hey guys look what I got that’s right I got the e flight Delta ray one this is an RC trainer plane and the reason I got it is because my sister got it for me for Christmas and the reason why she got it for me is because it was on my Christmas shopping list now the reason being is I get asked the question all the time hey GB what should my first RC plane be well typically I say the hobby zone champ but that’s been out for awhile and there’s a lot of new technology coming out to help people to learn how to fly and that’s what’s in the box and coming up next we’re gonna look and see what’s going on inside the box alright guys here’s a look inside the box at the RC plane and I’m sure you’re noticing that the only thing inside the box is the RC plane you’re probably asking GB where is the radio where’s the battery where’s the charger anything else that I might need well check the link in the description I am going to have this plane as well as the rated of like it linked in the description so you can check them out see what the current pricing is at the time you’re watching this video but I have everything that I need to fly this with a Biden fly basic version that’s what this kid is so coming up next we are gonna take a closer look at the plane by taking it outside of the box ok so here’s a better look at the RC plane as you can see the wing shape is that of a triangle and that is where you get the delta from and what the delta gives you it gives you longer flight times it gives you lots of stability and in a lot of cases you can fly Delta wings pretty fast you may be able to do that once you master this I’m not sure how fast this is yet but I have a feeling it’s not gonna be slow especially if you learn how to fly it right very cool another thing that is a very cool thing for beginners is we have some dihedral right here and what that he’d rule is you just have some up angle on the wing tip there and that gives you added stability and that is going help you when you learn how to fly an RC plane heck even if you know how to fly an RC plane dihedral can definitely come in handy if you look right here we have a rubber nose tip looks like we’ve got a little groove there that way you can pop that hatch off we’ll circle back that a little bit later I can’t really get that off one-handed and right back here we have the folding prop on the 2’s brushless motor so that is very cool I am gonna flip this over and we’re gonna come right back here’s what we got going on on the underside of the RC plane one of the things that stood out to me the most was it’s got 3 skids for landing or at least two skids there and then a nice big plastic plate right there that is gonna protect you when you belly-land this this obviously does not have any wheels so when you land in your grass or mud or whatever you land on I do not recommend landing on pavement with this I know a lot of people use those plastic skids on other planes like that I do not and I will never advocate that coming up next we are gonna pop off this plastic plate right there this plastic piece right there was held on by a pretty strong maintenance very cool pretty easy access to the receiver Bay and that is good because if you’re looking to add GPS to this thing if you’re a total beginner you want to add the virtual fence all that kind of stuff that’s your plug right there and then you run the cord up to the front and the nose fact let’s see if I can pop this off one-handed I tried earlier one-handed didn’t work boom there we go we got it awesome and this is not held on by a magnet which is pretty rare for the battery base for these um explains it’s got kind of a little snap function there I’m curious to see how this holds up over time but there we go and this right here is our plug for our your battery that’s what you connect your battery into and then up here somewhere you’re also supposed to install that GPS module which is sold separately and it requires a little bit of programming to get it set up we’re not gonna really get into that much more in this video but coming up next I am gonna bind this to the radio and we’re gonna take a look at the basic functions alright guys so I went through and I set things up it was pretty darn straightforward to be completely honest however if you’re a

beginner a straight beginner which is what this is targeted at we are going to show you how to use a spectrum DX 6 to set this thing up I don’t have a battery or anything in the plane right now literally we’re just gonna program the radio because the radio is essentially a computer that you’re gonna want to program alright so this is my delta ray we’re gonna go to add new model and create new model yes ok so that is gonna take us to system setup you want to pay attention to those headings within this radio and the first thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to model type and it’s gonna default the airplane but I literally want to walk you through every step so we hit that data will be reset well we didn’t put anything in there specific for this so resetting is just fine okay we know we’re starting clean right there very good now we want to scroll down to channel assign so hit that and you’ll see your different this is a six channel radio and you’re gonna need a six channel radio for this specific plane and you’ve got the our export assignments cool now we want to go to next and we want to go to gear and to switch things use this little roller right there so we find gear we want to change the button it says a right now so we change that to switch rather not button B and confirm that okay cool that’s set so that makes it so we can change between the different flight modes there are three flight modes once beginner ones intermediate and once expert so well I’ll show you that a little bit more with a plane once we get that taken care of so then we slide thing back up to list let’s see where we go from there and then we go to function list so it’s going to take us back to the main screen and we’re back at the main screen and then we hit this button again that takes us to function list and then we want to go to throttle cut so we go to that and we’re using this the whole time to toggle things around scroll things around so go to throttle cut and then we want to assign the switch to H so we roll down here to where it says inhibit hit that button scroll here till we hit H hit that and it automatically does that negative 130 percent because if you’re scratching your head you’re watching this trying to figure that out that’s what you do it automatically populates it so now when you move the H button each switch rather and hit that zoom in it will move backward and forward now if you are flying and you hit that switch on accident it’s gonna cut your throttle you’re not going to have throttle so I’m not sure about the value of it if you put this in your case the case that I use to transport my radio with sometimes that gets hit up so make sure that that is in the down position when you try and fly this you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble alright so that is pretty much it let me see if there’s anything else on here oh we did miss a step so let’s go back to channel assign this happens all the time when we’re setting up things at least it does for me sometimes I I get so excited dad I just jump ahead so we’re going to go back to system setup yes we’re okay with X we’re not connected to anything so we want to go back to channel assign want to go to next and see we got the B set up we want to go here and we want to go to the I boom so that makes this I button the bind button our auxilary switch okay so we alright so we’re pretty much set up and ready to go now there are two different ways to bind this and I’m gonna come back and show you those next

like I said before there are two ways to bind the plane to the radio the first one is pretty straightforward you have to make sure that you have the battery plugged in there I don’t have that right now I will once we’re done going over these little basic things but you want to power that off you want to make sure that the battery is plugged into that battery plug I showed you earlier in the video and what you do first you want to make sure that you’re a far enough distance away with the radio from the plane these ultra micro receivers that I showed you underneath the bottom of the plane they are very distance sensitive so if you’re too close it will not bind so make sure you’re at least 5 or 6 feet away from it and that that is setting on a level surface the safe and the as3x that are in here they absolutely have to have a level surface when it’s bound that way it Orient’s itself and makes it effective in flight if you don’t do that if you’re like holding it or doing all sorts of weird stuff you were gonna have problems when you’re flying it and you don’t want that so what you have to do to bind it is turn the switch hold that down and it will immediately go into bind mode it failed because we did not have the battery plugged in so that could not connect and this radio is pretty darn close to the plane so that might also be another issue so okay we acknowledge that didn’t work so let’s go in here and to get to the other way to bind it we’ll just start from the beginning screen hit there goes the star takes us to our function list go down to system setup disconnect any RF find that’s okay because this radio is not bound to that plane yet so that is totally fine not an issue at all so we scroll down here and then we find the bind function and basically when you hit this it’ll take us to the second stream second screen and we’ve got the bind there so then when we hit that and again it failed because we didn’t have a battery plugged into the plane so the receiver cannot accept that bind signal all right coming up next I am going to show you how to set the duel rates okay so we’re back at our starting screen and we want to hit that take us to the function list right here is our D our and Expo so it says in the manual that we want to set the ailerons and elevator to 70% duel rate and a hundred percent high rate so basically what that means is the dual rates they control the amount of range that the control surfaces have if something is flying and it’s overly responsive it is going to be herky-jerky not smooth at all and it’s not going to be fun to fly especially when you’re beginner trying to start out and you really don’t have experience handling that most people want to do like way too much input and that’s a problem that can be a really really big problem honestly so there’s that I do also want to touch on Expo since I think this is probably focused and most of the viewers are absolute noobs or at least I would assume that I’m gonna cover a lot of things and quite a bit of detail here so bear with me if you already know what this stuff is back you can fast-forward this if you already know what this stuff is guys don’t wanna bore you but Expo you set that a lot of times it’s actually not called out in the radio or in the manual for this plane but I’m still going to talk about it alright so let’s say it’s 20 percent what that does that gives you a little more cushion you see actually you can see the control there or the the curve see how it’s closer we get to zero the flatter it is now when I go like that it changes basically what that is is it makes it soft so if I go this way the more Expo I add the softer that input is so the less herky-jerky the plane is going to be I think that’s the best way I can describe it now the more I take that off the more sensitive it’s going to be to even minor input so that is the value of Expo and even large size scale planes they come equipped with expo so it makes it easier to fly them safer and smoother so that is very important to know at least I think so so let’s get back to setting the that dual rates for

the ailerons and elevator so I always set my F switch as my aileron so let’s go down here to switch kind of like what we did earlier cycle and through to find our F boom okay cool now this switch is in the down position and that is important when you’re setting your duel rates so let’s go down here okay cool so we’ve got that switch right here all right and you’ll notice that it changes goes to a hundred that’s high rates dual rates are on 70% so and you just do it simple flip of a switch now before you fly your plane make sure you know where your dual rates are set because that is extremely important all right so now we’ve got one more step to do here let’s go to our elevator all right select that and I always use my C switch for my elevator so let’s go down here assign the C switch okay let’s go up there now this isn’t the down position so I’m just going to add 70 hours select that scroll down to 70 select that nice and simple now to get it into high rates flip that up boom we have our dual rate set coming up next I’m actually gonna live bind this radio to the plane so that’s coming up next alright guys so we are going to plug in the battery so we plug that in you’ll hear the ESC make that beeping sound now let me get back in front of the camera so now we are going to bind it like so perfect we have it bound and you’ll hear that or see those control surfaces moving and hear that beep you have to wait for that final beep initialization to know that if that it is bound up and ready to go alright so that is cool let’s get this thing let’s get the show on the road actually I’m gonna go over a couple things right here thing right there alright so first off we are gonna do a motor test let me see how I’m gonna do this I do not want to hold this plane by the wingtip this foam is actually really nice heavy-duty foam I really like this durable design that is fantastic I’m actually really amazed most of the leaf light ultra micro-planes UMX planes are made of horribly pathetic foam super fragile this is made of the type of foam that you get in a much bigger more expensive RC plane so that is very good alright so let me yeah let’s do just a quick little motor test all right we ran that up to probably about 80% so this thing is probably gonna scoot that’s cool right so we have this in the first flight mode right now and we’ve got our B switch all the way forward so I’m gonna demonstrate right here so when you try and turn you notice that the aileron or Elavon goes up and then the other one goes down so what that does is it tries to level this out same thing if you go forward you notice the control surface goes up now we switch to the the second switch the middle switch on the B switch and it does that too just a little bit less of a lesser degree gives you a little bit more range of motion to have a little more fun you still can’t do a lot of stuff with that but it’s not quite as limiting especially that is particularly helpful if you’re flying in a pretty small space if you’re flying a small space you probably want to go to a bigger space if you’re flying it on that initial switch because it’s not gonna turn very sharp all that stuff especially if you’re running at the low

rates 70% do rates so keep that in mind guys and please ask me any questions in the comments section if I’m going too fast or missing anything because I want to be helpful now if we go into the expert mode the lowest switch the third switch that doesn’t do that it doesn’t correct it it does some correction that’s the as3x kind of smoothing out the flight path but as far as actually controlling what it can do this thing will do rolls and will do loops all that stuff in that of course if you’re not an experienced flyer they call it expert mode for a reason you’re likely it to crash it and you don’t want to crash it even though this thing is pretty durable even the rudder actually is pretty durable I don’t recommend holding it by the rudder but almost no um explains ultra-micro planes that I have bought why would I ever consider holding by the rudders so this thing is really well built guys oh and one thing I did not mention earlier that I should have and when I watch the footage back I called out we’ve got our skid plate here so good plate up here and then you know our three things here well there’s a fourth and it’s a big one bottom of the motor mounts where that connects that is a huge that’s the biggest skid that we’ve got on this plane so wanted to call that out that is a good thing one other thing that I missed too for those of you that want to do fpv with this long term short term I don’t recommend it make sure you learn how to fly it get comfortable with it but if you’re wanting to do fpv that is where you plug in your fpv it will it’s got a built-in OSD as long as you use the recommended camera equipment or something similar you will have an OSD when an OSD is that will tell you your battery voltage it will tell you a bunch of stuff I can’t remember exactly what it is but basically the biggest value of an OSD for fpv is telling you giving you real-time feedback information by your RC plane the voltage is the biggest one because if you see your voltage is low you’re gonna want to land that thing but if you see that it’s still high you get to fly and have a lot more fun so there you go coming up next we’re gonna do our pros and cons all right guys so before we get into the pros and cons I do want to talk about center of gravity that is critical for new people to understand how that works and how to measure for it so with this plane in the manual that calls out right here you want to measure from that little corner that little indentation 60 to 68 millimeters back in fact you probably want to do it from the underside because it’s level here on the underside so that takes you right about here and the way to met is make sure your batteries in the battery bay and let’s go to that side because when I flip it over be like so and before I shot this clip I got mine nice and pretty much where I want it to be one thing to keep in mind is you do not want the the weight to shift backwards that’s called tail-heavy you do not want that especially with a flying wing a delta wing like this it’s nothing but trouble if anything you want it to be a touch nose-heavy nothing crazy but a touch nose heavy that will give you more control if it’s too nose-heavy you’re not going to be able to pull the nose up but if you have to choose one evil or the other you’re gonna want to pick nose heavy alright coming up next we are gonna do our pros and cons alright guys we’re gonna do our pros and cons here as far as the pros go this thing already comes pre-built inside the box all you have to do is bind it to your radio and the radio to fly one it already comes pre bound with your radio all you need to do is charge your battery that’s it well and read up on the manual that’s pretty important another huge thing is that this thing can be upgraded to safe plus gps drone technology that can do auto land virtual fence holding pattern of course that is sold separately and as your skills improve this plane will grow with you that is a huge Pro guys you can start out with the beginner as you get comfortable with that go to the intermediate and as you get comfortable with that just take the training wheels off and let it rip in expert mode rolls loops fast low passes all that fun stuff I cannot wait to fly this thing guys I really can’t another big thing is that it’s FP be ready with OSD OSD is awesome tells it your flight time battery

voltage all sorts of great stuff and once you get deeper into the Hobby and learn how to fly riding on board your plane is so much fun oh my gosh check out some of my FP p video this guy’s I think you get an idea of what that’s all about right another huge thing is that just like all other a flight RC planes the micros anyway it comes with a nice box do not throw that box away it is a great storage and transport tool do not throw that box away you will regret it if you do as far as the cons go some of the pros are actually cons and the reason being is that you’ve got to do a lot of setup and some other things that might be overwhelming for a newb someone who’s brand new to the Hobby so if you are brand new to the Hobby reach out to the horizon hobby for their technical support and ask questions comments and below below this video rather I will do my best to help and if you guys really want me to add like the GPS and stuff to this plane let me know if you really want me to I will take the time and expense to do that probably so definitely speak up in the comments if that’s what you’re looking for and overall this is a very cool RC trainer plane I cannot wait to test it outside and like comment and subscribe and GB Lindon out you

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