Welcome candidates riding executives, volunteers and journalists to our last portion of the first PPC national conference My name is Johanne Mennie and Iam the Executive Director of the People’s Party of Canada and will serve as host for this afternoon’s event Our first speaker I present to you Mr. Benjamin Dichter candidate of record for the Conservative Party of Canada Toronto-Danforth and chairman and co-founder of LGBTory Benjamin will speak to us and to everyone watching ’cause we’re recording everything about choosing country before party Mesdames et messieurs Mr. Benjamin Dichter In 2015 I was a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada I’m still a member of the Conservative Party Canada and I co-founded a group called LGBTory to reach out to my friends in the gay community who are conservative So I know what you’re all thinking what could he possibly be doing here? Well a bit of the back story first in 2013 when I began to reach out to my Conservative friends about idea I was met with resistance for one reason fear crippling fear to be called names by one’s left and we have to conserve the party ball and to LGBTQ issues I believe the conservative party and just to be sure so they understand our group was not about identity politics it was reaction to extremist activists who bully and harass members of the gay community it forced them to adopt certain political so thanks for going out say are nothing dangerous I’m not a candidate I have a million things on my finger and this is right yes I get to plug the podcast so we may have listened to the queen of apart with La Quinta what we call it with dr. C mix this woman the privacy and coming soon uh truth right at YouTube with Michael but the reality is I don’t have anything other than admiration and lightly harassing

but in here teaching because it’s the right thing to do because something somebody needs to say that needs to be said somebody needs to stand up that’s people today and what my great our Western societies are not kept his guilt and suffering and it is suffering from the stench of cultural relativism and commendable Islam it is suffering from the stench of extremism that same way in third-world countries suffer from extremist groups separatist groups paramilitaries organized crime and men chaos that see those lines like Justin Trudeau and the non liberal Liberal Party and their extremist views of the cultural relativism have brought canva to the crossroads and we need to make the choice and once that choice is made there’s no turning back at this point option one do we go to the direction of Europe do we give up our sovereignty to dangerous ideology now have infiltrated and influence where the country is going to go to sacrifice option or to do we say no do we do do we do we rediscover our roots as any and who we resist the cannibalization of our society because despite media and political leaders want to admit islamist entry ism and that was the adaptation of political Islam he’s rotting away at our society like syphilis the alliance between for extremist groups and most onerous extremist leftist groups are eroding our education system the arts the legal system and now our political structure it’s become so bad that even implants president when Trump was forced to admit there are people who want to secede from the nation they are running a political project in the name of religion and to my fellow more left-leaning Canadians which I have I encourage you to do Stan Harris podcast episode forty-three what did the jihadist really want when he reads that gothic magazine number fourteen it’s in their own words on the Brady report hosted by ex-military intelligence analyst Tom Tom and a small team track activity the activities of extremist groups and their countries who are now operating within our country and what’s shocking is not letting them have charitable statements let me smell that country your tax dollars are game trips your tax dollars are funding our destruction the money does not go to hospitals and libraries and art galleries infrastructure for the educational system and in many cases and those who financing overseas suicide vests and tunnels hashtag real change so let’s have nothing to conserve the party right now shortly after Ankush which shows the leader he in his new style had several opportunities to meet with all the indicators and warnings for their individuals nice connection we’re working with in the Conservative Party amongst our staffers one of the candidates etcetera however after multiple scheduled meetings and your senior staff of experts did a long weekend once or twice

three times whoa why would I do this with a terrorism fucking expert opportunites around us number two the CPC upended longtime supporters within the Muslim community what’s up revolution head from extremism to here Nora who is in this room here tonight was told if he applied to become a candidate he would be disqualified because even of seven members of the Pakistani community he really is a true hero he knew more about that man he is faster the number three most recently the man Walmart’s are good today so they might sue so they went to our tech dr. Salim on to a columnist author intellectual someone you would body of all the attributes that we see not only a newcomers but we aspire to be Power Cells and after thirty years of involvement in conservative causes after all the hassle and abuse that he had you under known for being the focus against extremism since he came to Canada what did they do they threw under the bus in disqualified ladies and gentlemen that’s how powers there is now a report going around the interwebs that was sent to us but many other people about Conservative Party candidates now with alleged ties to Islamist extremism why do they have such garbage in their party and these are the people extreme the mistreatment is growing across the world and across Europe in countries and don’t leave me have no privilege nonsense and what politicians do one more conservative extremist and embrace modern secular models who are nothing more of an integrated together to become Canadian and to leave the garbage of their country behind them I was the excuse from the Conservative Party it’s just a strategy we just have to live it once we win we’ll deal with the problem later every fools this describe Gina was not only played by many political leaders throughout the world but all the little part of itself well over a decade ago a Liberal Party that there does not that’s infested with Islamists and they cannot determine the difference between an individual Muslim and Islam is a strategy Rubick rooted in cowardice and here while I’m sorta one who is fearful has took a teeny administrative control of our Parliament in our country and look look how it’s blowing up in their faces just a few days ago for the first time a Conservative Party was featured in Jihad watch drama did you ever think that the party of Stephen her would be identified in Jihad much as a threat I’m someone give me any comments it’s in terror

why am i up here today I’m not here to preach to the choir everyone here in this room understands the crossroads that can find oneself I’m here to talk to conservative party members and the Liberal Party members Laura great to speed up the reality the interpret moment shows the election is over pretty conservative video and that’s why the CDC is throwing italics at anybody who is pointing out their departments who attacks the party also but not seen instead during his interview on the group reward seems to be coming to fruition at this point you have nothing to lose you might as well actually politics has another chance of winning for the reasons that I met were opportunites of cowardice alignment with extremism all because of fear and people see it people are not stupid they may not be able to articulate what so long but they know what it is they can see so she Conservative Party members and everybody else which first read the hill girlfriends entail and be prepared for resistance and much better in my case during in the road whisper campaigns and smear campaigns and conspiracy theories lot above it a lot it’s irrelevant it’s useless ignorant and order to new ideas just enjoy second and this was warmer realized after the first time conservatives liberals libertarians and everybody else who reject our left far left publicly this is extremely high there is now on the table and all the way up optimal is good enough for the Conservative Party for the 12 years given up until that teamster to speak up and said we have a problem yes I want it third you get to send message to the political establishment politicians you can work slip along to it or supports political influence in any way and this is the message you said with your Dec protest I also have something to to mention one mother’s love it has a pledge you can go

to www.petland.com so we’re all candidates running in this election and I encourage everybody rent it out keep it by your doorstep so I can’t be knocks on your door you want to see that sign the pledge that they will not work with extremists stocks now I know this is difficult it’s like disciplining a child the most difficult but in the words of Margaret Thatcher the message but the nature needs it and for those two conservatism is part of their identity and Conservative Party it is not identical don’t worry so what’s the Churchill was forced to abandon the Conservative Party when he is Conservative Party abandon its formalities on October 24 countries we don’t have a choice people running and people are just observers on side and as those who are disenfranchised liberals conservatives conservatives and everybody else and I think this is a good time to acknowledge the over 100,000 Canadian soldiers who have died and our remaining soldiers who died in battle did not give up dog some politicians who played focus for politics with experience everyone on Canada we’re a family we have some problems in our country and we have a choice to make Canada or a political party What’s more important to you?

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