Nice to meet you, you were amazing! Encore! Encore! They want to hear you again, are you ready? Hello, Hello, Hello – Hi!

What’s your name? Where are you from? I am Claudia Manuella Santoso, I’m 18 years old I’ve been living in München for a year now and I’m originally from Indonesia I came to Germany a year ago When I arrived I felt a bit anxious but now I’m okay German is soooo hard, so, so hard My family saved up money so that I could come to Germany My parents really wanted me to get a better education I got to study music And I live in a room in a student dorm It’s not that big but I can do all the things I want to do This is a new experience for me I have to do everything by myself now My family gave me the chance to come to Germany and at… The Voice, I have to give them something in return I miss my family so, so, so much The most important person in Indonesia is my mother When I was young, she sent me to a singing lessons because she wanted the best for her daughter If my mom was here, she’d say: ‘Come on, you can do this’’ “Just do your best” “and God will do the rest” There’s a message for you Hi mom! I’m excited Stay calm You can do it. Take your own path Thank you mom, I will Good luck and show them what you’ve got Normally when I sing, my family is always in the audience But now I have to sing all alone But maybe they can still watch it on tv I’m a religious person and I believe that God has a future plan for me Thanks so much for being here, you have an unbelievable voice You really gave us a moment here An incomprehensible moment I really only heard your voice It was was truly…your moment We can go fast forward straight to the finale This was incredible, crazy Oh, thank you so much! Can I come up to you, Claudia? Yes, of course Do you see my face? Yes For the first time during this broadcast, I actually cried Because it was so beautiful And your voice, touched me so deeply I absolutely need you in my team Because…you rock my world Do you realise that you could actually win this competition? And I want to do that, together With you Because you touched me so deeply and I want to thank you for that Honestly, thank you so much I’m going to give you a hug – Thank you! I’m going to pick Team Alice! Hi! – Hi guys Claudia brought me to tears with her Blind Audition So I thought, I need at least two people to put up against her Because one person alone, would not be a fair opponent And with Felix and Emma she will have a lot of competition I hope you know this song because A Great Big World – Say Something I gave them this song so they can give the same intensity

as they did in their Blind Auditions And that will make for a battle where I can be even more amazed and that it will be even bigger and better In the last chorus, it has to be so powerful The last note has to come from within You have to make the people cry with this song I really want them to make an emotional storm Claudia, I have the feeling you’re a robot or a machine Who can sing this perfectly? It’s unbelievable You know that I told you, If you make me cry, then you did exactly what I wanted you to do And you did it Honestly, I’m so Who wins…this battle? Claudia or Emma and Felix? Guys, the person that I don’t take through one of you has to steal them 5…4…3…2…1 I’m going for Claudia Claudia will sing: Leona Lewis – Run Run is a burden. The reason is, it’s two or three octaves in range And that’s really hard to do We’re not worried about how high you can go, I’m worried about those notes in the verse So, be careful but I think you’ve got this Will this lady here get a hot seat and be directly placed in the Semi Final?

Yes or no Without question, you get a hot seat Oh, thank you so much! – You’ve been placed in the Semi Final! Claudia is from Indonesia and has lived in Germany for 1,5 years In the 1,5 years she’s been here, she hasn’t seen her family once Claudia’s surprise is finally here! My mom and little sister are the most important people in my life They are my everything Claudia has her rehearsal right now, so we’re gonna go in there and surprise her Is it exciting for you to see her on tv? – Of course! Have you been watching all the episodes? – Yes! Claudia is an amazing talent, we haven’t seen anyone like her yet, here at The Voice We’ve been fooling her She thought we wouldn’t come Really? – We said that I’m sick Oh my god, she’s gonna be so Oh my god! I’m so happy, they told me she was sick! I’m very proud, because she’s like so grown up on stage I’m very honoured to be in this moment I feel like I belong to you guys now I think Claudia is gonna do a really good job And with the family support nothing can go wrong Yeah, family power! Family power! Plus me! Can we please see the result, I can’t wait anymore

– Me neither And and, we have a finalist! – It’s Claudia! Claudia made me cry with her Blind Audition You touched me so deeply in that moment That’s such a rare thing for me That I hear a voice and start to get emotional The internet literally blew up It’s so weird that millions of viewers have seen my performance So many people have reposted it, it’s unbelievable And commented – Yeah, in the comments it was all love from Indonesia! During the battles, I cried again You cried three times – Yeah you made me cry so much I’m going to pick Claudia Run was so good This is finale material This is winner material You are the best singer in the here Without a doubt, you get a hot seat We heard that you hadn’t seen your family for over 1,5 years So we flew your family out from Indonesia to Germany for the Semi-final Family power, plus me! I had to make Alice proud – You don’t have to make me proud I’m proud of you, either way In the finale, Claudia and I are going to sing a song that I wrote for her It’s called: Goodbye In this song Claudia and I had to completely imagine what it would feel like to have to say goodbye to someone forever The public has voted, and The Voice of Germany 2019 is:

Claudia! Congratulations! Claudia Emanuella Santoso!

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