Good morning If you will work we’re going to begin the program the formal program Good morning and welcome to this very special groundbreaking event for our new brand new Flight Center at Oklahoma State University thank you for being here and thank you for helping us celebrate this event today My name is Stephen Wilson and I have the privilege for the last 12 years of being the dean of the College of human sciences and for the last 15 months also being the interim dean of the College of Education Health and aviation and I drive a nuber on the weekend As you may know our colleges are combining to create a new college a new academic college the 1st time we’ve done this at Oklahoma State University in our history the college of education and human sciences which will officially launch Joy one of this year we are excited and energized about the opportunities ahead as a new college especially considering that we share commitment to diverse people’s will being the development across the life span through our research our teaching and our service stay tuned for great things to come and more celebrations like this one I’d like to take this time to recognize some special guests across who have come from across the campus who have joined us here today Blair at once and Thank you Who is the current o.s.u Alumni Association president I was going to say the new foundation press about say incoming because cider is Kirk Jewel who is the outgoing not the old the outgoing Both always you foundation prizes thank you both for being here I’d also like to recognize members of our aviation advocate group including Chairman Dr David cockerel who I know is here I saw him earlier there he is 2nd row who have been a vital part of this project since conducting the initial feasibility study let’s give them all around thank you Thank you Today’s announcement and groundbreaking of a new flight center comes on the heels of a landmark year for always you aviation education I’ve only been in this role as interim dean for 15 months and it’s hard to keep up with this group We have supported and encouraged they have gone and perform so I’d like to share just a very few highlights early this year early last year 2019 the program was selected as a top Hawk program a partnership with Textron aviation that provides our students with access to Cessna Skyhawk we also have added 5 new Cessna aircraft as our twenty’s to our fleet all of which are now in use at o.s.u the technologically advanced Cirrus s r series boasts an impressive array of features and capabilities found in today’s most advanced airliners with stablished a Professional Development Alliance with help of the Airline Pilots Association and are now one of 12 universities and the organization’s outreach mentor program the o.s.u. aviation program and the o.s.u. flying Aggies now Aviation collegiate education club distinction the 1st and only of the Big 12 to receive this honor in October of 19 are flying Aggies flight team placed 1st and the region for national intercollegiate flying Association competition securing its place for the national competition this spring And just last month we solidified a special agreement with the p.s.a. airline giving our students a direct path to the American Airlines through the p.s.a cadet program what a year let’s give them all around of course Thank you This truly is an outstanding academic program including our students and our faculty in our staff as you know we are already a premier destination for aviation education and this new facility will elevate our presence and impact in the state throughout the country and indeed across the globe I’d now like to invite Oklahoma State University president Burns Hargus to share a few words Thank you Steven This is such a huge crowd I’ve got to have here and I’d like everybody to put money in The Big Help support this program

And I’m pleased to see that our archival dirt is here we’ve we’ve done we’ve used this dirt now 5 or 6 times that Greenwich Village Music and the link I center for the full farming arts in the devil as well and what I want to recognize a few Porton guests 1st of all as always the 1st cowgirl and Argus is here My boss Calvin at the knee o.s.u region Yes am region and we’re talented We’ve got the mayor of the great city of Stillwater will Joyce is with us So we appreciate everybody being here I just can’t get over the size of this crowd I saw the guest list I thought this must be the invitation list surely this in the r.c. p Lis Well it was the r.c.p.t. this up I think we all know the history of aviation here at Oklahoma State University started back in the forty’s with the Air Force or o.t.c program and the flying Aggies and over the years we’ve trained thousands of pilots and earned a reputation as a school of choice for aviation education so we’re very excited to be able to make this announcement today It’s going to have a wide ranging effect on us where we’ve doubled in and robot just over the last couple of years and unfortunately before we got these new planes people weren’t getting in the air until their 2nd semester but just will leave you at all of that and it allows us to continue to grow Somebody that’s very interested in growth in Oklahoma is the executive director of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce who is the noise you alum a good friend a voice you a great friend of Oklahoma Please welcome Brit kids lean Thank you so much Mr President we have the best university president on the planet thank you do thanks like the Chupa Hubbard of college presidents is what he is it is an honor to get to follow you today and then to be here in such a wonderful place also have got to introduce a friend of mine b.j. Haynes is here in the room b.j are you here his bag b.j is a pledge brother mine he’s the 1st one that introduced me to the flying Yankees the only reason I’m up here today is because his phone didn’t have a camera on it whenever we were in college and so why I am so glad that you’re here today to see if I could see beach And also when there is Grayson Artie’s Grayson is the 2nd in command or not it’s mission is the only one here not in Warne’s today and please give him a hard time about that but we have a great partnership with a partner commerce and what they’re not extra mission they are a great supporter of aviation in our state let’s give Grayson a round of applause as well thank the reason I am on the program today is to talk about why we’re here why is this important why do we need a building like this why do we need a function like this it’ll come State University and imo start by saying I’m actually here on behalf of Governor Kevin still an appointee of his head of the Department of Commerce and he is one of 2 governors in the United States that’s a pilot We also have a senior senator in Oklahoma Senator Inhofe who is a pilot and if you’ve seen a real announced his reelection this week and the ad has him flying upside down in his plane he takes flying very seriously I used to work for him I can take I can tell you he does take it very seriously but because of the 2 of them and others that supported aviation our stadia truly is the era of the airplane in Oklahoma in the last 10 years they the Asian airspace industry has grown to our 2nd largest employment sector behind energy and it’s continuing to grow and grow exponentially and the reason why we have focused on it the reason why we tried to grow that industry and grow what’s happening it at the maintenance repair and overhaul operation at Tinker Air Force Base which is the largest the m.r.o in the world and the American Airlines maintenance repair operation and tolls is the largest m.r.o. commercially in the world the reason why we’re trying to grow this is because that is a growing industry the aviation aerospace industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and the reason why is because we as human beings want to make sure that we have

speed to market we want to make sure that we get from Stillwater to Houston as fast as possible from Stillwater to Atlanta as fast as possible Stillwater to Dubai as fast as possible I want to make sure that the products that we produce and make get to those places as quickly as possible as well but in order for that to happen we have to have pilots you can repair all the airplanes you want to you can make tens of thousands airplanes but if you don’t have people here to fly him then the industry is going to fail And Boeing Company just in the last few weeks came out with a report that said in the next 20 years we’re going to have to train 212000 more pilots it just in North America alone 212000 more pilots I’m here today to say thank you and commend to Oakham State University for this investment in supporting that industry I’m enjoying your vision your foresight and I’m honored to be a part of your day thank you very much Thank you Britt Next I’d like to introduce Nate Anders who’s a senior professional pilot student from Del City Oklahoma All right good morning To you Wilson said My name is Nate editors’ I’m a senior aerospace administration an operations major for the professional pilot focus from Del City Oklahoma this morning I want to talk about the impact that this project will have on flight training from both a student and a flight instructor perspective this day marks a new chapter at Oklahoma State aviation as we begin the transition from a building that was meant as a small terminal into a purpose built state of the art building to train the next generation of aviators their current building is true as well for many years our new building will make the flight training process more efficient for students and instructors I Instead of walking into the rated summer heat to get our flight simulators we can simply walk down the air conditioned hallway we will have a private deep briefing room so I’m for students and instructors to talk after their flight and free of distractions allow for honest feedback between them and structures will no longer need to share desk with each other they will have their own space allowing them to tailor their learning environment to their own teaching style and teach ground lessons without interruptions as students and instructors come and go the student lounge will give students a chance to study with their peers and they have instructors nearby to answer their questions as they come and students will also be able to share challenges of experiences they have had a ball flying and what they have learned from them as well the Flight Center quickly becomes a 2nd home for as aviation students typically were either in class were at home or at the plight center on a nice day planes and arrive and depart like clockwork And that starts from sunrise while last until after sunset and all the students who fly them start and their instruction at the Flight Center with their new state of the art aircraft elite influx of aviation students and our new flight center we have the potential to be one of the best aviation programs in the nation there is no other school that has a great athletic program and incredible campus life and an exceptional experience the opportunity like the flying at these I want to take a moment to thank the many people whose hard work has made this project possible and this new building will be important for all the students who enter it and as a current student and perspective flight instructor I couldn’t be more excited for our Flight Center and the future of aviation Thank you I’d like to invite President harvest back to the podium Thank you Nay good luck in the future make a lot of money and give us some of it please I am kind of 11 trick pony you know I did I did just learned that our senator from here in Stillwater Tom Tucker Circe of center Duggar thank you very much for joining us today Well our aviation program has grown and developed despite facilities

maybe the us just be straight about it we have not had the facilities we need I always say facilities don’t transform things people do but they have to have the platforms to reach their full potential and this will enable us not only to grow our program but to advance our technology These transformational projects Require generous donors that’s just the fact of it and whether it’s the Boon Pickens or the McKnight’s or the Greenwood store the Fergusons or any of the generous alarms that we have it just doesn’t happen without some some great donor support I mean after all Oklahoma’s cut higher education percentage wise more than any other state union and so the fact that we’re able to keep keep going in large part is because of our donors so today we’re excited and honored to recognize Linda Booker And announce a gift to name the new facility Ray and Linda Booker always you Flight Center the with put with the old Before Ray passed away he had learned to talk about the significance of this project I bet with them about the significance of this project Ray was a great aviation enthusiasts he would tell a story when he was a little boy to look up and see those planes flying over and he knew what he wanted to do his passion for flying blossomed during his time went to your shoe Air Force r o t c program tiny and directly back to Xavier to our aviation groups Lynne of course we’re very sorry raised not here to celebrate with us but we are grateful for your support in this incredible legacy that you’re leaving for in Ray’s name and yours For the entire hour always you family our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your support Linda would you come up to join us please The old The old The old will say Well we want you to have a Memory of this Is yours is that right flood plain We have in our yard that’s fantastic thank you so much Linda Thank you Thank you Well thanks again does to the bookers for the making this transformational gift we hope by their generosity will inspire others And if you’re not inspired you’re not to be able to get out that door over there So leave inspired police because we need a lot more help on this very important project thank you for being with us today it’s a great day for aviation and a great day for Oklahoma State University and go Polk’s Thank you Ed Thanks President hardish and thank you Linda with this gift we have a facility that physically reflects the excellence pride and tradition by which o.s.u aviation education is already known and even more raise legacy will live on for o.s.u. aviation education now it’s time to officially break ground on the radio and Booker o.s.u Flight Center will present Hargis and lend a booker and president of the always to flying Aggies take a boy and Pistol Pete please come forward and join me and become breaking thank you and Has everyone ready

Ok here we go 321 shovel Sure Thank you all for being here today when it wonderful celebration this is so exciting to see these things come together construction on the radio and then to Booker o.s.u. Flight Center will begin this spring and a facility is set to officially open by the fall of 2021 special thanks to McFarlane architects and Lipper brothers for their partnership on this project we invite you back for the grand opening next year as we close this program I’d like to invite our dignitaries and project leaders and you know who you are you will go through the list to come forward for additional photos and I invite everyone to stay for refreshments and join us for the o.s.u. flying Aggies flying event which continues until about 1 o’clock this afternoon thank you

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