Good night Good night Hi, Tikki Thanks for coming to me, Mari I have questions for you Sass and Plagg have their own Miraculous, and can transform as humans I just wonder because I’ve never seen your Miraculous, and never seen you as a human Ok. I can tell you now Let’s go back in time About fifteen years ago, Me and Plagg were seriously injured by strong enemies Plagg was hurt bigger than me Some friends asked me to help The guardian who was guarding the Miraculouses had an evil heart My friends were forced to be wicked, and make many Akumas The Akumas attacked the City of Elf And they made many elves disappear I was very angry I decided to stop treatment and go there I thought about talking to Plagg, but he was sicker than me Can people of the past see us? Don’t worry about it. They can’t see us ‘The city is empty.’ Where did all the elves go? Bad Akuma! It’s too late Luka? Tikki! Tikki! I think the boy can see me! who? No, wait! There was a boy! Why is Tikki so hurrying up? Who is that baby? Emilie, give me my son and the Miraculouses Never Go. my Akumas ‘My Miraculous is broken again.’ ‘The magic power is running out.’ ‘I need to move the woman and my friends first.’ ‘My body is getting younger.’ Say it Where did you send my wife and the Miraculouses? What is this light? Tikki?

You will be fine. I’ll protect you Perhaps if I make her a place to rest, she will heal quickly I’m going to make a house out of logs Oh.. I can’t create – About 15 years later – I’m going to buy some fruit from the market with Tikki Would you like to go to the market together? When I spray the Illusion perfume that Trixx gave me, people see me as a human That is camembert cheese! It looks really good! What cheese do you want, Tikki? Where did she go? Who is this girl? Have you lost your parents? Maybe I should take her to the police station for her safety ‘Your family fought well for the peace of the world.’ ‘I will give you the power of recovery in reward.’ My Miraculous is recovering Is she a fairy? You do not remember all that is related to her Tikki? Um??Are you sleeping? Uh? Her Miraculous is recovering That’s great. congratulations! Now let’s go to the most recent time

Is my body and soul separated? She’s here! On the day we first met, your power was blocked, but now you can use it a little I have to protect her! My power is not ready yet Let’s go back now This is a space for Tikki and Plagg Thanks to you, I was able to recover completely Thank you You’re welcome Tikki! I missed you so much! Can I ask you a question, Plagg? Is Hawk Moth still stuck in the crystal? Um Why is there a butterfly in the middle of winter? I haven’t seen them since then What will happen if he wakes up? First he’s going to gather the Miraculouses He will try to be the king of the world with strong power Adrien, you look sad When I was unconscious last time, I saw my childhood book The bad guardian was my father

I just wanted to find my family But I am so sad that my father is a villain Well then, that baby was Adrien Adrien. Your mother is alive When I fought with Hawk Moth, I moved the Miraculouses and your mother to a safe place Why am I so sleepy? Tikki? You should be treated quickly I’m fine. Sass, look at that All of friends got hit by a bad guardian You are not safe either Luckily, Akuma’s powers are weak now But they will be strong soon It will make us wicked It would be better if you go home and rest well Good bye. My friend. Take care Tikki? Wait! I will send you to my friend, Madame Let’s gather Miraculouses, and find your mother I will be with you too Thank you. I really appreciate it Good morning dad Good morning, my princess I’m going to introduce you to the creation of Kwami, Tikki Nice to meet you It takes a long time I will allow your adventure Thank you I think Trixx is in the Poppy Hill Tikki, would you like to eat these? Macaroon! Thanks Mari! I’ll give you a gift too My power is in this sword Even if you’re alone, you can purify a few Akumas Thank you, Tikki! It’s about your mother It’s the first story for you I was very shy I had to find a woman to marry, but I couldn’t even speak I was traveling, there was a training center run by Master Fu nearby Master Fu! That girl is cool!

What are you doing here? I know how to treat Would you show me your injured arm? You are the best She doesn’t leave my mind Congratulations on your pregnancy It’s a boy Hello. Queen of elves Hi. Prince How are you? Would you like to shop and enjoy the spa? Have a good vacation, honey It was the day the elf kingdom fell She disappeared and only her ring came to me I will definitely stop Hawk Moth Let’s go to the poppy field to find Trixx When Kwamis join forces, we can teleport Instead we have to rest one day We arrived in the forest near the poppy field We should get some rest now I still don’t know my power. I should try it Adrien is trying to use a new power You have very beautiful power Your eye color is so pretty You are too close Let’s go find Trixx

Fox tail? The place has changed. Is this illusion? That’s not Plagg This is a poppy field Tikki, this place is so pretty. Do you like it? Are you Trixx? Where is it? Mari, The magic class is starting soon What? This will be a dream There is no royal symbol on my wrist Mari, This is a library Sorry, guys As time goes by, I don’t know whether now is a reality or a dream It’s going well as planned As time goes by, she loses the memory of reality When the hour of the hourglass ends with Mari in a fake world, I can control her body Analyzed the data of her friends and put the information in the beads Dolls with beads behave the same way as the person The weather has become sunny Hi guys Let’s go to class Good Me and Luka have a martial arts class. We’ll go I have to ask Adrien about the magic I learned today I can’t do it at all Where are they?

The moon is pretty Mari Would you like to go on the ferris wheel? cool! It turns orange again Do you see the beads over there? There is a butterfly inside He looks weird There is a bead in his head What is this? This is a dream I want to get up now Hi, Mari? Come play with me It’s almost time You have to break that bead with your sword

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