even if it’s a thought, a feeling, emotion – Why don’t we pray for Abner? – My mother, for years, said, “My son is good.” I was not good I was a savage But I’m not that person anymore So one of the reasons why I’m doing 60 Days In is for me to give back – We come together right now on behalf of our brother, Abner – [Abner] I know I’m gonna run into somebody in there and I’m gonna be saying this guy’s me I want them to know that they have the same chance I have to not live like that – Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thou art with me – But at the same time, something might happen that might make me relapse That’s what worries me about this experiment – All right, Abner Let’s go over your mission What is it? – My mission is, with my experience of being an ex-gang member, I know how they move, who’s callin’ shots in there, who does it, who they recruit, find out how it disturbs the facility or disturbs the inmates – It’s a little different out here in the west Huge cartel influence, mainly Mexican Mafia – Right Just be careful, you know, representing something you don’t know anything about – [Abner] Oh, no, no I’m not goin’ in there claimin’ anything – All right, let’s walk over to my car here – All right – Driver side – Go ahead turn around and put your hands on the hood of the car – [Abner] I completed five years parole It’ll be almost 10 years that I committed a crime No violations, no police contact, nothing I’ve left that behind in my past – Hands around your back – But I had to be that person one more time – Watch your head – [Abner] You know, this is it, the shackles are on You’re a slave, once again, to that lifestyle It’s almost like being a beast and you know that beast is inside of you AB, the AB that was known in the streets The AB that was respected, that you do somethin’, I’m gonna do somethin’ to you and that’s the one that I need I’m in here for real and I’m on survival mode, you know and any (beep) that comes in my way, I’m pretty much gonna handle my business – Step over there in that yellow box – [Inmate] Back the (beep) up I mean back the (beep) up, man You don’t scare me, you – [Abner] Walking into intake, it hits you that

I’m an inmate I’m alone – [Officer] Tap it on the in box here There you go – My keys from Wal-Mart and y’all gon’ arrest him? (beep) Christians! – [Officer] Head inside Go to the back of the room Put your shoes and all your clothes – Including the whites? – That’s not right, man Y’all hit me with a flag and a baseball bat trying to arrest me? – [Abner] It’s almost like a dejavu It’s like here we go again – Take this and then while you walk around, just keep your hands behind your back, please Out the door to the left You’re gonna have a seat in the black cage in the chairs – [Abner] But at the same time, it feels new like it’s my first time in jail – [Officer] You just whined about this Hands behind your back, knock it off, OK? – [Abner] I’m a little afraid, but I can’t show fear (ominous music) – [Jazmyn] I’m really bout to do this Ain’t no backing down It’s really crazy because I’m the most nervous one outta all three, but I’m the first to go in So now, I’m definitely about to find my strengths As a teenager, I was a person who lived for that day Now I’m a person who lives for the future You gotta move your legs – I got it, Mama – Carmine is my daughter and I have a little boy His name is Dougie Are you goin’, you going up the wrong way Going into this program, it matters to me because I just want an idea what it feels like as a single mom being incarcerated, leaving kids behind because it could’ve been me – You ready? Not really, huh? – I’m ready If you could make it in New Orleans east – If you can make it out here, you can make it in there – I can make it in there Growing up in New Orleans, I hung around the worst of the worst Everybody had gang In New Orleans, we had wars We’re separated by different areas New Orleans east is the east beast Eight Ward is the eight war animals Ninth ward, they have us saying that, “I’m in the lower nine and I don’t mind dyin’.” Like, that’s how they actually live My decision of going to the Army was based on my lifestyle I was four years active duty in the Army from Korea to Iraq to Kuwait It wasn’t easy at all but it just made me like, stronger – I’m sad for you I don’t want you to leave – You gon’ miss me? – Yeah I can’t really fit in a suitcase – It’s definitely gonna be hard to leave my kids but, I really am doing this to show them, Mommy’s strong I’m a single Mom but I got you on both ends, you know? – I believe in you, Mama (ominous music) – [Officer] Hello Jazmyn, how are you feeling? – I’m kinda numb – Alright, I want you to remember, you’re a veteran, you know how to get through tough things – Right – So, it’s in your very nature to accomplish this You have to remember that – I got this – All right, I need you to step up to the front of this bumper here Put your hands on top of the hood – [Jazmyn] My mission is gangs I’ve had experience in gang activities, but I’ve never been part of a gang So, that’s gonna be a damn good challenge for me (intense music) (handcuffs click) – Wanna walk with me? – [Jazmyn] When I put the handcuffs on, it hit me Like I’m volunteering for this crap – [Officer] Watch your head – And I’m like, damn, this (beep) is real! – So, our first two participants are already in (intense music) the Pinal County Jail Over the next few weeks, we’ll be booking in the other four But what these six don’t know is right now, I’m on my way to pick up a seventh participant that nobody else knows about This guy insisted on going in alone He wanted to be different, separate from all of them,

unbeknownst to them He feels he has the skillset to be the X factor in this program This guy’s gonna be our lone wolf and our fail safe for any of the other participants who don’t complete their missions (ominous music) Steve – How’s it goin’? – John, Sheriff – You doin’ alright? – Good to see ya – Good to see you – Steve. So you ready for this? – Ready when you are I’m Steve I’m a private investigator I’ve been working undercover for almost 30 years now It’s what I do (intense music) Being a private investigator, I’ve been shot outta trees, I’ve been stabbed I’ve totaled a dozen cars Like I said, been arrested a handful of times Having been on both sides of it, I hope that it’s given me enough insight into the convict mentality I live on a farm, 13 acres It’s been dubbed The Compound and security, ya know, the measures are extensive Everything from laser motion detectors to night vision cameras, trip wires You know, you come across the wrong part of the property, and there’s a 12 gauge shell at eye level When you trip that wire, you’re a headless corpse (intense music) (gunshots ringing) So, as far as what to do, if the threat’s outside, use the AR If the threat’s inside, switch to the 12 gauge You know the drill Yell at the intruder, “I have a gun “The police are on their way.” – If he comes through the door, I shoot him – [Steve] When do you stop shooting? – When I’m out of ammo – You’re a badass I trained you myself I guess this is it – Come back home to me – Always – OK – Love you – Love you – When I work undercover, I work alone I got enough to worry about taking care of myself The other participants, they’re on their own – Now remember, the reason you’re here is because we feel like you’re gonna be somebody that’s gonna be able to give us some valuable information We’re hoping that Steve acts as a fail safe and is able to dig up information on all three of the missions – Sheriff, I hope to walk outta here and be able to tell you your facility is tight as a drum and it’s clean as a whistle But if it’s there and I don’t find it, I’m gonna be disappointed I’m not gonna let ya down – We got your back man Don’t quit You ready Professor? Gonna have you walk up to the front of the car here Go ahead and put your hands on the car – As the Sheriff cuffs me up, there are a number of concerns but there’s no room for doubt There’s no room for second thoughts There’s no time I mean, all that (beep) over with (handcuffs click) The time for that was up until those handcuffs went click – You’ve got this (intense music) – When they took me to jail, I was panicking It was, oh my God like, I’m going into real jail I’m anxious, I’m ready to get it over with (ominous music) (chattering) (screaming) – [Officer] You’re alright buddy, you’re alright – The nurse is gonna need a urine sample – [Officer] Just relax, just relax Just an IV in your arm, OK? Don’t pull that out – Are you able to slip your shoes off or no? – Yeah – [Officer] You’re here on drug charges right now? – Yeah – So then I gotta watch you go pee and do not flush the toilet No funny business Put your sample on the back of the toilet, please – [Officer] Any medical or mental health issues? Have you ever attempted suicide? Are you thinking about that today? Drugs or alcohol? – [Officer] Do you know where you’re at? Where are you at? – Grab this, just head back there Go through you some shoes in that bin over there

(coughing) – [Officer] Spread your cheeks with your hands Come on out and we’re gonna get your pictures real quick, OK? You’re gonna look at the camera that’s right above the door Turn around the other way Straight that way – [Inmate] Excuse me! (inmate yelling) – [Jazmyn] This is the beginning of the hell that I’m in now – Master control Pick up your buckets Four females from intake Get against the wall to the left, single file line – [Jazmyn] You go through this long, long hallway and where we were going, if was like you could feel it Like, it’s coming It’s coming (ominous music) (inmates yelling) I was like, “Holy (beep), what’s the code word again?” – Take a left around the cage (intense music) – [Officer] One! Right here man You’re gonna be in that bottom right corner – Right when I’m walking in, here comes two Hispanic guys in my face – Two second, I’m Chicano – I felt like nervous, like anxious, like man, this is only one minute walking through the door – What’s up, Abner man – Chris man – AB, man – You come in white, doesn’t matter what gang you belong to in the streets, you’re white If you come in black and if you’re a Blood, a Crip or whatever, you’re black If you’re Hispanic born in the United States, automatically, I’m Chicano – Warrant from the bureau – Oh (beep) – How long you got? – It’s armed robbery in the 2nd, D felony, but no, no, listen, I already did my time I’ve been in Rikers Island, 15,000 inmates – That’s crazy – Yeah, for a minute I got my bed made It’s a custom When someone recognizes that you have position walking in from the door, it’s a form of respect I’ll make your bed – I said, “You was just about to let me go.” He’s like, “I feel bad ’cause you didn’t do nothing.” I said, “Yes, well let me go.” And I owe them restitution – No, no, this is PR So many years, so many tears I got a crown but I don’t run it I’m no Latin Kings and all, its just a church (ominous music) – [Abner] The ink tells a lot about a person As much as you try to hide it, the ink tells a lot – If they knew that I was a Latin King, I automatically become the threat in the unit because they know that in the east coast, Latin Kings run the show

(intense music) And the next thing you know, this guy enters my room – Automatically I knew that he holds position He’s one of the heads He’s looking at me and sizing me up – So it’s like, now I’m on high alert If this keeps going the way it’s going, I might roll outta here in a body bag (intense music) – Forget TV, forget the cameras, forget all that This is big boy jail – Once I entered the pod, it really feels like this is it It has really begun – Go man, I’ll be ready bro – Everybody in there does drugs – Everybody – Whoa – Everybody Everybody (intense music) – She’s out there telling people that we’re undercover cops – There was a lot of sign language going on so that was a red flag there – I know it – If you come in here and you interview, you’re a target (intense music) – Nobody in this pod’ll question nothing I say I don’t give a (beep) who it is – I can’t do this I can’t – I can’t be a chaplain here I have to be a convict (intense music) – There has been a security breach They just got played and they now know who played them They’re waiting for the green light – We need to make sure all the participants are safe We’re determining whether we gotta shut the whole thing down (intense music) – [Guard] Let go of him now!

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