Factory in china exploded near wuhan killing six people A city in china has issued a red warning for mountain torrents as heavy rain continues and a typhoon moves closer to shanghai And the u.s embassy in beijing is now holding an auction of its furniture. This is raising concerns of further breaks in u.s China diplomacy, welcome back everyone first off some breaking news There was an explosion near wuhan the epicenter of the novel coronavirus and the explosion killed six people and injured four on august 3rd The explosion was at a chemical factory in Xiantao city videos of the fire showed a tower of black smoke over the building an additional video footage showed the impact of the blast The case of the incident is being investigated meanwhile on august 2nd a fire broke out in the Logistics park in foshan city in guangdong province video showed a large fire burned out cars that were parked nearby And dense billowing smoke the cause of the fire is still unknown and there’s not yet information On whether anyone was harmed And a lightning strike was captured on film setting fire to high voltage power lines In shenyang city in liaoning province about an hour later the liaoning provincial meteorological department Issued a warning about the lightning and warned areas throughout the province that the lightning could be accompanied by severe weather such as rain gales and hail Meanwhile with the two typhoons that have made landfall in china the ccp’s national Meteorological center said that one of the typhoons made landfall in zhejiang province around 3:30 a.m With winds blowing up to 85 miles per hour at its center And at 5 am on august 3 the joint typhoon warning center noted It had maximum sustained winds near 75 miles per hour Making it a category one hurricane If we believe the chinese communist party’s numbers on this. now many roads and traffic in zheijang province were shut off Linhai city issued a red warning from mountain torrents videos show that trees were uprooted when the typhoon passed Billboards on the road were blown down Heavy rains soaked the streets and local residents walked through thigh high waters The typhoon is now moving towards shanghai one of the major cities in china and already shanghai’s two major airports have cancelled 572 inbound and outbound flights many lines of ferries have been suspended as well as lines of buses and trains Scenic sites have also been temporarily closed and outdoor movie screenings in seven commercial districts have also been cancelled In Wenzhou authorities issued their highest warning for typhoons as well, which is code red And meanwhile in the u.s embassy in beijing it is now holding an auction to sell off items including furniture and electrical appliances Video showed many people lined up at the auction site and the auction itself Has raised questions over whether it might be a sign of further breaks in diplomatic relations between china and the united states Now as a bit more on this this is being taken in context of the fact that the u.s closed the chinese embassy in houston and that the chinese communist party responded by closing the u.s embassy in chengdu china and also the us government is talking about possibly Restricting the number of chinese diplomats allowed in the united states restricting the numbers to the number of u.s diplomats being allowed in china And the trump administration has also said that it is possible that other u.s consulates or chinese consulates might be closed What’s happening now in beijing is of course again being taken in context of this and in the united states meanwhile the department of defense department of homeland security and the fbi Have released information on hacking tools used by the chinese regime for more than a decade It revealed that since 2008 the ccp was using malware known as taidoor to target government agencies think tanks and other organizations And had methods through this of keeping access to the infected computers to maintain spy operations And meanwhile his talks continue on a possible ban of chinese social media app tik tok in the united states president Donald trump has declared tik-tok must end its u.s operations by september 15 Yet has backed a potential purchase of the app by Microsoft now there are different proposals on the table one of them Is that microsoft might buy a 30 percent stake in tik tok that the trump administration is pushing for a full purchase But trump adviser peter navarro one of the leading experts on china author for example of death by china, which was also a documentary Is also warning about microsoft itself and its relationships to the chinese communist party and is himself saying that maybe that is not even enough

pushing for possibly a full ban of tik tok or for another company to buy it. now trump said this We set a date. I set a date of around september 15th at which point it’s going to be out of business in the united states, but if somebody and whether it’s Microsoft or somebody else buys it that’ll be interesting and zhang yiming the ceo of bytedance a chinese company That owns tik tok said the forced sale of tik tok may be inevitable And some chinese netizens responded to his plans by declaring that he is a traitor to the chinese communist party And now for the broader stories for today Now first off the united states is now restricting the sale of semiconductors of chinese telecom company huawei And this is sending deep reverberations across china’s high-tech industries And the ccp’s agendas for next generation technologies Let me explain the chinese communist party still has a pathway to buy these chips through hong kong that is currently being closed But recent reports suggest that chinese companies are trying to use this Pathway through hong kong again to buy up as many chips as possible before this loophole is closed now bloomberg reported that chinese companies including huawei are Stockpiling chips to keep their supply chains flowing at least for the near future So what are we seeing here? now when it comes to huawei when it comes to the ccp’s different agendas This ties into two of its main programs. China 2025 And the one belt one road initiative and so what are these? china 2025 was a say rebranding of project 863 And it ties into the ccp’s deeper agendas When it comes to its goals on developing high-tech economies One of the phrases the ccp has one of the terms it uses is surpass you at the turning point And what does that mean? It refers to the idea. They believe that it’s very hard to compete with companies on existing technologies in other words building for example The same products is you know apple or you know microsoft when it comes to something that’s already on the marketplace It’s very hard for them to beat them on that. And so what they’re doing is they’re looking to next generation technologies They’re looking to build the next generation of these technologies Which ties into things like economic theft where they’re stealing ip intellectual property from these different companies Using that ip to basically put a different polish on it and then releasing a product based on the same product These companies were developing and using that to compete with them on the international market now if the ccp loses its semiconductors these microchips That means that basically the foundational technologies in these is lost It could no longer for example make a phone that can compete with the iphone It would be like for example selling an iphone 4 in a market where people have the iphone 11 in terms of generational technology the ccp cannot currently develop chips on the current generation level which means that it really if it loses these chips the ccp becomes several generations behind other countries when it comes to the technological markets And so really this is a crippling blow to the ccp when it comes to its agenda in this regard Also huawei this company that’s being hit the hardest is part of the backbone of the ccp’s one belt one road initiative now the one belt one road initiative is the method the ccp is using say the The train it is using to go to different countries around the world latin america, africa, different parts of asia even now some western countries australia, for example different parts of the eu and parts of canada, for example And it’s going into these countries and it’s getting them in debt traps. It’s making them sign agreements with the ccp basically Sometimes even making bribes to high-level officials in these countries who are then selling out essentially the people of their own countries In exchange for whatever the ccp is giving them. You might remember in a previous episode. We talked about the ccp’s use of palace Diplomacy where it’s going into parts of africa, and it’s building palaces for different political leaders there This is part of the bribery the ccp is using. It makes deals with these countries that they cannot pay back It gives them loans They cannot pay back and when they default on these loans the ccp gains control over the local infrastructure or natural resources and so in other words it goes into these countries builds infrastructure builds critical say foundational technologies such as cables and Telecom systems and so on once they default on it the ccp owns it huawei is one of the main companies it uses for this Huawei being one of the largest telecom companies in the world And so when they go in and build for example 5g systems internet systems internet infrastructure Huawei has these technologies in there And so huawei gets crippled the ccp loses the backbone of this entire program And in addition to this the united states and other countries are even putting different restrictions on huawei itself when it comes to 5g technologies and so the us is hitting them on multiple fronts and again,

This directly impacts the ccp’s agendas With china 2025 and the one belt one road initiative two of its main programs to export the china model to the rest of the world Now in other news an investigation by espn has exposed foul play in the nba’s relationship with the chinese communist party again the national basketball association It alleges among other points that the nba ignored human rights abuses tied to its camps in china And also that the nba took steps to silence its employees Now author and radio host clay travis stated on twitter quote espn just dropped an atomic bomb on the nba’s china relationship Story alleges nba turned blind eye to massive human rights abuses And league’s own camps looked like they were from nazi Germany. nba Also told employees not to comment on china for story. Now this article comes out as the chinese communist party is being Investigated and sanctioned for its human rights abuses in xinjiang which includes slave labor And the nba which stated that its severed ties with the camp already is being questioned on its ccp ties and potential Abuses around the camp Now the espn article states quote american coaches at three nba training academies in china Told league officials their chinese partners were physically abusing young players and failing to provide schooling Now this does seem to be on the lighter side of the accusations, but we’ll see what else comes out from this So what are we seeing here? Now you might remember some of the stories of the nba silencing its employees from commenting on these democracy protests in hong kong And this was an example when that took place of the ccp exporting its censorships into the u.s Now the nba is being exposed for having deeper ties to the ccp. this article from espn details a lot of this Including to human rights abuses and also these xinjiang slave camps And so the national basketball association again while playing up all this virtue signaling and you know different narratives in the west Was directly engaged with the chinese communist party in areas where human rights abuses are being carried out including of actual slave labor in china This is bringing up a bigger point Companies are being tied to human rights abuses in china mainly in xinjiang currently But this could have spread to this could really spread to other parts of china as well And to other companies involved with different types of human rights abuses in china Now the main controversy many of them are being tied to is these slave labor camps in xinjiang The chinese communist party has different programs to persecute these muslim uyghurs one of the different ethnic groups in china And when it comes to these groups the ccp is using them for slave labor including in the cotton industry It’s coming out now that most of the apparel industry internationally Does appear to have some ties to this at least in their supply chains and it’s not limited either to the say apparel industry But also to the car companies to different big businesses and what are we seeing again on the broader scale of this? When it comes to the nba and what it’s being exposed of doing When it comes to different say shoe companies and different clothing companies and different car manufacturers. What are we seeing? We’re seeing that their involvement with the ccp is coming back on them They are being called out At the very least currently criticized by the international community for having involvement with human rights abuses in china This means that western companies Are being held liable at least to some extent currently and the ccp’s Abuses of its own people when it comes to these types of things aren’t just limited to muslim uighurs it ties to the entire System of re-education through labor now, you might remember one of the better known stories on this several years ago There was an individual in the united states who opened up a package of halloween Decorations and inside that package was a letter which was a cry for help An individual at one of these slave camps in china this individual practiced falun gong And was enslaved by the ccp in one of these camps Wrote about say how they were calling for the international community to respond to the case Now the individual talked about how he was Enslaved by the ccp and was being forced to make halloween decorations which were being exported to the west Now this has been exposed in many different areas halloween Decorations christmas decorations different holiday decorations apparel industry again different major companies doing manufacturing in china What is going to happen? What is the trajectory of this? we could say at the very least This could be a very large blow to their national image or international image When it comes to these different businesses during a time when they’re talking about say virtue signaling and criticizing the history of the united states As they’re saying this Being involved in slave labor in china. This could be a major blow to their brands in addition to this There’s also the possibility That individuals within these companies could be held liable for these crimes now

If it turns out that these companies were aware that this was taking place in china with their different business ties Which is something the nba is being accused of partly in this espn story It means that they could have been They could really be held liable when it comes to knowingly being involved in human rights abuses in china And if that happens we could see what happens to these individuals Really we could see if the full picture Of what the chinese communist party has been doing to its own people hundreds of millions of people persecuted through its different campaigns Really we could see nuremberg type trials against chinese communist party officials And many western companies could also be swept up in that And meanwhile as pressure mounts on the chinese communist party from abroad rather than backing down on its hostile policies The ccp is doubling down when it comes to hong kong. The regime has declared it will no longer recognize Uk passports for hong kongers The ccp is pushing back harder on the united states and australia for criticizing its regime and its policies With italy the ccp is pushing the local leadership there for support As it increases its soft power campaigns in europe And this is as the eu the european union is discussing taking a unified stance against the ccp Now the ccp also declared august 3rd that it will suspend its extradition agreement with new zealand In response to wellington suspending its existing extradition treaty with hong kong And despite the united states restating its intentions to support and back Taiwan The chinese communist party is showing stronger signs of its agendas to take taiwan by force So what are we seeing here? Now when it comes to the uk passports the deeper context of this Is that the united kingdom as the chinese communist party implements these national security laws in hong kong and has effectively ended this agreement of autonomy with hong kong the uk has been talking about extending and creating a path to Citizenship for hong kongers who still have these passports from the time when hong kong was a uk colony And the chinese communist party now in response to that is taking away their passports It’s making it so people from hong kong cannot escape to the uk Also when it comes to meeting criticism with harsher criticism as the chinese communist party is doing on many different fronts The ccp is again using this wolf warrior diplomacy. It is meeting like with like It’s having the opposite effect. the ccp anytime it’s criticized of anything comes out and criticizes back instead of backing down instead of reforming itself instead of Apologizing for its wrongdoing. It is coming out and attacking these different countries on the exact same grounds Oftentimes even making statements that have no basis in reality This ties to what we’re seeing for example with new zealand well 1997 there was a one country two systems commitment by china It’s clear now that the law is no longer what it was and therefore the extradition arrangements we have Don’t stand up. But if they should go back to honoring the commitment of 1997 then we would We’d revisit our situation as well Now new zealand ended its extradition treaty with hong kong because under the chinese communist party’s new national security laws international citizens including people possibly from new zealand risk being Extradited to hong kong and possibly to mainland china from there for committing crimes such as criticizing the ccp There are many countries now worried about their extradition treaties with hong kong and what that means when it comes to these national security laws And how does the ccp respond? It responds by doing the same thing with new zealand it also cut off its extradition treaty with new zealand and when it comes to right now what the ccp is doing with trying to use Italy as a pathway into europe this ties to bigger things as well The chinese communist party has pretty close ties to the italian government Now the chinese communist party for example even has police ccp police patrolling the streets in rome The ccp is very close to italy but at the same time the eu the european union Is talking about uniting when it comes to responding to the ccp The chinese communist party’s diplomatic approach to the eu is to go to each country within it individually It does not want to deal with the eu as a whole it wants to deal with the eu as they say balkanized country Country by country policy by policy if the eu responds in a unified way It makes it very difficult for the chinese communist party to exert pressure on it And so the ccp is trying to use italy as a pathway to disrupt that And again when it comes to taiwan The chinese communist party has direct statements direct military training programs and direct policies on retaking taiwan The united states has taken a stronger stance on defending taiwan in the face of this And this includes for example sailing aircraft carriers through the taiwan strait. Something’s not taking place for a long time

The united states is also reiterating its agreement to protect taiwan in the case of the ccp trying to forcefully take it And in taiwan really the situation is being seen in regards to what the ccp recently did in hong Kong where out of nowhere the people in hong kong having lived their whole lives in really a democratic country to some extent Woke up and found themselves under the totalitarian heel of the chinese communist party and people in taiwan are realizing now That the idea that this could happen to them is not so far-fetched And the chinese communist parties again also been very direct with statements of that intention And so again, what’s the bigger picture here? the chinese communist party is being criticized Internationally internally and also and also has really internal within its own factions different conflicts It’s being hit from just about every angle Rather than backing down and looking at itself and trying to change rather than reforming its policies Rather than say taking a step back and agreeing and let’s say talking about changing its ways The chinese communist party is doubling down and we can see across the board When it’s doubling down when it comes out and criticizes western countries When it comes out and attacks them even more harshly and more directly when it is criticized itself This is having the opposite effect The chinese communist party is further isolating itself from the international community by taking this approach Now that said folks were again broadcasting five days a week Monday through friday, and also want to support us please join us on patreon The link is in the description below if you haven’t already, please also don’t forget to like and subscribe It really helps this channel grow. And if you want to go the extra mile, please tell a friend or family member about crossroads Now that said, please take care of yourselves. Stay healthy and stay free

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