well good morning welcome to the narrow boat experience I’m anna-marie and I’m Kath and today we are going on the river Severn if you’ve been following our journey along the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal then you will know that we have reached the end of that canal almost at stourport basin and there’s really nothing else for us to do except go on the river or turn around we could turn around no we’re not turning around I’m not enjoy I don’t enjoy rivers I’m gonna really dig deep for this one I’m really excited and looking forward to it yeah we’ve got three locks to go through first or one lock and two staircase locks yes and we’ve gotta fill up with water and diesel and get rid of some rubbish yeah and by get rid of some rubbish we don’t mean the boat that’s moored up behind this right here because we’ve had a little bit of a lovely time with Jono from journey with Jono we’ve had a cup of tea and some chats and a really nice dinner and now we’re saying goodbye and so yeah we don’t mean that rubbish this is perfect for us I need one of these Molly’s driving now Molly turn it left well that was a lot of fun did you see Molly have a drive super nice of him to lend me his anchor it’s actually a lock at stourport a single lock before you can head over to the diesel and the water and the elsan and then there’s at two different paths you can take at stourport basin you can take the yacht path which is wide beams and what I think like plastic yachts or you take the narrowboat path which is the one we’re going to take because we are a single narrow boat but a single narrow boat path goes around to the right and then the left and then around again like you’re doing the perimeter of a rectangle so should be interesting Kath’s done it before so she’ll be fine in a 70-foot boat yeah Kath did it the locks and when you exit them don’t completely line up so she did that in a 70-foot vote this one’s 57 foot we should be fine but just at the first lock and anna-marie is gone to assist another boat through they go down in front of us and I’m just holding the boat at the lock landing and what should I see in the distance but this I can only assume he’s changed his mind about the anchor drats! but when Kath did this Lock she got an 8 out of 10 so we’re gonna see he’s got dog so he says 10 whatever happens What did he say you got a 3 I knew you three I think it’s something about your hat yeah three yes sorry Munchy so we have to push up from the diesel side and go over to the water side else and toilets and we’ve lost Jono already mind you I did think I lost him

this morning so he might just be one of those boats tubers that you can’t get rid of before and having walked around now a tiny little sign is my I can’t even see oh is it little sign-on just on the one side I guess that’s why you do your prep Kath needs and eye test locks this way now remember for these locks we only need to beat three we don’t actually need the ten out of ten so we have our volunteer grader and he’s going to give Kath a number out of ten he won’t tell us what Jono got but I’m pretty sure it was three and then we have to go straight out at this lock you can see it’s a staircase lock into another staircase but you go straight into the boatyard but actually you have to turn left to go down the lock but as you can see there’s no not a lot of turn so shall see how Kath goes he won’t tell me what Jono got so he got to get out of there with no bump going in he’s only ever seen at one and it was a hire boater and it could have been Kath that last time she did it cuz I don’t see did it she was actually in a hire boat so um Darren he’s gonna he’s gonna tell me the news yes I am so prepare yourself now all it was was a slight brush on the lock as the enter it’s not a ten nine out of ten imagine I had a gauntlets the gauntlet has been thrown down it’s up to you nine out of ten he’s a tough judge oh he’ll be so cross about that yeah just kissed it so even having Molly the dog didn’t give it an extra points this time no I don’t foresee what do you have a port for cuteness but I’m not I’m just the assistant so okay then Jono only got three John only got three you’ll be fine you saw that guys we got an 11 it’s unprecedented he’s never given another laughing before cat how do you feel the first ever 11 although the Droitwich policing advice these are things that absolute two best luck keepers we have met in a very long time apart from them not scoring us correctly they’ve been absolutely lovely I would have given you a zero I mean he was just seen a lot worse actually he wouldn’t have seen a lot worse as two’s quite low have a great trip so one of the things I find really confusing about the river 7 having spent

ten minutes on it is at the signposting because you’re going so fast I can’t actually 100% work out where were meant to be and just then the Weir’s on our right but it looked like we were meant to go right that I am enjoying the day I don’t 100% understand how the locks are manned if they’re only open during certain times of the day but how did they know you’re coming. Well they can see you can’t they They’ve come out of their booth ok Are we close to that cill? our first double looks on lazy days and everything was done for us Kind of, well I held the rope. As did I what. You got a bit close thank you okay so I changed my mind a little bit I am having a really good

it’s very wide it’s such a gorgeous day and it’s super calm today the river is lovely today and we’ve given Jono the slip yeah we don’t think you’ll ever catch out although it does have one of our mugs so I think I like the river I’m just a bit confused still about how you moor up, (like these boats) when there’s flow. You turn around and you moor with your bow into the flow. oh ok it’s very wide yeah yes I’m loving it it’s cruising with other people’s really hard we’ve had to make nearly put it in reverse to wait for Johnno. Oh we are in Reverse which is coming up to a lock so it makes sense to wait for him so the have to wait in a lock I was about to say that we’re just about to do another look but we’re not we’re actually looking for our Junction which is the Droitwich barge canal so we’re turning left at the barge canal then we’re gonna do a couple of locks there double locks so we’ll share them with Jono and then we will moor up this is our first double luck since we were on the Grand Union canal when we put our jobs and went cruising full time if you haven’t seen that journey

I’ll put a card at the top now so you can have a look back at that oh and here we go and that you’re filming me coming in we’re coming in on the Droitwich barge now we had hoped to moor between I think bridges three and four back up between bridges for five and this is the stretch between four and five but you may notice all around me is just ridiculously tall weeds… growth Hedgerow I don’t know one option that we have is to pull up next to them fling ourselves through them hammering some pin however that does mean that every single bug in the reeds well then move in which is not something I want and so the next thing is to go through the next lock looks like Jono found somewhere to stop Are you the ropes inspector Molly?

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