– [Man] Chase man, Cole man, what are you doing? You’re watching Puppy Dog Pals? Chase man, I have an idea – What, what is it, daddy? – [Man] Let’s call our dinosaur friends and let’s go to the summer carnival with them – Sounds like a great idea – [Man] Cole man, you wanna go to the carnival with your dinosaur friends? Who do you wanna go with? – Tina the T. rex – [Man] You wanna go with Tina the T. rex? Who else? – Bobby the Dinosaur – [Man] All right, well do your dinosaur call – Rawr – Rawr – Rawr – Rawr (stomping) – [Man] I hear giant foot steps, I hear giant foot steps There’s the door bell, let me go see who it is Which dinosaurs friends are here to come to the summer carnival with the Dinosaur Patrol? How’s it going, dinosaur friends? You guys wanna go to the summer carnival with Chase and Cole? Can the dino squad come with us? Okay, let’s go, let’s get to that carnival (happy music) – [Man] Chase man, Cole man, where we going? – To the fair – [Man] We’re going to the fair? You mean the summer carnival? – Yeah – [Man] Are our dinosaur friends coming with us? (child mumbles) – [Man] We’re gonna go on tons of rides – Tons of rides – [Man] Where are our dinosaur friends at? – Right, outside – [Man] They’re outside? Oh, there they are, Chase man, they’re right outside your window! Look at them run! Chase man, look at those dinosaurs run! (child mumbles) – [Man] All right we gotta beat those dinosaurs there guys, they’re going fast, let’s go! All right, dinosaur friends, we’re here at the carnival You guys ready to go on some rides? You ready to go on the dinosaur box fort? Cole man, you ready to go on dinosaur box fort? Come on, we’re in the dinosaur box fort, Cole man! Ah, Chase man, we’re in the dinosaur box fort! Go, go, you’re climbing up the dino wall You’re doing it, come on Cole man Ah, spider webs in the dino cave It’s the dino cave, guys, it’s purple! Go, go, go, go! The dinosaurs are winning, come on, go, go, go! It’s a dinosaur bridge, Cole man! Let me see if the dinosaurs are catching up! Oh, blue deraptor, come on buddy you gotta speed up! Blue deraptor, hurry up, he’s coming! Come on, dinosaurs, you gotta be quicker than that! We’re doing it, Cole man, we’re beating the dino Yeah, dinosaurs, you got nothing on us We’re gonna beat you All right, we’re at the finish line, go Chase man! You got it, Cole man! (cheering) Chase man, Cole man! Chase man, Cole man! Chase man, Cole man! Put your hands up! Woo, Chase man, Cole man! Let’s go here we go Chase man, Cole man, let’s go, woo!

– Go faster, go faster – [Man] Spin it! Come on! Go faster, you gotta spin it in the same direction then (upbeat music) – Go ahead Chase – Yeah! Chase man! Oh purple nemo! You got a purple nemo Chase man Chase let me see purple nemo! – All right come on – [Man] Here we go, we’re flying like a pterodactyl (upbeat music) – Yay (mumbles) (upbeat music) – [Man] Chase man, Cole man, what are you guys doing? – We’re looking for dinosaurs – [Man] You’re looking for your dino friends? – Yeah – [Man] Well I have an idea! I got a little bit of a surprise for you! While we wait for our dino friends to get here so you can go play in the dinosaur park, there’s a surprise for you From all of our Toy Story friends, go, go, go! – Whoa! – [Man] What is it? Whoa, Toy Story 4 toys! (child mumbles) – [Man] Look at that Toy Story mash em! What else do we have? Toy Story find bag! Toy Story 4 Walking Buzz! That is so cool, Cole man! – It’s another one – [Man] Chase man, Cole man, I cannot believe we have all these Toy Story 4 toys This is so cool! Whoa guys, what happened to our Toy Story 4 toys? – They disappeared! – [Man] They disappeared? What! Cole man, what happened? – They disappeared! – [Man] Chase man, what happened? – They disappeared! – [Man] I hear giant foot steps That’s our dinosaur friends, let me go talk to them, maybe they can help up find our toys, okay? All right, let’s see if they can help us, let’s see if our dinosaur friends can help us Hey guys thanks for coming by, but listen, we really can’t talk, we got Toy Story 4 toys and all of a sudden they disappeared and we have no idea where they went Are you kidding me? You hid our Toy Story 4 toys at dinosaur park and now you want us to go on a toy hunt and find them? (happy music) Chase man, Cole man, you’re not gonna believe this I found out where our Toy Story 4 toys went – What – [Man] James the T. rex, Luna Raptor, Bobby the Brontosaurus, Tina the T. rex, Tommy the Triceratops, they made our Toy Story 4 toys disappear, and they hid them in dinosaur park and now they want us to go find them! – I got it – [Man] You got it? Okay guys, let’s grab our Jurassic Park Power Wheels and let’s head to dinosaur park, and let’s find our dinosaur toys (mumbles) – [Man] Go! Cole man! You ready to go to dinosaur park? – Yeah! – [Man] We’re gonna find our Toy Story 4 toys! Chase man, you ready to go to dinosaur park? We’re gonna find our Toy Story 4 toys! Okay dinosaur friends, you think you’re funny hiding our Toy Story 4 toys in dinosaur park, we’re gonna go find them now We’ll meet you down there Come on, Chase man, let’s go to dinosaur park and find those toys Let’s get to dinosaur park and find our Toy Story 4 toys We are here at dinosaur park, we’re gonna go find our toys, let’s find these toys

Let’s see how good our dinosaur friends are at hiding our toys Are they here? Cole man are they there? You see them bud? Where do you guys think they are? – There! – [Man] You think they’re there? Cole man, come on Cole man where you going? Come on, guys, let’s go this way, go, go! It’s too steep! Come on, we gotta find these toys, dinosaur park! Come on, go! Is it there? It’s gotta be behind that tree, has to be What’s that? Is that a dinosaur cave? Is it in there? – It’s in there! – [Man] What’s there? Be careful, I hear a dino! I hear a dino, hurry up, he’s coming! He’s coming, he’s coming, he’s coming! Cole man, you got the first toy, go put it in your truck! – Dino, raptor again – [Man] You think a raptor’s in there? I think it’s too small for a raptor I think it might be a baby triceratops, you think? Whoa, I can hear ’em! Oh I can hear ’em guys! (child mumbles) – [Man] All right, we gotta be very quiet – Be very quiet, there’s a baby dinosaur in there – [Man] Okay Hey guys, this another dino cave? There it is, there’s another toy, get it, get it, get it! Be careful, Chase man, there’s big dino, he’s coming at you, Chase man! He’s got it, he’s got it, he’s got it! You see the baby dinos in there? – Yeah, I seen them! – [Man] You see ’em? Which one do you see? – That! – [Man] I can hear him! Are they baby dinos? Are they baby dinos and baby dino eggs? All right, listen, we don’t want to upset their mommy so let’s walk away really slow – Toy Story 4 mash ups! – [Man] Wow, that’s so cool All right, bring it back to your truck, go, go, go! Come on, guys, we got one more toy left! Let’s go, let’s go! Come on Chase man, the T rex is racing you right now come on, come on, Chase, come on buddy! That’s a raptor cage guys, go really slow, I hear the raptor Okay, I forgot that they’re your friends, but we still should be careful, don’t you think? Here, let me help you Whoa, the raptor is in there he’s loud, where are you buddy? Hey, hey, hey raptor, we’re just getting our toys back that your dinosaur brothers hid, okay? Can we take it? Okay, okay, okay, he’s saying we can grab it Let’s go really slow though Whoa, okay, okay, here we go Thank you raptor, thank you! – Hello, you’re the best raptor in the whole wide world! – [Man] Aw, that was really nice of you to say Go, get all the toys back in the truck and let’s get out of here let’s go! We don’t want our dinosaur friends to hide them again, let’s go! That was a lot of fun dinosaurs, nice try! Dinosaur patrol will always find the missing toys Chase man, Cole man, what are you doing? – I’m jumping! – [Man] You’re jumping? – Yeah, we’re jumping on our Thomas land suitcase – [Man] You’re jumping on your Thomas land suitcases? You having fun on vacation? I have an idea, James the T. rex just called me and told me the real Jurassic park is right down the street! You guys wanna go see it? – Yeah! – [Man] They told us that all their cousins brothers and sisters are there And we get to meet their entire family! – Where we gonna meet? – [Man] We’re gonna meet at Jurassic Park (child mumbles) – What’s the trucks name? – [Man] The trucks name is Sarge and he’s the dino truck and he wants us to go to Jurassic Park So let’s call our dinosaur friends! – Rawr – Rawr – [Man] I hear giant foot steps! I hear giant foot steps! They’re outside, guys, let’s go meet ’em Let’s go to Jurassic park, go, go, go, go, go (happy music) Chase man, Cole man, you ready to go to Jurassic Park?

– Yeah! – [Man] How many dinos are we gonna see? (children mumbling) okay dinosaur friends I want you to show us your cousins, and all your brothers and sisters – My best friend! – [Man] T. rex is your best friend, where is he? Oh he’s all the way down there, but wait is a brontosaurus! Wow, that looks like James the T. rex mommy! – [Woman] You guys look at those teeth James the T. rex, is that your mommy? Wow, she’s really cool It’s the Weurhosaurus! Look at him move his tail! Whoa! He’s loud Come on Chase man you can do it! Press the button Chase man! You can do it! Look at that brontosaurus! Whoa he’s talking to us Let’s go see the name It’s the Centosaurus – [Woman] Yup, centiosaurus, male and lizard – [Man] The centiosaurus Wow! Bobby the brontosaurus, is the Centiosaurus related to you? That’s so cool, let’s go! Is it a baby raptor? Eustreptoponoylus? Huh? Eustreptoponoylus We’re just gonna call you baby raptor, because that’s what you look like It’s the empliosaurus, it’s one of our favorites cause we can actually pronounce his name Cole man he’s talking to you, Chase man what did he say to you? What’s he saying? What’s he saying Chase man? – He said that’s enough – [Man] That he’s saying that’s enough The two yangosaurus, I can pronounce that one! Whoa He’s loud! What dino is that? – It’s a stegosaurus! – [Man] Good job Cole man! – It’s a eglosaurus – It’s a eglosaurus – [Man] It’s a stegoegliosaurus, why not? It’s a hybrid! Come on, guys, you gotta keep up, we’re waiting for you It’s a petradon! – [Woman] Toothless! – Toothless! – [Man] He’s toothless! That looks like a baby T. rex! Wow he’s only six years old, look at you! Baby T. rex Whoa It’s James the T. rex, little brother! James the T. rex, is that your little brother? He’s so cool! (child mumbles) – [Man] That’s right! It’s a shenosaurus! Whoa! Look at the shenosaurus he’s so cool! (energetic music) – [Woman] An allosaurus – [Man] It’s an allosaurus! He’s so cute! Whoa! It’s the carnotaurus! He’s from Jurassic Park too! Chase man does he look like a dragon? What is it what kind of dino is that? Say carnotaurus – Carnotaurus – [Man] That’s right, carnotaurus – Let’s go to the next – [Man] Another dino that looks like a brontosaurus There’s so many dinos that look like brontosaurus’ (laughing) It’s the mommy T. rex, another one! – It looks just like you! (laughing) – [Man] That is what daddy sees everyday when he comes home from work (laughing) We see a triceratops!

It’s Tommy the triceratops’ sister, wow! It’s Tina the triceratops! Hi Tina, we hang out with Tommy all the time! Tommy look it’s your sister! It’s Timmy the pterodactyls’ little brother! – [Chase] It’s a petradon! – [Man] Oh you’re right, sorry, it’s a petradon! What dino is that? – Petradon! – [Man] Good job, Chase man! It’s another triceratops! There’s so many dinos in Jurassic Park guys I think we made it through Jurassic Park! – There’s one more dino left! – [Man] It’s the back of a brontosaurus The stegosaurus! – We made it! – [Man] We made it! We did it! We made it through Jurassic Park! – You play with the girl trains – [Man] Chase man, Cole man, cousin Lilly, what are you guys doing? (children mumbling) – [Man] Playing trains, are we on vacation? – Yeah! – [Man] Are we gonna have fun on our vacation guys? – Yeah! – [Man] You know what though, I miss our dinosaurs friends I wish they were What’s that noise? I hear giant foot steps! I hear giant foot steps! Chase man who is it? – James the T. rex! – [Man] You think it’s James the T. rex? You think James the T. rex and tommy the triceratops and bobby the brontosaurus are outside? – Yeah! – [Man] Let’s go see, come on! Go, go, go! Are they there? They are there! You guys look it, it’s James the T. rex and Bobby the Brontosaurs! Chase man, Cole man, cousin Lilly, you guys wanna go to the giant bounce house with all of our dinosaur friends? – Yeah – [Man] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! (happy music) Lilly, Chase man, Cole man, you guys ready to go to giant bounce house? All your dinosaur friends are behind you they’re ready to go You guys ready to go to the giant bounce house? Meet cha in there Gerald brome good Chase man, you ready to bounce? Cole man, you excited? Go get your bracelet, go, go, go, go get your bracelet Are you guys ready? – Yeah – [Man] You wanna jump up and down and bounce up and down? – Yeah – [Man] Go, go, go (children laughing) whoa! Who can bounce the highest? (energetic music) Is this Jurassic park? Cole man, bouncy house Jurassic Park! There we go Cole man Let’s go come on! Show me! Come on Cole man! You can do it! (energetic music) Lilly! Chase man! You bouncing! Chase man this place cool? Lilly, look at Lilly! Chase you’re in the jungle! Are there dinosaurs in here Chase man? Chase man where are the dinos? Whoa! Yeah! You can do it Cole man! You did it!

(energetic music) (children screaming) – Whoa! Oh boy, oh no oh no, how am I gonna do this? I’m too old for this! Idk what I’m gonna do! Here we go! Chase man, Cole man, did you have fun?! – Yeah! – [Man] Wanna go to cousin Lilly’s now? – Yeah! – [Man] Let’s go, let’s go! (happy music) – Hi friends come to our next video! – Hi friends come to our next video! – [Man] Say watch our next video! – Watch our next video! – [Man] Thanks for watching everybody, tap that little box below to watch our next video

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