hi there Shanna Cramer here. I have this photo of this church here that I took last summer I’ve been wanting to paint this one for a long time and I figured now is the time. It’s a nice bright happy palette and I figured I want my church to be nice bright and happy Onward. Let’s do a nice sky. Some of that blue probably maybe a touch of maybe maybe a little orange all right I don’t want to dull it too far down and it back up again that’s my green is ah isn’t that nice well that’s good enough getting to be some unique sky colors in there. All right let’s just go to the canvas before we orange come across as orange not really yellow down here at the bottom of the sky, sky bottoms are sometimes yellow and it’s a pretty color I think I can go all the way across the church with that one maybe maybe maybe let’s go back to the blues I went too bright but I don’t want it too dull either maybe a touch of some kind of a splash of color yeah we’re talking you’d do that one again maybe a little bit over here yeah a little bit moody sky now we’re getting I don’t mind that at all. Throw some brights colors over there and I sure do like it all right enough messing around with the sky. Moving on. Those trees – I haven’t decided. I think I’m just gonna add a a little bit of a yellow touch to the background of them because no matter what you can always add yellow to your trees. I mean if you’re gonna go with a fall scene, no problem. If you’re gonna go with bright summery, no problem. This is not going to be winter so I’m not even going to toy with that idea at all. I’ve got this nice dirty yellow here which it’s working just fine around all those little headstones in there I don’t know if this church is ever used. I don’t know the name of it. I don’t know what town it’s in all I know is I Drive past it and there’s road construction near it how’s that for a description? I never see people attending this church ever at all I do see occasionally, I mean it’s well taken care of, if I see maintenance people there. What color is this? Oh my goodness how about some more blue or yellow get it kind of a nice sort of a little bit of a field color because this is next to fields. Next to fields in a road and that red just kind of I just liked it so I just threw some red right in there oh this green is getting a little out of whack let’s try to brighten it up there all right okay I think we may take a break on this and come back I also want to throw some more color in that sky sure do like that blue now I’m getting a green sky maybe I like this blue instead little too pure, a little too uh what’s a word sweet? might be? too sweet on that blue? kind of candy? hey serious this time I’m

gonna let it go actually well I’m thinking about it so I know this printout turned out a bit wonky but there are some interesting colors there I mean that you got a little bit of some yellows and oranges and kind of a I don’t know I could work with it a little maybe? let’s see I don’t want to go overboard with the candy but I kind of do Just a tish, just a little. These are just gonna be background colors so I really don’t want to overdo it no matter what you see me doing. Just a little hints of something bright in there pure yellow pure yellow beautiful Oh okay enough with a bright and happy maybe uh actually you know what while I’m at the bright happy there are some little bushes like right up front of this and there’s this tree right here maybe that trees got something happy a little of course it does it’s a happy little tree. Sorry I said it Sigh Bush going on right there I mean maybe maybe this shadow was a little probably not Green Green but it’s definitely probably bluish yeah definitely probably right there. Of course it’s blue I mean this is gray but blue and gray are kind of the same. look down here I love it down there down there Oh plus and maybe this roof I mean I don’t know that it’s gonna bleed now let’s try it I’ve got the color on my brush might as well do it like look at how it’s bleeding into the sky touch of that blue they’re not a little bit of a tree there we go and then I think my last little piece of rough that might need a there touching that tree – mm-hmm bleed the colors bleed the colors. there’s a little thing coming in there and how are we looking on our little mausoleum some of these have shadows. Are they mausoleums when they’re so tiny? they’re definitely headstones I mean this is a graveyard so yeah we’re just oh now we’re talking I’m getting some of that blue in a few places yeah sorry don’t mean to be pulling this off screen but tilting this little bit to get the water flow the direction that I want it to flow at least I think I want it to flow so maybe I mean there are some windows in there maybe they’re gonna be a similar color there’s one okay those big fat brush I’m trying to do this tiny detail maybe I can and if I can’t I’m gonna try it anyway dull down my colors a little I just hate switching to tiny brushes for detail because you know how easy it is to just start fussing with just the tiniest little speck and then your whole painting is drawing in the meantime? That’s what I’m trying to avoid I mean yeah I get it I got to have dry time anyway before I move on to the move on to the rest of the detail but I kind of like using big fat brushes for the whole stinking painting. Maybe even have roof shadows there. Now I have some definition to my roof now it’s partially dry bleed into the sky quite as much did not do this roof at all well now we’re starting to look like church

I’m going to try to keep away from those tiny little pieces of detail right up until the very end. it’s hard to stay away okay it’s fine okay now I’m gonna let that go leave it alone and now that we got some of these really brights in here I like them. so I think I’m going to do fall trees yeah which means I’m gonna have to muck up my yellow again get new friends on the pallets some orange maybe it’s gonna overpower at no time all right killing it down no no no more bright more happy they’re thin thin thin. Thin to win there I can dull it down once I get down here more happy I’ll get these darker colors down in here some little bringing the Blues a little bit of those darker greens just plain darker While I have those darkers on my brush I’ll just bring them down in here put a few dots on trees in front of the church right brights brights brights in there Oh clean up my brights a little sure do like that orange oh my gosh oh my gosh I mean it’s nice and all but oh goodness sakes let’s back it off of it back to some dirty yellows I mean dirty yellows are nice you can kind of go with just about anything dull it back here dull it back go back to my yellows happy little yellows ha I can say that and that orange I’m missing that orange again already that’s such a nice orange so pretty what orange is it? transparent pyrole orange. gorgeous absolutely lovely it’s an amazing that I know that though huh and I’m gonna let these these colors fade off as they go toward the edges bring in that yellow which is Hansa Yellow light. it’s a weak weak color though oh boy so easily overpowered but it’s so bright so pretty even its purest form I mean just brightens everything up that it touches okay so now I’ve got some brighty bright oranges I can if I want don’t tell me what to do I’m gonna put those over here too so pretty you know I drove past this area in the fall and we are not super lucky around here to have just the most beautiful Falls like you know you drive to Wisconsin and it’s just pure trees everywhere. Even Indiana colors just so

many colors but around here Minnesota you would think that there’d be all kinds of beautiful colors but you know we have gorgeous summers we’ve really nice summer as long as a as long as you don’t mind mosquitos we have beautiful summers. but as far as colors in the fall it’s it gets cold here so fast we go straight from summer to winter. so the leaves die and then they fall off and they’re pretty much are brown they go from green to brown and to the ground. so we just really don’t get as many of the beautiful fall colors as I would like to see. ok I’m seriously going to give this one a couple of minutes because I don’t well maybe I can nah I’m just gonna go ahead I can I think I can get some blue and a little bit of orange it kind of a little bit of a gray here maybe I can get him to be more gray than green won’t that be something then I’m gonna try and get into this I want to dull out the whole church but I need some definition it just needs something uh you know it says it’s real ha not that it’s real but it needs some shape does this shape still look white to you? there’s starting to look dingy it’s very well-kept church it’s clean and nice. I mean from the outside. I’ve never seen the inside even one day I’ll actually like stop there and park and take real pictures. next summer I’m sure we’ll be driving past it again. hopefully on a sunny day when I can get some nice sunny pictures. okay I’m gonna take this teeny tiny little tiny detail brush which I well I’m not a fan of details let’s just leave it there. so onward. I’m gonna have to get some colors see what I can do here get some orange okay okay details it is yeah sometimes think that you know if you can just get the right feel then details are just moot. because that’s all art is anyway. it’s a feeling. just feel it there’s not a lot of feeling in details in my opinion you know what there is in details? frustration. annoyance. death of emotion. that’s what you get in details okay quit whining about it I’m just gonna make my details. you know we’re almost done I get it the windows needed a little something but all right I about had it with this that’s enough detail it’s windows down here on the side that’s my detail moving on. all right darkening up right there okay I’ve got some shading in there and we’ve got some detail in there and I think we’re gonna I think I’m going to call it because I hate detailing things to death beautiful okay moving on all right so get this mausoleum which is actually really really bright but I want to make it that bright still calling it a mausoleum even I have no idea what it is anyway it’s a representation of dead

people who knows might be actual dead people in it I don’t want to be that it’s about the church not the dead people okay some of these little yeah we got some totally darks there don’t maybe I like that purple better I do like that purple better okay we’re gonna add some purple Purple’s this my Dark purple is okay I guess I like this color better can’t do a lot that with this tiny brush can you? mmm no sir for some fancy stuff like that probably it’s more greens to you for that okay. calling that. that you’re moving on so the sky I’m not entirely happy with so see I might go with a little bit more blue a little bit more gray. I might be getting be like a purpley yeah I don’t go purple not deliberately just that’s a color it’s on the brush so purple it is purpley skies I mean I wanted a moody sky anyway because it’s kind of a moody painting I mean and it’s good contrast to uh well the oranges the oranges on the trees I mean I can go turquoise maybe I will go turquoise can’t tell me what to do turquoise nicely beautifully offset some oranges so I mean since I got some the orange in the trees maybe I’ll do I will do a 90’s sky oh gosh yeah I’m happy okay slightly more turquoise in this guy though come on man turquoise it up you can’t have moody without turquoise can you? I know if you feel I have a really bad habit of like flicking my paintbrush oh my gosh all the paintings on the wall behind me have new paint I know it’s a bad habit I’ve got to try and break it just taking another look at this it’s good idea to step back once in a while and I kind of feel like my ground has gotten a little too dark that turquoise was pretty heavy maybe take some of it off very brush strokey. that doesn’t bother me though. I kind of want more contrast right now the most contrast is kind of over here in the dead people area and I think I want to bring that to life a little bit by adding some impact on my church so I’m just picking up in the old dark color I got over here which is I only have this gigantic mix of purples at this point so so that’s what I’m gonna do I’m going to add some contrast right around that bright white church with my waddy mess of purples Waddy is a word look it up. okay don’t look it up it’s I just made it up it doesn’t matter shut up well I don’t know I guess I’m just fine it’s fine it’s okay oh I’m getting some contrast in there now aren’t I not too deep over there and those graves hmm yeah I mean Oh what if I had some yellow to that okay gotta quit flicking my paintbrush here paintings behind me will thank me

so yeah it’s not got the detail that it once had which I don’t mind you know in a detail but let’s do some dots dot that dot okay done hi sweet girl are you crying what’s the matter are you not getting attention okay, you don’t know what it needs now? okay oh I kind of want that bright bright bush right in front of that you know the one right in from the church I mean this is our focal point yeah there boom let’s make it a happy one yep gonna stop there are two kinds of people in the world those are campaign straight lines and the rest of us

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