– [RCSparks] Okay boys, it’s a beautiful day out on the mine site YouTube Gold – YouTube Gold, baby – Gold, baby – Yeah – Really beautiful day – [RCSparks] Where’s Goldilocks? – Yeah, I haven’t seen him – Haven’t seen him Don’t know where he is – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s too windy for his hair – [RCSparks] Joe – [SluiceBox Steve] Joe You can have beer – Nothing Okay, so, it doesn’t matter, skeleton crew or not here’s what has to happen That hopper up there, if we’re gonna be short-handed, we need to finally listen to the YouTube viewers and get the Volvo to dump right into it today – Wow – Yeah – That’s a lot of dirt – [RCSparks] It is, I don’t think it’s gonna process it as well as they think, but we have to dig it down at least It’ll help the loader, everything else And I also wanna get some stones getting crushed by the rock crusher today because there are just too many (horn honks) requests – All right – Yeah, I don’t need any crushed rock, I need gold, right? – We need gold – Okay – We need gold, we could use a little more rock on the road so (truck chugging) – Nice (gravel pattering) (truck whirring) – [RCSparks] What’s the plan gentlemen – [SluiceBox Steve] We’re gonna pull the hopper and the conveyor out of here with the bulldozer And then we’ll dig her down and drop that hopper into the ground a bit, so we can load it with the truck – [RCSparks] Yeah, that way, at least, whenever we’re loading with the loader it doesn’t have to lift so high either, right – True – So, get it down a few feet – [SluiceBox Steve] That should save you some time – [RCSparks] Yup, okay, bring it in, Sluice, swing her around and let’s get that hook in here (engine chugging) Okay, forward (truck whirring) Yeah, perfect Nice and slow, bro Perfect, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Okay, back up, go (engine chugging) There you go, nice and easy Lay it up, lay it up (engine chugging) Woo-hoo, good job, good job Okay, the hopper has to move as well I’ve rigged it up on the bottom so we can just slide it out before we have to twist it around We have it on this skid plate Yeah, good job keep coming Six inches, four, three, two, good Curl, curl you’re, yeah and down There, good, okay, forward (engine chugging) Okay, stop Just wanted to clear my fingers, go Nice job, nice and slow, bro Careful – [SluiceBox Steve] Rolling and pulling those rocks – Just the pure power of these dozers – [Rookie] Want me to get by this control box? – [RCSparks] No, that’s far enough, man – [Rookie] Guess we just gon’ dig it out – [RCSparks] Yeah, let’s get digging (rock crusher rattling) (rocks pattering) The hungry crusher starts with a meal (rock crusher rattling) Just the way it goes, Steve Some days you can start with the plant firing up Some days you just gotta make it so you can get through a day’s work – [SluiceBox Steve] Yup, sometimes you gotta work Not all fun and games – [RCSparks] So we’re just shoring up the wall We’re gonna have to bring the ramp closer It’s a lot of work to get this set up this way, but hopefully it pays off The only issue is, is now, we’re going to have to have a pump down here in case it rains or anything like that It’s just gonna be full almost immediately – Oh, yeah, this’ll full right up – [RCSparks] Yeah (rock crusher rattling) (engine chugging) All my dozing work, I gotta get done myself – [Rookie] None of our professional

dozer operators are here – [RCSparks] Yeah, it’s not an easy job – [Rookie] Almost as hard as camera work (laughing) Ay, there’s Joe – Joe? – Joe – [RCSparks] Oh, look who finally decided to show up to work today – [Rookie] Did he have a hair appointment? – [SluiceBox Steve] I’ve been here all day What are you talking about? – [RCSparks] Joe’s behind you – Good morning – Hey – [RCSparks] Hey, your perm looks good – [Krazy Joe] Sorry boys, I slept in – [Rookie] Slept in, we thought you were getting your hair done – Yeah, did you get a perm? – Man – Sleeping in – Some days just – [RCSparks] Rook, fire up the pump buddy – [Rookie] Fire up the pump, which one? We got many – Shaker – Shaker – [RCSparks] I got dual sluices, Little Red here – [Rookie] Shaker – [RCSparks] Pumps are on – [Rookie] Shaker don’t work – [RCSparks] Shaker don’t work – [Rookie] Oh, it’s trying – [RCSparks] Like a curse of the day – Oh yeah – Power – [Rookie] You can see her spinning there – Watch out Hold on Oh, that is like, okay, go again – [Rookie] Other way, give it a push – [RCSparks] Hold on, watch out Yeah, that motor is getting old, dude Oh, it wants to go, there, oh Yeah (motor chugging) I’m gonna get some lube If it ain’t one thing it’s another (motor chugging) Getting that push in there just a little bit That’ll help – [Rookie] That’ll help – [RCSparks] That’ll limp us through to the end of the season, Rook – Absolutely – [RCSparks] Turning on Little Red Trommel on (machines humming) – [Rookie] Oh, you got some left over form last week – [RCSparks] Good, there we go Making sure the auger is pushed in, good to go Looking good, oh, we got a sluice box coming out here – [Rookie] Oh no – [RCSparks] We need a wedge (Rookie speaking away from mic) Good flow today Down into the tailings ponds It’s got a filter on it, comes down to the freshwater Shaker plant, definitely needs to be turned up a little bit (motor chugging) Boys are making their final adjustments over there Rookie – Sir – [RCSparks] Get your excavator over to the new cut – Okay, cut away I worked really hard today (laughing) – [RCSparks] You turned the crusher on and walked away Okay, everything’s dialed in here The only problem we see is we got a little bit of dirt here ’cause it’s a steeper incline We wanna see if some extra pay in there will actually help it get up and away Ramp, the pad, everything, looking perfect now Into the Volvo getting ’em filled up This is one of the most unique pieces I have on the site, one of my favorites, by far Six wheel drive, very powerful open diffs I’m surprised at how well this does just with the open diffs itself but you know, what can you say, three axles Always dealing with the elements Nice, stacked large, he’s on his way Straight up to the hopper, brother No tipping it over (laughing) You can see this dump truck has been taking some beatings, but running a mine site is not easy on equipment at all In fact, the amount of maintenance that we’re gonna have to do over the winter time, it’s gonna just basically dominate Got some boulders in the way, still need to clear these out Watch out, you got a boulder in front ya (machines whirring) Must’ve fallen straight off the top conveyor Good job, Steve Line it up with that hopper, man Beautiful, like that, yeah First load, Steve, nice and slow, bro Make sure it can handle it Nice Everybody should feel so satisfied watching the show right now Whoa, nice and slow, brother Good, minimal loss A little bit over the edge, not bad That rock truck, look at that,

full extension, brother Good job, big pile up, ey That’s okay, it’s ’cause it’s full – Yeah – So it can’t take a full load from the rock truck – [SluiceBox Steve] Okay, give her a half load next time – [RCSparks] Yeah, half load We’re making money, boys (whoops) Yeah – Bringing it home (whoops) – [RCSparks] Bringing it home (machines humming) That material hopper has that feeding door on it, helping keep a steady pace while he returns back down Those boys are actually separating out pay right now Meanwhile, this hopper can keep on Thought I was going to be short-handed today Did something to help improve the mine site overall I don’t know if I’ll still use the hopper and the Volvo all the time, just because it can’t handle that much material (motor chugging) – What’s going on? – Right here We forgot to turn on the conveyor, no problem – [Rookie] That’s ’cause you’re (machines drown out speaker) – [RCSparks] That’s okay – That’s okay – That’s okay Still going – [Rookie] Our wall is staring to lean and we’re starting to miss We’re pulling away, we pulled right out of the nails – [RCSparks] I see that, we’re gonna have to do a repair on that, not right now though Keep going ’til it falls off – [Rookie] All right – [RCSparks] YouTube Gold (machines humming) In the cut separating everything out Making it easier to process deciding on which machine that it actually goes into The shaker can handle a lot of material but that trommel, Little Red, it just keeps on giving– – Oh, fell off – Yeah, yeah Hey, as long as he’s not pigtailing paint like you did last time, yeah, Rook – Hey, hey, hey (laughing) It was just a scratch, little scratch – [RCSparks] Yeah and another $50,000 paint job – [Rookie] Ha (machine whirring) – [RCSparks] Such an amazing hydraulic radio-control, all-metal machine That’s the difference when you have an all-metal machine, is it actually holds the weight where you can dig down and actually use a toothed bucket, like you can see right there, to give yourself a nice healthy scoop The hydraulic fluid of course, down in the tank underneath the ladder, getting pumped out through a brushless motor Going through a hydraulic block, going to each cylinder allowing for gold mining to even take place (dramatic orchestra music) (machines whirring) Looking good, Joe, keep up the good work – [Krazy Joe] Making piles, working (dramatic orchestra music) (low rumbling) – [RCSparks] Little by little Too much in there will start to bind it up (engine chugging) Rookie moved back up to the top here He’s gonna start processing pay as well (engines chugging) – Right there? – Right there is good – [RCSparks] Beautiful One more, Sluice (engines chugging) First pay out of Rookie’s excavator Straight onto the conveyor Last episode, we ended up having a LiPo fire here Got it switched out, got the box switched out, now we’re ready to rock Down to the triple conveyor Carrying it up, Old Faithful, straight to the shaker plant In it goes, there we go, it’s beautiful – [Rookie] That’s money

– [RCSparks] Hey, the sluice box is unhinged, guys – [Rookie] Got it, okay, it’s sliding We’re good – [RCSparks] That was convenient, I’m glad we didn’t have to use the excavator – [Rookie] Oh my God, would’ve gone terrible – [RCSparks] Look at that, just moving pay I love the attitude today Look at that big healthy scoop (engines chugging) What a Goliath How much you think this weighs, Rook? – [Rookie] It’s a good 60 pounds – [RCSparks] Yeah, at least 60 pounds (squeaking) I like how it authentically squeaks as it drives around – [Rookie] Oh, it does that (machines humming) – [Krazy Joe] I can push it there, don’t bother me (machines humming) – [RCSparks] There you go, Rook, run it through the plant Whatever we get, we get (engines chugging) Hate getting vegetation in there If we want to get any of that gold that could be inside that rock, we gotta run it Good luck, that is gonna be one full tailings pond today (motor humming) Bring me gold, baby (machines humming) (rocks pattering) Nice and slow, Sluice, don’t let her build up – I feel that this may be far too efficient for the way we work – [RCSparks] It is moving a lot of pay – That’s a lot of pay How’s the bulldozer and Joe gonna keep up? – [RCSparks] Hurry, man, hurry (chuckling) What, we don’t want any dirt in the gas (motor humming) There you go That’s not right, we got a pump issue or a generator issue (engine chugging) (motor humming) Wonder if the air filter There’s a spark plug Let’s shut her down, check the oil – [SluiceBox Steve] That spark plug’s really bouncing around, ey – [RCSparks] It was, yeah – [SluiceBox Steve] The plug’s loose – [RCSparks] That’s a good call, look how loose that is Oh – That’s what’s going on – That’s what happened – Spark plug wire – Just the vibration, it was slowly falling apart when we went to refuel it, she done – Okay – Uh oh – [RCSparks] Okay, well we ran what we ran – No – Shut her down – [SluiceBox Steve] Shut her down – [RCSparks] Shut her down Generator’s toast – Well, you’re new set up over there that you dumped that pay in straight from the truck is way to efficient, man I can’t keep up at all – [RCSparks] Oh we got a con, look at this – [Krazy Joe] Oh my God – [SluiceBox Steve] Holy crap – [Krazy Joe] Hold everything – [RCSparks] It’s jammed, it’s okay, we’ll back it up – Oh crap – No It’s seriously jammed – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah, there too much in there Hold up – There’s too much in there It couldn’t process it Watch out Yeah, it’s totally frigged – [Rookie] Wow and this is why we don’t use a dump truck – Yeah, oh, it’s trying – Oh, trying – [RCSparks] It’s trying Watch your fingers – Yeah, I’m– – [RCSparks] I’m gonna back it up again Fire it up there, Joe Watch his fingers Other one, other one – Not that one, the other one – [RCSparks] Yeah, okay, now go the other way It’s just that it’s jammed – [Rookie] Yeah

– [RCSparks] Okay, let’s start– – Watch your fingers – Watch your fingers – Yeah– – Yeah back again, back again – Be careful – [Rookie] Come on, Joe – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Rookie] It’s just got so much material in it – [RCSparks] Yeah and there’s no way the box is gonna process all that at once – [Rookie] Okay stop – [RCSparks] Okay let’s put this– – [Rookie] Buddy – [RCSparks] Let’s put it back – [Rookie] Everybody put it in their pockets (laughing) – There – Here, put in my container (laughing) – [RCSparks] Let’s put it back on the conveyor, guys – [SluiceBox Steve] That reminds of a guy I seen filling up his shopping cart with snow – Yeah go ahead, Rook You go ahead and take a scoopful There’s just no way, yeah, okay, the other way there, KJ (motor chugging) Yeah, try it again – She’s trying – Yeah – One more – Finger, watch your finger – I know, I know – Yeah That’s a strong motor too, K, it’s starting Just let it process slow though – [Krazy Joe] Yeah – [RCSparks] I’m gonna knock down this top box, it’ll have build-up – [Rookie] Wow – [RCSparks] Different problems every episode, hey – Use a dump truck, they say – Yeah, Rookie, just brought up a good point – [RCSparks] Yeah, use a dump truck, they say Dump it, on let’s go – Come on, let’s go – [Rookie] Hold on – Okay, grizzly bars (crunching) Okay, bust out the other generator (machines humming) Now this is all processed, can go up to being processed in the bigger machines See if we get any gold at all This cut has been paying so well, but I don’t know we’re on the vein still or if we’ve basically mined it out But if anything, the last episode showed that we’re still on strong gold and the drill samples definitely show it Oh, I hear the pump is starting to run low I need your controller We need it for the mega truck Yeah, the big haul truck – Oh dang – [RCSparks] Take a break, thank you Old generator needing repair, new generator on the way That gives you an idea of how large that whole truck is You’ve got to level it out so we got enough fuel in there Perfect (motor rumbling) (machines humming) Nice job Last few scoops Look at right there Right there (exclaiming) (laughing) Yeah – See, all the big ones come from my excavator – [RCSparks] It was from your pile – From the excavator (laughing) Look at that – Right there Sweet deal, buddy, knock that up (whoops) Good job, good job Bring it home I love gold mining The one-man show up there getting the last bit of his pay Seeing the gold gives you the fever Scraping every little bit off the ground, too funny I’m thinking we’re gonna have to use the loader next time to load, boys, or else we can only do like half buckets with the whole Volvo If we’re short-handed– – That’s a lot of pay – [RCSparks] If we’re short-handed, we can use half buckets, right, that should – Yeah, yeah – [RCSparks] Handle it but– – [SluiceBox Steve] That’s what I was doing actually, just putting half – [RCSparks] Oh, were you doing only half? – [SluiceBox Steve] Half truck, half load, yeah – [RCSparks] So then we got to keep an eye on the auger of Little Red then That was the problem, is it got overburdened – [SluiceBox Steve] When you overfill that little screener – Yeah – You know, it stops the belt too – Oh does it? – Yeah, yeah – [RCSparks] Oh, too much – [SluiceBox Steve] So I got the belt running full speed, just so it doesn’t stop – In the hopper – Yeah – Oh, that’s no good That’s just burning through ’em, huh – [Krazy Joe] Too fast to feed – [RCSparks] Too fast to feed, yeah – Too fast of feed, yeah – [RCSparks] Too much weight and too fast – Yeah, too much material – [Rookie] YouTube Gold – [RCSparks] You Tube Gold, baby – [Krazy Joe] YouTube Gold (laughing) – [SluiceBox Steve] Got ravens (engine chugging) (sighs with satisfaction) – [RCSparks] Are you done? – I’m done – [RCSparks] Shut her down, Steve Shut her down – Shutting her down (whooping) – [RCSparks] Genny off Pump’s off (grunts) Oh, those are nice and toasty – [Rookie] It gets so quiet – [RCSparks] Yeah, everything comes to a stop – [Krazy Joe] Shutting her down – [RCSparks] Oh, nice Anything, there’s a piece, there’s a piece

– [SluiceBox Steve] Oh there’s some – [RCSparks] There’s some – Oh, yeah, there some – We have gold – [RCSparks] I don’t really see a lot though – [Krazy Joe] We have gold – [RCSparks] There is, right here, there’s more – [Rookie] There’s more in the corner here too – [RCSparks] There’s quite a bit that we’re, look how big this is – Look how big that is – Couple big chunks there – Why is that over there? – Let’s see – Some water down there – [Rookie] It was in the tailings – [RCSparks] I don’t see bupkis in here, I see a little bit Here, here, here, here, here, oh no, there’s gold Here, oh, uh oh – [Rookie] Oh, that’s down far isn’t it? – There’s gold here – [Rookie] I don’t like it down there – [Krazy Joe] I don’t like it down there either – [RCSparks] I don’t see anything on the mat though, thankfully – [Rookie] Well, it’s still in the tailings pond, if we have to – [RCSparks] We’ll be able to– – Hopefully not – Recirculate it later I can’t believe the sun is out today, boys – It’s so nice – It’s a beautiful day – It’s absolutely – [SluiceBox Steve] Why do we always mine in the crap and it’s beautiful after? – [RCSparks] Look at this now Look at it – A little bit of shine – [Rookie] There’s lots of shine, what do you mean little bit, come on – [RCSparks] I like that it’s buried in the rock I don’t I don’t see as much as usual though That’s concerning to me – [Rookie] We haven’t washed it yet, we never see it start– – [RCSparks] Yeah, I don’t really see much here either though that is also, there’s a piece here – There’s lots here – [RCSparks] Here, here, is there? – [Rookie] It’s in a dirt but there’s stuff there – I think your definition of lots and mine are two different things – [Rookie] So much, look at all this – [RCSparks] Let’s see the gold – [Krazy Joe] Oh, we got some gold there – Tons? – Tons – [SluiceBox Steve] We could retire from tons – Grams, not tons – [RCSparks] Grams, yeah, I wish we had tons – [SluiceBox Steve] Settle down, Rook – [Rookie] Your hose work is scaring me, Sluice Quit splashing, – He’s old, man – Quit splashing – He’s old (laughing) You’d think at his age he’d have more experience with that – [Rookie] Although, we have to do the back as well ’cause I did see some flakes on the last one – [Krazy Joe] Excellent of job jobs – Hey, slow, slow that pour – Nice and slow, nice and slow, yeah Right over here, we’ll start shaking it down We’re gonna need the water over for the pan too, for the classifier Right here, sir (gravel shuffling) – [Krazy Joe] More water – [Rookie] I can’t give you any more water Sluice, water – [RCSparks] There’s a piece right there – Oh my God – Look at that, look at that – [RCSparks] Nice – [Rookie] See that’s my excavator piece – That’s gold – Look at that That’s beautiful – Water – Where? – In here – Wow – Yeah So we can just start squishing it all down through there (gravel shuffling) That’s good – [Rookie] We’re still running it (gravel shuffling) – [RCSparks] I don’t see anything – [Krazy Joe] We’re running it – [RCSparks] Yeah if you wanna put it on the table– (exclaims in shock) We can put it (exclaims) – [Krazy Joe] I don’t see anything, we’re running it – [RCSparks] Look at that – [Krazy Joe] I said we’re running it (RCSparks exclaims) Okay, then we are running it – Let’s throw that away – We’re running it – Yeah, let’s just throw – [Krazy Joe] Unless you’d like to just throw that away – Maybe we should pave some roads with it – Yeah, we could do that (water gurgling) – [RCSparks] Back to the table (laughs squeakily) Yes Where I can concentrate and watch the gold flow (aggregate clattering) Start loading up So this table, a lot of people have written in the comment section, they don’t get why this table is on the show This actually helps separate all of this aggregate from the gold All the lighter stuff gets washed away, leaving the gold on here, which allows us to capture it in a little bin, yeah Or capture it with Joe as you can see right there – [Krazy Joe] Of course, I’m watching it come down – On the table – Yeah – [SluiceBox Steve] Wow, that is a huge piece – [RCSparks] Yup, wow, that cut is paying out – [Krazy Joe] See how far up it goes, ey – [RCSparks] Yeah it’s segregating, it’s separating itself from the other stuff – [Krazy Joe] That’s why we use this table – [RCSparks] Yes, that’s exactly it It helps us get rid of a lot of the lighter stuff and then we can run the concentrate on the wheel of gold (water gurgling) Look at that, easy to pick out All the rest just getting washed away – [SluiceBox Steve] You missed it – [Rookie] Did he miss? – He missed it – You missed, Joe? – What? – Oh, it’s right there – [RCSparks] What about all the rest of the stuff? – There’s more here – There’s another one – There’s more coming Pay attention – Nice Good eye There’s two there or– – No – Yeah, no, one – [Rookie] No, there’s one in the corner It’s so hard to get out, oh, I just exposed a bunch – Right there, yeah, in a little pocket there – [Rookie] Nice – [RCSparks] Oh, that is a nice piece – That one right there – Yeah – [Krazy Joe] I was more telling you– – [Rookie] There’s more here There’s gold everywhere – [RCSparks] Good, good, good, good (low rumbling) (water gurgling) I think it, there we go – [Krazy Joe] Yeah, it is Yeah, really heavy like five or six grams – [SluiceBox Steve] Oh, rolling away – [RCSparks] Yeah, that one is trying to get away – Down on the bottom, we’re gonna get him up here – [RCSparks] Who’s spooning today, boys? Who’s gonna get us started? – Settle down

– [RCSparks] You didn’t get here until after lunch, you barely did anything Why don’t you start doing it? – [Krazy Joe] Well, I was gonna sit here and drink my beer but okay – You can have the honor of feeding the gold – [Krazy Joe] I see a piece right there, do you see it? – Gold, right on– – Oh I see it– – [RCSparks] Right there – [Krazy Joe] In it goes – [RCSparks] Round and round, there’s our first piece It’s like a ball of gold, rolling up there, yeah – [Krazy Joe] It’s gone already but– – [SluiceBox Steve] Riffle rider – Yeah, it’s gone – Terrible view there – Oh, there we go – Wow, there we go – There’s some – There’s lots – [RCSparks] Nice, I love this part, man – [Rookie] It’s kind of my favorite part – [RCSparks] Come on, boys, there’s the gold Finally – About time coming up – [RCSparks] I was worried that it wasn’t paying out in that cut anymore Not seeing the smalls at all though, like I don’t see any tiny stuff – [Rookie] I’m okay if we’re getting chunks and not smalls – Yeah, that’s a very, that’s a very good point – Chunks are better to small – Still paying – That’s a very good point – Yeah, it’s still paying – [Rookie] Like see that, that’s as small as I’d like to see ’em– (laughing) Hey, I’m good with that – That cut’s paying – I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, that’s true – I like it when they get stuck in the ridge – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s true, riffle riders – We got some pay in – Were gonna have some, I know there’s some in there – Yeah, look at that, look at that – Look at that Whoa, oh, look at it come up – [RCSparks] That’s a big piece – Oh, that’s big – That’s my gold tooth – Yeah, I see it – That’s a fang – Nice, there it goes Hey, you had your chance at the gold tooth last time, I told you to hammer it in, you never did – Oh, yeah – There it goes – Whoa, there it goes – Nice – There it goes – That’s good Wow – Look at that gold – [RCSparks] There it is, a rider – [SluiceBox Steve] It’s the riffle rider – [RCSparks] Nice job – [Rookie] That took forever to come out of that stuff – [RCSparks] Dude, it’s stuck, again, how many (exclaims delightedly) (whooping) – Nice job – [SluiceBox Steve] Felt the whole table go like this (laughing) – [Rookie] The big stuff does get stuck in the bottom, it’s so weird – [RCSparks] Yeah So that is it, hey There it is, look at it, look at it, look at it, look at it, look at it – [Rookie] Yeah, look – [RCSparks] There it goes – [Rookie] Oh, there’s a bunch up of ’em coming up – [RCSparks] Beauty, beauty – [SluiceBox Steve] Yeah, let it run out – [RCSparks] Dump some out, swirl it around, let’s see we got, ’cause that was exciting – [Krazy Joe] Okay, let’s get rid of some of this water – [RCSparks] Yeah, in three, two, one (gold clatters) Oh – Floor – Concern, did you just dump some on the floor? – [SluiceBox Steve] I thought something flew this way – [Krazy Joe] No, that was just a splash of water – [RCSparks] Oh my gosh, look at that Still – We had a couple of fresh splashes there – [Krazy Joe] It’s as much water, I swear – Man, that is a huge one actually – [Rookie] That is a giant chunk – Yeah – We gotta weigh that – [RCSparks] Can’t focus in that, yeah – It’s more than 2.4 grams – Oh my gosh – [RCSparks] Wow – Look at that – I see– – Look at this one too – Yeah – [Rookie] A lot of black sand today too – [RCSparks] There is actually, there is – That’s huge – Let’s try to get the magnets (whooping) – [RCSparks] Yeah, good job you guys (whooping) Good job, yeah, good job – Yeah, where’s the magnets? No, I’m saying that is– – [SluiceBox Steve] 3.4 (exclaims thoughtfully) – [Rookie] 3.1 Gonna say 3.1 – That big? That looks nice – [Rookie] It’s curled over though – It is, yeah, I see that – Its got big air gaps, so It’s only one way to find out – [RCSparks] Scale – [SluiceBox Steve] I’m gonna give it 3.4 [Krazy Joe] Scale (swishing) – [RCSparks] That doesn’t look as much, does it? – [Rookie] No, not now that it’s dry – [RCSparks] Nope – [Krazy Joe] We still got the big chunks – [RCSparks] I wonder if the water was making it look bigger That’s still pretty dang good though Those two chunks are huge – [Rookie] They’re giant – Okay – I wanna know – See, grams – I gotta know – Okay – I said three, one – Hold on – I said three, four – I say– – Okay, put it on – [Krazy Joe] Two, eight (gold clatters) (RCSparks humming) – One, eight (Rookie exclaims in shock) – What? – That’s kinda disappointing – [RCSparks] One eight – [SluiceBox Steve] That is disappointing – [Rookie] Wow – [RCSparks] Well, considering what we pulled at the beginning of the season, that’s actually pretty good I’m stoked – Yeah, it is – That’s awesome, yes – That’s still huge – [SluiceBox Steve] It just looks heavier than it is – [RCSparks] 3.3 grams just in those two 3.2 – Wow – [Rookie] See, that’s okay – [RCSparks] Nice Yeah, here it comes (gold clattering) Nice, I love the way this is going already – [Krazy Joe] Awesome – [SluiceBox Steve] Six – [Rookie] We got lots more – [RCSparks] Except we’re going, oh good – [Krazy Joe] We’re gonna be at 10 grams – [RCSparks] Dude, there is lots – [Krazy Joe] Eight, nine, nine, nine something – [RCSparks] Hey, you can’t guess after, nine something – We’re nearly there – Yeah, let’s go, we’re gonna see 10 – We’re gonna be 10 We’re gonna see 10 here – [SluiceBox Steve] We’re gonna make 10 – [Rookie] Any time we hit 10, I’m happy – [RCSparks] Come on, get in there (gold clattering) (bowl thudding) 10, six – Yeah, 10, six 10, seven – Yeah 10, 10 – Nice – [RCSparks] That’s almost as much as last season total, in one thing – In one thing – We had 11 grams – And we were almost disappointed in it – [RCSparks] 10 seven I know, it’s ’cause I’m getting YouTube Gold crazy I think I think I’m getting greedy – The more you get, the more you want – [RCSparks] Yeah, that’s exactly it – I’m just really surprised that nugget is only 1.9 – Yup – Remember the one we got two weeks ago? – Yup – [Rookie] See, this one was curled over and it had a– – It was 2.4 – Lot of air in it– – Sluice, why don’t you do the total pour in there? We can see what our total season gold, or what our season total is – That’s a lot of gold – Yeah, it’s cool ,hey – That’s a lot – Pour slow

– [RCSparks] Come on, buddy, let’s see it, 12, 30, boom – 40 – 40, keep going, man 40, 48 50 – 50 – Two tri ounces – Where were we at, 69 last week? – 69 – My favorite number – 69 – Nice – [Rookie] 79 – [RCSparks] Almost 80 Gs – Just shy of 80 – 79.7 – Isn’t that crazy? (whistles in shock) (gold shuffling) – [RCSparks] Wow – [Krazy Joe] .3 grams short of 80 grams – [RCSparks] Right here, mode There, 2.56 ounces – 2.56 ounces – Oh – Wow My, God – Okay, so our season gold is 3/4 of an ounce I didn’t expect this – We have absolutely– – Killed it – Destroyed that – Crushed it – [RCSparks] Smashed it, smashed it – [Krazy Joe] Oh my God – [RCSparks] Starting to feel a little bit like Tony Beets here Season 10 of Gold Rush is coming up – That’s right – In October – That’s right – [RCSparks] That’s the whole reason we even do this, yeah – [Sluice And Rookie] Yeah – We’re gonna have to– – Now, we’re gonna have to catch up – Are we gonna compete with them, huh? – [Rookie] Well, we’re definitely gonna steal their ideas (laughing) – Yeah – [RCSparks] Hats in, boys, on three One, two, three – [All] YouTube Gold (laughing) (whoops) – [RCSparks] Another awesome one – [Rookie] Goddamn

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