♫ My dear, sometimes, ♫ ♫ I feel so tired. ♫ ♫ When I’m lonely, ♫ ♫ I’ll cry as well. ♫ ♫ Ooh. Ooh. ♫ ♫ Trying hard to grow up. ♫ ♫ Ooh. Ooh. ♫ ♫ Keeping up with hesitation. ♫ ♫ Bravely ♫ ♫ The so-called darkness ♫ ♫ is just your supposition. ♫ ♫ The detour in life ♫ ♫ makes us fearless. ♫ ♫ Ooh. Ooh. ♫ ♫ Go flying. ♫ ♫ Where are you now? ♫ ♫ Let’s go. ♫ Go Ahead Episode 38 Xiao’s out having lunch with his aunt I haven’t seen Ziqiu since morning So I bought us McDonald’s Didn’t sleep well last night? Yeah You only bough three? Did you forget that Little Orange’s at our home? I told you already that Mingyue went back to her home yesterday What? Do you have Alzheimer’s? Jianjian! I find a really great drama script You want to do that play? How would you know? I know you’re going back to acting That museum job won’t last long I’m just surprised it only last this short Zhuang Bei has a friend who’s a theater play director He’s got a role He asked me to have an audition Go ahead If the audition goes well, take that role If not, just go back to the museum Do you support me? If I fail, will you laugh at me? Of course I’m supporting you! This is your dream If someone says I’m a copycat, that I don’t deserve to do woodcarving, what would yo think? Cut that crap! You would never copy others’ work The wood to you is as plastic clay to us You’re a born woodcarving artist I also think you’re a born actress Then I’m calling for a leave right now! And make an appointment for audition! I recited the lines yesterday! You got this! Little Orange, breakfast is ready Aren’t you going to work in a while? Stop wasting time Will you please come inside? I saw the headset on your workbench Its wires were showing Prolonged use of headset can result in hearing damage So I bought you this desktop stereo when I got off from work Thank you for letting me stay in your room during this period I’ll go back after I move to our new flat with my mom today Actually, I don’t like pink

How can that be? Every girl likes pink And this is my gift for you You can’t tell me you don’t like it to my face Alright, fine A pink stereo does fit my temperament Thank you for your gift When you go back, stop fighting with your mom head-on However you try, she’ll still be your mom And you’ll have to meet each other, right? You’ve lost your mom. You don’t know that Yeah, I’ve lost my mother But I’ve seen others’ mothers Look at Tang Can and Mingyue Both of them are living proof Their stories are your cautionary tale, you know that? What happened to them? I’ll tell you later Well, if something happens when you move back, just tell Xiao Or you can tell me Why would I tell you? You can’t help me fight with my mom Yeah, I can’t help you fight with your mom But I can help you mom teach you a lesson – Come on, breakfast – Wait! Go ahead I was mean to you when I was little I’m sorry And how long ago was that? My gosh How long ago was that? Forget about it! You’re not thinking straight I won’t hold a grudge with a kid like you Come have breakfast Sis Tang Can Sis? My mom’s moving today That No. 8 building behind us So I’ll be moving back today It’s so close to us Good You won’t have to hide the remote control any more I didn’t hide it I’m just used to leaving it about I didn’t hide it, really – Morning – Morning Why are you here so early today? Are you okay? Of course I am I’m here working We have orders to rush Miss Li, have you found that picture? Not yet And you’re still here working? I can’t believe you’re so calm We’ve got this email from that furniture factory asking about that plagiarism thing They want to know whether you copied others or not They’ve finished the first semifinished artifacts If you do have violated other’s copyright, that’ll be plagiarism We’ll have to pay the penalty Why are you hitting me? I’m saying these for her own good Keep your nose out of it Mind your own business What? It must be Zhou Miao He was telling everyone about us selling copyright Someone got jealous That’s why they contacted the factory Otherwise, they wouldn’t have known it this soon Maybe they feel they are being chivalric and preserving justice “Boycott plagiarism”! Come on I can’t believe I liked Yufei so much before You like Zhou Miao I’m not surprised that you would like Yufei I’m sorry Ziqiu, is it OK if I leave two hours early today? Why? My mom’s moving today I want to help her with cleaning Alright Do we only have strawberry mousse and chocolate ones today? Yeah There’re fewer and fewer kinds of dessert Nothing we can do about it We can’t sell them out We should just change our cafe into a restaurant Get back to work (Zhao Huaguang)

Send me the address of that hospital Are you available this afternoon? I won’t be back until two days later I’m in Hengshan now Why would you go there? I need that picture now! Aren’t you supposed to take care of your dad? They say temples on the five great mountains are efficacious So I’m going to visit them one by one I’ve just been to the Zhurong Temple Now I’m going to Mount Taishan in Shandong to attend worship for your grandpa What about my picture? Is that picture really so important? I can’t believe you’re such an unfilial son Especially the way you handle the lines The whole rhythm The rhythm is important As for today’s rehearse, I would say So quickly. Are you ready? I’ve spent the whole night on the script I want to audition as soon as possible Okay, come on How’s the audition going? You You failed? It’s okay if you failed I should’ve kept my nose out of it Come on, cheer up I succeeded! They said I was good They even applauded me I‘ve got the part! Really? Really? Mom Why are you waiting outside? Your dad’s here already I’m waiting for you Mom, if dad insists on getting divorced, you should prepare yourself for that Don’t worry You’ve got me Come on Baby lobsters My mom prefers it steamed Okay – With less garlic – Okay And a weever, also steamed – How big is it? – About one kilo Okay That’s all, thank you Hold on a moment Are you cheating on me? I’m not that shameless But you want a divorce so eagerly Are you trying to make way for someone else? I’m just so sick of your suppression on me for all these years That’s why I want a divorce I’m not cheating on you! We’re both educated If you want me to make things clear, then I’ll do so in front of Mingyue She can decide whose fault it is Alright, go ahead We’ve been married for so many years You’re always getting your way at home I can’t have any objection Well, Mingyue can’t either You’re the commander-in-chief to me and Mingyue We’re always taking orders from you You want everything as you like it I’m just a minor chief at my unit So you’re always complaining that I’m not making progress I… I was just Jin Yuxiang, don’t interrupt me I have no say at home throughout our marriage Now we’re getting divorced Let me finish my words first But you were Before Mingyue moved out, we shared your fire I was better off at that time But now I feel like I’m imprisoned I’m the prisoner and you’re my jailer I can’t even have a break I can’t step on the floor that’s just been mopped I can’t make any sound when eating I can’t lie on the bed without having a shower I have to eat whatever you think it’s healthy, and eat it happily I’m in my fifties We’ve been married for decades You’d still tell on me to my mom and your mom after we have a fight

Then the two old ladies would take turns to call me, telling me not to upset you But I just wanted you to have good hygiene and eating habits – What’s wrong with it? – Yeah, sure And I wasn’t telling on you I was just so irritated I only mentioned it in passing Yeah, you’re always right, yeah I’m divorcing you anyway Do you want the savings or property? Qi Guoqing! We’ve been married for decades Now suddenly you want to divorce me? All my life I’ve been pouring efforts for you! For our family! I managed to raise our family this good Now I’m old You’re divorcing me? It’s not easy for you I do admit that you’ve been taking good care of me and Mingyue for these years But living with you is so depressive and so hard for me I thought I could just make do with it That you could be the boss But this time you wanted to buy that house I realized that you would never reflect yourself You’ll only go to extremes But I’ve already given up on that house And I’ve got the deposit back Besides, I’m buying properties, not gambling! Well I was doing it for our family! You’ll get to do whatever you like from now on Now that Mingyue is working, our divorce won’t affect her Daddy will still care for you like always You want to be a journalist You’re going to Beijing Daddy will support you no matter what I’m always on your side Alright Fine! If you insist on getting a divorce, let’s get divorced Let’s meet at the bureau this afternoon Enjoy your meal. I’m leaving now I’m not disturbing your happy new life Mom! Let’s finish this meal together I also have something to tell you Dad, if you’re determined to divorce my mom, I’ll respect your opinion But I’m sure you’ll regret it once you divorce my mom You’ve been living with my mom for over 20 years The days you cook could be numbered You never need to do the housework Everyday, you get home, you’ll have a hot meal You live in a clean and cosy house You wear clean clothes My mom’s taking care of your parents It’s always my mom visiting our relatives Everyone praise her for her housekeeping and abilities I don’t deny any of it Besides, I’m not good at these stuff And I’m busy with work But she’s also got to work It’s always my mom picking me from school and weekend cram school I remember back in my seventh grade, one day, it was raining, my mom went on a business trip So she called you to pick me up Yet you drove to my elementary school When I was a kid, I liked dad so much, because you never disciplined me Whatever I do, you’d feel it was right and good Meanwhile, my mom’s so strict with me Whatever I do, she just can’t be satisfied But then I grow up, I realize, you never care only because you hate to trouble yourself You don’t want to quarrel with my mom not because she’s right but because you find quarreling troublesome Everytime mom blames me, you’ll be on her side, saying that she’s right Then you’ll give me money behind her back and apologize to me Then what do you want me to do? Quarrel with your mom everyday? Harmony at home brings prosperity Dad, we’re not harmonious We’re just running from problems Both of us To lower the grades so as to avoid law school, I’d rather leave the black sheet blank than striving for the school and major that I like

What do you mean by that? It means that, I’ve rebelled against my mom wrongly She doesn’t even know my confrontation against her Qi Mingyue! You! Why are you such a fool! How dare you! I don’t know All I know is it never occurred to me that I could ask you for help Because you’d never offend mom because of me Now my mom is such a dictatorial and tough person It’s you who’s been indulging her Just to avoid quarrel, you always let her go her own way You turned her into this Now you’re abandoning her How is that my fault? Mom, it’s okay You’ll live a good life even without my dad And you’ve got me ♫ The setting sun hides the light behind the night. ♫ ♫ The stars never sleep and scatter the darkness. ♫ ♫ The moon is among them. ♫ Tomorrow afternoon, two p.m ♫ The night sky always shines. ♫ Dad, don’t worry I’ll accompany my mom there ♫ what happens before the dusk. ♫ ♫ Just what it takes to reach tomorrow. ♫ ♫ So silent it is. ♫ ♫ No need to say much. ♫ I’ll go to Beijing two months later Shall I move back home and stay with you? No You’ll have to leave two months later I should get used to living alone I didn’t expect you to stand up for me today Thank you Oh, come on I was not being partial I’m a journalist I’m true to facts, fair and square ♫ There’s a price tag on my sorrow. ♫ ♫ The distance between my dream and reality. ♫ Coming! I thought you’d stay with others Why are you mopping the floor? Why don’t you find a nanny? Come on, give me that Just give me I’ll do that Where’s aunt? She has gone back home Then you could’ve called me I’ll help you clean I thought you abandoned me Pardon? How can someone abandon his mom all of a sudden? And I realize that we have so many things in common You’re my daughter Of course we have so many things in common Drink the water Yeah, of course If Yunyun was still alive, we’d have many things in common, too What? Gosh What have you been doing these days? I’ve been working at Ziqiu’s cafe Why would you go there? You’re not going there anymore Why? Can’t you see that he hates us? He didn’t even come to your brother’s birthday Now you’re working at his cafe? What is he really thinking? He must be up to something Mom! Ziqiu is not the guy you think he is! Can you stop thinking the worst of people? Everyone’s got loads of stuff to do everyday They don’t have time to “hate us” This is persecution complex What are you doing? It hurts! Are you bewitched by him or something? You betrayed me! How is this betrayal? I’m just telling the truth What truth? He has you brainwashed! And your brother, too! I’m your mother I’ll never try to hurt you Why can’t you just listen to me? Or, do you find me annoying? Do you hate me? So you’re not listening to me? Gosh, here we go again

Alright, whatever I’m not arguing with you Anyway, it’s no use saying anything to you What do you mean by that? You just don’t want to listen to me I can’t hear. I’m deaf I can’t hear Ziqiu, why are you here? Look who’s working hard I’m here to pick you up I’ve brought coffee for you Thank you Zhou Miao, here’s your coffee No, thanks I’m afraid of losing sleep He didn’t sleep well last night Forget it That’s fine Here’s three cups of coffee I’m drinking it – Thanks – Forget it Ziqiu, will you be on duty tonight? I’ve asked for a leave Let’s go home for dinner tonight Okay Don’t forget to call Xiao and tell him I’ve told him already He told us not to wait for him Can you please hurry up? Don’t hang about Oh, one sec. I’ll go wash my hands – Come on – Let’s go Bye, Juanjuan – Bye – Bye Ziqiu, goodbye See you What’s wrong with you? Look at her! She was acting like it was no big deal It’s like we’re the only ones that care I’ve told you already they don’t have the proof No one will believe you I don’t think it’d be so hard to find that picture I bet there’s no such picture at all There must be this picture Li Jianjian said so Why do you trust her so much? What do you mean? Juanjuan, you’re so naive and pure Have you ever doubted that Li copied Yufei’s work? No one will admit that he has copied other’s work Think about Yufei He is quite famous in this field He’s got works and talents He’s even been a curator Why would he copy Li’s work? What on earth are you talking about? I’ve made it so clear Well, only you think Li’s got talents In my opinion, her work is just so-so She’s just a craftsman at best She’s not an artist at all But Yufei is different He always hangs out with artists He’s spent such a long time in Paris, the city of art I don’t think she can find the proof Yet she’s signed the contract with the furniture factory In black and white If she breaks it, she’ll have to pay the penalty That’s a large sum of money Are you gonna pay it with her? Are you dumb? What’s it got to do with you? You started this studio with her You deserve the return on investment But her plagiarism has got nothing to do with you Besides, we’re also the victims of her plagiarism We didn’t even ask her for compensation What exactly are you trying to say? My little fool I’m saying that she’s the one who signed that contract Under her name Just split with her Then we don’t have to pay the penalty Why do you have to pay that with her? – Split? – Yeah We’ll start a new one I’ll graduate next year Juanjuan, I know you’re a good girl But think about it, I’ll never try to hurt you I’m doing this for you! Good advice is harsh to the ear Really I wish I could show you my heart Alright, stop. Just cut it Fine Well, how about I take you out for dinner tonight? I don’t have the appetite I’m going home Alright, then Think about it on your way back Hey, wait! Apron I can take you home No Is this how Dad Ling poured the water? Pour Just pour it. That’s it Right. It’s not a big deal Drink it Here’s some egusi

Thank you, Zhu Ziqiu How are things going between your mom and Uncle Li? What happened? You haven’t been here these two days What a scene! You mom came to find Li She asked him to teach her how to cook your favorite dishes Guess what? Grandma Qian and Ms. Zhang happened to be here, having noodles Didn’t my dad break up with Ms. Zhang? They’ve never been together They haven’t even held hands But Ms. Zhang was indeed quite cynical She said she liked Li because of his kindness Yet Li only liked pretty women Li’s face turned crimson with bashfulness Then, your mom stepped out and said, “You like him because of his kindness He likes me because of my prettiness You’re not nobler than me.” Aunt He Mei is so cool! I overheard today that Li invited your mom to book store tomorrow They’re on a date? Why doesn’t him tell me? He must be too shy to tell you I said it was okay if he ever fall in love My dad is just so Don’t… don’t sell me out Watch out Dad You haven’t even had the dinner Why are you drinking tea? Just go home now I’ve prepared the food I just need to fry it later Alright, got it, dad You can do your work What are you up to? No, nothing, no Just finish your work We’ll go back now Dad Ziqiu What? If my dad marries Aunt He Mei, we’ll be on the same household register! What? You don’t want it? It’s not that I don’t want it But she has ditched dad once It’s been over 20 years What if she ditch dad again? Dad is so simple when it comes to love I don’t want him to get hurt You’re right Tomorrow, book store, how about we – No way – Come on! – No – Ziqiu! – I said no – Ziqiu I said no I’m not your boyfriend Don’t do this to me It’s not gonna work Fine, then I’ll go there by myself You’re not going there! If you want to stay, come in and wash the dishes Dad, bye! Come on, let’s go! Dad, bye! See you, dad! Who ordered this? Xiao, did your mom and sister move today? Yeah Didn’t they need any help? I guess no I’m not so clear Enough with that Dad Ling, have some ribs Jianjian, do you have any big news to tell me? Dad, I How can I have big news every day? My life is like plain water So dull Plain water? – Ziqiu, what about you? – I got nothing How’s your cafe? Good The business is booming What about you? What’s you plan tomorrow? Me? What else can I do? I’ll just be in my restaurant Then I’ll go shopping at the market What are you doing? Charade? It’s a secret Secret? Whenever I see you three whispering I know you must be up to something What if we’re up to something good? Secret? You’re always stirring troubles Secret? Nonsense Stop creating trouble I’ve made a deal with director I’ll recite the lines in these two days Then I’ll quit this job You don’t have to come send me to the theatre You’re not my agent, after all I can get a taxi here That’s fine. It’s on my way Come on! It’s not Don’t tell me you like that heroine What are you talking about? I can’t even remember how she looks Oh, come on. She looks super cute You like cute girls, don’t you? Wait till I get familiar with her Then I’ll ask her for you Don’t set me up with her! She’s not even cute as you Hey, watch your words!

I’m very cute No, I just want to say You look good You don’t have the luck You don’t like cute girls like me Poor taste Poor guy – I was just – Alright, stop I don’t care about it anymore I was reckless and hot-headed when I told you my feelings It’s better if we remain friends You’re such a good friend I’ll go home tomorrow and sort things out with my mom If she says no, I’ll just Keep fighting! Hey, don’t get emotional Try to get along with your mom Maybe I should go to your home and help you explain Are you insane? You’re not my boyfriend! Mingyue! Aunt, you’re here too Yeah Tang Can, did you just get off work? Well, I’m leaving first If there’s anything, text me Okay Is this your boyfriend? No, no, he’s not He was my senior when in school We’re just friends Tang Can, can you take my mom home? I have something to ask Zhuang Bei Something about…? Legal advice I’ll be back in a minute Does Mingyue know him too? Yeah Aunt, I’ll walk you in Okay Zhuang Bei Zhuang Bei I didn’t want to go upstairs Don’t worry I won’t disturb you anymore I know. Yeah I… I just want to apologize to you I’m sorry Well… Why are you apologizing to me all of a sudden? You said you liked me I shouldn’t have handled things like that It’s all past now You don’t like me, that’s it And you have every right to turn me down Yeah I do have right to turn you down But I shouldn’t have turned you down like that You liked me I should be thankful about it And you didn’t do anything wrong I shouldn’t have blamed you and hurt you I’ve been thinking about it Why would I feel oversensitive, so afraid of your confession? I can’t figure it out so I keep thinking about it But now I’ve figured it out I don’t hate you I hate myself Why? You don’t know me that well I’ve always been a self-abased person I can’t see any virtue in me that deserves to be loved You told me you liked me at first sight I was quite afraid Because once you know the real me your fancy will be shattered How… how can that be? It will Because I like to escape I hate trouble I’m such an indecisive person Even I find myself so cowardly And I I’m so afraid than I’ll let others down Actually I hate myself for being like this I thought if I was a boy, I wouldn’t like girls like me either Love at first sight it’s quite scary, actually It means that in his eyes, she’s a shining, perfect girl But I’m not that kind of person I’m just a lame coward When you tear apart my disguise, you’ll see my weakness So now have you teared it apart? Yeah Li Jianjian told me that

Ling Xiao told her people grow up at a moment No one else than oneself will know it I can’t think straight about it until my dad’s divorcing my mom Then I know it’s time for me to grow up I should support this family I need to take the responsibility Your… your parents are getting divorced? Maybe I shouldn’t give remarks upon it But I don’t think their divorce is a bad thing And you don’t need to belittle yourself Everyone has flaws I have many flaws too I’ve also hurt someone who said she liked me And now I regret it so much Everyone would make mistakes Thank you, Zhuang Bei I was so mean to you But you’re still comforting me now I’m not comforting you But seriously, look at you You’re a journalist You’ve helped so many people in need There’re not so many people like you in this world You’re a petty and nice girl Thank you, Zhuang Bei You’re such a nice guy Too bad I had poor taste Forget it Stop saying “thank you” Just don’t see me as a monster when you see me next time No, I won’t! I’m so thankful that you’d forgive me It’s all past There’s nothing to be forgiven Zhuang Bei, you’re such a handsome and nice guy Come on! Then can I add your wechat back? Maybe not I’m just kidding Let me scan your code Thank you, Zhuang Bei ♫ When we held our hands for the first time, ♫ ♫ it was like you were grasping all you had. ♫ ♫ One turns bigger while the other turns smaller. ♫ ♫ We meet at the crossroads of time. ♫ ♫ Good night. Goodbye. My children. ♫ ♫ Maybe you’ll leave here. ♫ ♫ Maybe the way back home will be longer. ♫ ♫ Walk slowly. Don’t look back. ♫ ♫ I’ll stay here, ♫ ♫ looking afar with your back view. ♫ ♫ I’m like the old house you’re accustomed to live in. ♫ ♫ One day you find a new start, ♫ ♫ like a leaf flying to the new branch. ♫ ♫ The old days are just like yesterday. ♫ ♫ Good night. Goodbye. My children. ♫ ♫ Maybe you’ll leave here. ♫ ♫ Maybe the way back home will be longer. ♫ ♫ Walk slowly. Don’t be sad. ♫ ♫ I’ll stay here, ♫ ♫ watching you fly away. ♫

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