rim don’t understand mortals always punching and kicking each other the punching and kicking I get I just don’t understand the big glowing balls of supernatural energy wait this is one of the emoji Oh balls why isn’t it in me chest somebody must have broken into my trunk and never let me mojo out it’s okay just fill up the space with potpourri that’s what I did with my heart you don’t understand the Mojo balls in that trunk contained an almost infinite amount of dark magical power anyone touched by this module will be infected by supernatural rage Sal so well this is obviously part of some sort of sinister plot whoever opened me Tron must have been powerful to get past the curse I placed on it but what kind of sicko would make us fight this for their own amusement we’ve got to get my mojo balls back what did we get you miss things what we become infected with your natural beige and start fighting each other to you hey I’ve got a site give me an excuse I don’t like mixing business with pleasure but I’m really going to enjoy this I feel the need the need for bleed I’m about ready to unload 6022 damage on you by 3 2 1 by your three needs time badly

victory orange team wins oh yeah who’s bad what’s up with him he was part of that last fight he’s been infected by supernatural rage what about you weren’t you in the last night – I thought we agreed not to talk about the clock news Matthew but this could be a bad sign for the future the Mojo rates rate from person to person tearing up our families in homes over lemon law enforcement in society throw your world under and or keep making a world of chaos literally the strongest survive only serving the show that we in fact are the truth I will hurry that other people may try to steal my stuff but I suppose what this said it’d be a problem too here’s another feather and Jack be involved we should see if any fights have broken out of the pumpkin patch I don’t like mixing business with pleasure but I’m really going to enjoy this lookout Mac jack is back three two one Oh

feeling grim try a punch in the face player two neat Sam great wins oh yeah who’s bad Graham’s bad

you a dork like mixing business with pleasure but I’m really going to enjoy this I kick puppies we’ll have so much friendly fun all I ever wanted was to be loved free too battles and you slithering homes and tacky this was my tiny little Junior the kids will be my friends now the other half of my destructive power freak quite like horny Zambian Russian had to put up with quite nicely victory orange team wins oh yeah who’s bad Graham’s bad another

feather in Luca this destruction man who would want to cause this much chaos maybe it was eros or chicken are you two having a contest to see who can say the dumbest thing I know you are but what am I hmm good one Billy in a minute this is starting to get good I don’t like mixing business with pleasure but I’m really going to enjoy this when I’m a rocking your it’s gonna get on knocking Fred Fred burger Fred Fred burger wide regular here Jacqueline got bridge glove today three two one the other side yeah yes yes

yes your dream badly yeah foreign-eeze Pam badly victory orange team wins oh yeah who’s bad Rams bad Wow hearing the antics cool best got away from the giant chicken you didn’t blow up like the school bus in all right sure the fellas meant oh well the chickens were red herring huntin and we still need to find out who stole my mojo I know who stole my mojo Mandy have you been infected as well oh sure then we haven’t got much time the cumin will always be returning to the scene of the crime and there is something real ominous feeling coming from Billy’s house and not just from the bathroom this time yeah I think you should go there and see if any fights be freaking out – I think we’re close to solving this I don’t like mixing business with pleasure but I’m really going to enjoy this I think I’ll take this opportunity to scare you to pieces it’s button-mashing time you’ll never know what he do three two one – fear could work together I guess I was wrong

remember each expired the fire we’re horny man badly yeah but your three in each hand badly get some skin creep by your three Britain wins oh yeah who’s bad Graham’s bad free to that meteor or hat the last of the mojo but we still don’t know who let it all

free getting lost and weaving going all over the universe do I banana chili chicken feather so I confirm Oh mm-hmm have you been leaving a trail of chicken feathers this whole time rim you said you put a curse on your trunk what kind of curse was it that’s the one what were you doing in the trunk I want to get free Moe and Joe what I do I don’t know about the rest of you but I hope this thing’s got a mode where we can just beat on Billy

don’t yell we don’t know children Oh your injury No no don’t you yo yo yo drei


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