so hey guys welcome back to another extreme clean with me and as you can see my house was pretty messy and i had planned on dedicating the whole day to getting this whole house my entire house completely cleaned up you’re going to see me cleaning bathrooms i’m going to be scrubbing floors cleaning grout cleaning my disaster basement and so much more you’re also going to watch me clean up a dog mess my dog reese had an accident throughout the day while i was cleaning so i’m gonna show you how i clean up the messes when that happens or when our cat has a mess i’m also gonna be trying out a new floor cleaner when i’m mopping so there is going to be so much jam-packed into this video and i cannot wait to share all of this with you i hope you’re ready i hope you’re ready to get motivated and get some cleaning done so i started out by cleaning you know the floors up picking the countertops up all of the toys that were on the floor and just cleaning up a majority of the mess which was made by my one-year-old twins so i was just cleaning all of that up and here you can see me going through some of the papers my oldest daughter avery just started kindergarten last week and oh my word the papers that are coming home so much so many papers so i’m gonna be planning an organizing video here soon like a back to school organizing video i’m going to be creating a command send center of sorts so i can get organized i’m going to be making a huge wall calendar i’m just going to be getting things all organized for the upcoming school year i honestly cannot wait for you guys to see how this turns out i just have a feeling it’s gonna look so good i’m just so ready to get organized so stay tuned i’m gonna do this next week so after i pick things up from the living room in the kitchen i came downstairs to clean up the basement and if you guys are new here you’re just stumbling upon my channel or this video i’m jamie which you probably already knew that my oldest daughter like i said

before is in kindergarten so she was at school today and then i have twins who are a year and a half and they were hanging with my husband he works from home but he has a pretty flexible schedule so on days like this i can get some stuff done do what i need to do and he just does a great job of hanging with the girls and doing fun things with them but here on my channel you’re gonna find a lot of weekly motivation cleaning organization a lot of decorating fall decorating coming up here on my channel we are going to be transforming our living room and our kitchen like literally transforming and i actually have an update for you all an update about exactly when our cabinets are going to be getting painted and we’re also getting new furniture and a little a spoiler alert it’s way sooner than you thought or than i thought things changed so i’m going to be talking to you guys about that later on in this video but we’re going to be transforming our kitchen and our living room here in the next couple of months so get ready for a lot of great content here on my channel i would love to have you subscribe hit that red subscribe button and the notification bell and i will also have a get to know me playlist so if you want to get to know me a little bit better you can check that out it will be in the description but i would love to have you join my journey and if you do say hi to me i want to build a community here on youtube and instagram so definitely say hi my like i said i’m gonna be sharing more detailed dates when we’re gonna be getting our cabinets painted and when we’re getting our new furniture in but i’m also going to be sharing with you or trying out a new floor cleaner in today’s video when i vacuum and mop later tonight this one comes highly highly recommended and i could not wait to try it out so we have a lot more whole house cleaning and deep cleaning motivation and yeah i’m gonna get started deep cleaning my master bedroom at this point and continue on upstairs it’s funny come over and find me on instagram i’ll have it linked in the description but it is jamie lynn’s dot journey so i’m not sure if you guys can tell in my voice but i kind of feel miserable right now and it is totally allergies i don’t know what happened but the past two days my eyes have been itchy i’ve had a lot of drainage in my throat sorry if that’s tmi i just feel horrible and just really tired i don’t know if you guys suffer from seasonal allergies but i feel like i’ve passed some of that on to my kids avery has mild allergies but emery my youngest to one of the twins has really bad allergies and she’s also been feeling pretty miserable with me lately but she’s been a good sport about it she just powers through and it’s kind of funny because like i said i have one-year-old twins and their personalities are pretty different emerald emery she’s

always more like serious laid-back she doesn’t give a lot of smiles but when she gets sick or hurt she’s just resilient she bounces back like she’ll fall on the ground and get right back up she’s a champ she’s strong she just doesn’t let things bother her whereas addison is more of the whiner she needs mom and dad more often she wants to be held she i feel like just whines over everything but she’s also full of so much personality she’s the first one to give you a smile and she just loves laughing and smiling so it’s fun to see their personalities and how similar or you know different they are it’s really fun watching them grow and seeing those personal personalities developed just as a way to start conversation i want to know what was the last show that you binge watched i think the last show that i binge watched was selling sunset on netflix but let me know which show you last watched life oh you make me feel fine wanna look at you all night so i popped into the downstairs bathroom and i wanted to clean it but i also wanted to do some things that i don’t necessarily do on a weekly basis so usually when i go in here every single week i always clean the toilet and wipe down the sink because this is the bathroom that gets used most frequently but i also wanted to clean the blinds clean the window clean the floor clean the grout and i also wanted to wipe down the walls because there were water splashes and marks all over and so i wanted to take care of all of that today what are you doing to me i think i’m going crazy oh i just want you now i wanna hold you oh me to wipe down the walls i like using warm water and dawn dish soap on a rag and it just does a really good job of getting whatever is on the walls off without taking the paint off so that’s the key you want to get watermarks dirt or whatever is on the walls off but you don’t want to remove the paint and that’s where the dawn and warm water does the trick i wanna put you in that spotlight so i wanted to share this candle with you guys i picked up from walmart um i am pretty loyal to bath and body works candles i love my bath and body works candles so much but i know a lot of people have said really good things about the better homes and gardens candle i don’t remember how much this was like maybe ten dollars maybe under ten dollars but it’s a pretty big one 22 ounces and it was apple pumpkin farm apple pumpkin so i picked that up and i really enjoy it and i kind of like i mean the wood top it’s kind of nice so i have it going in here it’s a gloomy day do you have any i just ate some donuts like the powdered donuts because i’m still drinking my

coffee and i just i love a like it’s like a donut hole like a powdered donut with my coffee it tastes so good and i was like do i have powder in my mouth anyways it’s a gloomy day it’s um when i walked avery to the bus stop this morning it was i put on like a little jacket so it’s a little bit cooler so it feels good to have the fall candles going stay tuned for all of those home updates and when that’s all going to happen still i when i was wiping down the countertops i had noticed that the cabinet next to the twins high chair was really gross i mean it gets like that all of the time um the girls are pretty messy they’re way more messy than avery ever was so i wanted to quickly get all of that wiped down because it just grosses me out but i went in with some super super hot water and dawn dish soap i guess dawn is a little winner today and i wanted to wipe that down and it just breaks up all of the food and the sticky stuff off of the cabinets and the side of the countertops is and then my refrigerator was super sticky and gross it had been more than a couple of weeks since i had done this which you can obviously see that so i wanted to go in and remove all of the food wipe things down and i use vinegar and water to get everything clean and shiny i wanted to go through the food get rid of old food food that had expired and reorganize everything in here and honestly i feel like this is one of the most satisfying cleaning tests that i can do cleaning the refrigerator just makes me feel so much better and so much more put together i just love opening up a refrigerator that is nice neat and organized is foreign can you see me shaking hear the sound of my heart breaking blessed all right so our doggy sweet little reese i think it’s been as she’s gotten a little bit older and with the whole pandemic and stuff i think us being home a lot uh she gets anxiety and um we’ve noticed it more when we leave or when there’s storms so it’s been a gloomy gloomy day rainy it’s a little bit sunnier now but i had ran out to drop something off to a neighbor i was literally gone for five minutes um so like just literally probably less than five minutes and mike is off with the twins running a quick errand and this is what i came back to so i’m gonna get this cleaned up

i’ll show you what i do um when this randomly happens it does not happen very often so i first want to make for sure that i get up all of the pee urine or whatever the mess is so i’ll use paper towels to go in and blot all of the urine up until there is no more left on the paper towel and then i go in with resolve not sponsored at all but i guess resolve is another winner in today’s video i apparently love their products but i go in with resolve spot and stain carpet cleaner so i spray it on there and i let it sit for five minutes and then i go in and wipe it all up and then i go in with nature’s miracle enzymatic i think i’m saying that right um you need an enzyme cleaner and i use the stain and odor removal and we specifically have this more for our cat because we do have a cat probably don’t see him a lot in my videos but if you have a cat if you’ve had a cat in the past you know that when they pee it smells horrible and it’s really important with cats specifically to get that smell up so we always use an enzyme cleaner you can research about it but you want to use an enzyme cleaner it helps break down the odor and the mess and we always use the nature’s miracle when we’re cleaning up messes so i find that using this double floor cleaner typically does the trick and it even gets rid of the cat messes when he pees pukes or has an accident whatever it is i left things unsaid and you cannot forget how my mistakes aren’t us but do they really don’t and the thing is that these scars are scary but they are just just falls apart so next laid so i know i don’t show you my office too often but i did want to go in here today and kind of clean things up and i don’t show it to you too often just because i have all this stuff in here that i’m collecting for upcoming videos and stuff like that and it’s normally a mess because mike’s working from home like i said before so he has his temporary desk in here and i’ll explain more about that here in a minute so it’s just kind of hard to keep clean and to be honest with you there’s just so much stuff in here it’s not like stuff that i can put away or that needs to be put away it’s just stuff that is temporary that i just need to place somewhere until like i film that video or whatever it is but i did want to go in here and wipe down my desk with some wood cleaner because it is made of real wood and dust and vacuum so i think i showed the office in one of my last slate of the day videos and i know you guys don’t get to see this room very often i honestly don’t clean it very often just because it’s always filled with stuff like when i slowly collect things for a video like i’m gonna be decorating my my front porch for fall i’ve already started collecting things like right there just like i have nowhere else to put anything so it all goes right here and then right now mike is still working from home so this is his setup right here he was gonna go in the basement and i think i posted about it on instagram and i was getting a lot of crap for it because they were like oh you’re throwing mike in the basement but like he wanted to go in the basement it was his idea but then he went down there and the internet was just so slow down there so he came back up here and again i think i had people make fun of me because i have like this nice desk he has a card table but again if he wants to order a desk he can do that but um he is working from home right now but it’s not i mean who knows what when it will end but it’s not supposed to be a long-term thing so he’s like i’m not gonna buy a desk because i don’t know how long much longer this is gonna be

um it will likely be through at least the end of the year but who knows what’s gonna happen in 2021 so it’s like when he’s gone like all of this will be gone you know what i mean so this whole area will be opened up that i can put all of this stuff kind of here so i can utilize this chair again so i don’t really show in here show you guys in here because it’s usually just filled with stuff that i can’t do anything with right now but i wanted to go in here and wipe down my desk and dust a little bit and then i’m going to vacuum so i thought i’d bring you guys in i never thought after i was done in the office i popped in really quickly to the twins bedroom and wanted to pick things up off of the floor books clothes random stuff and it was i knew it would only take me a quick minute and then i was going to move on to the master bathroom i wanted to do the girls bathroom and then the laundry room and then later tonight of course you’ll see me vacuuming and mopping like i do at the end of every day or most days obviously it does not happen every day but avery actually had soccer this day so i was kind of rushing at this point trying to get stuff done um the twins had just went down for their afternoon nap and i just wanted to keep it really quick and basic in both bathrooms so i was gonna put everything away on the bathroom countertops wipe things down and then i was just going to vacuum in our bathroom because of my hair i feel like i’m constantly shedding so i always need to vacuum in here but just do a quick clean in both bathrooms and again later tonight i’m going to be sharing with you that new floor cleaner i’m not going made it hard anywhere you but i can’t now i wanna make you part of my plans put a little faith in me though you’re scared sometimes but i’m still here just another question to get to know you guys um are you typically 15 minutes early or 15 minutes late i am always early i hate being late like if i’m even getting if there’s a time that i’m late i get like hot i get nervous my heart pounds even for something like super basic where it doesn’t matter i hate being late so let me know are you always early or we will get late together together you share your love so easily still i’m insecure i know you guys don’t see me cleaning the laundry room too often and honestly i don’t clean it as much as i clean other areas of my home i mean this just always gets put on the back burner um a lot of it is you know i’ll just come in and wipe things down the washer and dryer and do a quick vacuum because it’s just a pain to remove all of the pet stuff in here so i don’t film that a lot but this is where we keep the litter box and the dog food and all of that and it’s just always a pain to remove everything to vacuum him up under there so i don’t do it as often as i should but i did want to tackle that today

[Applause] what will it be of us okay so i think it was in the fall clean and decorate video that went up a couple weeks ago i talked to you guys about all of the home updates and upgrades we’re gonna be making over the next couple of months well some of that has changed and i really think the biggest changes we’re gonna be making have changed and got moved up so i talked about how we’re getting a new couch we’re going to get a sectional and then we’re going to paint our cabinets so and then i want to upgrade this kind of do something more modern brighter and then update um over here so the two biggest things painting our cabinets and getting new furniture so um we ordered furniture recently and you know most furniture i think they say it takes what six to eight weeks to come in that’s pretty standard and even on the website when we ordered the furniture it said allow six to eight weeks for delivery well it’s gonna be here at the end of september so we’re gonna have new furniture a sectional um at the end of september and then even better we were supposed to get our cabinets painted in november so i think everyone’s doing like the home upgrades now and when we got when we like booked our spot they said that they were booking out through mid-november when we booked in like early august well they called us recently and said that they had somebody who needed to switch for a particular reason and they wanted to know if we wanted their spot which will get started um like mid-september like the week of the 14th and we’re like yes so in september we sorry my hair is like going crazy in september we are gonna get white cabinets and new furniture pretty excited so september is going to be a fun month a lot of changes in our household i thought it was gonna be like more towards like thanksgiving when we would be finished with everything which will be like getting other pieces like i said i’m not gonna rush and get this right away because i want to get the furniture in probably get a coffee table um and then i’ll focus on that because we’re also going to get new lighting fixtures in here too but i want to get the cabinets done first and kind of get a sense of how the kitchen looks before i get those so stay tuned because there’s going to be some major changes coming up and i cannot why are you holding back so this was obviously much later we avery came home from school we chatted about her day we had dinner she had soccer we came home we took baths put the kids to bed all of that so now i was now that the kids were put in bed i was going to go ahead and finish up by vacuuming and mopping i finally bought a new mat for by the kitchen sink um and the bottom of the one that we had started to break apart underwear like under i don’t even know what it was but it didn’t get wet but like the sticky part that keeps the mat from sliding around started to break apart and stick to the floor and it would just be a mess when i would go to remove the rug to vacuum or mop it would just like stick to the floor and i’d have to like peel it off so i decided i’m just gonna buy a new one they’re 15 it’s not like they’re expensive so i bought a new one and then after tonight when i was when the floor dried i was going to put that new one down and it looked just the same i got the same one okay so for this new floor cleaner i follow an instagram account it’s called go clean co it is a woman who owns a cleaning company in canada and she gives a lot of cleaning tips and all of that on the account so she swears by this as a floor cleaner using powdered tied yes tied like you would use in your laundry to clean your clothes you just use one teaspoon in a bucket of super super super hot water and she

claims that this will get all of your your floors clean um better than anything else she says powdered tide contains surface surfactants i don’t know if i’m saying that right surf surfactants which is a stain remover and they remove anything greasy they break down food residues they disperse dirt that wouldn’t otherwise dissolve in water etc she says it’s safe to use an engineered hardwood floors which is what i have regular hardwood and so many other surfaces so i thought i’d give it a try um and like i said one teaspoon in a huge bucket of water it did make my house smell like laundry which i i did enjoy so that definitely has like a fresh scent it puts throughout the home and i did think it did a really good job on my floors and i guess if anything it’s super cheap right you know it’s a super cheap way to clean your floors and i’m gonna keep using it i’ll keep you updated on what i think as as i continue on and use other things and use it more often but so far i’m liking it but that’s it for today’s all day cleaning motivation i hope you found this video motivating and inspiring make sure you’re subscribed make sure you have the notifications on for a lot of great motivating content coming your way

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