Petra Petra The New Seven Wonders of the World Petra, which accounts for 20% of Jordan’s economy, is said to be the place of seven new wonders of the world according to the Wikipedia entry Petra’s entrance is 3m wide, but it’s a huge natural cliff and it’s more than 1km into the gorge To see the whole of Petra, you have to be at least able to see it all day long. I have visited the package trip and have only seen part of it Because it was a structure that had to come in deep, it was not found in people for centuries and a building called ‘Al Khazneh’, which means Pharaoh’s treasure house, is located inside the 1km valley The entire front was carved on rock, and the sculpture above Al-Qazi has a bullet mark that marks the battle for people’s treasure Al-Qazneen is nothing more than a large room with its original sandy interior The use of Al Khazneh is a dispute among archaeologists, and is generally estimated to be the tomb of King Nabatae When you climb higher, you can see the entire city and climb up thousands of staircases built 2000 years ago and it is located inside the monastery rocks Petra is not a simple cemetery, it is a city of 25,000 people, and when you climb 800 stairs you will find the most beautiful building in Petra, ‘Aldeer’ Aldea is a monastery and is considered to be one of the main holy sites of the Nabataeans. The front height is at least 40m At Petra, construction tools were rarely found at that time, and the architectural sculptures seem to have been cut down from the top In Petra, only two rocks were used: sandstone, limestone, and limestone in the amphitheater The marble and granite used at the time were probably imported from Egypt because there was no marble quarry in Jordan, but it is a mysterious Petra that does not know how it was transported to here The sandstone of the Petra terra is originally sand but it seems to have been turned into rock for many years and it is also the object of study that the amount of water to make the valley is insufficient The person who visited Petra who wanted to visit once was interested in the special structure of the terrain, and he wanted to know exactly why the high mountains are composed of sand and gravel

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