I think every note to ever exist was in that performance Hi, what’s your name? My name’s Ben, I’m 33 and I’m from Melbourne I love being a dad, and I love the business that my mom and I have created together but the call and the urge to perform and to sing has always been there, it’s never gone away Daddy’s about to sing on the television Daddy’s gonna sing on TV “No!” Yeah! So, daddt’s gonna go sing and I want you to know that I’m singing I’m singing for you and for mommy, bubba. Ok? No, No, – Yes, yes I’m really hard on myself and I’m super critical and I still don’t necessarily know what I want out of this experience yet but all I know is, I want to make a chair turn. that’s my first goal So that’s the pressure that I’m feeling at the moment is just to turn a chair I am obsessed with voices like yours I’m obsessed with the way that it’s so modern But it’s like got this phantom-esque, but it’s opera, it’s so There’s an element of Australia, I’m saying Australian because it’s the way that you place your voice And it’s just Don’t let her use the Aussie card on you – No! No, because I say that cause I’m passionate about it Like I love, I love your voice It’s smooth, it’s strong You know you were born to be up there And this is why I come back to The Voice every single year It’s for voice like yours – Can I just…can I just That’s why I come back Ben, let me just say A fellow Aussie, I was in one of his actual opera’s on Broadway La Boheme So I know Italian opera as well Like rock opera is one of my favorite things the world I know it might not be the obvious choice here in this room But I would love the opportunity to work with you this is why a show is like this is created for artists like you You obviously have a decision to make – I-I do…I do Come on, Ben There’s a lot of pressure here I saw you in Cats last year Delta And once I saw you in the world of Music Theatre, and knowing where you’ve come from in the contemporary world, I kind of felt…you would understand where I want to go And I think I’d love for you to be my coach Yes! I’m so excited! Ben has sung all over the world He’s been a part of the ten tenors He’s been a professional But he took time out to raise a family So I couldn’t help but choose Bring Him Home by Misarables Yep, that’s amazing actually This song is about a parent trying to connect with their child With the Tenors, we sang this on tour It’s a beautiful song obviously But I haven’t sung it since my son was born So it’s an emotion, I never have used before to sing this My son turns one in a week and there’s just so many little things he’s doing that I’m missing out on. But I’m gonna put all that in to my Knock Out song Sorry, yeah

the thing I’m finding the biggest challenge is the key change It’s just finding your rhythm in because of the jump Yeah Because it really is quick for you There’s a lot of expectation on Ben because I know he’s brilliant Sorry, yeah – It’s alright Just feeling that change, sorry – It’s fine, it’s fine It’s like doing a quadruple backflip and just going and landing perfectly I really want to see him bring it home I just gotta say, this is what the show is all about So proud Thanks Delta That was your best Knock Out, Delta – Oh, thank you George The magic of you, my whole soul felt what you were singing And you just made me cry And to tell you the honest truth with the three of you, I have to know that the artists going through can step up every time we do a performance And in this situation I really felt that That extra professionalism in that moment They just came out and said: I want this more than anything and I can do it and I’m ready And that was Ben Congratulations Ben! Let’s bring in the next Battle It feels surreal to be here It’s nerve-racking, it’s exciting It’s a little overwhelming because There’s much talent in this competition Obviously got the shock of my life realizing that I’m up against Ben Who is incredible He has such a powerful voice Former Tenor Ben, wanted to prove to his family that he does more than just make babychino’s All right the song I have chosen for you both is….drumroll please Foreigners- I Want To Know What Love Is Awesome – Oh yeah Feel good about that? – Yeah, love that I- yeah, yeah Sorry I know it’s the first time that you would be singing in a different space That’s cool – But this is what you have to be able to do To go forward – Yeah I love the song But my only fear is that I fall back on my music theater opera technique through the song Even though I fallen in love with Ben’s voice can other people connect with it? I need to know before going into lives, that Ben has the versatility to go week after week after week Delta, you’re hiding behind your chair

I’m not choosing! I’m not making a decision on these two I’m protesting Ok, in the mean time we’ll talk to the other coaches Joe could you feel the love? – I can feel the love. Wow Do you think they left any notes out of that performance? Yo, I think every note that ever exists was in that performance That was so impressive If you guys take that on the road right now I think people will go see the show Thank you I think it’s always in Delta’s heels I might go with Ben Thanks buddy, appreciate it Ben you showed a different side of yourself, in a major way. So, well done Thank you Oh man Now I feel sick You’re telling me – So do I I feel I’ve been waiting for many years to be able to go into the lives with an Incredible opera singer, who can cross over in other genre’s and that’s Ben Hey! – Hi! Come in – How are you Good how are you? Going into the Live Finals of The Voice is so far removed from my everyday life I’m so used to just being the coffee guy, the dad. But now I’m gonna be the Opera guy When I was in the blinds and I said I’ve been waiting for a voice like yours to take you through I meant it – Yeah You are as unique as your Sam’s, as what everybody has been digging up all the different artists There is no one else who sings this genre on the show I’ve chosen The Prayer for you first – That’s exactly what I want to sing That’s a song that…in my genre of music is the Holy Grail The reason I wanted to give you the gift of The Prayer, is because I know this song I’ve sung it for arena’s after arena’s with Andrea Bocelli around the world You know, Andrea is a master – Yes You need to make it feel as smooth as what he does Ok Ben is normally effortless and it was the first time I saw him really overthinking He was analyzing It was all from here up I’ve got to get you out of here and in to here I need to find my own personal connection to the song Sing to what’s real like – Yeah Sing I’m a dad for one And I think the song perfectly encapsulates the feelings that any parent has They want them to be safe, they want them to be supported And I think that’s what’s gonna get me over the line emotionally That’s what I need to achieve I saw you looking at your family just before you even started singing, I mean

Is it hard to concentrate when you’ve got your little ones here? That was exactly what I needed It was exactly what I needed Those two have never heard me sing live before, so This was a big moment for me Not just for me but for my whole family So, I’m so proud It was beautiful, Ben How much would it mean to you to win? You know what, I haven’t let myself think I can win Ok, alright – Yeah This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, like in my career I wanted to prove to my kids, my family that singing is who I am, it’s what I am I want to come out of this the best I’ve ever been, Sorry And that’s it. There’s a competition against me The money in that and everything is gravy What I’m learning today, is that there’s a side of him that won’t allow himself to believe he could go all the way This week I wanna show that there’s nobody that can go out there and sing a song like this except for you The song I’ve chosen for Ben, is Nessun Dorma Ohh crap I just got nervous Nessun Dorma it’s renowned for that big note ad the end Fincher O Victory You can’t sing those words I will win or victory if you don’t truly feel in your heart, that that’s a side of you that you can bring I hope that he starts to see himself as a winner today Ben I just got goosebumps, you know You just…I mean the amount, exactly what- The amount of support in your voice you have to hold to get those notes is phenomenal. I mean the fact that six months ago you’re making coffee

and then nobody was hearing you sing in that moment is a crime to me People need to hear you sing That was Thank you, that’s all I wanna do All I wanna do – You are truly you are…you are just a delight Tonight I just felt like you’re in the zone you just came out here, and I was just like, okay go Ben, go And it was a pleasure to watch I will never forget our mentoring session, you’ve lit a fire in me I believe in myself more now than I ever have and that’s because of you No, you did that You did that! And the third artist singing off tonight, is also from team Delta And it’s Jacinta That means, Ben You are through to the Semi-Final next week Congratulations to Ben Ben’s my Opera dad, who turned his back on music And now here we are, so close to the finale And I want Ben to be there I watched the performances over the last few weeks and you can see It’s going like this – Cool man! And a moment like last week I literally had goosebumps to sing the biggest dramatic song ever and to do it that well with that much passion You should feel like the Hulk or something Coming out this week and just bursting out of a cage The people at home are feeling what you’re singing and this week I need them to connect to that more than ever, because five people go home Five people? There’s no space for pussyfooting around this week It’s either Hulk smash or we’re going home The song you’re singing – (singing) Oh yeah! Ben’s voice is so versatile He’s got contemporary but also classical This week it’s about merging the two of them Ben’s approaching this song the same way he did Nessun Dorma This song demands something different It’s choosing the right moments to go And open in vibrato And choosing strictly – Very dynamic stuff Especially in the verse theres a fine line between getting too soft and too harsh Yeah Ben’s challenge in this song is walking that fine line between power and fragility I need him to look straight towards The Grand Finale and say: Get out of my way I’m coming for you It’s a bird, it’s a plane It’s opera dad! I’ve been dying to say that all week – What a superhero name right? I’m talking about you all the time backstage I think you’re a phenomenal man

And the love you have for your family, it really shows on and off stage But your voice is just so impressive and to take on a song like this I respect that you really stick to what you do best Like a lot of people have spoken about Well, why is he being able to go up there and do Opera and do these big ballads and musicals But that’s what you do None of my artists can do that That’s really incredible, well done To both of you Thank you, Joe Delta you were so focussed during the whole performance I was, I was so nervous I was sitting here It’s exactly what Kelly and I were talking about Your heart starts racing and I’m just there with you, you know And I just…you gave me goosebumps You know you were completely in the zone And like what Joe is talking about, is that you know, having that genre of music and having the diverse music that we have here and you stand alone in this powerful place, that I really hope people get behind You’re meant to be there It’s just you know it’s an absolute crime Like I said before, to not hear your voice week after week and continued on forever more You know, you are an absolute star Ben Clark The fourth and final artist through to the grand finale and still in contention for the title is: It’s Ayden from team Joe Wow, I’m so sorry Ben and Chang I mean your voice experience for us has been incredible Let’s give you both a chance now to just tell us what it was like for you Look for me like this whole experience has exceeded my expectations I came in with no preconceived ideas of what it was gonna be I just went for the ride and I feel like I’ve become a better person A better performer. From this show, Delta meeting you was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can’t explain to you the confidence and the light that you’ve lit in my heart. I appreciate that – You’re the one- Australia I want to…I want to thank Australia as well You guys voted to keep me in the competition as long as you did I can tell you one thing, mark my words Australia you haven’t heard the last of Ben Clark That’s right Ben!

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