Maew : Today I am at Rayong province to visit Khun Ploy and Khun Lek Here is your home, not a garden It’s not closed-nursery Where is your cactus greenhouse? Lek: At the balcony upstair and around the house M: Is it your hobby? Lek: Yes but sometimes I take it seriously Really tired M: But really happy? L: Yes! Really happy too M: Let’s go to see their cactus How much beautiful are they? Thank you to open your house for my show The second floor Wowwww!!! Is this your hobby? Lek: Yes It’s the balcony M: Oh!! Lots of Gymnocalycium! Colorful Both of you planted all of these? Ploy: Yes. We planted from seed All in this row are from seeds We propagated them They are about 5-6 years old M: P’nunt, can you please pan the camera to that way? Lots of variegated Gymno How many years have you taken care of them? 7 years? Ploy: About 7 years Lek: The parent plants are here Ploy: Just a few M: Where did you get them for the first time? P: From the local market I bought the parent plants from a local market (not the big garden or nursery) and Facebook page M: The green one or the variegated? L: Both It depended on what we had at that time M: I can’t believe you bought from the local market and propagate them but such a beautiful Gymno you have I saw a photo of the plant like this and I dreamed to have it Finally, I got it from my collection Its parent was the green one, not beautiful like this It did not have the same pattern as its baby M: See its pattern, very beautiful Its parent was from the local market What are your favorites? P: This one The last one that I pollinated from its flowers After that I got pregnant The last one that I brushed (mixed) the pollen grain, M: She uses the word “brush” P: I brushed and I winged them(mixed lots of flowers together) I cannot remember which ones are the parent plants Which flowers were blooming, I brushed the pollen grains I mixed them intercrossed, not only 1 pair I had never matched them M: Nice color. Pink and dark green P: It just has the pups this year L: It is 4 years old, the same as my daughter M: Do you have any popular clones? P: No I never bought but I have a few from my friends M: Such a beautiful Gymno, why it is hidden in the balcony! L: This one is unique It looks like a tiger-pattern Both of them came from the same fruit but they are different M: It’s the miracle of nature And also it’s the enjoyment of the owner Khun Lek told me he is a plant caretaker L: Plant caretaker M: He is not a collector L: I did not find the big plants to collect but I have taken care of them from seeds to the big plants M: I will talk to them about this in the next episode

Did you name your own Gymno? P: Only one plant M: The pink one. What is its name? Ploy: Chomphoo Ploy (Pink Ploy) M: Who named it? P: P’Lek M: Why did you name it Chomphoo Ploy? L: Ploy like pink color It’s the first pink plant that we bred M: It looks like Pink Diamond (the famous clone) You don’t need to have it. You’ve its own Pink Ploy This part, most of them are the clumps of Gymno Those are the plant propagated from pups M: They are the same P: I bought it since it was the small pup, 100 THB (3 USD) Its size was about this M: She bought the 100 THB pup See what she has now. 8 big plants with lots of pups Cactus beginners will get the inspiration from Khun Ploy Beautiful You have various patterns of Gymnocalycium variegated P: This one came from the same fruit as Pink Ploy Different a little bit, it has no name M: This one is another pattern of the variegated plants One of your enjoyment is it changed when it grew up? P: Yes M: They are flowering Normally do you do the pollination? L: Yes. Only 2 flowers we do for 1 pair, If lots of plants flower, we do the pollination intercrossed to all of them Someone clean the paintbrush after 1 pair but I never do it. I brush and wing lots of them together One fruit normally has lots of seeds, We prefer to have various seeds and plants M: You mix the green ones to variegated ones sorry to ask that you don/t have any theory or principle, right? P: Yes M: It’s very amazing that you get these L: Many generations, we repeat the process of pollinations M: Why are they in the tray? L: They are closed to the wall, it’s easy to get from the tray Each plant from seed is unique But plants from pups are the same as the parent plants M: This plant is beautiful L: It has blame M: Don’t care about it, it’s our collection We love our own plant, seeing another side is fine It has many shades of colors Gymno has many colors and change to the season and sunlight, This one is amazing, I like its pups and spines Absolutely beautiful! L: See this one, for a plant caretaker, we have taken care of them when it was green 4 years later, it became variegated It’s my excitement

This one has 6 ribs, I’m excited that it will have 7 or not This plant is the pups of the tall one named Reggae M: Did Its pattern appear when it grew big? L: It had potential since the small one but more beautifully sharp when it is getting big M: Why do you cover this area? L: It is opposite the air conditioner compressure Each plant from seed is the one and only M: The color ribs will be bigger than the variegated ribs? L: I think so If It is our own collection, it looks good to be strange I think it’s better to have a variety of patterns and colors When we get bored with those, this pattern can make us happy Without this, those are not beautiful M: I like Khun Lek’s attitude M: I ask both of you, which one is your favorite? They said they love all L: See with the eye, full of happiness No need to lose weight later M: I like this idea so,much What are the trays under the tables? L: They are the trays of propagating from seeds I use only peat moss and fungicide liquid, then pack with a plastic bag. That’s it M: The white tag is for what? L: One fruit for one area, divided by tag Some fruit gave all green babies, Some gave some variegated babies M: Why do you use a big tray? Not the small pot L: It’s convenient for me I do 5-10 trays in 1 day Pack them once. Watch my hands once 10 trays in 1 time M: Actually it’s my and your happiness, we don’t have to plant we just see, take a photo and be happy! You see, I am happier than you Here is the collection of cristata L: Most of them are green, only a few variegated There is more variegated cristata downstairs M: OK, Let’s go downstairs M: Lots of them are beautiful L: I’d like to name this plant “Mohawk”

M: Just now we were over there, upstairs The greenhouse downstairs is in the same direction L: The north Here is my first collection very cheap price It’s all green, not beautiful like Ploy’s Gymno P: Plants from pups M: You plant them seriously L: They are the same This zone is the plants from seeds All were planted and taken care of by both of you only? L: Yes. I did it until I got it! Variegated Cristata It became Cristata 3 years later And I got more, the small one I believe that these 2 cristata, you won’t sell to anyone L: Many people ask for them P: I just got cristata M: You will be happy so much L: They are still not separated I am waiting for the stars These trays are the selected ones M: I will take this tray back home L: This tray is not beautiful enough M: OK. Let’s see the highlight The plants in this tray were selected from 100,000 plants I selected from all ll plants in this area and tons of green ones We got the outstanding ones only 1 tray in 1 year M: It will be more beautiful in 1-2 years from now OK. Go home Although you have money, you cannot buy these Coz the owner won’t buy easily L: I ‘d love to see their look in the future M; The happiness of plant caretaker L: These trays are the 1-2 year plant Over there, we have the tray of the small plants that we have not separated yet Some will be green We unpacked them from the bag but we don’t have time to separate After 5-12 months of closed-propagation we unpacked to let them get used to the new atmosphere Normally we select the variegated one from the green, but I don’t have enough time to do it M: They were separated in this tray, I found Cristata here L: All in this tray are variegated Cristata M: How many trays? L: About 100 trays M: You take it seriously, lots of Gymno L: I built the shelter for car parking and I expanded more for the plants I also have the washing lines over there I expanded more and got more space for 2 tables I needed to build these, so I expanded for more utilities M: We can learn from your simple shading shelter

L: Do it around the house first M: How about the table? L: I did from the iron and place with the board Then we can place the trays or pots M: Low budget but got lots of utility space L: We use it for many functions, rain prevention as well M: More shading net here, right? L: It’s for car parking M: Multi-functions indeed! L: We have space for plants hanging M: Lots of Huernia. They are flowering Don’t smell its flower M: Khun lek, this tray is too much, like slum? L: I can tell everyone that I have tons of Gymno like the big mountains. (He uses Thai aphorism) They are trying to push themselves up M: There are lots of mountains in a tray How about over there? L: The plants that I cut the roots and prepare for repotting And also the tray of plants that I already separated They are my old fish tanks I use them for preventing from cats and dogs In the past I placed the trays on the floor, dogs walked on them It wasted money if I did the tables I already have the fish tanks, I reuse them M: Good idea! L: Dogs hit outside the tank No animals can go inside the glass tank M: OK. We saw all around K’Lek and K’ Ploy’s home Can I talk to you more about your background and how to make the plants thriving Thank you so much See you next episode

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