Its fourth day at Nepal Checked out from hotel and leaving to Pokhara Airport the check-in procedures are over Because there is a delay in flight you can see north indians playing ludo here It is 75 minute flight to Kathmandu After giving the luggage to the airport the luggage is transported to the flight in a small vehicle Even though its a small airport its very beautiful The usual announcements in the flight have started The flight is taking off from Pokhara Airport We can see a aerial view from here fields, buildings and everything are seen We have reached Kathmandu The same car and driver who came on first day, has come to pick me Now we are heading to Chandragiri Hill Station That is Chandragiri Hills We have to go there by cable car It is 22 km south west from Kathmandu city It is run by Chadragiri Hill Limited Company It is situated in the height of 2520 meter that is 2 km distance We need 10 minutes in the cable car It was opened in the year 2006 Nepal people choose this is as a day trip destination The fees is 700 Rupees for Indians for traveling to there and back In between I am changing the topic I am going to say something that only the Nepal people owns Devi Kumari – The Living Goddess Nepal is famous in many things Everyone knows Mount Everest comes the first Devi Kumari is also similar like that The Goddess still alive in Nepal is Kumari For that they select girls ageing from 3 to 7 years old The selected girls are made to stand in a hall They do tests according to Hindu traditions The selected one will be declared as the Kumari They can have that position till having their menstruation Then these children will shift from their home to a place called Kumari Home They have some conditions Children should not go out The feet should not touch the ground Should not play with other kids Should not go to school But they get whatever they need and is reached to their homes

They get outside only during the 10 or 15 special festivals that happen in a year That time they bring them by carrying them After losing their position when they are matured the government specially gives them some amount as a pension In between a case came in Supreme Court against this as child labor but it didn’t withstand Still this custom continues Because it’s a Sunday, guide Sooraj’s family has also accompanied with us in the cable car after entering the cable car, the view from that is unbelievable We can see the tress cut down through the way we are going There is a temple above There is lot of fog as we go higher Other than the cable car, there are other two ways Trekking and by road Most people prefer cable car That is really a different experience We are standing 2520 meter high Remember the height of Everest is 8848 Here, there are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and everything There is a board seen, saying Bar at 2520 This is the temple I mentioned before Named Bhaleshwor Mahadev Temple We can see 2 levels of Pagoda It is constructed in Nepal’s own way The statue seen is of King Prithivi Narayan Shah It is believed that Kathmandu city was established according to what the king has shown while standing above this hill Below we can see the Kathmandu valley Due to bad weather we cannot see them clearly Otherwise we could have seen some parts of the Annapoorna Range and Everest Next we are heading to the world famous Pashupatinath Temple In 1979, this temple was listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site It is located on the banks of the Bagmati River it is Shiva’s temple Pashupatinath is an incarnation of Shiva The meaning of Pashupatinath is Lord of Animals It is situated 5 km north east from Kathmandu city Here we can see the kumkum drawn in a special way on the forehead of the devotees coming here I saw a little girl doing that so I stood there to watch that Bagmati River is a small river

So the Hindus After the death of their close ones, arrive here and does the ritual on the banks of this river There you can see a body is being cremated that is their relatives and friends And you can see the other people are waiting for their turn After that when the ashes are being float in the river it is believed that the soul attains peace But also we can see the river is being polluted The other interesting thing is about the priests here Because, there are two types of priests here the one is Bhatt and the other Bhandaris Bhandaris are people belonging here and Bhatt are from Karnataka Only they are allowed to touch the Shiva Lingam and do the rituals Bhandaris are the people who help them In a village named Sringeri in Karnataka the priests are selected who are educated by Shri Shankaracharya Dakshinamneya From here we can get a good view of the temple In April 2015 earthquake, the temple had damaged slightly The temple complex is about 240 hectares The 2 level pagoda which you can see is the main complex It is of copper with gold covering Non-hindus are not allowed inside the temple complex During the two special festivals like Maha Shivarathri and Teej, there will be huge crowds Teej is a day when Nepali women take fasting for their husband’s long life and happiness There are lot of small temples Most of them are Shiva temples Pancha Deval complex is one among them But now its a place where old people take rest when there is humid Its construction is very beautiful This is a very ancient temple constructed during BC 400 but apart from all other temples what I found unique is that the devotees who come here are devotees and the relatives of the dead So we can see lot of people leaving this temple disappointed most of them are the friends and relatives of the dead you can see a mother is being carried she maybe the wife or mother of the cremated Lot of ambulances are seen Most of them bringing dead bodies Next we are going to the temple’s main entrance Its written here Pashupatinath Temple There you see a Nandi’s form Here is the main entrance Because camera is not allowed, we are not able to go inside Tomorrow flight to Kochi at afternoon see ya tomorrow Today is the last day in Nepal Morning we came for shopping at Thamel Usually I buy a souvenir from countries that I visit I bought a singing bowl from here We can buy items at a 70 percentage discount if we bargain after shopping we walked through the Thamel streets sometime After that our guide Sooraj dropped us at the airport and left gifting us lot of beautiful memories during the 5 days in Nepal Then we headed to the executive launch and relaxed for a short time When it was time for flight we entered

Now I am going to say something that hurt me the most during this travel Its a true incident On December 24, 1999 IC 814 flight of Indian Airlines left Nepal for Delhi and was hijacked in between and was taken to Kandahar in Afganisthan Maybe many of us know about this Anyways I am going to explain to those who are not aware of this incident Because we are travelling that flight of Indian Airlines which changed to Air India That’s why I told its quiet disappointing Guhana municipality of Sonepat district in Haryana state is a small village area There was a girl named Rachna They was a middle-class family Because of her two elder brothers she stayed home quietly She was also educated On December 13, 1999, she was married to Rupin Katyal the marriage was well arranged by the families After that they selected Nepal as their honeymoon destination And they went to Nepal for honeymoon On December 24, 1999 they took the IC 814 flight back to Delhi IC 814 flight was controlled by Captain D Sharan Anil Sharma was the Chief Flight Attendant The flight was taken off from Kathmandu Airport after 4 o clock in the evening with about 176 passengers There is only one and half hour flight to Delhi So the Flight Attendant reached cockpit to serve tea and all When he reached the cabin after serving tea was the moment he saw a weaponed man wearing shawl standing with the gun pointed towards him a grenade too is there in his hands Anil Sharma was shattered for a moment Because he didn’t expect this The hijacker entered straight to the cockpit and pointed gun at Captains head telling him to take the flight to Lahore Lahore is in Pakistan isn’t it But Captain declined that But the threatening continued to become high that time four more weaponed men came from the cabin the passengers among them became more frightened This all happened when the flight was at the India’s border, that is when nearing to Lucknow So the weaponed man asked him “how much distance you can go with this fuel?” the Captain answered “Ahmedabad or Mumbai” There is no enough fuel to go to Lahore But he understood the lie and told there is not much distance from Lahore to Delhi so we have to go to Lahore But Captain was not at all interested to go to Pakistan Because the Captain had a trust that the Indian Military will save from these people if he landed in any of the airport in India Between this there was a announcement from the Captain That our flight has been hijacked he told that to obey what the hijackers say he had also send a emergency signal to the air trafficking control that this flight has been hijacked so he landed the flight at Amritsar Airport Even though they gave a request for filling the fuel, ATC declined in between that different incidents occured in the cabin They selected some men sitting in the economic classes and made them to sit in the business class and made some people in that class sat behind Rupin Katyal was one among that people what they did was that When the fuel didn’t come in two and half hours They stabbed in the chest and abdomen of one person sitting among them That was of Rupin Katyal By seeing this The Captain got high pressure then without the permission of ATC the flight took off from Amritsar Airport Then the flight was taken aiming to Lahore He requested the ATC to land at Lahore But ATC declined Because Pakistan didn’t expect to land a flight from India

When they asked the permission to land they closed all the runway lights in the Lahore Airport By that time one engine stopped due to lack of fuel He tried landing because he had no other option The people at the airport understood that this would be a crash landing by seeing the arrival of the flight and they thought it would be a accident if it is hit at a area where people are crowded so they switched on the runway lights But by that time the flight reached to the bottom Then the Captain realized he was landing on some road that time itself he changed and landed at the runway When they landed in runway there was no chance of giving fuel to them When the terrorists began to scare people inside by their guns, knives and weapons he once again requested for filling the fuel and they filled fuel in the flight but when he requested them to let out the older women and children they didn’t give the permission to let out After some time they again took off the flight The aimed place was Kandahar airport which is at Afganisthan, Taliban But because there is no enough requirements to land at night the flight went straight to a airport in Dubai, UAE By that time several messages were passed to UAE Government from Delhi But they didn’t give the permission to the Commando Operations from there But what happened when they landed in Dubai was Rupin Katyal the one who was stabbed had passed away 26 of them were set free in the Dubai airport, old women, children and including Rupin Katyal’s body Rupin Katyal was not sitting next to his wife because I have told u in between that he was moved to business class so his wife sitting in the economic class didn’t know about this This all happened the day before Christmas on December 24, 1999 There was Indians, business people and about 8 couples who was leaving to their homeland to celebrate Christmas Many foreigners and also a person from Kochi was also there in this flight IC 814 which was there till morning in Dubai Airport Then after that they left straight to Kandahar Airport in Afghanistan The passengers had no idea where the flight was heading to The 5 terrorists were continuously threatening them Only after landing in Kandahar Airport they made negotiations with the Indian Government They request was to set free the three terrorists from our jails India Government was not ready at first But they accepted their requests, and at last on December 31, 1999 India Government set free their 3 terrorists and with them they landed at Kandahar Airport Only after that the passengers in the Indian Airlines flight were free to get out When the terrorists got out from the flight one of the terrorists who told Rachna Katyal was “while other women was getting off from the flight at Dubai, your husband too was there. He is safe there” Wife believed all that They came to Delhi in another flight from Delhi Rupin Katyal’s father was there to receive them They escaped from the media and was brought to home Only after 2 or 3 days the death of her husband was disclosed to her By that time the cremations was all over Rupin’s father Chandra Mohan Katyal had spoke to Air India and offered a job there for Rachna Katyal Rachna’s married life was only for 24 days The girl was taken care by her father and mother in law and gave her higher studies and then married her off to other guy and she is living in their home itself After this incident The Air India flight undergoes strict checking Normally we don’t see this in any airport cabin baggage is checked again before getting them into the flight The 5 days travel in Nepal has come to an end Nepal gave us lot of good memories I hope you all have enjoyed my video Anyways I will be back with my next video That will be of a royal ship travel !

Departing from Singapore, and back through Malaysia in a Royal Ship The ship name Quantum of the Seas of Royal Carribeans So see you at Singapore Cruise

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