– Hello, everyone Welcome to Home, your 30-day yoga journey It’s Day 30 and today’s session is called Journey, which is what this thing is all about The journey home, the walk home, the ride together on back home So it’s a Day 30 tradition for me to take off the microphone, take a deep breath in, don’t panic, because this is what it’s all about You have the tools You always had everything that you need, as do I, to uncover, to find what feels good, to reveal what matters most So today I’m gonna take the microphone off and you’re gonna use the vocabulary that we’ve learned together thus far to create your practice and to create your experience To me, this is such a beautiful day because it really embodies the spirit of Yoga With Adriene, which to me is this essence or the spirit that says, hey, I am taking care of myself here in my little corner of the world, but also I’m right here with you I got you So I’m gonna take off the microphone We’re gonna work together You can use me As always, I’m here walking home alongside you You can use me as a reference, a guide at any time Try to keep an open mind Move slowly, mindfully and enjoy Find what feels good I love you so much Here we go (upbeat gentle music) (calming synth music) (guitar music)

(light upbeat guitar music) (country guitar music)

(contemplative synth music) (piano and guitar)

(upbeat piano music) (upbeat piano and strings)

(calming synth music) (joyful piano music)

(upbeat gentle music with electronic beat)

(piano upbeat music) (piano and guitar combined) (gentle piano music)

(upbeat gentle music with electronic beat)

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