today’s hit music is on Z90.3 it’s Morton in the morning and it’s really cool I ask someone to fly to San Diego and join us on the show his name is Kelsey and you must follow and subscribe his YouTube channel is called 74 gear it’s not shoes or clothing it’s not that kind of gear it is 74 Gear, he’s a 747 pilot and his videos cover several things if you’re interested in flying as a pilot and your student a lot of great tips there if you’re curious without the way an airport works away what’s happening on an airplane a lot of great videos there and if you love movies and wonder is there any way that is real if you’re watching the dark night and you’re watching them tow a plane through the sky or maybe Denzel Washington flipping a plane upside down in flight how likely is that Hollywood versus reality it’s all on his channel you must subscribe to 74 gear thank you for coming on the show thanks so much I appreciate it so where are you most of the time when you’re flying and like I oh good do you find yourself in the United States the most are other countries how often do you fly cargo versus passengers I would say probably about 90% of my flying is actually cargo or more maybe 95 and as far as where I go in the world we literally go everywhere have you ever been in like places you’re like boy if I got stranded here I wouldn’t know how to find my way home like okay I’m and vladislav awk rush-hour yeah I mean I was in Kazakhstan which is not a normal place that you would normally go to you talked about in that Air Force one video that I did on the Air Force One movie they talked about getting out of Kazakhstan and I was there and we ended up on an overnight there it was it was really cool though do you stay at weird hotels and stuff when you’re in Kazakhstan it’s not like you’re Trip Advisor’s yeah it’s just not a normal we stop there a lot for fuel what’s called a tech stop you’ll stop for fuel but we don’t normally lay over there but I got a I got a layover there it wasn’t very long those maybe like 14 15 hours something like that did you go out and eat and go yeah I personally when I land somewhere I’ll just go wander around in the city just to see what unless it says specifically don’t go wander around yeah so it’s when you go to land these places often these are places you’ve never seen with your eyes so yeah as a 747 pilot how much of it does it have to be visual or is your like hey I know my math on this so we’re good you know an area in airports and airports an airport so the okay we know roughly hey this is what its gonna be like and then once we get on the ground we have charts that a hey we’re gonna take the plane here we’re gonna park there and then we have a lot of ground support that is there to take care of us okay so have you ever flown in somewhere and you just couldn’t believe with your eyes what you’re seeing out of the plane that comes to mind immediately I mean one of the very first times that I flew the 747 I was going from Buenos Aires Argentina into Santiago Chile I was flying over the Andes and the moon had lit the mountains up and it was my first time actually flying the plane and I was just looking out the window flying and thinking I can’t believe I’m getting paid to do this do I cannot believe this is this is real life the first time you landed a 747 yeah were you sweating yeah I mean you always we do a lot of simulator training before we go actually fly the real plane that was into Santiago is the first place I landed you’re a little bit nervous but yeah yeah it’s I wasn’t sweating but yeah you have everybody there you have a special captain that’s there watching you and then there was two other pilots that were along on the flight just for the length of the flight you had to have extra pilots on there so you know all three of them are watching you and judging you yeah but uh I mean I’ve done it the same I you know I’ve had it with four hundred something people on the planes though Wow yeah we’re talking to Kelsey he’s a 747 pilot he flies around the world cargo and passengers and he has a great youtube channel called 74 gear that really gives you kind of an inside view of well from the cockpit back if you’re a passenger on a plane you probably have a lot of questions and wonder what’s going on like here I’ll give you one right after takeoff you’ll hear a bong bong and people always jump because you can feel it in the floorboards of the plane and you feel like okay did something just happen did the bottom fall out what is that that’s usually just the gear coming up I think it’s probably what you’re referring to it’s the gear coming up into the wheels the wheels can do a wheel well and then there’s a different different planes different things but usually hooks in there so it comes in and it hooks and the other thing that people are sometimes asked about is you’ll hear the engines wind back right when it’s climbing out why are the engines coming back are we supposed to be taking off full blast yeah so they pull back the engines a little bit once you get up to a certain altitude the engines relieved a little because you can kind of feel yourself like sit back in your seats exactly exactly interesting when people are flying on the plane I hear all kinds of rules like oh you can’t stand here you can’t do this what’s the biggest

misconception people have when they’re flying about what they should be doing what they can do what they can’t do and obviously definitely can’t knock on the cockpit with a complaint right I mean really the main thing is listening to the flight attendants when they tell you to do something is because that’s gonna be from the from the flight deck going back and that’s the big misconception sometimes they’ll fight back with the flight attendants the flight sense will come back to us and if we have to go back and have a talk then that’s usually never a good thing have you had to do that yeah we’ve had to go back and make an announcement I’ve had to go and do those and it’s never it’s such a delicate situation because you don’t want to call out one person or make somebody feel uncomfortable so usually you’ll to stay the tough flight since like hey let them know that captain or let them know the pilots say you need to comply with this like if you’re sitting on the bulkhead where there’s no seat in front of you yes you can’t have your big bag on the floor there right it doesn’t work so another question I have is when you hear the pilots they all do this and I’m not saying they’ll go that’s exactly you know I made this video and we talked about that and it’s a thing that pilots do and I don’t know why we do it but it’s it’s something that every pilot does and you cuz you just keep that mic open the whole time shall I go yeah usually when we’re doing it it’s because well when I’m doing it we’re flying so I’m listening in one ear to what air traffic control is saying I’m listening to what’s in watching what’s going on while looking at information for example the airport you’re going into so you’ll be going to that Airport you’ll be looking at it and say alright we’re headed out to a San Diego current weather and you’re looking for stuff while you’re listening to stuff while you’re watching stuff so there’s a lot that’s going on and and that’s usually part of why now why don’t we just be quiet I don’t know interesting how come the other guys not saying talking to the people on the plane and you’re talking and listening to what else is happening externally no so what well if I’m making announcement while we’re flying the other pilot is handling the radios and flying the plane okay so you are doing them that is you’re still listening but I’m still listening to hear what’s going on because if they say you know descend to 10,000 feet I want to know why like I see the guys spinning the knob to go to 10,000 what’s happening with our aircraft I have another question when I see pilots in the airport I’m always like oh I thought you had like a secret bus you get on that takes you around the back and you just get off it and get on the plane it’s not like that you get off of the curb yeah most the time there are some airlines in some places in the world where we’ll get off and we’ll have a special entrance and a way to get to the plane most airports you just got to go right through like San Diego if you’re a pilot and you’re gonna fly a 747 to Seattle mm-hmm and you wake up you leave the hotel you just walk in and go through security in so if you’re flying cargo we’ll go obviously go to a different side of the airport if we’re flying let’s take troops out of here then yeah we’ll go through the normal side and then we have a special line that we go through where they check our credentials to verify that we are who we are so we don’t have to take all of our stuff off and do the TSA dance that’s what I was gonna say I must because that would wear you out as a pilot cuz you’re in so many airports you’re like I can’t take it plus you know you know we might be going through with the water or we have liquids bigger than the three ounces all the different rules that people have to comply with it would be hard for us to do that plus we’ll have two maybe three bags thus it’s and it’s a speed thing you know if we have to stand in that line for 20 or 30 minutes right now the flights are delayed that’s not gonna work okay so you have it so you just got front of the line basically we got the Fast Pass for everything when you see people getting on and off the plane I always see the pilots standing there and they’re like oh man welcome to Seattle welcome to it dude Bret you do that I do I like to do that some pilots don’t like to do that I personally do I do how come sometimes what’s happening is once you land if you’ve got another flight that you have to go to and you’re not staying with your flight attendants in some airlines the pilots and flight attendants are always getting split up so if you land and you have another flight to get to a lot of times you’ll just grab your bags and walk okay get to the other plane and start setting up for your next flight that’s interesting and I don’t why don’t they have you stick together just because you guys are ending up at different places at the end of the day in some cases when we do our packs flights our passenger flying we are staying together because we’ll do a long flight so that day’s over we’re done we’re talking at Kelsey has a YouTube channel called 7:00 for gear you definitely subscribe if you have any curiosity about flying what’s happening in the plane while you’re going what’s happening at the airport why things take so long how things get done this channel explains a lot of it and one of my favorite parts is the hollywood versus reality so if you love hollywood movies that include flying Air Force One flight castaway there’s really interesting insight to how much is that hollywood versus how much is real and I love that

about your channel when you see people getting on the plane and just seeing it ya know that guy I know what that person’s gonna do yep because we have there’s one girl that always gets on every plane a gypsy gypsy yeah they have six bags slung around them that they’re not gonna put in the overhead they’ve got Taco Bell at 6:00 a.m. they look hungover and they’re wearing like some form of sweats headphones they’ve got a lot going on right right you see it every flight I’ve seen every play and you know the thing is is I understand for people they’re not in an airport a lot and it’s been like this I talked to my aunt who was a flight attendant here in San Diego she flew for PSA which is way back into my and we were talking about this stuff that I experience now and she goes it was the same back then 70s 80s people just show up to the airport and they’re just they instantly blanked out they’re lost and they just come in and start staring and they do stuff that you would never normally do in real life what’s the most bizarre thing that comes to mind I had a guy once I was walking through the airport and he literally walked up to me goes do you know what gate my flight is leaving out of and just looked at me I said I know I would how would I know that he goes okay and he just started walking off and I was like no bro come here where are you going what airline you’re flying and I found his flight you know it’s nice of you yeah you just became the captain to the airport like pilots were in the airports all the time but we’re in a lot of airports so we don’t necessarily know where that thing is that you’re looking for do you how many airports do you know by heart oh I don’t know I moved through airports all the time so I’m able to move through an airport really fast just because it’s something I’m very comfortable with something I know very well are they designed similarly or no okay very different I’ve messed up before I was in it was in Korea I had this weird long transition layover between a flight and getting on a commercial flight and I I took this train I had this train that would go to one terminal but only went to that terminal didn’t go back I didn’t know I had four hours in the airport so I was just bored and walking around I got off this train and I said hey how do I get that on that train back I said how did you get over here I mean I had my crew badge and I had everything so they had to like get an escort to escort me all the way back to the other side knows like okay oh my god how do you have a train that goes one way not the other way when you’re in the plane in year we’re talking to Kelsie’s a 747 pilot he flies passengers he flies cargo he’s flown around the world when someone’s flying and they experience turbulence yeah what’s really happening and how dangerous is it cuz it’s frightening but like if you’re in the back of a plane and you experience turbulence do you get scared no well I mean I did when I was a kid yeah there was a time when I was on a flight I remember I was looking out the window and the wings were just flexing so much I thought that it can’t be good because these things get tested we have a parameter that we’re allowed to fly into a speed that we’re allowed to fly into so there’s there’s never going to be a situation where a plane’s gonna break up because of turbulence so when you’re on the plane and you’re feeling turbulence the guys up in the cockpit aren’t going oh no I and I actually talked about in one of my videos because when we’re flying cargo and we hit turbulence we don’t even slow down we’re just like yeah let it roll because I’ve noticed that when you’re flying sometimes you’ll hear what the turbulence starts and the engines wind down a little bit makes you think like oh or what’s happening yeah and that just is to make the right smoother for everybody that that’s it there’s a parameter in which the plane is set at this speed it can handle any any level of turbulence so in some cases the planes will slow down a little bit but that’s usually for passenger comfort not for anything else so when we’re flying cargo and we’re you know seven four ply is really fast we’ll just be ripping and it’ll be bouncy and we just keep going and you know if somebody might be sleeping in the back I’m gonna start laughing like ha ha what has there been a turbulent so extreme that if you weren’t buckled in you would have hit your head on the ceiling yeah I mean I was actually a long time ago I was flying into Austin and I wasn’t on the seven-four I was flying an older plane it was a propeller plane and the turbulence was so bad it was either somewhere around a hurricane it come come into Texas and I couldn’t even see the instruments we were slamming around so hard I could even see the instruments and we it was a small plane and I was flying with a guy who is an old Vietnam era b-52 bomber pilot oh it was me and him flying together and he had just obviously tons of experience and we’re bouncing around so hard I couldn’t even see the gauges and I said PJ ik I can’t see the gauges I can’t see what’s going on right now and he said yeah I’m either okay he goes but you know why I’m not scared I said no why he goes because we’re at 3,000 feet in Texas we’re not gonna hit anything

say that people like ya when you’re in the in the air your are much safer because you’re not connected to anything there’s no pavement underneath you there’s no barriers around you yeah it would have to be another plane hitting you and that’s hard to happen yeah I mean we have so much safety you have two people who have tons of training in flying that aircraft you have air traffic control looking after you you have all the different things in our cockpit that in the flight deck we have things so we can see the planes that around us if they’re climbing or descending and then there’s a system that’s designed to tell you if there is the possibility of a collision it tells one plane to go up and the other plane to go down I mean there’s so much backup to make sure that they’re everybody’s safe on the plane it’s it’s incredible now I’ve heard that pilots we’re talking to Kelsie’s a 747 pilot he has a youtube channel seven four gear subscribe I’ve heard that pilots when things are going wrong they don’t yell they’re trained to speak in in calm easy understandable terms even fighter pilots because otherwise it just makes everyone freaked out is that true they make you practice that no it’s not something that you get a class on talking okay calmly it’s just this stage of the game you know flying a 17-2 can see you know when it comes to weather or whatnot so you know we do a lot of training let’s say on an engine failure or an engine fire and things like that so we’ve seen a lot of it and obviously if you’re screaming that dynamic is not going to help things so it’s just more like hey this happened and now for everything in aviation you do this you have this situation it’s immediately you do this thing and it’s it’s scripted you don’t let pilots just let’s let’s you know grab this thing and do that thing it’s just not so hey we always hear this every time a Tom Cruise movie comes out oh I’m a pilot I fly this and I fly that and I did loop the loops in a helicopter for Mission Impossible right no accurate do you think it is that he’s that skilled of a pilot I mean I’ve never seen him fly so III don’t know but you know in my from what I’ve seen from him he seems to over prepare for everything so for every movie that he does he seems that he’s taking every type of possible training to be the best you know a firearms guy for a Mission Possible movie so I’m guessing if he’s gonna be flying a plane he’s probably yeah watch the last Mission Impossible and he was doing like barrel rolls in a helicopter I thought man I don’t know about that that seems like a little bit then I would take it right I don’t know I’ve never seen him fly so I can’t really say but there’s a lot of things you can do in aviation I mean I’ve seen helicopters do that stuff O’Reilly never flown a helicopter but I have friends that you know mill guys that do let me ask you this question of Hollywood movies yeah most realistic movie involving flight most unrealistic movie like that’s not even close like soul I’ll do everything when you watch movies oh do you obviously because on your channel on YouTube channel for gear you talk about which movies are realistic and which are not right what comes to mind you just watch it and said this isn’t even close to anyway rational I mean I usually when I’m watching a movie I obviously part of you thinking like no that’s not even remotely possible but I can usually watch it and just enjoy the movie could you know I know this is for entertainment you know you watch castaway for example there’s some things that are very realistic in that when that plane crash that happened in the beginning there’s some stuff that’s very realistic and then there’s other things like that would never happen you know the there’s a scene that I actually took out because the video got so long where the engines on the water floating and it was spooling up and that’s not even possible I think they clip out because I thought nobody would imagine that an engine and now spool up its I got nothing he’s got no fuel it’s got nothing and it just hit a wall of water but I took that scene out but a lot of people saying well why did you take that see now that I was curious if that would even be possible I thought how would an engine that’s not hooked up to anything just spool up by itself well that’s my next question when I saw the movie flight with Denzel Washington and he flips a plane upside down is that possible like could you fly a 747 upside down if you had to the thing is is that there’s obviously that’s not something the planes are tested for is it possible

that it could happen yeah I mean there is that guy who stole that plane that q400 up in Seattle yeah if you told me you’re gonna take a cue 400 and do a loop-the-loop I would have said yeah I don’t I don’t think that’s gonna work well but he did so these planes are super strong and what could happen I don’t know obviously there’s never a scenario in which I’m gonna really try to flip the plane upside down in real life I mean in the simulator sometimes we just the other day I just finished my annual training for what they call upset training so you’re flying through heavy turbulence or things like that and they can put it at different volumes the guy in the back is programming all those different stuff and he basically started to roll the plane and I tried to get it to roll back and it wouldn’t roll back so I said all right here we go and I yanked it to try to spin it all the way upside down and roll it around he’s like no I don’t want to do that no you stop so I didn’t get a C it get all the way inverted Wow I got it almost I got it probably about 120 hundred thirty degrees do you think it could in real life that plane would it I mean a lot of stuff will get broken yeah yeah it’s not it’s not built for that but like I said there’s planes there was a plane that they survived they were right behind a large aircraft and they they got rolled like three times and they ripped a bunch of stuff off but they landed Wow it was a private as a private jet wow that’s are there things that pilots don’t talk to each other we’re talking – Kelcey 747 pilot are there things that you don’t talk to each other about because like if you’re in the airport you know hey don’t say don’t make bomb jokes not funny not to talk about are there things you guys don’t talk about at all no I mean up on the flight deck we’re it’s I mean there’s three things that I won’t bring up when I’m at work which is you know religion politics and money those are things that I just personally don’t ring up just because I don’t wanna have a yeah bad work environment especially being in a cockpit going anywhere possibly 14 hours before 15 hours with for four people yeah you don’t want to have a tension for that long you don’t have anywhere else can you ever see a pilot come in and you’re like oh here comes the farter or here’s the guy with the bad breath or I mean you got to fly with all different people yeah yeah I’ve had a bunch of guys there was a guy used to fly with and he and I were great his name okay good friends but I remember we were flying together and all of a sudden I just smelt this massive fart and I was like oh my gosh and I looked over you know those you know those things where you can open up the valve above you on the plane to bill hair down we have a bunch of those throughout the throughout the flight deck and I looked over and he was directing it at me and just laughing is that gonna go through the whole plane then no I mean it’s just a flirt you know but I don’t know a cat there was a cat that was in a cat carrier that took a dump on a plane while we’re sitting on the tarmac waiting yeah and you could physically you couldn’t see it but you could physically see it affecting people as it was moving forward because it hit your nostrils really oh you know how cat poop is so bad our row like 29 is like oh then you could see 28 yeah and it made it to like row six or four like it made it a long ways it was bad yeah luckily there’s so much air moving through those planes you know let me ask you this when you’re on a when you’re waiting why isn’t there air conditioning on the plane gets so hot when you’re sitting there waiting so part of the problem with that is is that there there there is air conditioning sometimes you’ll see those big yellow things that are coming up to the bottom of the plane yes that’s an air conditioning card but if everybody’s leaving their windows open that is like a greenhouse it’s just baking that plane and in some cases if the planes been sitting there for two hours that air-conditioning cart hasn’t been hooked up the whole time when you see I’ve got a ton a question so I’m sure yeah when you see another plane crash happen yeah and you’re looking at it and you obviously have a studied eye because it’s what you do you think oh I know exactly what that experience was like for those passengers you can vividly imagine like we don’t really know cuz we don’t know what the planes gonna be doing but you could you know there’s those TV shows air crash investigations and I’ve had friends say like I can I can never watch those I’ve watched almost all of them and I do it more from a standpoint of what can I learn from this yeah what mistakes because a lot of accidents are actually pilot induced so I want to know what mistakes they made so I can think for myself I don’t want to create that same mistake yeah and so when do you because I forget what was the plane that got all of the the planes grounded but I know that it looked like the plane went up and then down up in like several times before it finally made contact with the ground I thought boy those passengers on that plane really went for a rollercoaster before that was over yeah

and they were well aware of okay this isn’t gonna work out there’s obviously times where you just I’m sure there’s been cases where you think this is not gonna work out well and honestly like slowly I think would be an example of that I think if you’re up there and it’s just dead silent those injured aren’t Pirin you have to be thinking this is gonna be very uncomfortable what do you think the day you heard of Scilly when you heard about that we like whoa yeah I was I was like wow it’s pretty pretty impressive and and I have friends that work at American and so you know I kinda had some insight in insight on what was going on over there I mean that’s a it’s a tough situation to be in and that you know what I say to people is you can call me here or not a hero it’s whatever but it’s hard to argue with the results right you have no engines and you were able to get everybody to live and you know some people say oh you should have made it back to the airport you should I said look at the end of the day you can replace a plane but you know 155 people said everybody lived you can’t argue with the results how hard was it what he did in terms of let’s say regardless of going to another Airport of that putting a plane down on the Hudson River how hard is that yeah I mean he had some things that were working to his advantage meaning that it was clear it wasn’t a really windy day you know so he had some things that were to banja you know if no I’ve flown into New York where you can’t see that you can barely see the ground so that was the situation it would obviously be a much harder thing but you know in a clear day landing on the water that is there’s been a lot of cases where guys have tried to lay on the water it just didn’t work out so that he made that work out and that the whole crew including Jeff who was the copilot the first officer and all the flight attendant said that he all work together he everybody off the plane and evacuated it’s a I mean that’s why it’s called The Miracle on the Hudson it was a real team effort and with air traffic control as well trying to give him options trying to give him ideas it’s it’s not something that I think is easily replicated but then there was the crash in Russia just a few weeks ago where they had that bird strikes in both engines and they’ve landed in a cornfield which is a little bit easier than water just because it’s not round yeah yeah cuz if you clip a wing on the water you could just cartwheel the plane which is what happened I think to eat the open a while there yeah you see that video of that plane like oh wow and then the ocean it’s harder because you have more choppy water more movement exactly you have the waters moving around so that’s something that obviously flying over the ocean a lot is something that we have to run through our heads okay this were to happen this is what we’re gonna have to do and an air traffic control I know a guy had a situation where they thought they might have to ditch in the ocean and air traffic controllers relaying okay you have about 40 miles ahead of you here so you could try to get down near something or a boat could get you and rescue you and so air drive controls really our best friend and they’re also you know they’re they’re primarily for our safety to help us get our plane where we need to go let me ask you this is there a safer place to sit on the plane cuz people go it’s go sit at the tail it’s so much safer does it make a difference or it guess it depends on what’s happening to the plane right exactly I think that there’s been research that says hey in this statistically it’s safer to sit I think it’s towards the rear section of the aircraft but it’s just luck of the draw if your plant in a crash you know I wouldn’t make my seat choice based off I think this plane might crash I’m gonna sit here if not really how I walk onto an aircraft how do you guys have do you guys have parachutes absolutely but we don’t present passengers just oh no there’s no parachutes no there’s nothing there and I think that would be a little bit messed up right if we had parachutes and nobody else then why couldn’t everybody have parachutes the thing is those planes are pressurized so the reality is there’s not gonna be a scenario most most crashes you’re not gonna be 20,000 feet okay let’s depressurize the plane and let everybody run and jump out of the plane the plane depressurize is how long do you have before you pass out or your your altitude kind of like in that cast the weight thing I talked about because they had an explosive decompression which is different than a slow decompression so let’s say a window pops out on a plane and you’re flying over the u.s. you’re going to Chicago from San Diego near what would you be 30,000 feet later yeah and a window pops out what’s gonna happen in the plane the planes always gonna get very loud you’re probably gonna have a lot of myths that’s gonna happen your oxygen master gonna drop and then the pilots are most likely gonna pull the engines back and that’s deep gonna go into a steep dive okay we’re aiming to get to about 10,000 feet as quickly as possible because at that altitude everybody’s gonna be able to breathe regardless of what’s going on so the most important thing is keep everybody live yeah keep the lunataks oh and there’s a passenger just get oxygen I guess of course get your oxygen mask done truthfully even if you were to pass out right there because you panicked we’re gonna get down to 10,000 feet and you know a couple minutes so you’re gonna be fine can somebody I was told that there’s no way while you’re in the middle of the air flying somebody could open it like a door on a 747 yeah that’s true why is that it’s because of the pressure that’s being pushed internally outwards on the door you’ll notice most doors open inward yeah they do that for a reason so you can’t just grab the

latch and throw it open so if somebody’s up there yanking on it earrings good I mean people are gonna tackle them because don’t do that yeah yeah nobody wants to see you messing with the door but yeah you could do all you want but you know thirty thousand feet it’s not gonna do anything bad news because I just decided hey I’m gonna get up and get out so okay that’s good to know that it’s not gonna so that emergency exits gonna open after decompression not before yeah you wouldn’t it just the pressure that’s pushing out on that it’s just not gonna work I mean there’s been cases where I’ve recently read some where a guy was looking for the bathroom and somehow you went to the main cabin door it was like trying to yank on the door and he I don’t know why you would think that the door but I’ve had people you know when when people are walking onto the plane and they want to use the bathroom as soon as they get on the plane I don’t know why because there was a terminal there and they had a but you know I’ve had him walk up onto the flight deck looking for the bathroom and I’m like you can go the bathroom but it’s gonna get pretty awkward for everyone so you know people get lost there on the plane you know they do it once every four or five years that just not what they’re used to so so I understand so I try to be understanding to people of that situations but I don’t know why if I was looking at a door with a window that was looking outside that I would think that that’s the bathroom but it happened do when people are in an airport and say like you have a flight and you pull in we’re talking to Kelsey it’s a 747 pilot when he has a YouTube channel 7 for gear my question is when you pull in to the airport you’re like man I got 5 minutes to make my other flight right is who do you talk to to tell like hey um tell them I’m on my way specifically about this because ok I’ll see people when I’m riding as a passenger in the back sometimes I’m not in uniform just in civilian clothes and I’ll see them like hey can you call the pilots and let them know to call ahead to my other flight to let them know that I’m five minutes late that’s just not how it works yeah one we’re not going to do that because we’re busy doing this flying the airplane thing and to the gate agents the people who are boarding another flight their system lets you know or lets them know where your plane is how far behind you are and it gets this color-coded system so they can see if you’re late they can see they’ll let the pilots know hey you’ve got 20 people that are on this flight that are connecting on to your flight and then between the airline and the pilots they can kind of make a decision all right we’ll wait 10 minutes for them to get over here ok so if you’re one person you the only person that’s late and you got a 20 minute run it’s sorry yeah you’re probably not gonna make it but you know the reality is there’s a lot of built-in time there’s a lot of built-in time so I have had people where we’re landing 10 minutes early and I’m sitting in the back of the plane no like I need to get off I’m not gonna make my connection and I’m thinking we just we got here 10 minutes early how did you book this flight if you don’t have early I don’t understand how that’s possible but yeah sometimes people miss read boarding time is departure time so that blows that’s different yes ok see boarding time it’ll say like you know 8:45 in big letters and then departure time will be 9:15 but they see 8:45 and they don’t put it together ok so think that planes pulling away right then and I’m gonna have to make a jump have you ever had to stop a plane and let someone get on what after you’ve backed away does that happen or would you have to pull back up to the gate and get on there so if you got to go back to the gate and I’ve had to do that once I had a lady who was the very last passenger we had waited for her to get on the plane and she ran on the plane and then we were taxiing out to takeoff in Chicago I think which is a pretty busy Airport and she’s the flight attendant calls us that hey she checked a bag and if she put all of her medications in that bag ok it’s a 45-minute flight is she okay to go 45 minutes the flight attendant came back and said no she says she needs the bag so we to go back to the gate and it’s a big deal we gotta go back to the gate special gate agents got to be there we got to get a gate to go to it’s a big or go you know a big thing to get it and then we got to have something to go get her bag so I actually went down downstairs to help find this bag because my god yeah I did get go I’m not trying to hang out on the ground yeah yeah yeah do you like it when people compliment you on your landing getting off or you like you know I couldn’t already know cuz that’s what I do like no I I like that I mean who doesn’t that’s what we’re judge on which is it’s only a small percentage of our job I’m also pretty good at landing so it’s something that I put a lot of care into I flew private charter before okay so it’s a you know and that they sometimes you’ll get tips based off of how how’s me with your landings are oh really yeah so if you’re if you’re

pounding your landings in you’re not getting paid and you might get fired all day and it’s like okay as long as you don’t exceed the limitation so I just I still fly like that i when I when I do my packets flying now with a bunch even if we troops or we do VIPs I always tried it or even if I’m playing Freight I still try to land it smooth it’s just my it’s just my nature what’s the coolest thing you ever as a cargo pilot flew like would you take some where did you take a nuclear missile probably not but or maybe the second coolest thing guessing the coolest thing you can’t say a lot of stuff and I don’t know what I can and can’t say I mean I’ve had I’ve had everything we’ve had gold bullion we’ve had really we’ve had a Plane full of cash like just piles and I mean hundred thousand pounds of just money that’s like that’s like I’d love to go back and take photos with those things like this is me with a hundred thousand pounds of money but I can’t do that yeah it’s confidential yeah exactly have you ever flown someone famous and got to meet him yeah I have flown can you say any of them or is it confident you think it’s confidential yes and I’ve had flight attendants we had a wrapper once on a flight and the flight attendant she was an older lady and she came up she goes I think I have so-and-so on the plane and I said really you know I went back there and looked I was like yeah that’s him she’s like I’m so hip I made him some robitussin my last question for you is what should people when they’re flying on a plane what should they be fearful of if this happens then things are serious but before then just don’t worry about it if you hear your pilots screaming it’s time to get scared no really everything that we do and that’s what I say in some of my videos is we don’t have an ejection seat we don’t have a parachute or anything up there we’re not gonna get on a plane that we don’t feel safe and we’re not gonna find anything that we don’t feel safe so unless you hear them screaming or something like that you’re probably gonna be fine Wow yeah I’m not trying to die flying to Des Moines Iowa either so yeah you know if I’m if I’m up there if I’m flying that I’m doing it because I feel this is gonna be just fun and one bonus question all right what is your favorite airport in the world if somebody was gonna go to an airport you’re like wow this just blows every other Airport away this is really something else man favorite Airport I don’t know I’d have to really think about that I mean I I’d like every Airport for the most part it’s there everyone is different you know everyone has got its own cool things I like going to new airports which some pilots don’t but that’s just the world that I live in we fly to a lot of random places I like that new I don’t know quite what to expect excitement you know when you go to a new city and you go to explore on vacation that’s kind of what I feel like my job is like hey you’re going to hear in the Middle East are you going to hear in Africa you’re going here in South America I’m like oh this is different and I don’t know quite what to expect I enjoy that challenge so in favorite city San Diego of course no Kelsey has a YouTube channel it’s called 7:00 for Gary’s a 747 pilot and if we haven’t covered it all here trust me he does on his channel you need to subscribe watch leave comments he loves to get feedback and can ask you something are and there’s a new Top Gun coming could you do a Hollywood versus reality Top Gun please yeah I know I know that’s on demand and I and I want to do and I’m trying to line up I’m trying to get some people on to do this with me to make it really cool okay I’m it’s on the list right we’ll look for it yeah Kelsey thanks for coming by Lou thanks for having me I appreciate him

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