That is Carcassonne and that’s where we’re gonna be heading in this video so come join me! Welcome to my video on Carcassonne…. I’ve just arrived in this beautiful city in the south of France… Some would say the south-west of France…. But it’s about 80 kilometres east of Toulouse… It’s an incredibly historic place… I’m not quite inside the city i just literally parked up…. And I’ve walked into this old cemetery…. And in this old cemetery 1) – it’s very peaceful and 2) – it’s just behind the city wall… The outside of the city walls….. I should say! You see: Carcassonne it’s a very old medieval castle And some say…. Walt Disney was inspired by it…. And his “Disneyland” and “Disney World – Magic Kingdom” – The castle is in a way… Slightly based on Carcassonne! Now I don’t know how true that is…. But it’s just what some locals say…. And what some people have been known to say! Famous things that have happened in Carcassonne uh….. Hello! Hello! Anybody home?!?! Hey! Think Mcfly! Think! Well, it’s been around since neolithic times… Although the castle itself…. I think were built around the 13th 14th century…. Because it used to be the edge of southern France…. Until of course…. Once it expanded to the Pyrenees And the French took more land…. France became bigger It became less of an outpost but it’s always been a link between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic I hope the dead don’t mind me talking but One thing the French really do well are these old cemeteries Inside these walls you might recognize some scenes and some of the walls from the film “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”! Classic film from the 90s! Was it good? Jury’s out on that one…. But I enjoyed it! Ahhhhh!!! We’re gonna go in there…. As soon as I exit the cemetery there’s gonna be a lot of tourists Tourist season is back in France Covid has ended….. Well it hasn’t ended really! But The scare has ended…. I would imagine we’re going to see some face masks I’ve got my bandana should I need to be forced to wear it! What a beautiful day! It’s about 32 degrees celsius…. Got my Hat on! Stop me burning It looks a little bit ridiculous I know! But it keeps my nose from burning and my shiny head from burning! Join me as I explore Carcassonne Just before I head into the city, I want to give you a kind of an idea of where we are on the map The Carcassonne city here…. with the city walls that we just saw some of….. As we walked around it And it’s surrounded by…. It’s kind of wine country… We’ve got the Limoux We’ve got Malpere…. We have Cabades…. And Corbieres is my favorite….. This is very very good wine…. And the Minervois….. Very good also… A lot of decent wines…. As you head towards this area…. Over here More sunflowers….. More farmland….. But this way towards the Mediterranean……. A lot of wine Just down here is the old moat…. Hoping that they would protect the city…. And to be honest it stayed protected for its entire existance…. It was only the lower parts of the city…. So outside the City walls That were ever sort of ransacked Although not entirely true….. I think around about the 13th, 14th century the citizens were basically told to leave And they were replaced….. And they could only take the shirts on their backs You can see…. A real proper castle a little surprise for the French… Ready! Stretch! Amazing! It’s a shame their using the animals…. That’s a shame Basically, two city walls…. We’ve got the main and the lower So, obviously back in the day soldiers would walk around these

walls….. You could walk up the top here I don’t think you can possibly get up there at the moment…. But there are some parts of the city walls you can If you were so inclined you could walk around the entire city…. I might be doing that later But i think in the meantime….. As it just gives you some perspective on just the size of this thing And you can see the…. The metal windows here….. And….. Just an amazing view! Just in case anyone ever got through You know….. Just through there In my mind, it’s one of europe’s more impressive medieval cities Seriously impressive…. But let’s go in Let’s go and explore And I’ll keep the camera rolling Obviously, If you’re a little bit lazy you can take the horses…. But in my mind i think if you’re a tourist you should never ride horse horses or carriages…. Because despite what they say…. All animals are exploited Let’s go in! Well, welcome to this video! Click subscribe if you haven’t already done so….. I apologize for the fact that I’m talking over myself here…. It’s because I’m in a wind tunnel…. And the wind was a little bit too distorting Hence, the reason I’m cutting over this But this is amazing you can literally walk into the city free of charge…. And explore to your heart’s content just in case Now, this is a free art gallery to enter Just as you come in the main entrance as you see i just turn right and into this little room effectively….. And every time i visited Carcassonne I’ve walked into this gallery and the art has been different every single time The impression i get…. It’s art inspired by the medieval city Images of soldiers… Images of knights Images that you would associate with medieval Carcassonne history…. And also obviously coats of arms And old spears…. Some of the objects i think like the coat of arms there…. I think has been there a while But all of the art is forever changing And i think whoever the curator is…. (Is) constantly updating this collection…. Don’t get me wrong the last time i was in this city was several years ago…. But it seems to always forever be changing And I think some of the art might be on sale….. So if you wanted to purchase some of this art you could…. If you were so inclined, of course! This area also gives more of an insight into the history of Carcassonne There’s information on some of the kings that ruled over this medieval city The citadel of Carcassonne in fact…. Well as you can see from that…. Completely free to enter…. Free to enter the city….. You can pay for a tourist guide Advisable obviously if you don’t want to read about the history…. But all the history is there…. Just go to Wikipedia you can read about the history…. You can click on everything on Wikipedia….. Yes Wikipedia is biased….. But the information is there…. Yes if we can ignore the left-wing bias that is Wikipedia…. It is actually a fountain of information And i have to admit i am grateful to wikipedia because it provides me with insight before i go to a place and often after i go to a place…. And that insight does allow me to possibly make these videos better So, obviously, you saw from my previous video where this region is famous for its cassoulet….. You know Castlenaudry is where the cassoulet comes from…. And Carcassonne is not far from Castlenaudry….. And here we have “The house of Cassoulet”…. I’m sure it’s pretty good….. And as you see i just came in the side….. I went right…. So i’ve avoided the main streets…. But as you can see….. There’s a lot of tourists……It’s a very touristy place I decided that i was going to walk anti-clockwise around the city You could go anyway around the medieval citadel But at this time i was going to go anti-clockwise….. And try to spiral in As mentioned at the start of the video very, very briefly in the churchyard there has been inhabitants of this area since neolithic times…….. This city before the medieval city that you see today came to exist….. It was of strategic importance because of the hilltop during the….Western roman empire of the fifth century….. It was then like much of the area taken over by the Visigoths…. This citadel known as the the city “De Carcassonne”

was added to the unesco list of world heritage sites only back in 1997 Last time i visited the haunted house exhibition i was here with a girlfriend at the time It didn’t end well…. It’s a lot of fun….. One good for the kids Recommend it As you can see these streets are perfect for just aimlessly wandering around and taking in the sights and the tourist tat…. And you name it there’s something for every age bracket here Obviously, a great place to come for lunch….. Great place to come for dinner….. If you like wine you’re not going to be disappointed because you can drink from the local area Corbieres is obviously the one I recommend….. We want the finest wines available to humanity! We want them here! And we want them now! In my mind try to avoid the busloads of tourists…. This place will get busier again….. And this…. If you think this is busy right now…. It’s going to get busier as the Covid-19 restrictions end…. And things will get back to normal i spoke earlier of how the Visigoths took control of the area They kept control of the area for a good couple of hundred years….. The Saracens who basically came up from Barcelona…. Which isn’t too far In a car, you could possibly drive it in probably two and a half / three hours… They came up from Barcelona and took Carcassonne in 725 (AD)….. But thankfully King Pepin drove the Saracens out Who were effectively no better than the present day Islamic State He drove them out…. Around some 35 years later in 760 (AD)….. And this is when he took most of the South of France…. Although he was unable to penetrate the impregnable fortress of Carcassonne Okay! So, if I want to go in the main area i’ve gotta queue up and buy a ticket…. I think …… I don’t remember that last time In 1067, Carcassonne became the property of Raymond Bernard Trencavel….. He was the vice count of Albi and Nimes Nimes is a beautiful city…. If you ever get the chance….. it’s It is right bang in the South of France And it’s quite close to Montpellier It has one of France’s only few Bull rings And thankfully i believe they may have outlawed that practice but i could be wrong…. There are some sick people still pushing for bullfighting still to this present day…. Although i did see the other day how a Spanish bullfighter did get impaled by the bull that was effectively being tortured by the bullfighter But going back to Carcassonne in 1067 Carcassonne became the property of Raymond Bernard Trencavel…. In 1096 the pope blessed the foundations of the new Cathedral….. The cathedral that we will see later in this video….. I mean one thing you’ve got to realize…. Is there has been a settlement in this spot For three / four thousand years….. And probably longer But obviously…. The castle wasn’t any serious kind of settlement until the Visigoths came down…. And the Visigoths was related towards the goths and Originally hailed from Germania Originally held from Scandinavia and they came through into the Southern France and they took this area….On and off battles in the region between them and the Romans but Now we’re going to have a view here….. Check this out Carcassonne became famous for its role in the Albigensian Crusades when the city was a stronghold to the Octitan Carthars…. Translation: “Good Christians” I think it’d be wise to head up the city walls rather than down….. I think on leaving the place we can head down it’s at the moment Always head up! See what we find down here we have the surrounding city countryside, Churches Very beautiful in 1209 the crusading army of the Papal Legate led by Abbott Arnaud Amaury…. Forced his citizens to surrender the Vice Count Raymond Roger de Trencavel was imprisoned…. And he negotiated for his citizens to be expelled from the city….. But only with the shirts on their back….. Which I spoke of earlier He was then released…. But then strangely he died in his own dungeon…. Three months later Unknown reasons…. I think we could possibly speculate

so inside the the third wall of the city Just walked on through there…. Obviously as we get higher I would imagine if you lived here in the old days and probably still now If you can hear through this wind the house is probably more expensive the gentry would live higher it turns out i’ve just done a circle because this is the entrance i came in so now i’m gonna cut through this way kind of go back on myself i didn’t realize i just did that sort of circle but it’s easy to get disorientated when you’ve got so many it’s only winding alleys and but then again it’s just one big surf it’s a reasonable menu there the duck castle with a sausage 13 euros i’m sure you get a glass of wine with that that you usually do unlike in paris where you will get ripped off no matter what there’s very few places that aren’t overpriced in paris southwest of france is actually pretty good value hopefully it stays that way see as i stand in the moat here of the inner castle which you have to pay to get into and i hopefully will get a ticket but at the moment it seems there’s a massive line i’m hoping if not i’m gonna have to jump over to get in this is where the royalty this is where the lords this is where they would be living and they would have a separate drawbridge so just in case that got invaded they would have safety here at least a few weeks so they could last out until someone rescued okay i’m not gonna hold up the castle i’ve been told i must wear a mask to go inside hopefully once they get past the doors it can come off inside for under 25s it’s free for adults over 25 it’s 9 euros 50. so make of that what you will slight discrimination there as we go through this amazing building i think it’s appropriate to do a little bit more history on the medieval city in 1240 trencherville’s son tried to reconquer his old domain but sadly for him in vain the city submitted to the rule of the kingdom of france in 1247 a fast-forwarding almost a hundred years the hundred-year war began the hundred-year war actually was a little bit more than 100 years it was from 1337 all the way to up to 1453 if you remember from your history books at the time edward the black prince who was the eldest son of king edward iii of england failed to take the city in 1355 so for once one of the many many battles between the english and the french however to edward’s credits he did destroy the lower part of the town these ramparts almost feel like you could be on a set in game of thrones i mean look out here a phenomenal view it’s very impressive eh it’s the wind so the entrance where we just came in this is the open space that allows the defenders of the castle to sort of gather on mass their swords ready for the enemy to come through the gate and then the last obviously obstacle would be the bridge and there’s a drawbridge remote the only people that ever ransacked this castle were the crusaders and i think it was something to do with the fact that they were on a mission and this then became well this became the crusaders main points in the region that they would base themselves from and in a way defending because they were based here the

caliphate never got close i’m now staying in the port carlos and you would have had chains you pull this up pulls the drawbridge open allows the good people in and keeps the bad people out i could be wrong but i think it was down here where the supposed execution was going to happen in the robin hood prince of thieves and then robin or bloxy i’ll rescue them i think it was filmed down here uh here we are out in the main square having walked all along here i think i came in over there walked along here so now and because of the socialist distancing that is going on where everyone is sort of cordoned off in a way it means you’re not walking back on people there’s one positive there but it also means that you’re sort of restrained to following the direction that they must tell you and that some places are closed i think because they don’t want any bottlenecks so let’s continue in 1659 the treaty of the pyrenees transferred the border province of the rossoline to france and effectively carcassonne’s military significance was reduced its fortifications were abandoned and the city became well what is it is today an economic center and it concentrated on woolen textiles it became a center of trade that was up until the ottoman market collapsed at the end of the 18th century and once that had collapsed the town reverted to a fairly basic country town i do pick the windy days has to be said but what a wonderful wonderful view walking these city walls reminds me of dubrovnik in dubrovnik there were similar views see the dubrovnik you had the views of the ocean here with a fair distance away from the ocean probably around about 80 kilometers to the mediterranean you could drive there in about an hour france you can usually on the fast roads drive between 110 and sometimes i think 130 kilometers per hour but then sometimes you have to come down to 90. really depends on the roads that you’re driving on oh another piece yeah i’m trying desperately to hold onto my hat it is incredibly windy places look at this it’s very beautiful this back garden here that’s the first road i came down really gives you a perspective on the city and i’m repeating myself here up we go again i think it’s going to take us all the way around i can be wrong as we walk past these roman gardens and i think pretty much left over from the romans or certainly inspired by the romans i would like to hopefully persuade you to click subscribe and you’ll see more of these videos in the near future and you’ll see um this is the entrance where i first entered the city right at the start of the video i finally got to this point after i’ve seen all of the ramparts i’m going to basically head towards the cathedral which i think is in that direction and i think once i’ve seen the cathedral other than obviously checking out all

the tourist shops and individual restaurants and wine bars that is pretty much the city at least the historical part because obviously outside the city walls there’s a lot of streets a lot of normal looking houses i don’t want to just suggest that carcassonne is just the inner city walls of the medieval city because there’s a lot more to it but in this video i’m just going to be showing you the old historical part this is kind of how i’m walking right now basically trying not to lose my hats it’s almost come off so many times now it’s stuck over my ears and look this is where i started this is the graveyard that’s where the video began so we came from the graveyard down there past the little train and into the city walls so that’s interesting i just exited the museum and i chose path a as opposed to path b there was two different parts i could have taken so on another day you could take path b it would be a completely different route it just goes to show this you have to go twice if you want to see both sides of it i must have seen the um i think the eastern side of the um the ram parts and maybe the other part b would have taken you to the western side as of now left i won’t be able to go back in without purchasing enough tickets and this is the main street which i avoided because as i came in it was very windy and i went down this way so now we’re going to go ahead up this way obviously there’s a lot of crusader memorabilia when you come to carcassonne because obviously the crusaders have a significant base here so you know they play on that they sell both medieval type memorabilia very very cool rightly up here there’s a nice little bit of restaurant space where you can sit amongst the trees and have something to eat i realize i haven’t been here for a number of years so i could be wrong but no i think i’m right all right decent smell of food cassillas and burgers and pizzas you know you name it pleasing for all tourists all types something for everyone crabs ice cream strangely the city of carcassonne is twinned with the estonian city of tallinn and if you’re curious about thailand i did a video about italian many many years ago check in my archives for that now i think i’m going to head towards the cathedral although i don’t know if it’s still a cathedral but i’m gonna head in that direction it’s obviously still there over the last few days i’ve been making my way through many of the french beers some belgium most of these are pretty much belgium beers a couple of french ones here some good beers although oh look at these sausages here the um french guard i think down here okay french card this patrol the streets just in case there’s any sort of problems first time i’ve seen them today actually french legion i don’t know i don’t think they like me filming them the french legion have a base down in coulee if you remember my video of coulee i think it was called a weekend in coulee the link’s just here if you want to watch it that’s where the french legion are based so about like i say 70 to 80 kilometers from here i stand corrected the actual base for the french foreign legion is uh or bear which is a district just outside marseille however there is a base near castle norway which is only um i don’t know 30 kilometers from carcassonne so not far i’ll tell you it’s hot now in a way i’m glad i’m wearing my hats

um clear blue skies that means i’m not getting burnt on top when i had my full head of hair i didn’t really need to worry about that now i do i have less of it as you can see there’s a there’s a lot of cafes around here a lot of restaurants is uh what would have been the local well obviously no more they have obviously running water now i said yeah menu’s been discounted or was it always that price 14 euros for a lunch not too bad actually and it’s surroundings like this you can’t really complain eclipsa so as you can see the prices are reasonable they’re not over excessively priced the heads i say barcelona expensive for here incredibly beautiful not too expensive ah there you go i’m having to run into my parents and there they are over there spidey senses well that was a nice surprise i ended up bumping into my folks just had a nice camparians had a few nibbles off their table one of the benefits of uh not quite traveling solo this time usually i am in my videos solo or maybe sometimes with a friend but this time i have the pleasure of taking in the scenery with the folks and here we are you’ll see the uh i learned over the campari i just had this used to be cathedral but now it’s a basilica because the status was lost i think i think in the some time i think 19th century but we’re gonna go find out this wonderful building is the basilica of saint nazareth and celsius it is a roman catholic minor basilica and it is pretty much on one of the highest peaks after the castle in the middle of the citadel let’s go have a look in it dates back to i think 10 96 so just a little bit after or 30 years after battle of hastings 1066 obviously different country but fairly significant dates from and it is considered one of france’s national monuments so most likely this will be a target for some crazed fanatic that hates everything about the west please i hope to god this never happens but as we know there have been arson attacks all over france in the thousands over the last five to ten years the most famous in itself which the french authorities are refusing to release the information about was the arson attack on notre dame in paris and that clearly was a arson attack i digress the original building on this place was constructed in the 6th century however the cathedral that you see today as mentioned was constructed in 1096 it obtained historical status in 1840 and the entire basilica is made of sandstone and it’s based on the latin cross the internals measure 59 meters in total the nave that you see is 16 meters in width the choir is apparently something to behold so if you do get a chance to visit and when the choir is in shop check them out because apparently they’re rather good i always think it’s appropriate anytime you do go into a church a cathedral a basilica do leave a donation you might not be from that faithful that religion but someone’s taking the time to make that church presentable someone’s make taking the time to leave the doors open for you so put your

hand in the pockets and leave a donation you might disagree with the church but that really shouldn’t matter at that moment in time you’ve taken the time to go into the church it’s free to get in they’re not charging you an entrance and light a candle buy a candle think about someone that is no longer around give your thanks to the planet for what you do have and just if you can say a prayer it doesn’t even have to be a prayer just give your thanks for the fact that you’re there in this normally like this building an amazing building and what a truly amazing basilica this is this place did impress me but then again the men that have taken the time to build these wonderful churches aka basilicas have outdone themselves all over the world especially in europe and the fact that we are seeing with each day these places being targeted by those that for some reason want to tear down western civilization we must stand firm and we must basically say no this is our history this is something we should be proud of even though this may not be your religion be proud of the men and women that came before us and have left way before us because if we forget them or we disrespect them then the people we are are nothing and that was the cathedral of saint nazaire beautiful cathedral and i think that pretty much concludes my time in carcassonne i’m going to head back down through the city head out and then where i go next you can see in my next video click subscribe if you want to watch that click like if you like this video double tap the dislike if you disliked it and i hope to see you again you’ve been watching the wandering englishman until next time cheers um you

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