English, Spanish & French subtitles available in the CC options So by now I guess most of you know how this works I show you some news clips about the country in question Breaking news out of Pakistan! There’s a crisis in US / Pakistan relations Mixed messaging coming from Pakistan Pakistan settle your own problems World leaders are urging Pakistan and India to take some deep breaths And then I go there And see what it’s like behind the headlines But wait a second, I think this guy has some things to say There’s one place once described as the world’s most dangerous country that’s offering up a pleasant surprise Pakistan So should we see if we can find that pleasant surprise this man is talking about? I’m confident we’re going to find something ♪♪♪ More of the Pakistan that I was expecting to see Everyone should come in Pakistan There’s nothing wrong with it Wonderfully peaceful now Good morning Today we are heading up further into the mountains, going to a settlement that’s at about 2.400 meters above sea level We’re going to meet our new friend who we met yesterday I’ll introduce you to him And he’s an interesting character We’ll ask him some questions But here I am on what we’ve been told was actually the original Silk Road right here So how about that? And our hotel is sitting right on it We just took one of these little local transport and we’re going to go to a coffee shop But this cost, I think, for 2 kilometers it cost 20 rupees each 20 PKR = 0.12 USD So just grabbed coffee from a coffee shop there Now we’ve met up with Babar – Babar – Babar – Okay – Yeah, yeah We met him on the bus yesterday coming from Islamabad to here in Abbottabad And today we’re heading to a settlement up in the mountains, correct? – Yeah, it is called Nathia Gali – Nathia Gali – Yeah, it’s about 10.000 feet above the sea level – Right And it is one of the tourist destinations in Pakistan Okay. Cool – And we are going there – Right – And there should be some nice locals to meet – Yes, of course – And beautiful scenery – Yeah, beautiful scenery Snow-covered mountains So it just stopped on the side of the road here at this local Chai shop I’m gonna grab some tea This place is called: “Jungle Hotel” but nice to drive through the mountains and getting up here in the pure air And not many people around It’s a really quite invigorating Don’t get me wrong, I love the big cities like Karachi with 20 million people but It’s nice to have a combination of both And, you know Be able to walk without dodging 20 tuk tuks and cars, and things // Native language // – Do you like it? – Yeah, yeah // Native language // We’ve just had a nice tea and we’ve come into the owners little kitchen area here And he’s got quite an interesting story to tell so we might ask him a few questions here again with Shahbaz Shahbaz it’s gonna be translating So Shahbaz, would you mind just asking if he could introduce himself firstly? // Native language // So he’s been running this place for like 15, 16 years now – Has he seen many changes in this region or is it staying quite similar? // Native language //

So he’s like, in this area // Native language // So, according to So, according to him, he’s like the roads has been similar like they have been like 15 or 16 years ago They haven’t been much changes in this area He kind of also believe that there’s a lot of inflation and people are suffering from poverty in that sense as well – Right, right – He has troubles with the inflation Other than that, does he like his life living up here? What about in winter? It must be quite cold up here // Native language // So there’s like no farming in this area, you can’t grow crops or vegetables and fruits up here So, what they kind of do is if they’re suffering to Like going through tough time in terms of financially so they kind of borrow money from other people so this is how they kind of like sustain themselves – If he could say one thing to the world about Pakistan I heard him saying earlier that he knows that media has misrepresented Pakistan in the past If, you know, people in America are watching this or You know, generally in the west or other countries for that matter What would he have to say about Pakistan? And especially in recent years where it’s got a lot safer how it’s being represented // Native language // So he’s like, it’s a Muslim country, it’s always been really peaceful He doesn’t thing like there’s been change in terms of, you know There’s not been such major terrorism and stuff like that So it’s been peaceful throughout, he thinks. Yeah Does he thinks it’s I’m in any danger being here? // Native language // So he’s like: No, I don’t think he is in some kind of danger or something It’s like a peaceful place, he can roam around easily. Yeah – Would he say that tourism would be a great thing to be increased for the economy and for people like him selling Chai on the road and things? // Native language // He’s like: Yeah, obviously tourism will kind of increase in terms of my income as well and kind of affect Pakistan’s economy in a better way – How exactly does he think that will come about? Do you think if Pakistan is represented more positively in international media then that would benefit the everyday man? // Native language // So he’s like: This will change the future and bring Pakistan on the road to betterment and this will kind of bring in more like, you know, betterment In terms of prosperity, peace, and obviously in terms of economy as well – And just to finish off Would he consider himself a happy man? // Native language // So he’s like happy and Yeah, it’s pretty satisfied and contented with what he has in his life – Yeah – Right Okay // Native language // So Babar, can you tell my viewers a little bit about yourself? What you do? And Yes Nick I’m running my YouTube channel as a cricket analyst as well And there is another YouTube channel which I’m running as a vlogger, travel vlogger I’m trying to tell the world that Pakistan is the most beautiful, – most scenic country in the world – Okay So everyone should come in Pakistan, there is nothing wrong with it The law and order situation is wonderfully peaceful now People are really welcoming, they are welcoming with both hands to all the tourists from west, from US, from Canada and from all over the world So this summer you must visit Pakistan and I’m creating videos in my YouTube channel, which is called Babar Hayat Vlogs – And hopefully Nick will – Definitely – Give a link of my channel in the description – Yeah, check it out It’s very interesting how we met, it was a complete chance incident, we both got onto this public transport and we just bumped into each other – and you happen to be a local youtuber – Yeah I happen to be a local youtuber – and you are a foreign youtuber – I am And it was, you know Nick, it was really strange for me that you are a foreigner and you are travelling in a in a public transport – Right – Yeah It’s nice to get to the local kind of touch, you know? Rather than removing yourself from the local people and the culture, if you take the local transport and things, then You know, look at this this, this is what come of that, so – Yeah, yeah – That’s the reason This is one of the best thing you can have while you are touring some country – which is a bit misunderstood – Right So the best thing, viewers, about Nick is that he is, you know He is visiting those countries which are misunderstood in the most part of the world And most part of the world And he is showing you the different cultures and the different people, different languages, – different religions – Trying to – So he is doing a wonderful job – You’re too kind Yeah, yeah He’s doing a wonderful job

and also wonderful job to get people closer – Right – With each other – Bring the world together – Yeah, bring the world together – One vlogger at a time – Yeah It is very nice to be with him and we are going to a next place, which is a mountain area, Nathia Gali ♪♪♪ Okay So, we have arrived up the top I’m in the town called Nathia Gali And it’s quite picturesque, there’s quite a bit of snow here, check this out Lots of nice little guests houses and things So, apparently, tonight there’s forecasted more snow so the roads will probably be inaccessible to get here tomorrow morning until they clear it out We saw some big bulldozers with chains on the wheels to be able to clean the roads It’s very nice up here, relaxed, quiet Clear air A little bit chilly But, you know, nothing that an extra jersey won’t handle But, yeah Check out these roads And there’s little guest houses like this all around the place, you know You see they got the fire on nice and cozy at nighttime So Babar has a drone with him So we’re very fortunate he’s gonna let us use some of the footage so you can have a look at this area here from an aerial point ♪♪♪ – Shahbaz, coming from almost the hottest place of Pakistan, in Karachi What’s it like to be up here in the mountains? Where you have to wear a jacket and things, is it quite nice for a change? It’s quite nice for a change I mean, it’s a bit chilly and I get to see the snow as well that you don’t normally get to see in Karachi I’ve never seen snow fall in Karachi, it never happens So it’s kind of fun Do you see much of a difference between the people from south Pakistan to the people up here in the north? Or are they reasonably similar? I think they’re reasonably similar but this place is, you know, in terms of that less population, not too much chaos in terms of you don’t get to see too much traffic because it’s kind of like Maybe kind of conditions your brain that manner as well, because if it’s too chaotic, too much work, too much traffic It’s kind of, you know, like I haven’t really seen much of a difference here but people here might be a little bit more calm – Calm? Okay. Less happening That’s because of the environment surrounding around them, because it’s peaceful, it’s quiet And the nature near to the tree and mountains obviously affects your being a much better way then the city life, obviously ♪♪♪ So the temperature has dropped significantly here So we’ve come down to this local bazaar area with some restaurants here Some guys cooking some chicken in the background There’s a huge storm coming, thunder in the background here but the guys are going to order some food and check out this viewpoint here Monkies in the tree Wow! So what did you guys order? We order chicken karahi That is called Where is chicken karahi? I think, it’s in the plates Yeah This is called chicken karahi And this is vegetables, mixed vegetable There are two or three vegetables mixed and cooked with oil and spices And that is also chicken and that is cooked with spices and lot of oil – Right Yeah – You really love your oil here in Pakistan, right? Yeah, oily and spicy food is being loved here in Pakistan Normally people use cooking oil for that – But I think people are kind of coming onto the right path now avoiding too much oil in the food because they know how bad it is for their health But, yeah – Because life has become a bit Society here, there is not a lot of movement in everybody’s life nowadays

because of a lot of work, and offices, and all these stuff People do not have time for exercise or gyming, or jogging, or walking So that’s why now people have considered eating less And eating less oil as well so that they should keep themselves fit // Native language // What’s up? ♪♪♪ So, do these gentlemen work outside all year round? Yes, yes… They work here all day all year around and even in the winters as well – And what temperature is it here during the wintertime? Usually it’s snow falling here most of the time in the winter, the mountains are fully snow-covered, the roads are covered with the snow and the temperature decreases to -10 or sometime -15 degree – Right – Yeah So these gentlemen here generally have they lived in this area their whole lives? Or if they come from a different part of the country? // Native language // This guy, you know He’s saying that he is not from, locally from here He has come from Taxila, which is a place near to Islamabad – So why did he choose to come here? // Native language // He is saying that he is here from last 25 years So he is here from 25 years – So his parents brought him here, right? // Native language // His elder brother He’s saying that his elder brother was here so he took him here 25 years ago And now he’s, I think, he’s almost the local guy – And he likes living here? // Native language // Yeah. He loves living here – And so when he’s not working, what does he like to do for a hobby or for his interests out of work? // Native language // He’s saying that he has nothing As far as hobbies are concerned, he’s not interested in any other hobby His work is his hobby and when he’s free, he just relax – Right So he’s happy and content? // Native language // Yeah, he said that I’m really very happy living here and he’s very content as well This guy is locally from here – Does he like to see tourists arriving here? Does it make him happy to see that? // Native language // He is saying that we are very happy to see you and if other foreigners, people from west and other countries visit Pakistan, they will be very welcoming and they will be very happy – Okay // Native language // So we’re just going to head back to Abbottabad and Babar has invited us to his home for a nice traditional dinner that his wife’s gonna cook for us, so We’ll head back down the mountain Another hour or so drive and go have some delicious dinner I gotta keep my eye out for monkeys around here They’re pretty loose Double selfie So we literally just jumped in the car and as soon as we jumped in the car there was a huge snowstorm has started There’s lightning and things, so As I mentioned earlier, this place has got a huge snowfall forecast for tonight, so We’d better get out of here before we get stranded I would love to stand outside and to You know, feel the snow And I would look towards the skies and snow is, you know, falling on my face Tomorrow it’s going to be the dinner at Babar instead of tonight just to give his wife a bit of time to get the food ready Shahbaz is a really great guy Please check him out on Instagram if you haven’t already He’s very insightful man and, you know I owe him a lot of thanks for showing me around this country and helping me with translations and things, so We can share these stories with you guys A huge thank you to Shahbaz and a huge thank you to Babar Also check out his channel, he’s an absolute character He’s got big plans to kind of travel around,

not just Pakistan but the surrounding areas, even as far as to Europe In the next video we’ll be meeting up with Babar again and we will be going to this remote village And it’s really quite remote We have to go to another city called Mansehra, which is up the road a little bit and then we will jump into a four-wheel drive, because the village we’re heading to is quite hard to access so you need the four-wheel drive It’s only a small town of one to two thousand people in it sitting right on top of this mountain So we’ll meet some more locals, hear their stories, see some more beautiful landscapes, continue to try break these stereotypes of people in these regions, because it’s grossly out of touch with the reality here I’ve just been downstairs to get some bottled water and the guy said: “Oh, no… You’re a tourist” Like, you know “Please, don’t pay. You’re a guest here” And you know, I do pay them I make them take the money because it happen so frequently You know, people are trying to pay for our transport and, you know Give us food and things They’re so grateful to have tourists coming back in their country after so long Of course, when you come here use common sense Please do your own research, don’t take everything I say as gospel Look up things as you’re travelling to different places Don’t just use my voice But from my personal experience I haven’t had any issues in the regions I’ve travelled to You know, I can’t speak for every single part of the country, I can only speak from my own personal experience but it’s been stellar from my point So in case I don’t see you Good afternoon, good evening and good night And I’ll see in the next video It’s gonna be good I would love to stand outside and to You know, feel the snow And I would looking towards the skies and snow is, you know, falling on my face

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