Dawn: President of Iran Hassan Rouhani announced on national television that Iran will be resuming high-level enrichment of uranium This means that Iran will be able to start saving large amounts of items needed to create a nuclear weapon Iran made this announcement to leave parts of the 2015 Nuclear Agreement signed with United States, France, Germany, China and Russia after US President Donald Trump left the agreement last year President Rouhani commented that the agreement required a lot of support from other countries in exchange of Iran giving up their nuclear programs but a lot of the countries did not follow through Rouhani stated “”We felt that the nuclear deal needs a surgery and the painkiller pills of the last year have been ineffective This surgery is for saving the deal, not destroying it.” -Russia stated that Iran did not violate the terms of the nuclear agreement and the new actions by Iran is fully legal Israel vowed to do everything in their power to prevent Iran from creating nuclear weapons The United Kingdom stated that they found this decision to be very concerning and encouraged Iran to continue to meet their commitments

under the 2015 agreement and not to take any steps that might escalate into an all-out war The world’s reaction to the announcement by President Rouhani is very mixed, some supporting and many countries against Alessio: Conservation scientists representing 109 countries released a 1,000-page report that detailed the increasingly quick pace of the extinction of species – animals and plants – on the planet The pace is estimated to be tens or hundreds of times faster than it was in past reports The report stated several reasons behind this alarming rate, which were as following: Humans polluting land and water, turning forests and grasslands into farms and urban areas which leave animals without habitat, overfishing in oceans, and burning fossil fuels which affect the climate -The report cautioned that its findings are not simply about saving the plants and animals, but also about preserving the planet that is becoming increasingly difficult for humans to live in Half a million species will become extinct within decades unless their habitats are restored if people are willing to solve the problems to prevent the extinction from happening Dawn: A Russian passenger plane caught on fire when it was making an emergency landing at an airport in Moscow, Russia Forty-one out of 78 people died in the fire When the plane landed, some passengers grabbed their luggage and slid down the inflatable slides at the front of the plane This action may have delayed evacuation time and caused others to die The plane caught on fire because it was carrying unburned fuel which ignited after a rough landing

-The pilot claimed he followed procedures on making the emergency landing The plane was heading for Murmansk from Moscow when a lightning struck the jetliner, prompting the pilot to return to Moscow Two flight recorders were recovered which may later reveal clues as to what happened. The investigators suspected one of the three possible causes of the plane fire which were inexperienced pilots, bad weather, and equipment failure Alessio: A ceasefire was held between Israel and the Gaza Strip – a Palestinian territory in Israel on Monday after three days of violence The fighting began on Friday when a sniper from a Palestinian militant group fired shots across the Gaza-Israel border, wounding two Israeli soldiers. It led to hundreds of rocket attacks and airstrikes from both sides, killing four Israelis and 21 Palestinians Israelis and Palestinians fought for decades over control of land since Palestine, an Arab country became occupied by Israel, a Jewish state, in 1948 -The Palestinians said Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations brokered a truce between both sides with an understanding that Israel will ease some of sanctions imposed on the Palestinians The reduction of sanctions was supposed to help with some of the economic struggles the Palestinians face Israel did not acknowledge a truce was brokered; one Israeli politician said the truce offered no benefits to Israel The ceasefire was made in time for Ramadan, an Islamic holy month of fasting Dawn: An internet search engine website based in the United States

called Google started a new feature for Android phones that provides Live Captioning for all videos This Live Caption will provide captioning no matter if the video came with its own captions or not Google wanted to guarantee caption access for all viewers This feature would make videos accessible for all Deaf people but it would also make videos accessible for hearing people who wants to watch videos in crowded spaces like inside a subway or a crowded store -Google advertised the Live Caption feature as an accessibility feature with the purpose of making video viewer easier and simpler for over 466 million Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in the world Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that “We believe technology can help us be more inclusive.” Alessio: Isabella, a 13-year old YouTuber started an online petition to gain signatures for support of Makaton being taught at all schools Makaton is a communication tool that uses signs and symbols to help people who struggle with speaking Isabella started the petition after his brother Lucus who has Downs Syndrome struggled with communication When Lucus began learning Makaton, he improved a lot and became a lot less stressed. The family can now understand what Lucus says and wants more Isabella’s petition has collected over 500 signatures so far The Welsh government stated that schools are welcome to start teaching Makaton or British Sign Language in their schools, The Makaton Charity stated that between 100,000 to 150,000 people in the United Kingdom is

currently regularly using the Makaton communication tool Dawn: Prince Harry of the British royal family announced that his wife, former actress Meghan Markle delivered a baby boy in the early morning hours on Monday British royal fans and well-wishers cheered upon hearing the news The baby weighed at seven pounds and three ounces and is the eighth grandchild of Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II -On the following day, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry posed for pictures with their newborn son at the Windsor Castle Their son is named Archibald Harrison, or Archie for short The mother described her baby as a “dream” and called her motherhood “magic.” The gender of the baby was a surprise to the British public because the bookmakers stopped accepting bets from many people who believed the baby would be a girl prior to the birth Alessio: A new king was crowned in Thailand last Saturday, which was the start of three-day festivities celebrating his coronation King Maha Vajiralongkorn has ruled the country since 2016, following the death of his father, but he was formally inducted as King with full regal powers over the weekend He is also known as King Rama X because he is the tenth king in his ruling family -The festivities included a long parade through the streets of Bangkok

on Sunday. The weather was extremely hot but it did not stop hundreds of thousands of Thais from watching the procession wearing yellow that is associated with the monarchy After the parade, the king greeted the crowds from the balcony of his palace on Monday, thanking them for their support -Thank you for watching WorldSign Week, visit H3WORLD.TV for more shows, all in International Sign For story submissions, you can email them to [email protected] See you next week

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