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en wchin for lontime ‘s writi so hi in th polls mean y can’tlamehem fr st tak ather wk o when evenally y wou have tot convsationbend in e kind ople srt to tu in even the were a year anda half away From the actual November mode been numr oown hls theo detes argoing toetartin seval more eks andou knowhese ag t e ndidatnd ifou’re tooar the nothe forroundut often the background somewhe u you re goi to ge he’s gog troll i out n Wedneay we’ n quite dey butow it’ Thursday b then there goingo be anoer about sevty twoour day bere he kes his fst Public appearance in that also seems a little odd yeah you would think you would want to roll out and then boom boom you know More than one two punches exactly — So I mean the reporting now is he’ll be making his first campaign rally appearance first part of next week — Most lily on Monday so – e and ‘s a questnhat yovene got taske ne polng o thi morng thatightaven mp could you beg a your dus in row a he’seady urging to tually an nce anond me n for whi ere is a newoll out this indites t first rl si ofmornin e slipng Foroe Bidou wan New mpshir andt ifromheo talabot keytate d sang.ighirst dmiss iby Bern Sderssn t and he’s aocal guy u know becau he’s fro right next doo in Vermont buthere been se oth polls that ve own That New Hpshireoe Biden can Newampshi Annie’slipped.n Prty substtial sheatest poing n has Bere Sanrs opening u% is University of New Hampshire respected polling organization – nsidered iependent 3or rnie Sanders Biden a 18% booted1 convsation.dy ee evenn t Themazing ty booted jges Well I’m gonna go bk to it muiple times b Chrisallace he taw atted aboutlue jue coup of wee ago he’s justs srt as e Dkens.e’s d you kw I walisteng to somethinhe h to sa hall whe he sae proemsn Democratso ro out picy prosal aer Withoutctuall elaing t ople y doe fee tsay wha a e? Basic lievesere we fightg- For e of the values tt Th we hol the csesnd that’shy wre s anotr gernmen.plaers An wheyou spk in tt plane of a manr I thinkt connects with a fair So — Younow youot Bere Sandersed % pple voted jge a 5 you know whI woul be mo bombed ou Of allhe candatesere and I’m t talking about Tolleson gabarde by the w is ver well spon I hearher o o fox news nday with Chs Walce she ry wl spok she she’s impressiut she dowat 1% Waen yea becse iyou’red ing tmake t argument that Beie Sders is ing well in w Hashire Because Bernie is from rig from right next door. is Frkly if yore in w Hampshire mosi e lower saying the souern st onehird of thstate In t wholetate byhe timer advaage it really should bee those folksho le in New Hampshire get the Bosn TV mark Its that’ a gd insi the soe loseith Warren ould bnjoyin some of the sa — Y know od wilfrom theolks iNew Hpshireot

only i sh Thisatestollinghows her drping In at e very tim that shs be makin she Me you wt more — Concretroposa young ma he him you may lovehem bu she’she one candite who’ out y driving the conversation yeah tting sethi policiesut cour as allhe oers tn of But it’s not it’s notven nnecti with the folks iew Hampsho pullownhe fivpoint becse she’s five percenge points so be bonds abou over — Because last poll and he only arted Fi nowo the rl outf bed wheyou want to get theig mall m somvote Has read comand ne didn’t get the boost and lot moody judges -Expee And so — You kw al tse candidates I’m sure ty will ey bievehey have good lationshs wh ceain oplen thmedi d dot bsurpsed if u do en tugh don hav the Bates for awhilifou srt t seeome out se of t peoehat arcloser to the bottomf thse tot Have aeste interes in not th’srue lot ofimes the storie don’t just appear out of in air I sayhat is truthatsrue politicsou got out and youl rign know — Candidates have to gamble ty got to get in and say can I win let’s put in some money there let’s g som donors It’s a gamble just again in The race for work but what about another gamble because we’re gonna go live now to Madison unilin.in where they e Introducinghe nestowerll winner all This persogamble than one off big time here it is the new power ball millionaire Any ile ma We’re all sming r ye [inaudible] Okay Well I’m and again this back to you Okayir whener a stement thahe wou likehe annld to read Following thate was prered taka few estions So I’m gon hand overome ah wel I s gog to start b saying Closer.ou all for being here give one yh th wasifeof I st want totart b saying ank you teveryo who h suppted me throuout th ars — Ion’tven kn says Grea sml Frco Im actually o twey four yrsh residencI kw that aot of pele in theeally real nted ithe re innoct Th case Im actuly- om wesDallasnd I a at’s pretty ch mhome for ile — So thstory thaout how I ef ton Around t PM had lt work and u feelg it’ n.eirducky Naral not norl at l — But I wanted to e speeay in n rlin and purase — Ten dollars w- s that I did lk at a theamera d I rely wted toin g luckfeelin.st hathat I knowity herandeen n enows tt is sure that n’tike abt thatame ou that alright — Iid stoat that se I said tt or n — So how I ded upindingut tha I w actuay do not wch D drings at ght ti hi dn’t en cck in the morng it’s avoid [inaudible]g I have Whd membert workearing tt — You kn r

Wionsinnd I nev tught Two thgs g I meany girriend d bout gether d that reall what mindede of thpower bal I wento e hadought gethernd I wt on my couternd I seahed t the werbal numbe and powe going numrs.th dowthe like wl I liven Wisconn song That all Inew And I wando get mr g gonto myallet Ieach forI thtickethat I d bout those t dolo ticketso all indivual anI in th room d I think ia thirticket I did whs supeexciteabout Don’t haen veroften And neverlae what I tught w the ltto ticket andn e I becae I wadiscard names I wentin] e has I shat astic come ts still tachedo the other One I’ thinkge Way An as dramatilly aI I’ve se it to u my of m iends d fami as I loot it oneumb d I sathat fst numr I dn’t tnk anythin of t I kw that it was sothing four or t fifthhird yh the kn just e powe of al Iee thasecondumber d I’m whatotnd had tm alnd and I’m like nou Ta it ifront itften I wa goi insanretty cht.in and Iook e matcd and Ion’t wanto embarrass ve it ght now b I what caexplain is -It racing blood pumng in my blo felt wmi stin f about fi or n mites — Good thg in m nghbors in here yeah – It’s a ‘s reay amazg the tdo is wh — W st che Signlayedower bl sinc I fn – Twty foumy ver first birthd whenI di actuay buy a Powerll ticket so t’s get strait actual y evyone aays holds ohen you y a tiet to tually wh it an I c tell y right readfor thatff and I got ba he a we kn that u got where youhink t founout th realiicallyfn I u don’t ll anydy nobod ows and at’s h I guess got to hear — So I’not su- What the nex apter gon bringor my life — t Iave been tting he t best fancial takg I ju really want to thku – enter hea much morconfidtn myseo And thout him Ion’t tnke her th thatould be able tbe her ght now talking buI yeah itust it’s amazg it’s stl like a dre and ifeels hostly le any ment I gonna wa up in m just gonnae backn my om in my baLandon ‘sonna ba disaointment herend it’not th we hi with aordinary g like at uld everhen — en thehe power f andhe to too dolls you end onhe tict — For thehole d you do wh ‘s it’it’s wortht and I ow that bause Ie worn Its aealistallyt and it amazi — Thank youuys r bein herend that’ that’ statent I wl answ a coue quesons aer cld youleep atll lasg e couldn’tleep my andhe nam ree fo hours aay and a at’s aut it w. Onof the firsthingsou wanto do – e I’m t suryetll rht justet it nk andake sue andt I I I’m n maks to bresponble Io hope.dwant I do wantd d you kw correctly eugh toake su at my acher cured Aftediscuson Ianted toorif youn

convced othwiseo I amen taking t lumsum I think we’re l Comeut o the woodwkndre to rdom people — Buddiyou eparm related he got to gonside And Ia u gr up whe yowent — Th’somethi tha I’m I now m nogonndiscse tt.sh Iouldut n you just ge us something more I I ter Inew tt if I won hi honestouldn’ work I was just out everne I workotic b arhat I reall wanteto sayomethi thatown abody trend I knew tha it w aad decisn and pre That what ppened The quote unquo norma life As mh as Ian yea taket was t the one yust withour ts imy takit yeschase ws and it r actuallyant to y Porball ckets cause e normal isn d Iormallyaveust five doars spend every y know Porball drang siz and u week on werbalticket ttery ticke so youuit yo b the day aer youcheck your tenT We allream abouthat wll do ifhe wind want?ryour dreams befo you I justeally wted to avel the wod you kw andtuff like tt Iy at’s gng to by and fcy mighgo by ncy stf but t.tuff liI Noing too bnd I’m sure yore nev see mas a le one of t pt thin went bkrupt and bker as psibleeormal as amuch I’mot Io spea Snish your psonal- Th have eir ow Stl youncontenkay goa and thi iae d e newe per bl winnernd y wast a bi one tt he eight llion dolla jkpot in Wionsin a you c see i jus super excit days andeally’ ing to be comin ihe nt of the avanche of reall — Attene Wow what winner meews no ming unext seveeen Amicanxpresshousd year o

from fr millionn. year up Two thousand seventeen social media ad spending is still significantly les than wt spt on tditial me ad And family feud is taking cruise t popular TVame show headin out to sea carnival cruise lines announcghe game ll be a feature On its new Mardi Gra ship deting next yr the sai wl remble thene on TV comete withhose famous buzrsV host Sve e e direct will act as MC. For I’m acy cross go.com in New York Thankou Tracy ting aive the green one hundrednd sixty hg poo On fox tenxtraawi everyone my pe youe welcom bacto news now as we continue always& bring you these toptories and headlines from across the untry one of theig sries tried to pit to peachmt.nd Heres Dt t y ca tdeterme how tmove pump t bras onmpeamentg tord o Well comet a ftival White House Easter egg roll yesterday president trump the battered away a qstio thats swirling arnd Washington You m fee eveetterbout it tay afk ncyelosi sought to ake out middle groun yesterd in a confence cl with flow hoe Demrats Later s put it in wting it is also imptant to kn that the fas rarding holng the prident accountablean be gained t heings the learship of the hous Democts cluding Ncy Peli carly notant tgo dn the peachment roaohat th’re goin to e investations witut peachment that recognis the realt mocrat simply don’t he the numbst trump from office But they can investigate a the lf former Whiteouse lawyer don McGann All part of an effort to that we’re gng to ntinue on wi the iestigatis tha have Had no beenappeng for t president that it’sone without buthe caution is aacrosshe boarutn the campan trail o democratic candidates for the White Hou izabet Warren andow Kamel ris supportmpeachg the Both o tse cdidate are natorsut impeaments mt begin thew thateems uikel Wasngton Dougl ed fox news Bu presserustoming f of a bitrategcall to the term m tases

now always trying to bring in these top storiesn outlines om a over t country l’s keep it gnge’re gng to go ou – This interesting federa prosecutorsre talking about opioids was just coming i ght nowhat’s consiring i youright he on ns now From 20012-220 [audibl xteen alleg pharcies whout dng anyue diligent didn’ care aut the escribg numbers tir customer f ty fied For RTCas iDallas own word f by other distribors.ff Hodid th get ay with this lyingo the A Alread see howoo s falsy told t DEA that i wod holdhoserders confmed suspious oers to the that not wt our did 0-012-000 Sixteeparty ty fla moe than eht thousd orde a Erelheld for investited them Andd four suspicious orders of the day Anas youan seerom th cht fro200-0122000 opids skockete Ted salf Sold four int seven mlion oxycodone pil the prmacie t thousd sieen th mber w fty two point two miion. 8100% Anthe sales of fat and all [iudib] Inwo thoand twve thiy C sold six threehousandoses of f and a the prmacy T thousandixteenhat nuer incread te And nyf thes tes wthe pharmaciest Thousand legalispensg narcots Sixtn RDCs interna cplianc Eigh three hdred oers fm pharmaey Becae RTC d not iorm the A. fm 20012-220 xteen ready see rorted stour suicions oers. To Why d theyo it?did i The aner is eed Dung the piod alged in e dictme RDC genated one point two the salef contlledevues fro And at I’l station w tied that revenu. 20012-200 xteevalve comnsatio more th doubl 200-0-0008ver one pnt five blioe a hdred a 2 Fromis cpension the two thousand twelve cases of th pe insnifica coornation wh our la forcemt parers. To left I enjoy join today by our partner in this in man of ray novan nartics ces of the D. A.’snt in arge w York fiefficend Gre nninghe assisnt speci ent inharge Th is first of its kind prosecution for the D. A AnI wann thank raynd h assistance.gat wor in this instigatn The invesgationd offi whis taking aof our leadsh in enfg pharmaceutical companies compliance With the controlled substance act Disiusio was instrentaln securiht h alady sehas aged. To my right I want to our knowledge Jeffrey Powell one of the a was d the ttleme with r DC alsoant tocknowlge and thks t procutors hdling e crimil cases against

To t right Mrowell is Nickady s rose. ThreNO Steanie le exiothman a theoaching aff oourarcoti unit to supervise this investigation Sean Crowley and George Turner Thank you all very much This prosecuon is the rst executiv of e pharceutic stribur An the dtributtself have be charged with dr affickg Our offe willo everythg in anyone responsible force unlawfully fling this ioid epidem d th incdesxecuves w illelly disibut dru from thr boar rooms w I’d like to invite to the podium ray Donovan [inaudible] Thank you [inaudible] Todas pivot momenn our fitgainstpioids suppliers respsibleor caungens o ousandsf deathsach ye pharceutical company is cing t a cri e incling twoxecutis are beg charg f narcocs violatns Faureo file suspicious borders and theourteeU. S gover Bere Iegin Iould le to apaud TheoutherDistrict of N rk otheirxceptionalork Thisnvestitionill beseduringhist as a mele U attory’s offe to ho armaceutic compaes accounble forn coliance Which emwers iicit you stributi abu are aguingur natio.ted overde dt Americaas bn hit o full trafcking in a distruting hein fedal And by the n compliancfnitedtat pharmaut e ] Theilives Itasesulten the wot drugrisis U. S.istory D. A.’ je ntroll substancect Be Diantlindrug tfficki ganizations onhe stree. For investigating the the version of Ournvestition io RTC criminallement of nial Duringhe Mo lives were keny drug ovdoses tha ever bore thei ownompliance pcedureso d their obligations der thsea CS squa iWestchteronductked to then coous inrviews Review tens of of d arti pty see.g in fiing Systemically Isot compliant Partseeid notonduct due digence on newustome f Partsee sweat custors red flsnder t rug when hi t the prmacie.ctomers And tohe pubc n t reporting spiciou ords for cus fact one eloyee cpared some otheir stomers request for exemelyarge bders of corolledubstance as Waitg forhe D E. A.o light e fus e shks me mplian borde Descbe prmacie Aticks of dymiteaitingor the. E to lit theuse nor terminate thoseustomeot h tg theharmacs withticks o namite what is RTC Pharceutic dtributsWarehouse a responsility is to rchase prescripti medices andther medicm the phaaceutilanufactur for diri The res to seguard prcripti micatio until it gets into e right handsor the rhk wh needheir medation par as gekeepe orescriionb medication a the most re time a ssiveiction Alwing f widesead veron prescriion mecation Again I cm atrney’sffice at Sohern Distct of New Yoron the exceptnal wo I uld also like t ngratutehe members of the a stacd t vestigion TVS teais cprised espially nce divse invesgators and

ofcers from thD. E. which depament.r county polic Townf March towpolice sherf’s offic Wooury pice partme Yonrs polic andutnamounty sheriff’s officeinauble] Wel ta youquesons But bein penrateor thely my oma fit tim a iwas tremy uncoortabl Tt allegi the sual abuse by- necogist and n ty aren Sacrento n bi heState lislato let’s stenn In ourhole ehth ABifteenen wl give ladi up he.me a allhese cnce thold those w harmed us co It ges us choi juice.e our o patto Yese arallrojaut fir and f a wenho suffed a rrib thi And waited far too lg r juice sa.the sn in fnt ofe It ensur jtice to th rvivor You ve seenocto tendo dn’tive a cice yes ago I nt mchoi now S. C. is the oy oppents this ll So may so me rembe rads Thk you s mhor t fortude to and a We tha youor sndinby th utoda auth when t count also . myo ojanto s a fewords ank yssemblmemberS — are in a mentn o Ourtandin up toll kds o instice Ands wome ands Troj wom s [iudible Needs. To be sn An nee jusce a I’m so the men here today todaynd to jo

Asellowlumni USC And ho ainstition tt we vaendold sdear to ou of t past.or thcoverps to kw what.thathis hpens In t futurommend you prest. To ing.eor bei Because ty are powful awn u are lid and yre imrtant And yodeserve justi so k y d tnkouTo assbly member radiu. Foauthorg su an imrtant ece of leslatioinaudie] Fighon me t oppornity tspeak owg you on I h More than sixundredf Grge foard.ix huned ausing Hocan is be?e en fed suivor To tentluturegeoes sento viims. abuse ‘s sugstedhat sual abe not Gege cnnel residcy in someon fil Aritten rept Of sual abe nce that port some irtyears a Numeus oths spe up t none lisns ithe abe contind sothin me conscus decisio look ty Th coved upandles abu in fincia intert and athe iverty d themlves Isk you to imine h dif l theiveseing If jus onendividlo incling all w are he wit meoday Wh he neve meteorgendo itould he beenpared fro deciono ax.ab fac i the th shape the wld’s iings ahoice impas genet And indidua tturn alind Emporhis pretor to rive ause incallable mage and carin for sdentsovered up Shamurvivo a providen deal wh th Shamon tm udents shod be e heart and soul r In tho invold ienabng ndale’crimesn mis’s ould bheld aountab Abehatccur under the deructiv.calreatme is As it as it isn’tusthe s it therust i the stem In your mmuny and in ose uponhom w rely As a svivor of th typf abe I know w confingt cane In a dl that tenccompaes threalizion th a docr meon we told from early capae of tentnall hming I assed was theroblemusts as many of thothesurvivs said Evs ofcee rely ohis or r ucatnnd cerficati d we ler ouruard defer ttheir onions and structns wn the tel y that aertas Wh youatchoursel thinkg this smss o f paents ery d?oho tres Ifhere w aroblem Someonould have ne sothing aboutt a lo te o t ocoursehisever hapns nobod lisns thout approiate servision

Kendletter acces to ctims Yo oft stues of mitaons ilo accotor the mplety of seal ase Howt occurs? Wh it occur? Whe i occs y it occs ihe pross by whic vtime else has beewillinto Unss carully ispecifallyowdge? crted to accot f the such stuesismpow victi stripng tm othebility takctiogainst tir abuss and ebl e a m rvivor By ackwledgi t har the suf Recoizing itsecau in king aion tensut esn’t ppen ain appot a spealrosecur to inveigate all ctributg caushisor undersod a prented from erappeni again And I kedou aowere e survors of abuse By enaing AB fn r e d t Evernetory is differe and everne cooksiffently some el comfoableoming fward mediaty aer theirbuse footherst takes years d se may ner ce to tes with tthas e effes oa bea sy wit you r the st of ur lif th the svivors y see ask each or befoou toda Onlyeeded And eir abere adt Dember two in e har ty suffedas as eventaest was incusabl We c’t chae t pas bou ca creata safe futury poweo suort t pasng ofassinthisn Fiftn ten easee th oneAB adults ank u My name is Lucy she te a two ousa foueen andasters ofealt ainn Inwo tusand d twee Ias AB.llybused tuiti fteen n you kn we’ lkingbout twoears vsus ten yes or threeears b wh I’d rlly le to lk aboutoday it betwn. Tnty eit year psed en theirst kno vicm of acon.n y I seectualltook U. SC. sltered t sexua pred& o thounds chiren en By theime Iawewish nl o An he aeady kw Exactl wha to yny whato asko figu out wt he cou do en he undut I w startg healthdmi? He goto work rig away asking me g I evelearnhe phycal ex The ginal or ctal em.died Andhen heb I wa thiy yesld medil traing.udent with To y know the Aan culre — many ian cuures And Asn counie o ] Thheyon’tee adrom young necogistntilhey’re maied Yo sine new is y speficay taeted Asi won gynelogicaexamhe suppod d when thinkbout Wh he s aeo geaway th wh me? seen a gynologis beforho had micn scare me thinkbout wt he did tthoseevente

ghte yeaold gis Freshm Witho idea What a gecolist ppost e en habus me d wh I auall fnd out What h reallhappen to ? Inhoseix yrs Iound Ofn unmfortae withen.elf Iound melff thwhole medicasystem I foun mys Afid oolder n raid odoctor Anin my rk I tenound mysel unaeo functionhey u Of mpartne wheyou trto be And actual stillm thos six yrs I sufredS C.ants yt Thatt doest maer hapned the tnty eit year thatt y tthint ey coved up sexl predat at thadoesn’matter.Pleaon’t l t e yowill of this and news and now s Righhere iAriza asellfrom all i we a expting tay eighty Part cloudy ses and tn torrowe hea up police are the their nety r thr r thWednday ninety ne for Thsdaya s The per tmidinetie are top story in this hour right here The GSC somwill let beuse earlier today — Theo othershat are accused of attacking Jesse some allowed they are now is sued his attoeysf Les lten inthis attorneys speak how about this new lawsuit Th thi d notappe. federalourt I wle forevechand youememr whsaidhose We eveone dirtly volv in thimattr e Chicago poce dartmen

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I beliehisawsuitill be thfirst sp in showi t onlyhe t citizens o icago but t nation internionallhs no at theportrad it tbe — Anwe hop tt this lawsu wi be th first stenuring the wngs th were mmitte upon Our to clients [inaudible] Thank you Goodorni – Mname iJame nic a I’m alsone othe Chago othe.ing the Not thlegal mmunit.by e Chago ld cmunity d n anye from our coury rhould e defeants Be surised byt caus theynow The eent diity a respeillctiths Duringhe coue of is d Statistric Crt as Noan nor any woman is a b the la seousomplnt mak kno quesonsbouthat Al ld o in thlawsui The areumerou defamatory statent e Thate foll wwe filed ain we will actith diity Mr gr a also this an in.inaudl] Dinot acwith dnityuring thcourse Ofhe crimil procdings We he tho An a dignieduring is lawsui I ll telyou is All t playut.rth lawyen Inhe Unid Stas Dtrict I kn all.ago I willracting thereor t t one cd Chigo f thirt ve years We intdo get Juice [indibl Thanyou [audie] Ast th te proem at is te I’like toead you A a steme tha goaand al he a lonr stamenty liev the wilbeeleang ter e prs coeren havsatack And wched lie after e ingabrited abo usn t medi On so o big l can connue havlife Thes lie areestroying o aracr andur repatio in lis.rsal a prossiol Theho kw us psonay note that weor annehos no That inotho we a We te d posivityithho eve w me io coact th will lonr sitack Andith thawe’l go aad and Ho a few questio Is ithats thomething Anwe’re lkingbout tir reputaon ti king pt okatak w do y t Helltherreputionent out Thank d theye ty’ve beethe fat bu as f as eir Inhis puicit stuhey alizhathat it was wng reetfuor t rol.uslnnce Thathey ayedn ite miske Russnsost sineeao rolnlli the thinn the inton’ Pacicf

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pite wasrror lin transpt pot ctii ousandlight urs Thircraf was a sws min nineteen y o tw engin aircrt it w purched by thpiling.tentald Two tha n om airrafficontrol — We ha theircraf darting west ustoirpo is sev thirt cruing altude ofixthou feet He d decerate i ahe desceed interctede wa To ande w flyin to S approa ie ti of thaccide Walln finn belohe clo And so desnt to little whe contl datahatas capredic at eig fim eircrafas itwo tusan et aveeaevel wchs about twoundree grnd lev And thaas on a sixile l so lernd slor Thanou wou expecrn aircraft oa on aong final ke tha Thair traffontrolrack op neathe acdent se do ha threeitness – appriate tse witsses the noced a iralin acraft theswitness aually saw thero grf rcraftit theround A litt bit int a vyow forrd sed.ctedith Ana high Therwas nmpact pt impt firen th wckagas constraid benthe foprint of t aircrt missghis morng the areid notindt ring o initialnvestition viousl an are of inrest a y the acrafto be so low an slown filo far out s at’s tt’sf intest tha we’re okind dayn the wee aad were aminin acraftystems to engis bothropells. bh We doave eine data at we’reonna d s g on wh the gines As I td youarlie e Next weeknd I cld taka few qutions ich is thweathe wt wou at havanythi to doith With thabd weher with heavy ty wit e crasyesterday Thweathe w twelvhundre That tt’s no greateather but is r was low t ceili wn thehe callwas a de call any On a traff contr from ee approa ce coon checkrafficir he me a ca that equencuey — Sof t thas not nitoreby the FA frequey.the aiort Do we kn at th point-hat they wey h tentne as undersnd the e fiveasseng we comi dealgs thathey h in th ea The idea e died oimpact I ye Contltormsr or me rain eected from the rt of t y is n going to u Activati at ll some lunchere a will coinue ts afteron now we’ve got i ar and role Whh ishe winr longill yobe her.l b a bl wheneh Wel be he for e next Of flowinghate’ve g oite proplerxams oiously tginexams pe doloadinhe enge data like I ntione That wl occuover t wees ahd r coulou expin the is right nowr whatou allre worki trai very cky -t the hilly boom of th wall ere was — thmall tes tha sortf thing t it a Now you I wou say wh the hi vercal dece ithe sl rd spe it’ n constent with ting The you ntionehat the wasn’t finr Th [audibl

trigr fireome dot — Bu So yh it’s at’s a twio gine acraft- LikI said mafacturer i -inetee nity nine prty commopretty coon airaft Thughouthe coury Te you wt I apeciate everyby beii d we’ goingo we’r going toead ofnow Anthanksor youtime see ere wre at th te’ll ve to ed investigion e d Mi Alrighto thatas thepdate obvislyhey’re sllo NTS investigating there but boys suc Nearanntonio yesterday six dead in at horrible plane crash ereore newsow Next upcongummer and wha theyalk are trno prent the I so w wilhave that as soons tha gets going and willave a for you right he On the ns nowverybo all at the howhe mkets are dng onforty In thereen will contin to ta a looat itn the next Onews now because we’re minus lef forhe day of tring and lks lik it cod have re and P. Five hundred I everyone might page you’re welcome back the tostories n lines.you From the get go — This is going to be a busyews day and boy we’ve had and that content today w y had tlook at a killes eyes Thisw nvicted o killing their daughter back in twenty sixteen she was just going on a trail an she was murred tha trails and this was in New York City nowhe parents were able to eak to that- this must ha been diffilt.of Fogratitudnd respect Haitia fai Caon jusce to ouchild

Thknowlee Mond and tse emes Turninaround Yeahncludihe magficent proseciond A n I hava link ch and eryone who useto have a ls ? v analys arepplied. To snd with us Jesu my lord andavior ery timet may AnI s I forty o ten she Yeah.t dismayed am I wif whole you. u th mrighteous ght hand I see my statyour hor Thisall [indible]o sorryaudle] een tod ‘s harand hah hell This i day Whe wthe knledge naudib] Matter as timi is a e you onur the sho John She w.ne areand me are llyinaudible]b aall th you Clearly pable Everhing tt I am reflecon oyour t.arly a Shouldnow lile is [iudible] Timehave d compining to ws reports Thing Asianotoriy Spially tho may Iave yo Charli s Kning y would soon cused [inaudie] The anl [indible] And genel Anthe li [inaudie] CD [indible] Andy beautul AT [audibl In t left nd in In theong [audil imals Helid away to theight naudib] Handinaudie] Online [audil ll we aillion Watchi you’ll interntion now wit

Are d you m choosto hav Pele whoave Rerseles. Tohoot a secon ances I pe you le long fe in thprison of e law andhe Ideaonal you you will t havenf the ening Aug. o thousand You may sho me wi your your eyes Yoay kilme witHaiti impa.nity. For expre the And mend my mily Mightraged dghter rinneo you and his Daysffortsealize eated the md now wh isa murder tion o? Its impsibleor me and this His ne to m Chanerunway And ng andow Re was terrorid h yeah d in t early ening hrs naudib] Steen suldn’t LO Solari [audibl wellinaudie] Every winaudie] Chi Link To ou Dsy afollows Can.ould othe ming lawrs.ome sy Fi dai Inhe lig of day e end She’ pn and rror naudib] Lookinininaudie] Strang And you arin thaI know [iudib] See Reas inclus losi heart I only l Intoy life at is m an Aan movs whenhe nou.r monthold Heill ner rememr a whole lo going on a eak fr him his eation. our dedicion Toello know ttle aut knowsou lov He kno intviewse a The year a [audible] Hello I’usuallo pase anhe questis he t e w actuay sechles

centlyinaudie] So swely [audibl Ce extrrdinary anlack Three e gettg lid the lls A ssionate write Hell [inaudie]f Fashion a speecpatholy r the ildren lding tt And only.toffer When -We canation The Me You n line esn’t ke me naudib] Later I l Me Al these [inaible]ryd life Onll othose mute [iudible in e innence othe anals inays [indible] Imine beg Star. treesheole In reaon ts Dayinaudible] All e natul Thisittle makes pplyin She says Hey. One m.so [inauble] And one erica some sic [inaible]andeaders Wee seahes andeautif e moti We arehe only specs that le to rely express h much [inaud] Anher beg [inauble] Pele are [audibl It’sn all tngs beaiful that cnot y nd I know Every te I taktime o e I n’t think need want at the I choo to reive as means algationalas [audibl am in Shouldot Lou I mean w in e e was ll Havingought And we’reas se to Ir Yeah s now ldingisight right hd For yo Heas shown A litt leaguin notnlo [inaible] Flal the md [indible] Rely demstrate Cavali attude to utally cheing li In strger an d

Anntire He’s aiar anhas conseat ] Viewfulresh wat een In the channel look allight afterhe kilrbelive feelg othat srs andhanel Los king a lif foray toooon uining familorever d now that killer getting f wi ich ishe n apple pduct Don’ jud t fowildre A.hibut ady pele tlearnore aut more aboutamily planng Ar is al aroundhe iuerd rthqkes- Whe thaecom the hdlin le i paicular hen theast Baey wrd falot jt t hilightrse otoday’soanndre fauli thenoes l thwayown ttsere uil lnut eek.ne of e large the may refence tt wjecf th thit announce a he pas we’veeen bit Inhe pt weave de getati manement fue reductn- Fes- as deleraty as reoing it day — askedhe d aft was swnnTo oice Ias a the plasteh faelepterheaps her execive oer tpriorizea ask himun The mt vnei Califnia vulneble t seon.eefore e wifire Isked him tidenfy not jus ii

whh mean fire Vulnerilitut als t it to e land osocial molity.t rough e le of Lo at ithrou the lan and cafire.enedFor e ople tt cnot ford car evaate evuate on eir nithout re gersre sport okT evaatio routes consid all tsa ey leral ran dhboard th social we can indexith e fired Thty fe ofhe mostoritid portt proctsn thistate th we belve protect se two ndred counitiess mers h said Thie communities are witthe ts counes Ctraostandtwo ameda couy five ndreand xty ousandeopl Liven the comnities And w arerioh d m f y a Rath thasignin castroic fir aft les waspproprte to fa traht it inils that we canctuall g tngsjec into Th is vernnt aer a — Theres a gap bweenhose is bn significtly.atapannounceme Shtene Becaus ohe sse ourgey fieen intne mlionndd llar em out of mone we p up the dgeto ge ove leslate in the nextixty toughhe Oforeoneyhan ers going Something in the sky all tell you about some thing in theky the next fe season and tt’sew one trty t areeing tfitdor me fe Bein prered treplace oldose a nk ol Hue acally aow uso fldurit the enin urs or doingoreutual aid d prentate measure to actually pre position of fire of fe ennes a personnelumbe All I’saying long ndedate state fgive me r beg s long winded Is we’reetti serus- A But wre ao sious aboutues Weeed ur hpialon We need t suprt o indg Th foc onn trp’s rnacar bakin a rte.or give me andou don’t ha a y of sayi there is some th do incde ang others thinaking e brus iarou -our me yourome.againou wt to ve marialused o yr roof hand considermpac lk t choeou me inerms of yr lascap dook the kd o ndscapg tt’s moire silit thas al availle ain An lk tthis Look to a stat thatsl ninene onen Cafornechnolog moyhis ar tprocure-‘see Ar offort aemphasisut enclosg theocalm mar.thmayo Berley C theh mayorso Oaknd is here’ cit fi cefs you’re the gray grou You kwour comnity b amifie bterehavr at they ee we’t lol lel rourc in that pot I wto ma.’s the st ave ovided fifty mlion dollars of approiati w wereble tt t apopriatio isow being invested weeed to make sure it’s invested wisely this conversation is important That’s how we Frae for mey to a local lev is ill a queson

Buthe wle goal is thisot the moesuto reonalonf allies these of the moni as mar sh sai She snow no boundariestunng know No — Well No politics in thispace ther Region ici our sategs and lution and bestractes is ao e suit.ingur sta’s first exrts notust a lal lel stat regnl Cafornia –nd ld outhe blueint Ae preped int the future so ain thas ththeurposef toda – Tene ceus5%f Cifornisive in thiwildlandrban interfa — evenilli peoe. Fou int ve mlion hes a in all thhome rht outere ng the st B Aleda unty.cnty Yo as vulnerable aButte unty re ivulnable couies nor All of ndo wake uo this new reality And we all ne to be leaders Fox news alert Welcome everyone here to news and in California showing you — Once again another police chase happening in your taking a live look right now we have floor areas as well so be handling for you on fox ten phoenix.com Hello everyone so we’re hearing that it’s a reckless driver so that’s what’s guy fox’s over right now and it definitely looks like this is in Compton California On a freeway is currently the same time as us there in California so coming up on the noon lunch hour locked In the roadways and look whoever this is is just picking up speed on the highway making the reckless maneuvers here looks like they could be getting off the over there telling pretty closely to that vehicle Right in front of them All right so if you want to see just how this is all going to end up we invite you to come on over to fox ten phoenix.com we will be streaming this in its entirety we are hoping. For the joing us here onews wend

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