hi team I hope you’re all well, today we are going to be doing my September tbr and as you can tell from the title, we are going to be playing Becca’s Bookopoly today so this is for Bookoplathon which is a readathon hosted by Becca which is being ran in the month of September and I’m very very excited I cannot wait to get involved with this one so overall I’m gonna do 20 rolls we’ll see whether or not that sticks because of doubles etc but um yeah really really hyped obviously if you get to double you have to add another role and then that’s all the information I need to tell you, any more information you want about Becca’s Bookoplathon i will leave the link to her video her announcement video down below and also Becca’s channel in general i’ll also leave a link to the Twitter down below as well because there’s a Twitter page for Bookoplathon so yeah really excited about that one I’m also taking part in the A Touch of Whimsy Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland I can’t remember what it’s called now it’s got like a really long name Adventure Through Wonderland Readathon in the month of September which is hosted by Gav Jade Lexi and Kalyn and I’m really really excited about this one this is a middle grade readathon so I’m also taking part in that one as well so after I’ve done gone through the Bookoplathon books, I will tell you about the books that I’m picking for that one and very very excited lots and lots of books on my TBR as always. Let’s get into it otherwise we’re going to be here for a while so let’s get into the rolls okay so I hope this is clear enough for you all this is where Go is just in case it’s not, the counter that we’re going to use is Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow because we stan Johnny Depp here on this channel. So yeah we’re using Captain Jack Sparrow pop him on Go to start the game off and let’s roll great start a double one.. in case.. I don’t know whether or not you can see that but that’s double one Community Shelf a Netgalley ARC so the first role brought us the Netgalley ARC and I’m really excited about this one because I have a Netgalley ARC of Frostheart Two which is the second in the Frostheart series by Jamie Littler and the first one looks like this actually this is the hardback version the first one looks a bit more like this in the paperback version I do have a copy of it just over there and I can’t be bothered going getting it so it looks like this but I’m going to hold up this one for now because I just really really love this cover it’s absolutely beautiful I managed to get this on Ebay for steal. This series is following Ash who is a young boy who feels like he doesn’t belong in the town where he lives his parents disappeared while they were on like a bit of an expedition I think quite a few years ago and Ash has been stuck in this town ever since they treat him very differently because he has some magical powers and he just wants to try and get away eventually a ship comes in called the Frostheart with the crew on it and he asked them whether or not he can go with them he wants to try and find his parents and they basically take him with him and this is the story of Ash on his adventure on the Frostheart so Frostheart Two will follow on from that story I’m not sure where it takes us I know nothing about the blurb I just know I’m going to love it. I gave this one 5 out of 5 stars it was fantastic absolutely loved it so I’m highly predicting a big score for Frostheart Two so i’m very very excited thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a copy of that because I’m hyped also roll number one was a double so that immediately adds us a another roll on so we’re up to 21 rolls now so let’s go for roll number two rule number two is this a joke??? that’s double four tbr game okay roll number two was also a double this is going well we’re up to 22 rolls now um yay I don’t know how this is going to go I could end up with 40 rolls here if I get doubles all the way across the board this was probably a bad call ended up on tbr games so the idea behind this one is that you pick somebody’s tbr game and you can pick a book off their latest tbr or a previous tbr if you want to so I am gonna go for Maddie’s tbr from Book Browsing Blog I love her tbr game it’s so good it’s essentially like Codie’s wheel of tbr but she throws darts at it instead of spinning the wheel and it’s so good I really really enjoy it it’s it’s one that I found very very recently Maddie’s channel is one I found really recently and I just think she’s so enjoyable to watch so definitely go and check her out i’ll leave a link to everybody I mentioned down below so go check her channel out i’m really excited and in August she decided to add The City we Became by N.K Jemisin to her tbr

and I am so hyped for this book i’m really really hyped for it essentially I believe this has been pegged as like a love letter to New York City and I am so here for this and New York City is my favorite place to visit of all time I’ve been twice I went when I was a kid with my parents and I just absolutely loved it we were there 10 weeks before 9/11 and me and my brother sort of ran round the south tower and liked counting all the flags in the lobby and pointing out the UK and the US flag and then my mum and I went again for my 21st because it’s the only place I wanted to go in the World and we went again for my 21st and spent five days there it was incredible I just love New York City it’s it’s like home for me among all the chaos I feel like completely grounded it’s the only place i’ve ever felt completely grounded so i’m obsessed with New York City and this book I think is going to be really really good I am hyped for it’s so so hyped for it so very very excited about picking this one up so thanks Maddie for putting this on your tbr in August much appreciated roll number three four… LGBTQ+ rep roll number three gave us queer rep so for this one i’m gonna go for Once AND Future Witches by Alix E Harrow I have an e-arc of this i’ll show a picture of it here because obviously I don’t own a physical copy so i’m really excited about this one I don’t know a great deal about it I only know that it’s queer and it’s got witches in it and i’m here for it other than that I don’t know a great deal about it I do like to go in books not knowing a lot about them to be perfectly honest you could give me a really really brief synopsis of like queer with witches halloweeny type shit and i’d be here for it and i’d be like okay that’s fine that’s all I need to do let’s go so I don’t need to know a lot about a book so that sometimes if my synopsises are a bit shit it’s because of that also because i’m rubbish at summing things up so that’s what we’re going for Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow i’m so excited thank you again to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a copy of this hyped number roll number four is five an adult book roll number four brought us an adult book so for this one I am going for A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness I am buddy reading this with a bunch of girls on Instagram and i’m so excited we’ve ended up getting a group of us together and thanks to Megan for adding me into the group because i’m hyped i’m very excited this has just come through this morning actually as an entire trilogy so this is the American version and i’m so hyped because it’s dead floppy as well so easily pleased um but yes I am very excited about picking this one up and reading this series cannot wait this is um a series about it’s following a girl called Diana who is a young scholar and a descendant of the witches she unearths an enchanted alchemical manuscript and wanting nothing to do with sorcery, she banished it banishes the books to the stacks but a discovery has set a fantastical underworld stirring and soon a hoard of demons witches and other creatures descend upon the library among them is an enigmatic Matthew Claremont a vampire with a keen interest in the book equal parts history and magic romances suspense discovery which is mesmerizing an addictive tale of a passion and obsession that reveals the closely guarded secrets of an enchanted world I am here for this I really enjoyed the first episode quite liked the actress and the actor that played Diana and Matthew so yeah i’m really excited about going into this one roll number five is six and own voices book roll number five brought us an own voices book so I am going for Crier’s War by Nina varela I believe I Googled own voices books and this came up on one so then I did a bit more Googling and I believe this is queer so I think its own voices in the sense that the author is queer fairly certain that’s the case but do correct me if i’m wrong on that but i’m really excited about picking this one up I am buddy reading this with my friend Katherine so i’m really really excited about this one and I believe I don’t know great again I don’t know a great deal about this one oh wait yeah I do it’s following two girls one of them is human one of them is made the human girl wants to kill the made girl something to do with her family’s been slaughtered I think and I think she’s blaming the made girl for it however the made girl fall in love falls in love with the human girl and I don’t know where we’re going to go from there but this cover is gorgeous and i’m so here for this I don’t know why i’ve been putting this one off to be honest but as it turns out Iron Heart the second in the series is coming out in September so I can read them back to back which is so exciting because I very rarely get the chance to do that so

yay for me yeah excited to pick this one up roll number six is seven a book the set in the present number six is to read a book set in the present so i’m gonna go for When Life Gives You Mangoes picture of it here this is following a young girl it’s set in Jamaica following a young girl who seems to have lost their memories from the previous year the previous summer and she likes mangoes and apparently it’s a story of her meeting a new friend and then discovering her memories from the previous year i’m not sure other than that I don’t know anything else about about it fairly certain this is contemporary middle grade and it is set in the present so I picked that book for this one if it turns out it’s not set in the present I will pick someone else up but i’m fairly certain it is set in the present so fairly certain it works for this prompt very excited to read this one thanks again to Netgalley and the publishers roll number seven is seven highest rated on my tbr number seven brought us the highest on my goodreads tbr so very excited about this one because I updated my Goodreads tbr before I played this game and as it turns out a book that got sent to me literally on Tuesday um turns out to be the new highest on my tbr which is I am hyped for I am so excited for so i’ll show a screenshot of the highest on my tbr it’s just for proof to show you and the book that i’m going to be reading is the Return to Roar by Jenny McLachlan I am so hyped about this book I can’t wait to pick this up this is the second in the Land of Roar series so i’ll show a picture of the first one here the Land of Roar follows two kids who are a little bit older now they’re probably like 10 or 11 i can’t remember but when they were younger they used to play what they thought was like a fantasy game where they would go to this land called Roar and they would you know fly a dragon and there would be like little animals and things like that it was like a fantasy world it was a game that they played however as it turns out it was not an imaginary game it was a real game and they managed to find their way their way back to Roar and have to do some stuff in Roar and now it turns out that we are going back to Roar and i’m so excited thank you so much to my beautiful friend Tracy for sending me this book look at these end papers aren’t they gorgeous so yeah very very excited about this one to go back to the Land of Roar I am hyped I cannot believe that this is the top of my Goodreads tbr i’m so excited roll number eight is eleven tbr game again for prompt number eight we got tbr game again so i’m gonna go for Jade’s tbr game this time we’re gonna go for tbr pursuit and we’re gonna go for September’s tbr because she’s already done it so thanks Jade and on September’s tbr she managed to fit in the middle grade monthly pick for September which is Potkin and Stubs so all around this works out very very well Jade is actually one of the people that runs middle grade monthly alongside Gav and they have picked Potkin and Stubs for the month of September and i’ve picked Jade’s game and obviously she managed to get Potkin and Stubs on tbr pursuit so yay all around this is I believe following a young girl who is a journalist… she wants to be a reporter and she’s trying to find the next latest scoop and as it turns out the next latest scoop is sitting across from her at work so I don’t know where this is gonna go mystery type vibes and i’m very excited about it can’t wait to pick this one up I think it’s gonna be a really good read so yay all round roll number nine is nine another adult prompt number nine was an adult book so I am going to go for If I Never Met You by Mhairi Mcfarlane this is the book club pick for Contemporary Book Blub which is my book club in the month of September and this is an adult book it’s an adult romance I think it’s going to be a little bit steamy maybe i’m hoping it is um this is following a woman who whose other half breaks up with her essentially I think he’s been seeing someone else and he breaks up with her after about it’s really a long time 18 years um he completely blindsides her breaks up with her and they work together so he is dating someone else in the office and very quickly she becomes pregnant and our girl Laurie is devastated absolutely devastated so she ends up making a pact with another guy in the office called Jamie and they hatch a plan to fake date and try and piss her ex-boyfriend off and romancing ensues I assume i’m so excited about this one I love fake dating

it’s my favorite trope of all time Mhairi’s writing is one of my favorite writing styles ever it reminds me a lot of Lindsay Kelk which makes sense because they’re friends and I absolutely love her previous book that I read which was Don’t You Forget About me just thought it was fantastic so i’m really really excited about picking this one up yay for contemporary book club picking this one yay roll number ten is seven book with fire on the cover prompt number ten is fire so for this one you can pick a book that has fire on the cover it has the word fire on the cover has the colours of fire on the cover so red orange yellowish um so for this one i’m gonna go for colours of fire on the cover only because I really wanted to fit this book on my tbr and I didn’t know where else to fit it in and this one was perfect for this so we’re going for The Castle of Tangled Magic by Sophie Anderson i’ll show a picture of it here another Netgalley arc so thanks again to Netgalley and the publishers Sophie Anderson wrote The Girl Who Speaks Bear and The House with Chicken Legs which I absolutely loved last year they’re adorable another middle grade and i’m really really excited about this one again don’t know a single thing about this i’m assuming it’s to do with castle and magic other than that I think it’s to do with a girl she managed to find a portal to another world and she ends up in a castle and there’s magic i’m not 100% on that I could be completely wrong I apologise if I am but i’m really really excited about this one also the cover has what looks like fire on it it’s actually castle in like a yellowy orangey type colour but it looks like fire so that’s why i’m picking it for this prompt and I am here for it’s very very exciting. roll number eleven is nine a friend pick so for prompt number 11 we ended up with friend pic and I decided to pick a selection off my autumn tbr if you want to see that video i’ll leave a link to it down below I did do a video of an Autumn tbr of books that I just want to read throughout the months of Autumn and I just pulled a selection of eight books from there and this is the selection so we’ve got The Sundown Motel, Winterwood, Restore Me, Heir of Fire, The Hating Game, Tweet Cute, Science-ish and From Blood and Ash Heir of Fire wasn’t actually on there it was Queen of Shadows but I haven’t finished Heir of Fire yet so we’ve put that on here instead and so the friend that I asked for this prompt was Siobhan and she ended up picking The Sundown Motel by Simone St James because she’s really intrigued to find out what happens in this book I think she just wants to know if I really enjoy it or not this is like a mystery thriller type book and it’s told in two timelines so we are in 1982 and 2017 so in 1982 following Viv Delaney who wants to move to New York and to help pay for it, takes job as a night clerk at the Sundown Motel in Fell New York but something isn’t right at the motel something haunting and scary and then in 2017 we’re following Carly Kirk and she’s never been able to let go of the story of her Aunt vIV who mysteriously disappeared from the Sundown Motel before she was born. Carly decides to move to Fell and visit the motel where she quickly learns that nothing has changed since 1982 she soon finds herself ensnared in the same mysteries that claimed her aunt so i’m very very excited about this one the cover is gorgeous so thanks Siobhan for picking that one roll number 12 is 11 a dark cover for prompt number 12 we got dark cover and for this one i’m going to go for Starsight by Brandon Sanderson this is a relatively dark cover in areas we’re going to pretend it counts and this is a sci-fi and it’s following Spensa this is the second in the series the first one was Skyward it’s following Spensa who is a young girl who wants to be a pilot fighter pilot and fight the Krell who are the bad guys in this series and um basically she is not given the same opportunities as all the other kids because her dad was deemed a traitor when he abandoned a fight one day and disappeared and um she is deemed they’ve sort of tainted her with the same brush essentially so we’re following Spensa trying to get through flight school trying to get through pilot school she does have the assistance of one of the teachers which is really nice and then she comes across a ship called M-bot who is just the sassiest thing i’ve ever come across in my life if you get the opportunity to read the series listen to the audio because M-bot is hilarious is Scottish and it’s just the funniest thing um but yeah I love this series it was so good Spensa, as it turns out, everything that she’s been told is not as it seems it’s all lies and she’s trying to get to the bottom of it so this series then can this book then continues on with the series I did get part way through this my freaking M-bot little magnetic bookmark is still in there I did I did get part way through this 185 pages through It was back in January and I put the book down because i started getting slumpy so

I have decided to start again with this but i’m very excited to finally finish well read this book get through it um but yeah really excited roll number 13 is five which is a disability rep prompt 13 brought us disability rep so for this one we’re going for Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo I am buddy reading this with Siobhan this was on my August tbr but we never got through it so I got to page 75. I am hoping to just obviously plow through this in the month of September i’m really enjoying it so far actually and the disability rep comes in with Kaz Brecker who is one of the main characters in here so this is following the criminal prodigy Kaz Brecker is offered a chance at a deadly heist a break into the ice core a military stronghold that has never been breached and retrieved hostage whose knowledge could change grisha magic forever to succeed would mean riches beyond his wildest dreams but he can’t pull it off alone so he ends up with a group of characters then and six dangerous outcasts one impossible heist together they must be they might just be unstoppable if they don’t kill each other first Kaz Brecker is disabled i’m not sure how um his disability has come about but he walks with a cane so yeah i’m hoping we find out the reasons behind that throughout this book but yeah very excited to read this one i’ve heard amazing things about this I did enjoy the Grisha verse trilogy it was fine but i’m hoping that i’ve really enjoyed this duology a bit better to be honest so we’ll see what happens roll number 14 is 11 chance card Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating the little tick means that that’s a good book i’m really excited about this one this is the Christina Lauren book next I pulled a chance card which was to read Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating which i’m really happy about this is by Christina Lauren and I cannot wait to pick this one up i’ve been wanting to pick this one up for a while the cover for this is gorgeous this is following Josh and Hazel who essentially um enemies if you like this is like an enemies to lovers type book and they try and set each other up on dates basically I don’t think they take the piss out of it much but I think they are trying to set each other up on serious dates but it just doesn’t seem to be working out and I think maybe they come to the realisation that it should be they should be dating each other i’m not sure but i’m here for it love Christina Lauren’s writing so i’m very excited to pick this one up roll number 15 is for another book with fire on the cover prompt number 15 brought us fire again so for this one again i’m going for another cover that kind of has like fire-ish type colors on it this is all yellow to be honest yellow and black so it’s not probably not really it probably doesn’t really count but we’re going for it anyway and we’re gonna go for Wizards of Once Never and Forever which is book four in the Wizards of Once series show a picture of it here and I am really excited about picking this one up a little bit nervous to be honest because the others I have read I followed along with the book while listening to the audio book because David Tennant does the audio and he’s fantastic so i’m a little bit nervous about this one I was kind of just gonna wait and until the audio came out the only problem with that is the audio doesn’t come out till next year so um we’re gonna read this one i’m really excited about continuing I think this is the end of the series which i’m a little bit nervous about but this is a following Xar and Wish. Xar is a wizard ,Wish is a warrior and their race essentially been brought up to hate each other something to do with the parents and um they essentially Xar hasn’t come into his magic and he wants to try and get witch’s magic unfortunately witches magic is black magic so he needs to be really really careful and then they end up going on a adventure to find the magic and then they want to try and destroy the magic because of something that happens it’s very very good there are the cutest animals in this and there’s like giants and it’s just the cutest thing and i’m obsessed with it i think my favorite character of the whole series is squeezejoos he is adorable i’m obsessed with him um so yeah very very excited to read this one I can’t wait super super hyped glad that I could fit this onto my tbr to be honest thanks again to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a copy of this one roll number 16 is nine another friend pick prompt number 16 was another friend pick so for this one I went to my friend Laura from bookie mama bear and I sent her the rest of the stack and she picked From Blood and Ash by jennifer l Armentrout the girl has no chill um she her and Annie actually been badgering me to pick

this one up for ages and I actually picked it up because of them so this is what we’re reading for this one I have read the back of this several times and i’ve still not figured out what this is about it’s fantasy it’s romance other than that i’m not sure for some reason I thought this was vampires and when i’ve Googled vampire books this actually comes up so i’m not sure how this relates to vampires but I don’t I don’t really know i’m struggling to figure out what this is about fully I have got no idea what’s going on with this but we’re gonna give it a go it’s a chunker um this is how many pages long 613 pages long so you know cheers Laura roll number 17 is seven which is another community shelf pick this time we have novella number 17 brought us community shelf which then brought us the prompt of a novella thank the lord so we i’m just sorry i’ve just scratched my face um so we’re gonna go for A Memory in The Flame by KJ Sutton and Jessie Elliot which is the third in the Charlie Travesty series this series is a collection of four short novellas to make one entire story um but they are sort of sold as one as for short novellas and this one is following a vampire princess called Charlie Travesty who, I can’t tell you much more than that to be honest because it would just spoil it so i’m excited to continue on with the series at very very hyped I think this is apt because it is a series that i’ve ended up picking up because of Becca also because of Annie as well who i’ve just mentioned as well so very excited to continue on with this series roll number 18 is eight that’s another tbr game pick prompt number 18 is tbr game again um starting to run out of tbr games here um so i decided to go for Becca’s because it wouldn’t be right would it to play tbr game to have tbr game and not have Becca on here so we’re going to play a Bookopoly for that one and we’re going to go for July’s Bookopoly pick because there wasn’t she’s not done the August one yet um at the point of me filming this anyway hers could probably go up before mine um so we’re gonna go for July’s and for that one we’re gonna go for A Sacrifice in Smoke which is the fourth and final book in the Charlie Travesty series so thanks Becca for that one i get to finish the series off and stick to novellas on my tbr so cheers love you um yeah so the fourth and final book in the Charlie Travesty series so that’s the one we’re gonna pick roll number 19 is five which is a poll pick promt number 19 brought us poll pick and I posted posted posted I posted a poll on twitter it was the book that won was The Bear in the Nightingale by Katherine Arden which again suits for this game because this is one of Becca’s most recent favorite series so she had an absolute blast with this series I know she’s recently finished it and she really enjoyed it so i’m looking forward to picking this one up this is following a young girl called Vasya it’s got Russian folklore in it and basically she’s spent her life growing up being told by an older woman with her siblings that um about Russian folklore and you know tales of magical beings and things like that and they’re supposed to be just that tales like not real and fake stories essentially just stories to tell kids to frighten them and basically Vasya doesn’t believe that they’re just tales she can see dead people and therefore knows that something bad is coming so i’m really excited to pick this one up I did do this for try chapter tag and I got to the second obviously the second chapter and I really enjoyed it so looking forward to picking this one up what should be the final role roll 20 is obviously a double because why would it not be eight a standalone prompt number 20 which should be the final prompt and isn’t because of the doubles that we got so so far we’re up to 22 rolls we got a double obviously so um 23 rolls we’re up to now and that’s i’m okay with that that’s not too bad um so for this one we got standalone and i’m going to be reading at The Wicker king I will show a picture of it here it’s not come yet it’s on its way from Ebay so i’m looking forward to this one this is following two boys one of them has been struggling with hallucinations he’s living with mental health and he’s struggling with hallucinations and the other one is his best friend and also has feelings for him their parents are a waste of time essentially and he wants to help his best friend try and get through this however it gets to a point where the boys don’t know if it’s just the lads hallucinations or if they’re actually living in a fantasy world so I am looking forward to this one I think the mental health rep in here is

going to be really really good I believe there is queer rep obviously as well and yeah i’m really looking forward to this one and the cover’s gorgeous so i’m just really looking forward to this one I think it’s gonna be really really good fingers crossed so we’ve got three extra rolls at this point roll 21 is five read a sad book prompt 21 is to read a sad book so instead of actually picking a sad book I sort of interpreted for this to be my own kind of thing and i’ve decided to go for Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare this is the third and final book in the Infernal Devices series and I think that’s why it’s going to be sad for me i’ve become really invested in this series more so in Clockwork Prince than I did in Clockwork Angel but i’ve become really really invested this is obviously part of the Shadowhunter universe and this is set back in the day I can’t remember around it’s like the 1800s and it’s set 1847 in here so I don’t know what it was in Clockwork Angel but um I think it’s around the same year I don’t think we’ve been in this world for too long and it’s set in London so we’re at the London Institute for the Shadowhunters and we’re following Tessa Jem and Will they are the three main characters in this story and um yeah there’s a lot going on and i’m just here for this series i’m here for all of the Shadowhunter books and I think this is going to be sad because I think it’s going to rip my heart out no matter what happens it’s going to rip my heart and i’m just I don’t know if i’m ready so it’s going to be sad in that sense roll 22 is seven another friend pick, good lord my friends are gonna get sick of me for roll number 22 we got another friend pick I was running out of friends at this point I sent the rest of my stack to my lovely friend Annie and she has not replied yet at the time of filming this but i am going to guesstimate i’ll keep you posted on what she decides to pick but i’m going to guesstimate that she’s going to go for Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas because she is Sarah J Maas trash like she is the if you if you looked up the dictionary it’s Sarah J Maas trash there’d be a picture of Annie there like just winking at you so um that’s what i’m gonna pick um if she chooses differently I will let you know but i’m fairly certain it’s Heir of Fire that she’s gonna pick out of that entire stack so that’s what we’re gonna check on here and final roll hopefully roll 23 is six lowest rated on my tbr and then the final roll 23 is um the lowest rated on your tbr I was really fucking nervous about this really nervous however it’s not too bad because Ask Me Anything by P Z Reizin I think that’s how you pronounce that anyway I came up this is the lowest rated on my Goodreads tbr thank you to Frankie from Little Brown for sending me a copy of this I haven’t had a chance to pick it up yet so this is the perfect opportunity to do so this is following a girl called Daisy who essentially her life is going a little bit to shit she’s not dating anyone she’s struggling with a job things like that and her fridge is a smart fridge and it can send text to her to let her know like if there’s moldy food going off in the fridge and things like that so or she’s running out or anything and her fridge tries to come together with other appliances in a kitchen and sort her life out I don’t know this concept to me sounds absolutely batshit crazy but i’m really excited to figure out how this is going to work so i’m kind of looking forward to this one i’m not sure why it’s the lowest rated on my goodreads tbr but I will show a picture of the screenshot of that here um so yeah i’m looking forward to this one I think it’s gonna be cool so thanks again to Frankie for sending me this I am finally gonna get around to it um and i’ve no doubt i’ll do a review for this one at some point so keep your eyes open on my Instagram which will be linked down below to check that review out so that is all of the books I think i’m about to have a book collapse and that’s all of the books for Bookoplathon so now let’s go through the prompts for The Whimsy readathon because I need to let you know where all my books are going to go um because i’ve actually managed to fit all of the books apart from the bonus read on my Bookoplathon tbr which is great so the first prompt is down the rabbit hole read a book set in another world so for this one i’m going for Wizards of Once Never and Forever which obviously is on my tbr then for prompt 2 flower garden read an aesthetically pleasing book I decided to go for The Castle of Tangled Magic for this one because it’s absolutely beautiful I love the cover for this one four prompt three eat me drink me make self cosy reading snacks i’ll do that during the month um prompt four is the white rabbit’s house pick up a book for a cosy night in so I i’m going gonna go for Return to

Roar by Jenny Mclachlan this is gonna be so cosy i’m so excited for this well it’s gonna be an adventure but it’s gonna be cosy as well I just love this story so so much i’m excited to be back in this world prompt number five the queen’s…the queen of hearts palace pick a book you think you’ll love so i’m going for Frostheart Two for this one because I know for sure i’m gonna definitely love this book prompt number six is cheshire cat pic strange and mysterious book obviously Potkin and Stubs is the book to pick for this one what else would I pick prompt number seven is the mad hatter’s tea party which is to join them for a live costume party I don’t know what i’m gonna do for that i’m gonna have to see if I can find something in my wardrobe and then their bonus read which is the group pick is The Train to Impossible Places so i’m gonna see if I can kind of get this on audio maybe and see if I can pick it up that way because I don’t physically own it so um yeah those are the books that i’m gonna read for the whimsy readathon and so very excited to have done this i’ve loved this so much i’m really really hoping that this tbr isn’t too long but i’ve got a really funny feeling that it’s gonna be um so if you’re still here thank you so much drop me a dice in the comments if you’ve got to the end of this video please because I would really appreciate to see who actually makes it to the end of my videos yeah drop me a dice if you don’t leave any other comment if you do leave a comment leave a dice at the end of your comment just so I know because i’m nosy like that and let me know if you think you have any recommendations for me based on these books that i’m planning on picking up obviously I haven’t read them yet so I don’t know if i’m going to like them but drop me let me know if you’ve got any recommendations for me based on these books and I hope to see you in the month of September let me know if you’re joining in let me know if you’ve done a tbr so I can go check it out because i’m really excited I cannot wait and thanks to Becca for hosting this readathon as well I think we’re just going to have a really great time and also thanks to Gav Jade and Lexi and Kalyn as well for hosting the whimsy readathon i’m excited about all the books so yeah I need to go and edit this now and get it uploaded for today yay for me I will see you next time bye for now

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