(intriguing music) – What are they doing down there? (roaring) I don’t like the looks of this Chase-man, Cole-man! Chase-man, Cole-man! Chase-man, Cole-man! – Look daddy – He’s talking to you – [Both] Can we go outside, and see what daddy wants? – Yes, let’s go – Watch out for dog biscuits – They do (upbeat music) – Cole-man, Chase-man You see something funny going on at Dinosaur Park? – Yes! – [Dino Dad] What are they doing down there? – The dinosaurs wanna come down and find the new dinosaur eggs – The dinosaurs lost one of their surprise eggs and they want us to go find it? – Yes – But, how are we gonna do that, guys? – We can use our dinosaur trucks – Yes Use our dinosaur trucks – All right, that sounds like a plan Just get changed, we’ll get into our Jurassic Park jeeps, we’ll head to Dinosaur Park, and try to find the surprise eggs that they lost – Yay – Yay, that sounds like fun – All right, well, what are you guys waiting on then? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Go, go! I’ll meet you there (intriguing music) we’ll be down there in a minute guys, we’re trying to figure this out for you (roaring) – We are! – We are! – Dinosaur Patrol! – Dinosaur Patrol! (roaring) – [Dino Dad] Chase-man, Cole-man, you guys ready to turn into the Dinosaur Patrol? – Yes – [Dino Dad] Let’s head to our dino tent, let’s get Jurassic – Let’s go (adventurous music) (screaming) – I can’t open it There it is Dino Patrol, we’re on the roll Let’s do this! – Dinosaur Patrol, we’re on the roll! Let’s do this! (upbeat music) – [Dino Dad] Captain Chase-man, wanna go to Dinosaur Park and find that Zuru surprise dino egg? – Yes! – [Dino Dad] Let’s go! Captain Cole-man, you ready to go to Dinosaur Park and find that Zuru surprise dino egg? – We need to go, let’s do this (upbeat music) – [Dino Dad] Huh? (upbeat music) Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, we’re in Dinosaur Park, we have to find the Zuru surprise egg Where do you think it is? – I think it’s somewhere in the Raptor cage – I think it’s somewhere in the Raptor cage I can’t see them, but Blue the Raptor’s down there – [Dino Dad] Blue the Raptor’s down there? – Yeah – [Dino Dad] Blue, is that you body? (roaring) It is Blue Hey, Blue! Hey, we’re just searching for that lost dinosaur egg Do you have any idea where it is?

(roaring) Okay Captain Cole-man and Captain Chase-man Blue the Raptor said he thinks the surprise dino egg is somewhere hidden behind a prehistoric tree! – Captain Cole-man what do you think? – Yeah, that sounds great Daddy – [Dino Dad] You think that’s where it is? Behind the tree? All right, let’s go then Okay, Blue the Raptor, we’ll be back, buddy We’ll see you later! (roaring) Let’s go guys You heard Blue the Raptor, he said behind a prehistoric tree! (adventurous music) What is that Captain Cole-man? What are those? – Prehistoric acorns – [Dino Dad] Are those prehistoric acorns? – Yeah! – [Dino Dad] Let me see Wow – Here you go dinosaurs We’re gonna give to dinosaurs two ones – [Dino Dad] How about this, why don’t you ask the dinosaurs if this is what they eat for a snack – Dino’s do you wanna eat the acorns for snack (roaring) – [Dino Dad] You heard them guys They wanna eat those prehistoric acorns for a snack, don’t throw them away (adventurous music) There’s seven acorns for the dinosaurs? – Yes – [Dino Dad] Okay, tell them their snack’s ready Let’s go find this egg You heard them guys, your snack’s over here Come eat so we can find this dino egg Let’s go find it Dinosaurs are busy eating, which means we have an opportunity to find the lost dino egg It is a prehistoric tree – Apples Let’s go! (adventurous music) – [Dino Dad] Dinosaur Patrol, I don’t know what’s going on Blue the Raptor said that the egg was behind a prehistoric tree, but I didn’t see any Did you? – Nope – [Dino Dad] So where do you think this lost dinosaur egg is? – Let’s go to dino caves – [Dino Dad] You wanna check out the dino caves? – Yes – [Dino Dad] All right, I think that’s our best bet Let’s go check out the dino caves Come on – It’s too heavy I think – [Dino Dad] Is it in there? – No – Are the baby dinos in there? – Yes Baby dinos come out (roaring) – Hey, dinosaur babies, we’re looking for the lost egg Have you seen it? (roaring) – [Dino Dad] Captain Cole-man, Captain Chase-man, you heard him He said we had to go to the other baby dinosaur cave, and find out the next clue, so we can find the egg Let’s go Captain Chase-man, come on, come on, come on! – Hey dinosaur, have you seen a lost dinosaur egg? (roaring) – Hey dinosaur friend, have you seen the lost egg? (roaring) – [Dino Dad] What’d they say? – They said the baby dinosaur egg is in the tunnel – [Dino Dad] I don’t think he said the tunnel, I think he said behind the giant brick wall – Come on Cole, hold my hand! – [Dino Dad] There’s a brick wall, come on! Is it there? – Yes! – [Dino Dad] Where? Where is it? You found it! Wow, that is amazing! Let me see it, Cole-man Wow It’s the Epic Dino Egg Smash, Dig, Build Zuru Smasher Okay, Dinosaur Patrol let’s open up that Zuru Smasher Dino Egg Come on, we have to find the lost map in there, there’s like 24 other surprises in here You guys are struggling, come on Dinosaur Patrol – This way – [Dino Dad] There you go Wow! What is that? There’s 25 surprises in there, guys! – Let’s go, open it! – [Dino Dad] What is that, oh, a blue mini egg, what’s that, Cole-man? – We got a hit!

– [Dino Dad] This is really, guys, look at all of these surprises in the dino egg We got to find the map though, guys – This map looks funny Where’s the map? Where’s the map? – [Dino Dad] What’s that, is that a glow in the dark, look at all those mini eggs! How many mini eggs are in there? – One, two Two, three Four, five Six, seven, eight – [Dino Dad] Wow, there are so many surprises in here and we have so many baby dino eggs – Look at this! – [Dino Dad] What’s that, Cole-man? – It’s big! – [Dino Dad] It’s a glow in the dark slime dino? – Yeah – What’s that Chase-man? – A dino straw, maybe there’s a T-Rex – [Dino Dad] Is that dino puddy? That’s so cool, look at that, that’s a dino in slime Wow, what is that Chase-man? – A baby dino – [Dino Dad] A baby dino? Cole-man, was there a dino in the slime? Look at that, you put them together and you made your own dinosaur fossil That’s so cool What’s that, Chase-man? – The dino map, here it is! – [Dino Dad] What is it? – It’s a dino! – [Dino Dad] It’s a dino fossil! Wow, what else! – This is so exciting – [Dino Dad] This surprise egg is the best surprise egg ever, it’s got so many dino toys in here Dinosaur Patrol, these are awesome toys, but where’s the map? – I don’t know, where is the map? – I know! – [Dino Dad] What is that, what is that? Is that it, is that the map? – Yes – [Dino Dad] Let me see, let me see – Dinosaur map – [Dino Dad] It’s a dinosaur map? – Yes We have to go here What dinosaur we’re gonna find? And go right here And we’re gonna find T-Rex first and then the triceratops – [Dino Dad] Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, I think we have to scratch off those silver circles to get all the clues on the map – Let’s do it then – [Dino Dad] Come on, I’ll help you We got the blue egg, right, Chase-man? – [Chase-Man] Yeah – [Dino Dad] The blue egg means we have to go north on the trail and then we have to follow the dino dirt once we’re going north on the trial and lava’s red, which means after we follow the dino dirt, we make a right, and then dino slime, slime starts with what letter? – S – [Dino Dad] S? – Yeah – [Dino Dad] It starts with S? That means we go straight, so we go right, then we go straight, and then what? Last clue, last clue – [Chase-Man] This one! – [Dino Dad] What is it? – [Chase-Man] Dino bone! – [Dino Dad] There it is All right, so that means we have to bring the fossil rock with us because the dinosaur is gonna want it Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, we have to go north in the trail, we have to find the dino dirt, and then we go right and then we go straight and then we have to put the fossil rock down, and then the missing dinosaur will come out from where he’s hiding because he’s scared, and then we can bring him back to dinosaur park All right, well, you bring the map Captain Cole-man, you bring the fossil rock, let’s get in your jeeps, let’s go to the trail – [Dino Dad] All right, Dinosaur Patrol, we’re here I hear the lost dinosaur, come on, we got to go find him, let’s go! – My map says we’re supposed to go left – [Dino Dad] Let’s go, come on, we’re running out of time We got to find him, guys, come on – Dinosaur dirt – [Dino Dad] Is that dinosaur dirt? Is it? – Yes! – [Dino Dad] What’s that? – It’s another dinosaur bone – [Dino Dad] Okay, Dinosaur Patrol, this is where the map told us to put the fossil rock down and the stegosaur is gonna come get it and then we can show him the way to dinosaur park Cole-man, you have the fossil rock, you got to go put it down – I’ll put it down – [Dino Dad] Where? Guys, do you see him? – No, can’t see him There he is, daddy – [Dino Dad] Where? – There! – [Dino Dad] There he is! It worked, guys, he’s going towards the fossil rock – Come on, Sammy

– [Dino Dad] Cole-man, you got to be nicer to Sammy, he’s lost! – Come on, Sammy – Come on, Sammy, come with us – [Dino Dad] Come on buddy, we’re almost there, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go Dinosaur Patrol, you did it, you saved the day! You found the lost dino egg from our good friends at Zuru, the series three dino smasher egg with 25 surprises inside of it You found the lost map inside the surprise egg And then we found the lost stegosaurus from Jurassic World and you brought him back to dinosaur park Guess what your reward is? – What is it? – [Dino Dad] We’re gonna go to the new arcade! We’re gonna go to the new arcade and play some video games! Let’s go! (dinosaur roaring) (upbeat music) – We are! – We are! – Dinosaur Patrol! – Dinosaur Patrol! – Dino squad, are we there? – Dino squad, are we there? Dino squad, are you there? This is Dinosaur Patrol, over – This is Dinosaur Patrol, over – Oh there you are, Dino Squad – We need your help, Dino Squad – Yeah, we need your help, Dino Dinus is missing – Yeah, he went to take a walk and got lost – Yeah, Dino Dad went to the old army base – We need to find the lost dinosaurs – And the Dino Mountain was where he tricked him – Yeah, now the Dino must’ve tricked him, and now he got trapped – Yeah, go to the army base and we need to help, Dino Squad – Are you ready to come with us, Dino Squad? – Are you ready, Dino Squad? – Yeah, Dino Squad, now let’s get Jurassic! – Yeah, Dino Squad, now let’s get Jurassic – Let’s go! – Let’s get Jurassic! Let’s do this! – Let’s get Jurassic! Let’s do this! Jeez, how do you turn the heat on? Okay, let’s go find Dino Dad? – Do you know how to drive this thing? – Yes, put on your seatbelt and let’s go (uplifting music) – We’re here at the army base – Okay, I’m punching the coordinates – Okay, Chase, let’s go find Dino Dad (uplifting music) – Wow! – Look, what are those? – And there’s the dino call – I think I see our army boats – I see (mumbles) (roaring) – Hey look, see, these paddles make it go fast – And look at that – Oh Wow, it has suddenly (mumbles) – Dino Dad, are you here?

– Dino Dad, are you under the boats? Are you under the boat? Dino Dad is not under the boat – Looks like we got to go on that boat to find Dino Dad – How do we get up there? – It’s so big – Daddy, are you up there? – Are you up there? – I think Dino Dad was, he broke these – Let’s pick that Wow, it’s one dino egg! It’s a dino egg from Dino Dad Maybe Dino Dad left us a clue – Yeah, it’s another clue and now we’ve got one more We’ve got one more clue to find, the egg of Dinosaur Patrol – Okay, lets go – Hey, Cole, there’s Bobby the Brontosaurus, let’s see if he knows where Dino Dad is? – Bobby, where’s Dino Dad? – Yeah, Bobby, we can’t find him – We already checked the boat, but he’s not there (dinosaur grunting) – He left us an egg clue there – Yeah, and maybe Dino Dad went all the way here would know the way – I think even that, I think there’s another way going there ‘Cause we’re about to go see dad (mumbles) – I agree, let’s go to sanitize – I think we have to go to the lighthouse to find Dino Dad – That’s a great idea Cole, let’s go find that lighthouse – And we have to go to find the lighthouse here – I think, where is the lighthouse? – They may be around here – Is this a broken, that over there (energetic music) – I hope Dino Dad’s not in there, because that house is broken down – But there’s a lot of stuff blocking it – There’s a lot of stuff blocking it – And we haven’t found the last egg – Hey, Cole, are those missiles? – I think they are, let’s go check them out (uplifting music) – I think they were fighting bad guys (uplifting music) – This lighthouse is closed – Maybe, maybe it’s this way (uplifting music) – Look, it says, lighthouse, don’t go in there, the one that goes is always locked forever – [Cole-Man] Oh now Chase? – Daddy’s in there – Daddy’s in there, he’s trapped! (uplifting music) – [Dino Dad] How do I get out of here, somebody help me, help me, help! Someone help! Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, this is Dino Dad, can you hear me, I’m at an old, decommissioned army base, I was rescuing dinosaurs and trying to bring them back to dinosaur park, when the Dino Master came,

he tricked me and now I’m trapped in this cave or something, I don’t know where I am, the last thing I saw was this red or maroon, metal type of tube or tunnel, so if you guys can find the metal red, maroonish type of tube, then you’re gonna find me Please guys, get here soon, time’s running out, Dino Dad out – Okay, Cole, you heard Dino Dad, let’s go find him – Okay, Chase-Man, we have to keep very careful – Don’t worry, Cole, the dinos are protecting us, we’re okay – Okay, let’s go! – Maybe he’s in there, look, that’s a gate – I think this is where the dino tracks come out – It’s pretty dark in there There might be a door, I see a door – I can hear them – Let’s scale the wall Dino Dad, are you in there? It’s very scary – There might be dinosaurs in there (dinosaurs roaring) – That’s the boat yard, that’s the egg and that the patrol there – I found this, I see it there, I found the dino egg! I’m stuck! – So we found both eggs, that means Dino Dad’s here He’s got to be around here where there’s another way – [Dino Dad] Chase-man, Cole-man! – Oh my God, that’s Dino Dad It goes up in here – [Dino Dad] Chase-man, Cole-man! Chase-man, Cole-man, I’m stuck, I need your help, you go to help me out of here – Daddy, you’re stuck! – Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, help me, I’m stuck in here Dino Master hid me in here, I don’t know what to do, help me, get me out of here – Don’t worry Dino Dad, we’re gonna find you in here – Don’t worry Dino dad, we’re gonna find you in here – [Both] Daddy! – All right, guys, you’re gonna grab my hand and you’re gonna pull me out of here, okay? Come on guys, help me! Help me! Help me! – Come on, Dad! – Don’t let go, don’t let go! – Do it! (laughing) – Thank you guys, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Guys, guys, did you see the Dino Master? – No – No? – We didn’t see him – Guys, I was just exploring, I was trying to find some lost dinosaurs and then Dinosaur Master, he got me, he tricked me and he put me in this trap door, and I didn’t know how to get out, I didn’t know how to get out How did you guys find me? – Because we went to the lighthouse – You went to the lighthouse? – And then we found a map to tell us where you are – And we found the last egg – But what about the lost dinosaurs, did you find them? – Yes – All right, guys, we have to get out of here, we have to bring the dinosaurs back to dinosaur park before the Dino Mater finds us, okay? – Okay Or we’ll get trapped! – Yes, we’ll get trapped, thank you guys so much, thank you, I love you guys, thank you All right, let’s go, let’s go Go, go, get up, go! Come on guys Who’s driving, who’s driving? – Me! – You’re driving, for sure? You have your license? – Yes – You’re sure? You’re sure? – Dad why are you– – Did you drive here?

– Yes – How did you drive here? – All right, nevermind, let’s go, come on, go, go Get in here, go, go, hurry up, go! Chase-man, you got the keys? – Okay, dad, let’s get out of here! (upbeat music) (roaring) – Pizza! – Pizza! You know what I like? Dino Pizza! – Dino Pizza? – Dino Pizza! Raphael wins, one-nothing! Yeah! – I’m the leader today! – I’m the best at this game – Me too! – No, I’m the best – No, I’m the best at the other one – No! Dino Dad’s the best – Oh! Bebop and Rocksteady! – That’s the one I like! – Who is it? – Bebop! – Bebop! Who is that? Who is that? Hello? Hello? Dino Squad, is that you? Dino Squad, Dino Squad is that you? This is Dino Dad, calling Dino Squad, is that you? Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-Man, come here Guys, who is that? – Dino Squad – Is that the Dino Squad? You sure, Cole-man? You guys have your Dino Squad walkie talkies? – Dino squad – Dino Squad – Dino Squad – Is that you, Dino Squad? – Hey, Dino Squad, what’s going on? Happy New Year – Happy New Year, Dino Squad – Hey, we just wanted to thank you guys for joining us this year, we had a ton of fun making our dinosaur adventure videos, we appreciate you guys watching us We appreciate you guys being part of the dino squad, and now we want to take you guys on your own adventure And I don’t know, what do you guys think? Maybe go back in time and see all the favorite missions that we went on? – Yes – Does that sound like a good idea? – Yeah, maybe we can go back, and we can go back to Jurassic park (static mumbling) – Hey, Dino Squad, my favorite part was finding the dino eggs – Finding the dino egg? Dino Dad found that dino egg! Dino Squad, I have an idea, why don’t we go get Jurassic and we’re gonna watch some of our favorite missions and we’ll let you guys decide which one of our videos was your favorite this year, and we’ll show that as well – Excuse me – What? – We already got Jurassic – We already got Jurassic? Wait, we did already get Jurassic, look at us, we’re already Jurassic, but Dino Squad, you’re not Jurassic – Dino Squad, that’s because! Dino Dad! – Dino Squad, you’ve got to get Jurassic – Dino Squad’s got to get Jurassic, all right, Dino Squad, you guys ready to get Jurassic with the Dinosaur Patrol, on the count of three, we’re all gonna yell “Let’s get Jurassic.” You’re gonna yell it too, one, two, three, let’s get Jurassic! (growling) – We are! – We are! – Dinosaur Patrol! – Dinosaur Patrol! – Wow, where are we guys? We’re in Jurassic World, this is amazing Thank you so much, Dino Squad, Chase-man, what is that over there? Is that a pterodactyl? Captain Cole-man, what’s that? – A T-Rex – It’s a giant T-Rex, we’re in Jurassic World of pterodactyls and giant T-Rexes, this is so cool – Look at the other dinosaurs – Which ones? – The brontosaurus – Oh we get the brontosaurus – Triceratops – There’s triceratops too behind us – And anacondataurus! – Anacondataurus! – How did you like that, Squad? – What? – The Indominus Rex! – Wow, the Indominus Rex, what are we gonna do with the Indominus Rex? – And then the Mesosaurus! – The Mesosaurus!

– I don’t think you guys, the Megalodon! – The Megalodon lives in the ocean too? Wow – It looks like a shark – It does, it’s a big, giant dinosaur shark, right? We did have a lot of fun this year in our Jurassic World, we did all this stuff, we drove our Jurassic park jeeps, we went on a ton of missions, we rescued a lot of dinosaurs and now we want you Dino Squad to tell us what your favorite missions were (phone ringing) What’s that noise? Someone calling us? – Yes – Who is that? Hello? It’s Vinnie, guys, it’s Vinnie, hey, Vinnie, what’s going on, buddy? Which one? That one was your favorite, really? All right, Vinnie, we appreciate, buddy, thank you so much for being part of Dino Squad, we’ll show some highlights from that video All right, so that was Vinnie, Chase and Cole-man’s friend Vinnie, he’s part of the Dino Squad and he said that his favorite video from this year was when Captain Chase-man, and Captain Cole-man went on the pirate ship to find the lost treasure so that Dave can go and buy their dinosaur friends a Thanksgiving Day turkey Let’s go check it out! (upbeat music) (dinosaurs thumping) – [Dino Dad] Tommy the Triceratops, what’s wrong, bud? (roaring) Your prehistoric turkey is missing, and you guys aren’t gonna be allowed on Thanksgiving? (roaring) Okay, that’s a problem, but we got the Dinosaur Patrol, we’re gonna figure this out, just hang with us, guys (upbeat music) Guys, what is that? What is it? You found the surprise egg! Wow, what do you think is in there? – A map! – [Dino Dad] What? – A map! – Why would a map be in there? Is that? Cole-man, it’s a pirate map Do you know how to read a pirate map? – No idea No, I don’t know how to read a pirate map – [Dino Dad] What are we gonna do? – I know Captain Jack Sparrow – [Dino Dad] Captain Jack Sparrow, that’s right! Let’s go call him, get the Dino Pad Okay, punch in the coordinates of Captain Jack Sparrow – Hello, Dinosaur Patrol It’s me, Captain Jack Sparrow The first and only pirate who rescues dinosaurs! – [Dino Dad] Okay, Captain Jack Sparrow, that sounds like a plan But I got to be honest with you, Dinosaur Patrol is gonna need your help, are you in? – You have to head north of the black sea and get on Blackbeard’s pirate ship When you get out to sea, I will help you find the treasure (instrumental music) – [Dino Dad] What? – There’s something in there – No way, there’s a message in this bottle! – [Man] On a pirate ship? – I know, so cheesy You wanna see what this thing says? Yeah, all right All hands on deck over here – Beware maties – [Group] Beware maties – You’ve got to be louder than that – [Group] Beware maties! – I have stolen the keys – [Group] I have stolen the keys! – That’s what it says XO-XO – [Group] XO, XO – Pirate Pete – [Group] Pirate Pete! – Dig in! (uplifting music) – What is it? – [Dino Dad] All right, Cole, you ready, buddy? – Do it, give up the treasure! – Wow, guys, that was awesome, that was a fun mission, wasn’t it? – Ba-ba-ba-ba! – Ba-ba-ba-ba Did you like going on the pirate ship? – Yeah – Ba-ba-ba-ba – Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, that was a fun mission, we loved going on the pirate ship Captain Chase-man, what was your favorite part

of the dinosaur pirate ship? – The best one is when we got the present – Guys The phone’s ringing again (phone ringing) Hello, Dino Dad here, hey, it’s M.J We got M.J. from the Dino Squad, what’s goin on, M.J.? We’re just watching our favorite missions from this year What was your favorite one? Really? You know what, that was one of my favorites too We’ll definitely put that one on Thank you so much, M.J. for being part of the Dino Squad, we appreciate it We’re gonna put it on right now Captain Chase-man, Captain Cole-man, do you know what M.J’s favorite mission was? – The Jurassic crash? – No, his favorite one was when we went to the movies with out dinosaur friends and saw Spider-Man! You guys remember that one? – Yeah – Yeah? Well, let’s check it out – Spider-Man! – [Dino Dad] Spider-Man! All right! He’s here! Toy Story, we’ve seen Toy Story You guys all ready to go inside? You wanna see Spider Man? Okay, go ask for your tickets – We’re going to see Spider-Man – Spider-Man – [Dino Dad] What do you guys want? Cole-Man, what do you want? – I want popcorn – [Dino Dad] Say please (roaring) (upbeat music) That was cool That was fun (roaring) That was awesome, going to see Spider-Man with our dinosaur friends, that was one of my favorites Captain Cole-man, what was your favorite dinosaur mission to go on this year? – Carnival – Going on to the Carnival? – Yeah – What was your favorite ride at the Carnival? – The Dragon rollercoaster – The Dragon rollercoaster? What about you, Captain Chase-man, what was your favorite part about the carnival? – Going to the cars – Let’s go check it out Duck! (upbeat music) – [Dino Dad] Let’s get on some rides, come on, guys! (upbeat music) (roaring) – Race cars! – [Dino Dad] The race cars! Go Chase-Man! We’re going! There’s Chase-Man! Chase-man, what are you doing, bud? You beat us! (upbeat music) (roaring) Cole-Man! Pterodactyl! We’re flying like a pterodactyl! – It’s super-duper fast! – [Dino Dad] It’s super-duper fast like a pterodactyl! This is kind of fun, dad – [Dino Dad] It is kind of fun, Chase-Man – Mama! I love mama! – Wow, guys, that was so cool I loved going to the carnival with our dinosaur friends

Chase-man, was that fun? – Yeah – What was your favorite dinosaur adventure that we went on this year? – My favorite was when we found the Toy Story 4 toys – When we went to the dinosaur park and found the Toy Story 4 toys? That was a good time Do you want to check that one out? All right, put it on Cole-man, you ready to go to dinosaur park? – Yeah – [Dino Dad] We’re gonna find our Toy Story 4 toys Chase-man, you ready to go to dinosaur park? We’re gonna find Toy Story 4 toys (roaring) Okay, dinosaur friends, thank you for adding more Toy Story 4 toys to dinosaur park, we’re gonna go find them now! We’ll meet you down there Come on Chase-man, to the dinosaur park to find those toys Let’s get to dinosaur park and find our Toy Story 4 toys We are here at dinosaur park and we’re gonna find our toys (roaring) Let’s find these toys Let’s see how good our dinosaur friends are at hiding our toys, are they here? Cole-man, are they there? Do you see them, bud? Where do you guys think they are? – There! – [Dino Dad] You think they’re there? Cole-man, come on, Cole-man, where are you going? Come on guys, let’s go this way, go, go It’s too steep Come on, we got to find these toys, dinosaur park Come on! Go! Is it there? It’s got to be behind that tree, it has to be What’s that? Is that a dinosaur cave? Is it in there? – Yeah! – [Dino Dad] What’s there? Chase-man, be careful, I hear a dino! I hear a dino! Hurry up, he’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming! Cole-man you got the first toy, go put it in your truck – That was so cool guys, I love dinosaur park Going to dinosaur park and hanging out with our dinosaur friends is one of Dino Dad’s favorite things to do Well, you know what, everybody? Thank you so much for all of your support this year, thank you so much Dino Squad, you guys are the best We appreciate it so much To all the parents listening to my voice in the background, thank you so much for letting your kids watch our videos, thank you so much for letting them be part of the Dino Squad We know how important it is to make sure that we’re making safe and family-friendly, kid-friendly content so that you can have piece of mind when your kids are on YouTube, I’m a parent myself, I understand it, that’s why I take it very seriously, and I take it to heart, and I always will Thank you so much, we won’t let you down We have a lot of fun stuff coming out in 2020 We’re gonna do dinosaur school We’re gonna actually launch– – Dinosaur school? – Dinosaur school, yeah, we’re gonna do dinosaur school We’re gonna teach everybody about dinosaurs and where they came from, we’re gonna make it fun, we’re gonna make it interactive, we’re gonna make it interesting, we’re gonna have fun with it and we want the Dino Squad to be a part of it A lot of great stuff coming, thank you guys so much, thank you Dino Squad, thank you parents, we love you all, we’ll see next week – Bye, bye, Dino Squad! – Bye, bye, Dino Squad! – Bye, bye, Dino! – Bye, Dino Squad, we’ll see you next week, thanks everybody! (roaring)

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