we animal kingdom is perfect you have our photo taken and then we’ve got our first pass this button for flight path leads which I’d like to do they say many of the big rights that you need to transfer out of your wheelchair the fancy when we get in you have a practice transparent easy link tear right now right yeah because there as well writing is business will help you for your second on your turn just make sure that your brakes are long that’s me the trip right I’ve got my smells right my smart driver but at least I’m getting to work for my breakfast it was you’re right my baby like tank mechanic dry maybe that downhills thing is brown brown brown props Thank You those with fear of heights and we go fronting do I close the door we’re all in prepare pressure north this was ready Russia doors

okay one two three these are our avatars these are our pods jump on I will got a stove the dings but that’s the end of filming fantastic you never cry yeah so we’ve just finished up on blight of passage and how many times more time and every time you write it you see something different you experience something different and because we were stuck in a different area of the screen I definitely saw different things and they also got a lot more weapon spray okay we’re now going to be known as the river this is going to be really exciting yeah but still in kind all right yeah I think I’m not entirely sure but I think this is like a boat right there’s a little inside in this little colorful and that’s like you’re in Avatar and hopefully we’re gonna get soaked I kind of don’t want to get soaked because like my thumb is I don’t know I can’t stop now I’m sorry as some of you know are transferring footage was lost due to a dodgy GoPro but these are the boats that you ride into the Navi River and it’s kind of a similar situation to Splash Mountain they are quite low and they are quite difficult to get into maybe not quite as squishy and hard as Splash Mountain but they are not easy and they are low as I said you can actually request to have a transfer block which is very similar to the ones pictured here on the rock and roller coaster and Hollywood studios I found it a little bit tricky but it wasn’t too bad I did have Shawn to help me but it was a great ride we actually only rode it once because we just enjoyed flight of passage so much more so flight of passage one over this one but it is a nice easy slow kind of ride if you can get into it and can I just say one thing this movie is about a guy who is in a wheelchair so I’m a little bit disappointed here that Disney didn’t think a little bit more about the transferring issues because there are some ride like it’s a small world where you can actually ride the ride in your wheelchair so I’m a bit disappointed that they didn’t have this option on this ride that I know of so wheelchair users who need to transverse it at the back of this ride because on the side they have a door that completely comes away so that you can do a side transfer relatively easy I didn’t find this one to be too bad but the ride

[Applause] where that arrow is on the bottom right that’s where the door opens for you to do a transfer we going now and you take a screenshot and share this video if you’re enjoying it I will stop it up what do you think of that one maybe not so close to breakfast Tommy River rapping kali river rapids so this is where you dock for the kali river rapids this is actually a separate docking station will be disabled wheelchair use it is where they completely slow it down now Michael Jackson has said to dock here and so has been the urban so you’re treated a little bit like a celebrity however there are three steps I think you can see there to get down into your chair so Sean actually carried me down so this is actually very very hard it’s good fun it’s not very long and you do get absolutely drenched which is quite nice in the 100 degree heat but because I’m sat down the whole time my bum was wet for the whole day you know if you’re walking around you dry within seconds so yeah was a little bit uncomfortable it’s definitely something to bear in mind cuz it was quite uncomfortable how’s that that’s right a big drop nice it’s unusual some different mothers during the safari is such a nice thing to do to kind of chill out for a few minutes and just sit back and watch some amazing wildlife from Africa it’s not air-conditioned on the little cars that you go on but it’s just nice just to get away from all the crowds now transferring is not that easy as you can see there’s quite a big step to jump up onto the cars and Shaun did have to help me however if you can’t transfer at all you can stay in your wheelchair the thing I will say is that it is very very bumpy and rickety so if you don’t have much control of your upper body and your core then you may find yourself being kind of wished around like you’re in a washing machine that gorgeous little girl that you can see in the back there is Amy who I met while we were on safari and she was so so lovely she had spina bifida and we got chatting and Amy I really hope you’re doing well and it was so lovely to meet you bye ahead rum we have a short neck I’ve heard of that a little of the draft so how many bones do you think a drive has their neck any guesses

gonna come out yet photos they’re sweet stupid Oh Kieffer’s on a drug Paxil very funny reminds me of that’s right miss morrow moving platform is moving vehicles I might have to other I just have to carry you on they can slow it down I still might lift you on you think are you going to try and get in they can get in a bit of and around the corner one it’s gonna be fun really sorry but I think this is possibly the worst ride in Disney ever it is horrible it throws Eve around jerky it stops it starts it makes you feel sick and then the cast members were like yeah you want to go around again and I was like no oh my god hit the hole love it [Applause] we are currently waiting to see you in the mine line and this is not what I was expecting either look at this well I wasn’t expecting this massive kind of like auditorium not so I don’t know is it gonna be in huh right must be puppet and can’t wait children from the crowd up on stage serious especially those at the front cool they’ve got your number

you’re here today to welcome you one and all to the festival of the Lion King what tomorrow The Lion King show was absolutely fantastic it’s kind of like a set to silly kind of vibes with puppets as well absolutely fantastic I’ve seen this actor fillet in the Royal Albert Hall and this was just as brilliant what I love about it is that it is inside so it’s all air-conditioned and you can kind of chill out and calm down a bit from the blaring hot sunshine outside also what’s really great is there is reserved seating for disabled and wheelchair users right at the front so you have a completely unrestricted view it was absolutely fantastic [Applause]

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